Beijing University Graduates’ Miserable Living Conditions


From Mop:

Wiping tears away while revealing the living conditions of Beijing “ant people”. When can university students see hope?

This issue is even heavier than 《蜗居》 [“Dwelling Narrowness“], so I hope there will be people who will pay attention to this.
“Ant people” is a description of the university graduates living in the “village in the middle of a city” [“城中村” = ghetto?]. In China, with Beijing’s Tangjiashan Village being the most representative, in this small village that can be run around in less than an hour, there live at least around 100,000 recent graduates, and the majority here are university students. I myself am a member of this group.
Let me first introduce the living environement here.  Here, most of the buildings are “tongzilou” [dormitory style, one hall, two sides of rooms], provided specifically for us people who need cheap rental housing. The big units are under 20 square meters, while the small ones are only a few square meters. These units have no quality to speak of, and while those who have seen “Dwelling Narrowness” will definitely have some impression of small apartments, the units we are living in are far worse than those.
Let me first post a photograph. The units are more or less this big. (This person is not me)


A lot of people come to Beijing with their dreams. There are also those who are in Beijing to attend university who, after graduating, decide to remain in Beijing to begin their lives. Whether it is because of their family’s financial situation or the difficulty of finding jobs or other reasons, they can only choose this kind of pay-by-month and cheap dormitory style shared housing building.


Actually, amongst them I am considered relatively lucky, because my job income is relatively normal, whereas there are comrades in Tongjianshan with salaries of only 1000 or not even 1000. Even though it is like this, their jobs aren’t necessarily stable either, with some having to face the predicament of finding a job all over again every so often.


This photo is a full view of Tangjiashan, appearing a bit better in the photo than it is in reality, with only those who are live amongst it being able to experience the characteristic “ant people” atmosphere. This here is probably the best example of a “village in the middle of a city”.


This is Tangjiashan’s road. Every time after it rains, your shoes will become very dirty, and during the summer when there are heavy rains, if you are not wearing slippers or sandals, you need to wear a plastic bag on your legs.
No matter how clean you are, there is no need to wipe/clean your shoes, because when it does not rain, it is really dusty, so even the cleanest shoes will look like you just walked out of a dessert after a few steps.


Although the majority of people living here are all university students, there are also people from various parts of the country here to make a living. Only when seeing how much more bitter and difficult their living situation is can we find a shred of comfort in the deepest deepest part of our hearts, reminding ourselves that life is not easy so we must work hard! There are also people who call us:
“The unkillable young stalwarts!”


Don’t yell at me, but I was born in the city center, never having stepped foot in the countryside. Moreover, I trust there are many people who are just like me. In the past, everyone described us as society’s moths, not knowing how to do anything, but now for our ideals and our survival, we have come to an environemnt we have never been to before, to live a life we have never lived, and for an unknown period of time.


This is a good example of where we eat, the prices relatively cheap compared to other parts of Beijing. However, in Tangjiashan, only breakfast is in high demand, as most people choose to make their meals in their cramped spaces, because this can save a “considerable” amount of money. For a single guy like me, it also means beginning to make one’s own meals…
Except for me, I simply ate two boxes of instant noodles in a month. I’ve heard of people who for one week only ate mantou [buns], but here I want to remind everyone to pay attention to their bodies as a precondition to saving money, because only when your body is healthy can you work well, and only when you work well can you get closer to your ideals/dreams/hopes, so you must not let your body collapse/wear out.


A few more photographs of the living environment.
This photo has bunk beds, like a dorm room, but in the summer, it is over a hundred times more unbearable than a dorm room.


There was a post-doctorate who introduced the concept of “ant people” and conducted in-depth study. During his investigations, he said in Tangjiashan there is a man, who had graduated many years ago and originally had already moved out of Tangjiashan but because of a situation after two years of work once again moved back here. He said he could not control his tears when he looked upon the bed he had once slept in two years ago. The tears were not as a result of his attachment to the bed, but of his frustration with fate.


This photo is of a slightly cleaner one, similar to mine, but mine is far less clean than this one. Because I was already lazy, after going to work, I have even less time to tidy up.


This one, however, is simply like heaven. Looks like one definitely needs a woman in the house.


This photo is of the “ant people’s” biggest headache—-transportation!!
This is the bus stop, and nearly 10,000 people take the bus every morning here. There are over 10 bus lines/routes here, but every bus is already overcrowded when it gets here. Want to crowd on board? Keep reading…


Tangjiashan is located on the fifth ring of Beijing, with the normal commute time to work being around 1-2 hours, but with this many people every morning waiting for the crowded busses to arrive at this stop, each bus on average can only board 4-5 more people. What more, there are even people specially assigned to push us into the bus doors, otherwise the bus doors cannot close!


If you want to squeeze onto the bus, you must accomplish the following points:
1. You can’t be afraid to die, and chase after the bus door before the bus has stopped.
2. You must have a combination of strength and speed, able to push aside the surrounding people before the moment the bus door opens and jump on.
3. You must have luck, because no matter how hard you try, you will sometimes still encounter an even stronger opponent, and sometimes the bus will not even stop.

I have waited over two hours without getting on a bus before.
And every day there will be incidents of people falling down while crowding. In such a chaotic situation, who still pays attention to whether or not there are people underneath their feet?
I heard that there was a girl who had fallen during the crowding and was stepped on by many people. I don’t even know what to say…


I’ll stop posting for now, it is a little unbearable continuing.
These photographs were all reposted from elsewhere, but the content was all written by me. Moreover, it is all the truth. If anyone wants to see, I will go back and take some even more realistic photos.
Why come here to struggle [pursue a life/career] is something that is difficult to explain. There will be some who succeed and it is destined that some will fail too, but we at least still have a measure of perseverance,  and perhaps our faith today will be useful for a lifetime.
“The undefeatable young stalwarts” have a difficult live, but they are very persevering/long-suffering.
I’ll stop here. I’m lucky I can use a computer to type, because if I were using a pen to write, I might be unable to hold back my tears, and my writing would have been wasted if the tears fell on the paper.


Comments from Mop:


I see a street full of family planning clinics and love hotels. University students these days need some ambition, why is it necessary to live in Beijing or Shanghai? To put it simply, in these cities, for powerless students,  there are already no more opportunities. The way out/forward for future university students is to live in small cities to develop their career.


Although I am not like the LZ and the people above working in distant places [away from their hometown], struggling for their own ideal [life], but as a post-80s generation university graduate, I feel it is very difficult for us, and I sympathize with you guys, and at the same time support your diligent efforts to rise up…


I graduate this year in Shenzhen. The situation is about the same, very perplexing~~no matter where.


Being so miserable in Beijing, maybe going home would be a bit better.


I heard this from a co-worker.

For a time after he graduated, he went to Guangzhou, but had not yet found a job.
Guangzhou’s summers are unbearable, and he and his school truly could not endure it, so they jointly spent 8 kuai and bought a tiny ceiling fan from a street vendor,
so the two of them could both enjoy the bit of slight cool.
At this moment, his schoolmate sighed and said:
Tell me, we haven’t yet found jobs yet we’ve already spent this money, are we being too luxurious?

Very miserable.


Pretty much most people who just arrived in Beijing have lived in those kind of places, and I trust things will. Everything is difficult in the beginning, right? Hope you will get out of the “sea of misery” soon.


Lou zhu, don’t be sad, I too just graduated, so feelings are particularly intense. Since you’ve already decided to stay in Beijing, isn’t it all for your future? Remember how the Communist Party stayed in the Yanan caves for several years when they were fighting for the country? Stay strong and I believe happiness will come knocking on your door!


After comparing with the LZ, I’ve realized how lucky I am, and regret the sad realities…an unspeakable society…


I don’t get it, what is great about Beijing?
Not a local yet still struggling to go there, unable to eat well, unable to live well, and jobs are hard to find. Even if you find a job, then what? The cost of living is high, so after food and shelter, what little money are you able to save?
Is it just so that when you go home for Chinese New Year’s you can boast: I live in Beijing?


I support the lou zhu, I too am living in Tangjiashan.
Every day I have to get out of bed at 6am to go to work.
By the time I get back, it is already 8pm.
It feels even more tiring than the last year of high school.


When I was in school, I used to think how great it would be to begin working after graduating, but upon exiting the school gates I felt that reality was too brutal. Lou zhu, jia you! I too just graduated. I feel the same way. Reading your post, I have an indescribable feeling in my heart. Perhaps university students are just like this post, never able to get the majority’s attention.



my life was like a videotape,

I must find the part of the tape when I was 22-years-old.

I must restart, restart recording.

I would have chosen

to be with my lover,

gone back home,

buy a small home,

to be with my children,

to be with my dad and mom together,

and live a calm and stable life.

Maybe this kind of life

is what I really want.


Why bother? Making a living away from home in Beijing? Your salary will never catch up to the increase of housing prices. Trying to set down roots in Beijing without owning a house/apartment is essentially not setting down roots in Beijing!

Have you graduated from university? What was your life situation, experiences, and feelings after graduating and began working in the world?

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  • Righteous American

    I’ve seen worse.

    • Koji Kabuto

      it’s the same mess all over the world…

      • dave

        Not exactly all over the world. But of course this is how the guys in Copenhagen what it to end up for those who aren’t living like this now.

  • Dongdong

    I have to say chinese boy cannot usually not take care of their place. There were some chinese students in my residence, girls places were always nice, whereas boys would turn their room to trash… Never tidy, never clean anything…

    • Anon

      Remember that guy at Virginia Tech who cut off his would-be girlfriend’s head? Apparently he and his roommate had trouble with their landlord because they would pile firewood in the middle of a carpeted floor.

      Not hard to see where it comes from- these guys need to be given a few chores at home, if only just to be reminded, as my mother used to say, that houses aren’t kept clean by dust and dish fairies.

    • Alan Wicker

      These chinese girls sound too good to be true. Tidy, intelligent, hormonally-charged princesses…

      I think i’ll have a sniff around ChinaSmack Personals and catch the next plane to Peking!

    • gobblegog

      I like the way the dude says “I have even learned to cook!”

  • Markus

    Dongdong is right.
    Even though the conditions are really everything but favorable, it could be much better, if people would at least care to do what they can do to improve the situation, that is for example to clean their area…
    Complaining about the shoving on public transport? Well, why dont you wait in line orderly, but instead shove yourself?

    • Nate

      You’re absolutely on the mark. Students, immigrants and young single men throughout Asia live in comparable conditions, save a couple things. They aren’t lazyasses who don’t clean up after themselves. They aren’t so unrelentingly selfish that they would rather walk in mud than make some effort to clean the street. They aren’t whiners who blame their conditions on the society when their predicament is born of their utter disinterest in acting civilized.

      And the dude thinks a 14 hour day including a couple hours of commute is hard? That’s pretty typical not just in the lesser developed countries of the world, but in Japan as well. Here in Tokyo you’d lose a lot of face to complain about it.

      Without exception, every Chinese immigrant I’ve met in the US and Japan is the antithesis of this whiner.

  • G.

    Very few chinese boys know how to take care of themselves or their living/working spaces… just a fact…

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Dude, I thin half of the reason that these places are disgusting are because CHINESE ARE DISGUSTING. Look at everywhere in China that is a public place is either spit on shit on or left dusty from 1930.

    It only takes a little to not be a disgusting pig. I’m surprised they aren’t blaming Japanese for these conditions..

    • jenny

      You are a disgusting, racist bastard. Probably some old bitter guy who was rejected by a Chinese girl when he was young. It’s not her fault you were hideous. =]

      • Wastemans

        Although it is harsh, he is being nothing but candid.

        Why do you think people are so uncouth in China? Maybe the cultural revolution also cleansed decorum and social propriety: honestly now, spitting in restaurants, scratching nits all over the bus, picking, licking and flicking nose treasure all over the gaff.

        I seldom have come across a culture in which these sordid acts were acceptable.

        • jenny

          That is actually NOT considered acceptable in China. There are definitely a lot of uneducated and uncouth people, but it’s not their fault that they are poor. They’re too busy worrying about their next meal rather than “decorum”. This isn’t the Chinese CULTURE, it is just that there are many people who were too poor to be educated.

          • dave

            Too poor for education? What about the university students that are seen picking their nose in class and scrumming up a goober and letting it drop out of their mouth to the floor and then using their foot to rub it away?

            I’ve seen it all through the yellow windows of the evening train.

          • jenny

            yeah. because you’ve only seen chinese people pick their nose right?? -___- people are so racist they need to listen to the shit they’re saying

          • Wastemans

            ‘Chinese’ is not a race. Criticizing a race would be to criticize genetics, here we are calling out cultural depravity, which was at the hands of their parent generations.

            Why get upset over factual facts? You know you’ve witnessed and seen it. It doesn’t make them bad people, what makes them bad people is allowing the persecution of falungong to continue, the conditions of orphanages, the animal and child welfare in general etc.

            But the government is always right, so perhaps those pre-olympic etiquette commercials played on subways and TVs not aimed at a spurious concept of how the general populous does behave rather slovenly.

          • Anti-Racist

            Hi,there JENY, I understand what you are sying and i agree there is some truth in it but i will disagree with you on the fact that the people acting this way (spitting on public buses,restaurants,classrooms and all arround the place) aren’t necesarily uneducated or poor or of the lowest class in China.why because the amount of people that act this way is just too much to belong to that class and believe me at times some of them are even better of than myself on all aspects of life. Also to say that these behavior are NOT acceptable as you put it is actually not very true because i have hardly see any chinese person complain about these acts when they are being commited so tell me how are they not accepting? when they don’t complain. And also i don’t think because somebody is hungry or thinks whether he will eat or not eat at lunch does in any way justify these behaviors. And anything that is being generally accepted by a people and is part of them becomes their culture.Anyway i don’t want to make judgements because i know that not all Chinese people behave this way, but i don’t also think you should make excuses for their behaviors that’s my point

            I would like to add that students and young graduates living conditions are vitually the same every where is is not necesarily blamed on them but on society so i am with all of you going through these hard times and believe the end of the tunnel is near even nerare than you imagine. JIA YOU

      • Western Girl

        He is not racist… He’s pointing the utter truth =/
        and WTF.. “rejected by a chinese girl”?? PLUEASEEEE

        • jenny

          lol you probably were too. “western girl”…more like racist bitch hahahaha. why dont you and fcuk da lu ren get together and pollute the world together with racist little babies? =]

        • jenny

          riiight. so if i say all americans are fat am i just pointing out the “utter truth” too? -__- you are simply ridiculous. and i believe you were trying to write ‘puh-lease’, not that indiscernible crap you typed out.

          • Western Girl

            63% of americans are fat… a bit more and you’ll be right babe…
            and I love being a bitch you little wannabe

        • jenny

          a wannabe bitch?? lol wtf i don’t think that’s something you have to strive for…

          but seeing how you LOVE being one. go commit a hate crime against some chinese person. then scream in court at the judge “I AM A RACIST BITCH. SO WHAT. THROW ME IN JAIL” i dare you =]

          btw don’t even bother responding i’m not going to waste my time replying to any more of your imbecile replies

      • gobblegog

        “It’s not her fault you ARE hideous”, Jenny. ARE hideous.

    • Western Girl

      @ Fcuk Da Lu Ren: Dude you are soooo right!!

      • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

        Whoever you are western girl, I love you!!! haha

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    BTW, why am I being “moderated” if Chinese can post whatever the FCUK they want and you name your website ChinaSMACK, am I not allowed to talk a little bit? Whoever this gay little moderator is can bite me. Maybe they came over from China Daily ;)

    [Note from Fauna: You are moderated because you earned it. You can email me if you really do not know. Next, why do you think you are the only person who is moderated and “Chinese” can post whatever they want?]

    • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

      [Note from Fauna: I am not kidding you. Email me.]

      • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

        Um, I don’t know how to email you and is that the requirement for me to post now? If so I will just stop coming to the sight.

        • carl

          You said “sight.” haha

          • Developing China

            OOOOOOOH!!! “Fcuk Da Lu Ren” just P’OWNED HIMSELF!!! Well at least we know what level of intelligence we’re dealing with. So I guess his supporters must also have something in common with him as well.

            Hey “Fcuk Da Lu Ren” you’re a dyslexic racist retard!

          • Righteous American

            Yeah! You made a typo! Youre soo dumb because of that! How embarrased you must be!!! ;))

          • MichaelO

            a typo is where your fingers press the wrong keys. ‘sight’ is a spelling mistake and indicative of low education.


          • Justin

            Making spelling errors when typing comments online or in chat rooms or emails isn’t always necessarily indicative of low education. It would be one thing if it were your doctoral thesis. I’m sure the poster didn’t confuse the two words he was probably just thinking one and typed the other, which can happen to everyone when using a homophone and not proofreading what you type — even to me and I have a college education and write/edit professionally.

            So Jesus guys, grow the fuck up already. It’s easy to write “it’s” when you mean “its” and you’re not necessarily stupid if you write “you’re” when you mean “your.”

    • Western Girl

      WTF?! say something bad about chinese and you get “moderated”??? don’t make me laugh!!!! you’re just like your fucking brainwashing government!!!!!

      • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

        Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch.

    • VeerLeft

      Yes Fauna. I need only remind you to look at the Black Shanghainese thread to REMIND you.

  • Kim

    They really are filthy people though, once you wander outside the “showpiece” part of their major cities, its oil and decaying food all over the place. Only an idiot would say it isn’t.

  • I bought my Beida graduate diploma in Zhongguancun for 20 kuai, so I am really getting a kick out of this post.

  • OK, the photos with the four bunk beds are awful.
    But those single bed rooms? That’s like a small studio, or maybe a bedroom in a shared flat, in Hong Kong.
    It’s hard to compare, because nobody here earns 1000 yuan a month. (Even Filipina amahs, the bottom of the ladder, earn 3,500). But it’s a much more expensive city.

    I think these students and recent grads are protesting too much. Small rooms? Long days? It’s tough for alot of people when they start out. It’s not just a mainland China problem.
    When I first came back to Hong Kong after attending a good Western university and snagging a job with a big media company, I lived in a bedroom the size of the one the single guy is lying down in. The bed and dresser barely fit. So, to get my clothes in the morning, I had to reach sideways around my dresser door, so there was no room for it to open!

  • 痴人说梦

    The math here is so very simply: Uncapped human population + Finite land = Hellish living conditions. BTW, would you still possess the same legendary self-righteous patriotism demonstrated by that “BeiDa” student in an early post if you lived in such a horrid ghetto?

    • Righteous American

      Yes, because all good communists know that it’s not the living conditions that matter, but the ideas.

  • FYIADragoon

    Chinese guys need to learn what hygiene is anyways. I know I’m a neat freak by even American standards, but even my messy American friends couldn’t believe how nasty the boys lived. Girls are good though.

  • Michael

    at the end of the we’re all hoarders. if u don’t need it don’t buy it or store it. clean simple piece of mind.
    and yes, majority of guys in china are disgusting. too much pride to clean up their rooms.

  • zammo hung

    Must suck to live in squalor.

    China needs another revolution!

    Rise up ant people!

  • Everybody Wang Chong

    University dormitories were like that in the U.S. too when I went to college. Maybe not as dirty, but very cramped. Actually, off-campus housing was worse because many of these houses are owned by slum lords who keeps renting them out to irresponsible college kids.

    Nowadays, they fucking build hotel-like dormitories in the U.S. to attract students. At George Washington University, they even live in a real 4-star hotel because there aren’t enough dormitories. At many universities, they even have gourmet chefs cooking now. This ain’t what I went through when I was in collge. Yes, it was much like China universities nowadays.

    But you know what? This is what makes you stronger. Nowadays, you have a bunch of stupid faggots coming out of college expecting to be pampered at the office work place. Shit, they are getting a wide awakening.

    • dave

      Are you like 120 years old?

      • Everybody Wang Chong

        What are you? A homo?

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  • Teacher in China

    The first Chinese commentator said it all – you chose to live in Beijing even though you knew the situation. Meanwhile, there’s probably a lot of opportunities waiting in smaller towns all over the country. So, you chose here – quit your bitching or move somewhere else.

  • Chen

    Wanna blame? Blame the Chinese gov and the people itself. Citizen has a role to play as well as the gov. Wanna show everyone that China is pity? Take a look at Africa first.

  • Jean

    Seriously, I don’t know wtf are they whinning about. apt space? transportation? waking up at 6am? To be honest that’s normal!! In my country, some people must wake up at 4:03-5:00am to get to work at 8am! Also, I am sure that there parents life was even more miserable, if that’s what they call miserable!

    They should work and shut the fvck up and stop blaming the goverment for everything. There are ENTIRE FAMILIES in China that doesn’t even have a house, but they are whinning that theirs is too small!

  • Peye

    My impression : Everyone is waiting for someone else to do something. Like I have an education ,can not be bothered to get my hands dirty. Why not have a day once a week or so, where this stinking place is being cleaned by all,together. But that takes some organizing and they did not teach us that at school. So we just go down in our own filth.

  • fireworks

    Going to college in Tangjiashan Village gotta suck big time. However, waiting to fight to get a ride on the bus is just mad.

    Should buy a push bike instead of trying to go in an overcrowded bus. Maybe haul yo butt at 6 am and start walking to college. Look at all the long distance runners in the world, the majority are Africans because they get used to running around to get to places because they don’t even have a bitumen road or a bus stop.

    • Spanky

      Bike will get stolen. I bought a bike when I first moved to Shanghai. Locked it up good. Gone the next morning.

  • penisinpenisout

    put up or shut up

  • xiao er

    I think you should really quit complaining so much. Yes, things are difficult but think about our grandparents. my grandfather spent his entire life working in a coalmine. he rarely even saw sunlight. he died young from black lung as he coughed himself to death…. look around we are improving, i ask you to remember and talk to our older people. gain some perspective…

  • lolwut

    I guess Hollywood really DOES have imagination if this is the same China that is going to invade America over a Red Dawn…

  • Luke

    As usual all the problems stem from China’s terrible overpopulation . which decreases the quality of life for everyone. Even the riches people in China have to deal with terrible traffic, toxic food and air. . You can’t pay your way out of that (unless you emigrate of course).

    Beijing’s streets are not paved with gold. . they are covered with dust and potholes. . People should find a career and education in their own smaller cities. Also why are you even bothering with the buses??? I ALWAYS took a bicycle almost everywhere and year round. Not many people bicycle. I’ve never had my bike stolen and even left it outside unlocked by accident a few times. .Just get a cheap bike at Walmart. . nobody will bother to break your lock for it.

  • Shanghairocks

    Just one word for the ANT PEOPLE-“loneliness” .

  • Josiah

    Last weekend I went with my hong kong gf and her parents to zhuhai and macau. In zhuhai they checked some new apartments, selling 3.5 million yuan for 2000 square feet. The building complex was full of mainlanders been zipped from overpriced apartment to overpriced apartment by golf cart.

    Then I went to the casinos in Macau, full of mainland chinese gamblers who were all dressed in leather jackets and smoking incessantly, but still all had at least one hundred thousand yuan in chips just carrying around in their hands. And they were betting big.

    Its very disturbing that there is still such poverty amongst university graduates in china, when so many mainlanders treat a hundred thousand yuan like it was nothing.

    If you get latin american inequality in wealth then you’ll get latin american social problems (crime, corruption) for sure.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Hi everyone I would like to make an apology for my stupid comments and trolling on this site. Sorry Fauna. I can’t even spell words right cos I such a retard. I got a little dick it’s pathetic.

    The truth is I love cock. I really love cock.

    Western Girl an people who support my comments go fuck yourself.


    • dud

      enough trolling, wtf is wrong with you…….

    • Shanghairocks

      ahhaa.. i like your trolls … jia you !!!

    • Bossofalltime

      LOL..atta boy. hope u hav a fantastic time wif ur dysfunctional dick. :D feel sorry for ya. bro :S
      btw. F.U.C.K is the proper way to spell ur name =D
      sorry for making this mean comment..srslly i dont show any compassion to ppl who hav tiny limp cock :D

  • dave

    Outside of 5th ring road is like this.

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  • Lang

    I am so sorry to hear about your situation. My heartfelt compassion to all of you.

  • sam

    got character no problem at all

  • Gregory

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  • Chen Kai Wen

    fcuk dai lu ren surprisingly shows some humanity at last. I guess I should feel pwned. ha. Peace to all you internet slaves. and Americans: please consider that your behavior in China can either make things better or worse for the next expats and well-meaning visitors. Have a happy Christmas and holiday season.!

  • LawofNature

    Anyone know a site where you can get dwelling narrowness w/ english subtitles? Thanks.

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  • alena

    this is so sad
    i have never gone through these conditions because my parents moved to america so i wouldn’t have to go through this

  • Li Li

    It’s the same everywhere, signals of an overcrowded planet with few niches to fit a new generation. I suggest we make our own place in the society. You complain about a village of 100 000 university grads in Beijing, I say it sounds a lot like a new silicon valley if your education is worth anything. Sure, it’s hard to be creative and start cooperating and building your own (small, but hopefully growing) enterprises when you do long shifts in the inner city with 1-2 hours pendling. I am myself struggling with school and work and most mornings have a deathwish before coffee. But I also know that a degree alone won’t qualify anyone for a pre-set, easy life these days. Develop a broad range of skills and keep your antennas up for chances to apply them. Wherever there’s a fault in your environment, there’s a chance to fix it and earn some while doing it. I may sound overly optimistic but you may want to look at your current housing situation as a starting point. Start renowating and maintenance services, or even further, independent housing cooperatives. And you might want to rethink the delusion that you must own a house/apartment before you can establish an adult life. Many european countries for instance have most of their populations renting homes and instead investing savings in something else. No need to put all your RMB in one basket.

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