Beijing Wudaokou Housing Prices: 100k RMB Per Square Meter

A 37 square meter home in Beijing's Wudaokou neighborhood is listed with a 3.5 million RMB asking price.

Housing prices in Beijing's Wudaokou neighborhood.

From NetEase:

Beijing Wudaokou housing prices 100,000 yuan per square meter, netizens: [Must be the] center of the universe

China Economic Net Beijing March 20 Report. Recently, netizen @AdRa1n posted a real estate agency’s home listings showing that homes in Beijing’s Wudaokou neighborhood are 100,000 RMB [16k+ USD] per square meter. This home in the Beijing Haidian district Wudaokou neighborhood school district is 37 sqm at 3.5 million RMB, or 100,000 RMB per sqm. Then property developer Ren Zhiqiang sighed: “The original price back then was only 4000-some yuan per sqm.” One netizen expressed: It is Wudaokou that is the center of Beijing, the center of the universe, and now I’ve given up all hope of buying a home in Beijing.

Industry insiders say the trend in housing prices in rising quickly, mainly because of its school district, close to Tsinghua and Peking Universities. However, many netizens still cannot accept it, with netizen “围脖-你的心情” scoffing at the housing prices: “Looking at these housing prices is like a joke!” Netizen “齐不凡” mocked very “aesthetically”: “Early in the morning, while on the balcony of my 36th floor home, I poured myself a cup of 37℃ water, and softly blew dry the rust floating on top. Although it is smoggy outside the window, I can close my eyes, and rely on the sounds that not far away is the university I was just 300 points shy of getting admitted to, with busy office workers rolling back and forth on the subway and public buses like ants. I delightfully listen, listen to the gasps of the lowly lives of the downtrodden. This is Wudaokou, the center of the universe.” Netizen “周伯通招聘” who came to Beijing for work laughed: “A 100,000 per sqm home can be rented for just several thousand yuan, Little Zhou [referring to self] expresses being extremely blessed; As a migrant worker, I don’t even need a Beijing hukou to be able to live in such an world-class high-end community as Wudaokou, so Little Zhou expresses being extremely proud! 4000 yuan/sqm in 2000, an increase of only over 20 times, truly not expensive!”

The Two Meetings that just ended confirmed the goal of continuing to tightly control housing prices, but numerous netizens still find the high housing prices unacceptable. Netizen “边城” said: “Even if my wages were to ride a rocket they would never catch up with rising home prices.” Whereas netizen “典道体育” sighed: “In Beijing, it’s not about using money to buy a home, it’s about using one’s life to buy a home!”

Opposite the many scoffs and sighs, there were also many rational netizens who analyzed and provided suggestions. Netizen “Seven_张” believes: “In the 10 years since 2003, and if we go by wave theory, after Beijing home prices experienced the 2nd and 4th adjustments of the 2008 and 2011 waves, it should already formally have entered the 5th wave. Speculators have reached the unloading stage, but liquidity has been removed by the State Council’s 5 [Housing Market Regulation] Policy Measures, leaving no alternative but to continue pushing the prices up, moving towards following suit. No one buys at 100,000 [per sqm], but it is hung there to create anticipation of rising prices, to attract people to buy the houses next to it at 60,000 [RMB per sqm].” Whereas netizen “韦世亨” proposed: “If you want Beijing’s housing prices to drop, it’s simple. Right now, the main thing is that the best schools are all centralized in Beijing. As long as the government stipulates that anyone regardless of possessing a Beijing hukou can enjoy equal school admissions, Beijing’s housing prices will naturally fall.”

Comments on NetEase:

YO而然 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

Imperial capital of the universe.


Years ago, two baskets full of money for two baskets of rice; Years later, a house full of money for a house!

Z哥0 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

Why not use this money to go live in a second-tier city? Good house, good car, good air.

大连通通网络 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Just like a vacuum, the core electrical components ought to be more expensive, right?


Fill in the blank —
First line: Speaks the truth, does practical things, considers the people in all respects; Second line: Seeks innovation, seeks development, always sharing the burdens of the country.
Third line: No such person.

First line: Speaks lies, does bad things, breaks the law committing crimes harming the ordinary common people; Second line: Drives luxury car, lives in luxury homes, oppresses the people as local tyrant.
Third Line: _________

大大的良民啊 [网易北京市网友]:

You think China’s housing prices are expensive but that’s because you guys are poor. Of China’s leaders, which one of them truly believes housing prices are expensive? The more expensive the happier they are.


Housing developers say: If land prices weren’t included, China’s housing prices are the lowest [in the world].
National Development and Reform Commission says: If taxes aren’t included, China’s gas prices are lower than America’s.
Anti-Corruption Discipline Inspection Commission says: If corrupt officials are disregarded, China’s civil servants are the most honest.
China’s Red Cross states: Without embezzlement, China’s supervision of donations is the best.
The Bureau of Quality Supervision emphasizes: If there weren’t unscrupulous businesses, China’s food is the safest.
The Bureau of Statistics’ statement is the most practical: If the ordinary common people weren’t included, Chinese people’s lives are the happiest.

网易北京市网友 [songzhaoy]:

Wrong, the best way is to even out school resources. Then put an end to waidiren going to school in Beijing. This way, Beijing’s children can get into schools, without having to “break their heads” to do so. When I was small, every two to three hutongs had one primary school, and we never saw anyone raising housing prices. Overall, it’s still waidiren who have impacted everything in Beijing. The weather, public transportation, housing, food, sanitation…

网易北京市海淀区网友 [浮萍王子]: (responding to above)

If there weren’t waidiren, Beijingers wouldn’t even be able to eat shit. If people were allowed to take the gaokao anywhere or the test questions were made uniform, Beijingers would all fucking fail and be lucky just to get into occupational schools. Just how many Beijingers are bosses, they all fucking work for waidiren, and they still have the face to talk…

网易宁夏网友 [俺为祖国喝茅台]: (responding to above)

The person upstairs [above], in reality, during the planned economy era, when your entire family was still in the countryside raising pigs, Beijingers’ lives were already very good, and on the contrary, what Beijinger’s shat out was better than what your entire family ate. Without waidiren, Beijingers would not be eating shit. Now in the reformed and opened up era, you also have the opportunity to come to Beijing’s hutongs to sell fried scallion cakes, so you can stop envying Beijingers. If there came a policy where those without Beijing hukous could not work in Beijing, you’d have to go back to the countryside to raise pigs, while Beijingers would continue living well, because their lives were already good, so without you entering Beijing to work, their lives would be even better, really~~~

野无渡 [网易浙江省舟山市网友]: (responding to above)

Life is not fair, there’s no need to complain about this point. As the capital, resource policies being biased towards it is also natural, there’s no real reason to grumble about it. But this kind egotistical attitude of the first and third floor [songzhaoy & 俺为祖国喝茅台] is truly unbearable. First floor, you motherfucker, it’s been how many years since [China has] opened up, and you old relic are still talking about putting an end to waidiren, is overpriced housing really so simply a result of waidiren? You’re just being a cunt. Third floor, you motherfucker, selling fried scallion cakes and raising pigs are both about making money through one’s own hard work. People can go where they please, or is your Beijing fucking independent? Going there requires a visa and how great that would be? And how other shouldn’t envy you Beijingers. I don’t envy shit. Envy 200,000 RMB per square meter? Envy your smog? Envy your sandstorms?


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