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From Mop:

A Beijing University Chinese student’s responses to a Japanese reporter, without a single dirty word, his admonishment brought applause from the entire venue…

Ozawa Ichiro of the Kyodo News Agency came to Peking University to conduct interviews. At the entry to the south pavilion (the international co operation section), Ozawa Ichirou interviewed a short guy (could someone confirm that he’s from the department of international affairs?). The following is an accurate record of the interview.

Question: Do you support the view or action of boycotting Japanese goods?

Answer: Everyone is an individual, every individual is free. I cannot change other people’s thinking, and have no right to control other people’s actions.

Q: How would you characterise the Sino-Japanese relationship?

A: Looking at it objectively, it’s a relationship of mutual benefit.

Q: From the point of view of a student, what do you think is the greatest obstacle between the two countries?

A: Obviously, the Japanese have, in many ways, said and done many things which are mistakes, and these we cannot accept or tolerate! In short, improving the Sino-Japanese relationship requires the Japanese side to acknowledge history, and bring forth goodwill and sincerity.

Q: Do you personally use Japanese goods?

A: Yep, a toilet. (Laughter amongst the students present)

Q: Well then, tell me, why are Japanese toilet bowls better than Chinese ones?

A: In China, we don’t discuss things like this, talking about such things in public is very abnormal/perverse. (Laughter) Of course, I don’t know if you are used to doing this, or if your country is. (Laugther)

Q: With regard to the history problem, is there any way for both China and Japan to put down this heavy “burden”?

A: Please watch your wording! I don’t agree with how you’ve put the question. The question implicitly casts China in an unfavourable light. From ancient times to now, China has never had any “heavy burden”. The Chinese people are a open-minded, forward-looking exemplary race, who patiently deal with people, and remaining on friendly terms with their neighbours is China’s virtue. For this reason we acknowledge history without bias, but would never repay unkindness with unkindness. We tolerate reconciliation, including with Japan. Please tell me, what is China and the Chinese people’s “heavy burden”? Have the Chinese people ever done something unforgivable to Japan? The issue is precisely the invasion of China, the heinous crimes of the Japanese who don’t acknowledge history, burning, killing, and plundering in China, madly exterminating the Chinese people. The criminal Japanese don’t acknowledge their crimes or make reparations to China and the Chinese people, and are even trying to expand their overseas military capabilities, split China, seize China’s land, infuriating the Chinese people. There is too much of this kind of historical fact. Can you tell me, is this the historical burden China carries? (Applause from students)

Q: I also often watch the news, and recently, Chinese manufacturing accidents have been frequent, and I presume the death rate is not low either?

A: Just like your country, everyone dies once. (Laughter, applause)

Q: In China’s university campuses, student suicides happen frequently, again and again, why is this?

A: Actually, the country with the most student suicides is your country. Many bizarre methods of suicide were invented by you guys. In a UN report, Japan’s suicide rate was ranked number one. I don’t know what sufficient evidence you have to prove the suicide incidents in my country’s the university campuses. Chairman Mao Zedong had a famous saying: “If you haven’t investigated, you don’t have a right to talk”. I hope you write an objective and true report. With regard to the words that you just used in your question I must correct you, in Chinese Mandarin, “frequently” and “again and again” is redundant, a mistake. Moreover, what you said does not match the reality! (Applause)

Q: In Japan, Chinese study abroad students have illegally stolen Japan’s state secrets, do you know about that?

A: I am unable to to verify the your information’s accuracy and authenticity. This kind of absurd allegation is as ridiculous as Bush invading Iraq because Saddam stole his pressure cooker! (big laugh from audience)

Brothers, do as you see fit. If you hope more people can see this, just ding. Thank you.


Comments from Mop:


The entire world knows.




“wm” [wu mao]. I do not believe Beida [Beijing University] students are able to speak on this level.


I ding! This kind of university student is worthy of me learning from!


The angrier they yell, the faster they betray~


I’m a little suspicious, were these really the answers of a student…although, I’d rather believe this is real.


Ding! Those dastardly shameless Japs can all die!


No images, no truth.


This guy’s a great diplomat.



I ding!
I strongly ding!
I love the country, love the Party, love the People!!! I just don’t love those so-called “servants of the people”!


If he doesn’t become a diplomat it would be the country’s loss.


I ding! with all my might!


Let’s forward this to the Department of Foreign Affairs.


So the real reason Bush invaded Iraq was because Saddam stole his pressure cooker??


As soon as I read it, I knew it was fake.


Any video? Otherwise, I don’t believe it.


Could a Peking Uni bookworm/nerd really say something like this?


Years of experience tells me: This definitely is not something some Peking University student is able to say, and is probably some talened netizen.


Seems a bit fake.


What do you think of this exchange between a Japanese reporter and a Beijing University student? Is it real or is it fake?

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