Beijing Subway Calls Passengers ‘Locusts’, Capital Too Tolerant

Beijing Subway calls its passengers "locusts" for garbage left on train.

Beijing Subway calls its passengers "locusts" for garbage left on train.

The official microblog of the Beijing Subway drew public outrage recently when it called passengers “locusts” for the trash left behind on its trains.

From NetEase :

Beijing Subway: A Mess After the “Locusts”; The Capital Is Being Too Tolerant

@北京地铁 [Beijing Subway]: #Civilization with You Hand in Hand# Open Discussion on Subway Civility talks】 The Line 10 subway after the “locusts”, a mess… The capital city of Beijing’s tolerance/leniency is worth praise, but sometimes being too tolerant/lenient also is the biggest denunciation. To those whose behaviors maliciously destroy the [environment of the] capital city of Beijing, we only want to say “you are not welcome here!”

Comments from Chinese netizens:

脱线的胖子: Those who serve the public have no right to choose who they serve.

张修茂:If “locusts” is insinuating wai di ren, then that’s wrong. Uncivilized behaviors should be criticized [regardless of by whom].

带上柳岩去日本: Are there garbage bins in the train carriages?

Related News: A Minority in Hong Kong Vilifies Mainland Students Studying in Hong Kong as “Locusts”

On October 8th, a Yunnan top scorer of the gaokao and HKU graduate unfortunately died in Hong Kong because of car accident, and a minority of Hong Kongers seized the incident to advance their views, even smearing mainland students studying in Hong Kong as “locusts” and smearing their parents as the “Yellow Race” [“locusts” race].

Uncivilized Beijing subway passengers are called “Locusts”

Comments from NetEase:

没有网名真可怕 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

“Locust”, this characterization is really good. If it weren’t for us locusts, how could there be you moths?

正义鹰派 [网易香港网友]:

Saying those with poor characters are locusts is not overstating things! Please respect public order!

网易河南省网友 [110110110]:

No trash cans, no toilets!

网易海南省海口市网友 [ya2ya3]: (responding to above)

[If there is] no trash can, would it kill you to hold onto your trash for a while?

网易浙江省台州市网友 [sja347749]: (responding to above)

Have you never purchased train service? What if you have to hold onto [the trash] for many stations/stops? From one end to the other end? Could you do it? Looking at this situation, it’s not the first time or the first day that this has happened, so how come it has gone on this long without being resolved? Would it kill people to install a trash can [in the subway]? Or is the subway company going to go bankrupt?

网易广东省肇庆市网友 [宇宙是我创造的思密达]: (responding to above)

What I am able to do is not litter, or at least I myself am able to do it…

网易江苏省无锡市网友 ip:49.66.*.*: (responding to above)

Installing a trash can… With the current characters of our nationals, in less than one day it would become someone’s home kitchen trash can. Also, the third floor [sja347749], do you know the public transportation system is a welfare good/public service, that it’s subsidized by public funds, and you think you’re JB purchasing service? How much did you spend?

网易上海市浦东新区网友 [雪舞飘凌]:

Beijing truly is disgusting. When it’s in need, the entire nation’s citizens are their brothers and its glory is the glory of the entire nation; When it’s not in need, brothers become locusts. –Beijing Spirit


The Hong Kong MTR have been in operation for decades, with a large amount of capacity everyday, and the train cars have never seen a garbage bin in them but it remains clean. What Hong Kong people can do mainlanders should be able to do as well. If we increase efforts, increase punishments, establish a good set of rules/norm of behavior, punish people as much as they should be punished, and without any ambiguity, I won’t believe this can’t be managed.

网易北京市朝阳区网友 [laolang2004]: (responding to above)

Beijing [subway] passengers on Line 10 tells everyone the truth: The garbage on Line 10 in fact is not littered by passengers, but advertising leaflets like those from Shandong real estate developers, about sea-view homes for just 180,000 RMB and so on. Hope the relevant departments will severely punish the origin of this, those Shandong real estate developers!

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:222.216.*.*: (responding to above)

This is correct. Establish the rules whoever breaks [the rules] is who should be punished, and severely!

网易山东省济南市手机网友 ip:119.163.*.*:

It’s not something that can be changed in a short time.

打倒转基因 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Chinese people indeed are locusts……..including myself.

心若海棠 [网易天津市手机网友]:

Not even a blade of grass grows on the place where locusts pass by.

网易天津市网友 ip:117.11.*.*:

Locusts is a label, originating from how foreigners regard Chinese people.

网易北京市网友 ip:124.126.*.*:

Looking at the picture, the garbage is mainly advertising leaflets. To be honest, the advertising leaflets that passengers bring with them onto the subway are the minority while the majority are those people who distribute advertising leaflets everywhere in the train cars. Are the passengers supposed to help the subway tidy them up?

老阿愚 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

The characters of the nation’s people indeed needs to be raised, this point is unquestionable. We also need to be clear-headed, with each and every person cultivating good habits to influence everyone around us!


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