Beijing’s First Hotel “Test Sleeper” Earns 10,000 Per Month

One of six hotel "sleep testers" in China.

One of six hotel "sleep testers" in China.

From Sina, ifeng, and Mop:

“No need to punch in for work, often visit various hotels, vacation is also work, there are even a big group of fans on the internet, and every month there can be an easy ten thousand yuan income.” This is the true portrayal of a hotel “test sleeper”, called “history’s most comfortable job”. Zhang Yumo is Beijing’s first hotel tester and so far there are only 6 in all of China. This past March, she was selected by the [travel website] Qunar out of over 7000 applicants, and now has been certified by the China Hotel Association as a “Professional Hotel Test Sleeper” [professional hotel reviewer].

Zhang Yumo, a professional hotel tester tests the water coming out of a sink in a hotel.

The reason why Zhang Yumo was selected out of the thousands was because of her past work experience was related to: art college graduate, has a foundation in illustration, has worked as a television director, is good at both writing and photography, her previous occupation was a freelancer for a handicraft brand, and these will be especially helpful for her work as a hotel test sleeper.

Hotel tester typing up a report in her room.

A hotel test sleeper, as the name suggests, is to test staying at hotels, to experience the hotel’s service, environment, cleanliness, price, dining, and other aspects, such as the mattresses’ hardness, the air conditioner’s temperature, internet speed, the piping drainage, the shower water pressure, etc. All of these she must write reports of her experience/impressions after investigating them to be published on the internet after delivering them to the company as a reference for netizens.

Zhang Yumo photographs a salad served in a hotel she is staying at.

“Our work is not nearly as easy as everyone thinks. Writing comments/evaluations is just one aspect of the many the job entails. In fact, there is still a lot of work stress. It requires a lot of attention to detail, patience, and responsibility.” Zhang Yumo says, “Because there are tasks, within the one day you are staying [in the hotel], you need to be highly concentrated, observe every detail, and also use a camera or digital video recorder to record everything you see and think, and using microblogs, video, etc. and netizen comments, in the end you must complete a very detailed experience report.” Because the entire testing process is conducted unannounced/secretly, her fair and objective comments is also a reason why she has many fans.

Zhang Yumo filming the hotel lobby she is assigned to review.

This post-80s generation Northeastern girl reveals how she is different from most everywhere. Fashionable dressed, seeks freedom in her work, everything revolving around fun, firmly believing that “life is about ‘change'”. She feels that if life becomes like still water, then it is finished. Her dream is to open a Mediterranean style art hotel [boutique hotel?], the hotel having a private library, allowing pets, with everything designed according to her own aesthetic, with all of the artwork made by herself.

Comments from Sina:


There’s a job like this? This is too comfortable! Her creativity is really strong. This girl is indeed really talented.


Haha, this job is not bad.



In society today, there is nothing that cannot be done, only what cannot be imaged! Hehe.


Her job is so nice.

I also want to be a hotel test sleeper now.


This career is really awesome, I bet it will be even more popular than flight attendants in the future.


“Test Sleeper”.

Actually this is reviewing the service of hotels. Using the term “test sleeper” is purely to attract people’s eyeballs, a trick.


Test sleep…I admit I’m thinking dirty…


This job looks very enticing.
Relaxed, elegant, refined.
Will giving some benefit [bribe] result in a 4 star or 5 star?
Very suspicious.


Gold shines wherever it goes.

Truly is that saying again: Every profession has its leader. I really admire this kind of person.

Test sleeper. chinaSMACK personals.


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