Beijing University VP Wants To “Insert” In Female Student


From Mop:

A man claiming to be a Beijing University vice-president recently planned to use promises of benefits/favors to take sexual advantage of a female university student. After being stopped by the police, this man not only refused to cooperate, he threw around his title.

On February 26 around 11pm, Zhengzhou City police received a call that a girl was being assaulted/attacked in a hotel. rushed to the scene and after understanding the full details of the situation, the assailant — also the victim’s boss not only refused to cooperate, he actually threw around his title, saying to the “I am Beijing University’s Minglun College’s Vice President, I am Wang Zihan!” Afterward, he repeatedly referred to himself as “a public figure”.

After investigations later, Beijing University’s Minglun College’s Vice President is indeed a person named Wang Zihan, whose appearance  indeed looks strikingly similar to this “Wang Zihan”.  However according to “He is only someone who comes out to give lectures, and cannot be considered a public figure.”

In view of this matter, the police* reminds: Female university students should draw a lesson from this. Girls should not so easily trust certain so-called experts and scholars. These people are strongly deceptive.

This is the news video report about this incident:

Translations of the main highlights of the video that most Chinese netizens feel are very funny:

0:09 – 0:22

Girl: “He undid my bra. He planned to sexually assault me. He said ‘I am no less/inferior to any of your other guys. Do you consider me too old [for you]?” He was going to, then he said ‘I want to insert [插, cha] in you.'”

0:30 – 0:45

Girl: [Explains that the man promised to give her benefits or help her with her career.]

0:50 – 0:55

Man: “I am Beijing University’s Minglun College’s Vice President, I am Wang Zihan! I am telling you [pointing at the camera], stop filming.”

1:00 – 1:03

Man: [pointing at camera] “I am a public figure, give me some face, okay?”

* The original post above included most of the details from the video news report, but there was a mistake: It was the girl’s father who said this on the phone, not the police.

This is the picture of Vice President Wang Zihan from Beijing University website:


Comments from Mop:


Public figures also have normal physiological needs, but going to other people’s houses late at night to play hide and seek [duo mao mao] is not right.


At 22 seconds, what that girl said was truly classic.


This will become hot, that beast!! Can you leave some [women] for us unmarried men? Grass mud horse!


This girl is nothing good either, going to a hotel alone with another man in the middle of the night for no reason!!


The people of Hunan send a message of congratulations to Vice-President Wang. [The commenter is from Hunan, congratulations for becoming infamous.]


This year’s second catchphrase: “I am a public figure, give me some face, okay?”


Good professors take you to heaven, bad professors take you to open a room…~~
This girl must never have visited Mop before, she does not know that there is division of labor in today’s society~~~
[the original Chinese comment used a pun, 叫兽, “screaming beast”, instead of 教授, “professor”]


Not bad~~the transportation department is already in trouble… [referring to Lin Jiaxiang]


Human flesh search, human flesh search, hurry and organize a human flesh search rally to human flesh search this person.


Haha, I am dumbfounded after watching this, but I feel truly disappointed for those students.


Good thing I do not yet have a daughter, and for now do not need to think about this problem.

Comments from Tianya:


Non-public figure me looking at a public figure spectacle.


Haha, wo CAO, I also want to be a public figure, and go around undoing people’s bras without consequence…


Haha, by day he is a “jiao shou” [professor], by night he is a “qin shou” [beast]. But behaving like this is also too shamelessly open. Let’s see what happens to him after he gets out from this.


I bet the female student and this bastard went to open a room, and something simply unexpected happened. Both are TMD no good.


At the very least he should be charged for attempted rape. The police were also TMD letting him go because of who he is!


It would be good if he is not from Beijing University. If he is from Beijing University, then it really is disappointing. Their [good] image would be lost.  Nowadays there are a lot of people from who knows where pretending they are from some [well-known] university, which is really bad. When outside, be careful!


This video’s highlight is that MM saying the “insert” word.
It was such a vivid description, making people’s pulse race.
Its usage was just right, and can be said to be the finishing touch.


Beijing University has become famous yet again,
its professors have become famous yet again…


I now know why Chinese women like to be with foreign men,
because Chinese men do not even know how to protect their own women.
Having your bra undone by someone yet still unable to sue/charge them.


It is difficult to imagine “I am a public figure” not becoming popular.


Written by Fauna

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