Beijing Taxi Passenger Pricked by Hidden HIV Needle, Dumped

Beijing taxi passenger pricked by needle containing HIV.

Beijing taxi passenger pricked by needle containing HIV.

From The Beijing News, NetEase, Sina, iFeng, QQ:

Needle Pricks Taxi Passenger, May Contain HIV

10 pm on Aug 21 in Beijing, Xu Tian (pseudonym) took a taxi, and was pricked by the needle of a syringe hidden in the magazine rack on the back of the front seat. He was sitting in the back seat, planning to cross his legs, “Just as I lifted my right leg, the car made a turn, and the moment my body leaned over, my leg was suddenly pricked a little above my right knee.”

He found a needle in the magazine rack on the back of the front seat and pulled out a used syringe, which contains some substance of light yellow color.

Taxi driver Gong said he had no idea where the syringe had come from.

The blood test results by Ditan Hospital showed Xu Tian negative of HIV, but it will take 3 more tests in 3 months to rule out the possibility of infection.

On the 22nd, Xu Tian arrived at the Haidian district Dongsheng police station near where the incident happened, hoping that police can contact the forensics center for him, to test the contents of the liquid inside the syringe. “But the police said this was considered accidental injury, that it doesn’t reach the requirements for opening a case, and they can’t have the forensics center test without a case,” Xu Tian said.

Xu Tian said, the blocking drugs he was taking had strong side effects, making him sick; he vomited as if he “was drunk”. And he has to suffer all this for 3 months.

But what made him feel worse was that his girlfriend who had been with him for 3 months broke up with him upon hearing this news, “I am 37 years old now, I was planning to take her home and let her meet my parents during the coming Spring Festival, and we were even planning to get married.”

Comments from NetEase:

内阁总理大臣李鸿章 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

This kind of thing is what needs to be seriously investigated. This kind of shit is even more disturbing of public order than bank robberies. If he really gets AIDS, then the victim may also develop a desire to get revenge on society… JC uncles, first set aside your bonuses and hurry and solve this case, okay?


There are too many perverse people in this society these days!! Although a lot of the responsibility lies on the taxi driver, he’s still a man willing to take responsibility!! Hope that passenger will be fine!!


Xu Tian takes a taxi to go out and is pricked by a needle, the nation’s capital is so great and powerful!


The girlfriend is the highlight of the story. Can’t have sex anymore…

wangzhen4303 [网易山东省淄博市张店区网友]:

May this person who left the needle have a horrific death.
If people left needles around like this, who would still dare to go out in public, afraid to even sit fearing needles in the seat cushions.


An accident, won’t take the case, but if you don’t investigate how do you know it was an accident!! If this doesn’t cause a panic, then what will? Lives are already endangered!! Unbelievable!

舆论导向 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

If it was about arresting prostitutes, the police would immediately open the case.

范冰冰李冰冰柳岩公用情夫 [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

Fuck, is there any place left in China where people can live without worries?

caowumaotama0 [网易香港网友]:

These days, there are too many people with dark hearts…

aragorn1998 [网易美国网友]:

…If it really is AIDS, his life is ruined, better not be reincarnated in China in the next life.

The Needle Found In the Taxi


Beijing Police Actively Investigating “AIDS Needle” Incident, Asks City Residents For Clues/Leads

On August 27, results of the unknown substance samples by both Center For Disease Control And Prevention of the city and the district show positive for HIV-1.

The Beijing Public Security Bureau said via its official microblog @平安北京 that the police is now trying their best to investigate and they also call on citizens to provide useful clues. Insiders may call 110 to contact the police.

Comments from Sina Weibo :


How can you even take precautions against such things?


Dear everybody in Beijing, please be careful.


In the future we’ll have to carefully observe every corner with a magnifying glass before taking a seat in public places.


I remember there had been such news ever since a few years ago, but all of them were covered up as “rumors”.


Check the surveillance footage.


Looks like underwear made of stainless steel is going to be the next best seller.


Viruses probably can’t survive long in the open air, I reckon the passenger is going to be alright. Best wishes.


Is this case that complicated? Isn’t it just some random HIV infected drug addict who shot up in the taxi, and left the needle there? Investigate my ass.


Looks like I’ll have to learn how to drive a car…


Let me imagine for a moment: What if it turned out that the criminal is a car dealer whose business went drastically down because of the Purchasing Limits on Cars in Beijing and he came up with this scheme to compel the ordinary common people to go buy their own cars?! Because wouldn’t people who plan revenge on society choose buses where there are more people, so that they could make the horror even bigger?

What do you think?


Written by Li Hao


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