Beijing Schoolboy: Family Has 14 Houses, So Why Go to School?

A "bear child", a Chinese nickname for naughty to unruly children.

A "bear child", a Chinese nickname for naughty to unruly children.

From NetEase:

Family of Beijing “House Baby/Child” Has 14 Houses, Claims He Has Enough Money to Eat for Three Lifetimes, So Why Go To School?

Summary: Recently, dozens of parents in Beijing visited the city’s Middle and Primary School Counseling Center seeking the help of experts, discussing what they should do about their “naughty [unruly] children“. The mother of middle school schoolboy Young Hu came seeking help because a teacher has asked her to come to school to supervise her son at school in his studies, because Young Hu is always making a fuss at school about dropping out. He said his family has 12 houses and that he could eat for three lifetimes on the rent alone, so why does he still have to go to school?

Two months into the school year, many parents are already feeling helpless in the face of their “naughty children”. Recently, dozens of parents have “organized a group” and visited the Beijing Middle and Primary School Counseling Center seeking help from experts, together discussing what they should do about their “naughty children”.

Family has 14 houses

So why continue to go to school?

Middle school student Young Hu’s mother came looking for help because she has been asked to accompany her son to school to supervise him. “The teacher says she seriously can no longer manage Young Hu, that he’s always making a fuss about dropping out.”

Young Hu’s family has 14 houses [or apartments, residential properties], and with that many houses in Beijing, it is enough to allow a family to no longer have to worry about having enough food or clothes. Young Hu’s family normally stays in the city, but during the weekends, they go to the suburbs to their large, over 260 square meter house. The other 12 houses have all been rented out. Ever since he was small, Young Hu has had a privileged life, so he doesn’t understand why he has to go to school. “I know exactly How much rent my family collects, and that money is enough for me to eat for three lifetimes, so why do I have to go to school? I just need to know how to collect rent,” said Young Hu as he shared his thoughts with the counselor.

Expert’s advice: Too much contrast between the cozy life at home and the intensity of life at school has caused Young Hu to want to avoid going to school. The counselor recommended that Young Hu must be made to understand that no matter how much income his family has, it belongs to his parents. If he wants to live off his elders, his parents have to agree to it. However, his parents need to be responsible to society, and must first raise their child into someone who will be useful to society. Therefore, if he doesn’t get an education at school, then “you won’t get any” of the family’s assets.

Complains that father is too strict

Son urges mother to get a divorce

Second-year high school student Young Meng recently has been trying to convince his mother, urging her to get a divorce from his father. Having always been mild-mannered, the mother suddenly did not know how to communicate with her child, and thus resorted to seeking help from an expert.

The expert came to understand that Young Meng’s father is the authority in the family, is very stern with his wife, and is very strict with his child. In contrast, Young Meng’s mom is very coddling towards her child, her temperament comparatively weak/soft. Seeing Young Meng is almost in his last year of high school, his dad has been more active in his life, hoping that he’ll be able to test into a good university. However, Young Meng feels his father is “hegemonic” and so has multiple times told his mother: kick dad out, let’s live together just the two of us as mother and son.

Expert’s advice: Many families have parents where one plays the bad guy and the other plays the good guy. However, regardless of whether one is being soft or tough with a child, the parents must be careful to have the same goal. The child must be made to know that dad and mom stand together. Using a “policy of appeasement” with a child must have a bottom line/limit. There must not be blind accommodation.


Stole 600 yuan from family

Treated “elder” to meal

Young Gang, who has just entered junior high, stole over 600 yuan from his parents a few days ago, and treated five “brothers” to a meal together. After being discovered, Young Gang explained that there was an “elder” among those he treated, who can “protect” him in the future. However, Young Gang at the same time expressed his dissatisfaction with his “brothers”, “they were too inconsiderate of me, ordering such expensive dishes!”

Expert advice: Children entering middle school are eager to get the approval of their peers, and this approval can even be more important than the approval of one’s parents, and this is the reason why children make friends with various “brothers”, “sisters”, or even find a little “boyfriend/girlfriend”.

Usually children who exhibit this kind of problem have very strict parents at home, do not feel they are the master at home, while at school, they are also not outstanding enough, without any particular notable traits. With this kind of child, parents should be mindful to protect the child’s self-respect/esteem, be friends with the child as much as possible, and communicate on equal terms.

Comments from NetEase:

上帝是救主道路真理和生命 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

I propose they attend school until graduating from junior high. Basic knowledge is still necessary!

yfxll [榜上有名]:

He also has a point. Isn’t going to school just for making money anyway? Then you dedicate over half your life to real estate developers? He’s already at the destination.


What would be the point of an entire life like this [without learning, having basic needs already met]?

县委书记11 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]: (responding to above)

You saying this makes me feel better. A lifetime of me getting up early and going to sleep late without a house sure is interesting [sure has a point].

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Can a kind-hearted person help me find out what’s inside Yezhoujian? I often see my husband by himself constantly masturbating. Cry!

[Note: chinaSMACK readers may have seen similar comments before. This is an example of spam.]

未出家的和尚 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Just what kind of parents could raise such a ball-aching son?

54448167 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Jealous, envious, and hateful!

179574626 [网易湖北省手机网友]:

Investigate where the real estate properties come from and confiscate them to reform the child’s mentality.

遮天之云 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Hurry, sell the houses, and emigrate abroad. That is the solution.

3634e419556d0a94773fc1bb [网易湖北省手机网友]:

Completely unable to refute [the child’s logic].

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:124.160.*.*

A pennyless gaokao top scorer and a filthy rich coal boss with an elementary school education. Which one do you think women will choose?


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