Beijing Supercar Crash: Drivers Were Racing, Detained By Police

Beijing Supercar Crash- Drivers Were Racing, Detained By Police

Both Drivers in a recent accident in Beijing involving a Ferrari and Lamborghini have been detained by police after investigations turned up evidence that they were engaged in illegal drag racing at the time of the crash. It was determined that the vehicles reached speeds of up to 160kph inside the tunnel on Datun Road before the crashing and causing severe damage to both of the vehicles involved, as well as damaging the dividing fence, tunnel walls and two other vehicles. One netizen remarked that similar races often take place in the tunnel, and it is very dangerous.

Source: Netease

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  • crimsonarmor

    Typical of these rich people and their toys!
    Too much fast and furious movies going to their heads.

    • mr.wiener

      …and too much of daddy’s money in their pockets.

  • daz

    I’m in shock right now. Unbelievable. I thought the cars were obliterated by two drivers travelling at safe speeds. Oh well, reporters can’t be accurate all the time.

  • 中国加油! hahaaaaa

  • Edward Kay

    160 only? they embarrass the 2 brands.

    • JayJay

      That’s only KMPH…

  • donscarletti

    Datun road tunnel is full of wankers.

    The road itself was built as more of an entrance to disused Olympic Park parking lots than an actual thoroughfare. In itself it is built like a critical artery, 2 lanes each way above ground and 2 below, but it runs parallel to the much more useful north 4th and 5th rings and stops abruptly at both Jingzang Expressway and Anli road with the intersections on each side being almost built to discourage people from taking it, so it remains almost empty and unused. It’s speed limited to 60, but because the road is empty and devoid of speed camera one does tend to drive quite quickly on it. I tend to hit 90 or so along it without even thinking.

    So what it has become is a place where idiots can drive fast in second gear to hear the sound of their engines reverberate in the tunnel. I am impressed by the sound of 160 km/h because that would imply that the driver must be at least in 4th.

  • Mihel

    The sad thing is they survived.

  • JayJay

    Waiting for the Asians can’t drive comments to start… lol

  • Foreign Devil

    If that is the actual crash photo. . the fact that the guy survived unharmed proves that assholes live forever.