Beijing’s First Hotel “Test Sleeper” Earns 10,000 Per Month

One of six hotel "sleep testers" in China.

From Sina, ifeng, and Mop:

“No need to punch in for work, often visit various hotels, vacation is also work, there are even a big group of fans on the internet, and every month there can be an easy ten thousand yuan income.” This is the true portrayal of a hotel “test sleeper”, called “history’s most comfortable job”. Zhang Yumo is Beijing’s first hotel tester and so far there are only 6 in all of China. This past March, she was selected by the [travel website] Qunar out of over 7000 applicants, and now has been certified by the China Hotel Association as a “Professional Hotel Test Sleeper” [professional hotel reviewer].

Zhang Yumo, a professional hotel tester tests the water coming out of a sink in a hotel.

The reason why Zhang Yumo was selected out of the thousands was because of her past work experience was related to: art college graduate, has a foundation in illustration, has worked as a television director, is good at both writing and photography, her previous occupation was a freelancer for a handicraft brand, and these will be especially helpful for her work as a hotel test sleeper.

Hotel tester typing up a report in her room.

A hotel test sleeper, as the name suggests, is to test staying at hotels, to experience the hotel’s service, environment, cleanliness, price, dining, and other aspects, such as the mattresses’ hardness, the air conditioner’s temperature, internet speed, the piping drainage, the shower water pressure, etc. All of these she must write reports of her experience/impressions after investigating them to be published on the internet after delivering them to the company as a reference for netizens.

Zhang Yumo photographs a salad served in a hotel she is staying at.

“Our work is not nearly as easy as everyone thinks. Writing comments/evaluations is just one aspect of the many the job entails. In fact, there is still a lot of work stress. It requires a lot of attention to detail, patience, and responsibility.” Zhang Yumo says, “Because there are tasks, within the one day you are staying [in the hotel], you need to be highly concentrated, observe every detail, and also use a camera or digital video recorder to record everything you see and think, and using microblogs, video, etc. and netizen comments, in the end you must complete a very detailed experience report.” Because the entire testing process is conducted unannounced/secretly, her fair and objective comments is also a reason why she has many fans.

Zhang Yumo filming the hotel lobby she is assigned to review.

This post-80s generation Northeastern girl reveals how she is different from most everywhere. Fashionable dressed, seeks freedom in her work, everything revolving around fun, firmly believing that “life is about ‘change'”. She feels that if life becomes like still water, then it is finished. Her dream is to open a Mediterranean style art hotel [boutique hotel?], the hotel having a private library, allowing pets, with everything designed according to her own aesthetic, with all of the artwork made by herself.

Comments from Sina:

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There’s a job like this? This is too comfortable! Her creativity is really strong. This girl is indeed really talented.


Haha, this job is not bad.



In society today, there is nothing that cannot be done, only what cannot be imaged! Hehe.


Her job is so nice.

I also want to be a hotel test sleeper now.


This career is really awesome, I bet it will be even more popular than flight attendants in the future.


“Test Sleeper”.

Actually this is reviewing the service of hotels. Using the term “test sleeper” is purely to attract people’s eyeballs, a trick.


Test sleep…I admit I’m thinking dirty…


This job looks very enticing.
Relaxed, elegant, refined.
Will giving some benefit [bribe] result in a 4 star or 5 star?
Very suspicious.


Gold shines wherever it goes.

Truly is that saying again: Every profession has its leader. I really admire this kind of person.

Test sleeper. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • Someone

    first again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Friday

      I appreciate your intelligent commentary on the subject.

      • Koji Kabuto

        “I appreciate your intelligent commentary on the subject.”



  • Shanghairocks

    The job she’s doing is not “Test Sleeping”, but loneliness…

    • Kawaii

      what is this loneliness thing??? why are you doing this on every post?

      • Alain

        Because he is a twat, perhaps.

      • SLX

        he’s part of the loneliness group :P
        They are just low life EMO attention whorez.

      • wu lmao

        This thing Shanghairocks is doing is not posting, it is loneliness.

      • Shanghairocks

        What I clicked is not the “Reply” link, but loneliness…

        • Alain

          What Chinasmack is, is not a bbs, but loneliness

  • Kawaii

    she’s kinda cute,

    • John

      I agree. I like her. She can test my bed anytime.

    • korean_guy

      there’s something about a female lying around on a bed that will start the imagination of a dude. even a so-so looking girl like her will titillate the imagination.

  • Josiah

    If she’s a professional and has to methodically check a lot of things, it’d just be like any other repetitive job, you’d probably be sick of it in a week. I know after I lived in a hotel for a week once, I was pretty happy to move into an apartment where I could keep more stuff.

    • Kage Musha

      oh darn, I’ll be living in a hotel for 7 weeks starting next week :P

    • SPOOKY

      No, not lobster AGAIN!

  • qeemon

    she can test sleep in my hotel anytime

  • Almost minimum wage in Australia! :)

  • steven

    10,000 RMB per month is a lot of money for a Chinese person. I know a girl who earns the minimum wage in Nanjing, and she cannot even afford to pay for food, let alone rent. I honestly don’t understand what the point of that is.

    • Alain

      One could go further and wonder why don’t single mothers get benefits? There is enough wealth to go around, maybe she could pay 1,000 yuan a month in tax to help others.

    • sweatypalms

      With a job like hers, she must do her family proud.
      All I want to know is if she sleeps in the nude. If so, she could make a lot of scratch selling those bed sheets after her “tests”. I give her another 10,000 for a set!

  • Traveler

    This is actually a job in the rest of the world — travel writer, guide book writer, hotel reviewer, etc.

    In HK, Japan, etc, it’s normal for an unbiased person to experience service and write about it professionally. Does nobody do this in China? No wonder the cultural coverage reads like one giant ad.

    How unbiased she can be, when she’s linked to the official hotel association? Why is some girl — armed with a dinky little camera, with no hotel, F&B, design or publishing experience — being described like the next Tyler Brule?

    Outside China, she’d barely qualify as a travel magazine intern.

    • Alikese

      Also there’s a NATIONALLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE about her now. How the hell can she critique a hotel when every concierge in the country can recognize her? How useful will her reviews be when she’s getting full-service from the hotel and comped everything?

  • Joe Friday

    Please send for my book and DVD “How to Become a Professional Hotel Test Sleeper.” For only 6,000 we will tell you everything you need to lnow be a Professional Hotel Test Sleeper! Plus if you order in the next 1o minuest, we’ll include a list with hudreds of hotel names and addresses. This is a 1,500 value but it is yours free for ordering.

    This only made sense if you’ve seen the STUPID infomercials in the US. They might have them in AU as well.

    • HardyPengood

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      So you probably think that’s fantastic enough, right? Well, hold onto your socks, because we’re not done…blah-blah-blah

      Saw some manual from a course a friend of mine was taking when I lived in Sydney. Took about 20 minutes to learn the entire stupid array. But, wait…THERE IS STILL ONE MORE PUNCHLINE!!!…

      All this fantastic course materials and…


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      …may be a buncha really stupid shit, but a LOT of people were sold enough to take the course, including my idiot friend. *lol*

      And, not doubt…That Won’t Be All!!!

  • Bokamba

    Are the photos of Zhang Yumo? If so, why would her employer allow her to give up her anonymity this way? If the hotels know what she looks like, they’ll give her better service, and some might even bribe her.

  • Shui

    let’s see if anyone is committing suicide this time.

  • And about a year ago there was an international competition for “the best job in the world” which was about living on a beautiful island in Australia – being paid 150,000 USD for half year with only one condition of feeding turtles and making periodical reports on “life in paradise”… They also had a long list of requirements for candidates.

    Generally speaking, with all the things that this girl knows doing – I think that she deserves this comfortable job.

  • HardyPengood

    My version of the article didn’t fully pop up. Maybe the html is wrong or whatever. The part in the article discussing this as bed-gate was omitted.

  • bill rich

    How is she testing a double bed all by herself ?

  • “The reason why Zhang Yumo was selected out of the thousands was because of her past work experience was related to: art college graduate, has a foundation in illustration, has worked as a television director, is good at both writing and photography, her previous occupation was a freelancer for a handicraft brand, and these will be especially helpful for her work as a hotel test sleeper.”
    This….apart from being “good” at writing and photography….makes no sense.

  • IC

    A kind of people who look down on you when you are poor, or give you holocaust when you are above them. These kind of people are true devil without peace or love.

    There is also another kind of people who is sympathetic to you when you are poor and admire you when you are above them. Such people bring positive spirit to humanity.

    • eattot

      are you preach?
      you talk like a girl in my office , a crazy christan ! she always wants to moralize me into christan, and always talks like you!
      every time i just tell her , sorry! i am not westerner, not interested in western religion.

      • Kawaii

        LoL you sound very kawaii to me. care for coffee?

      • You don’t have to say “crazy christian”. The “crazy” is redundant.

      • SPOOKY



  • hero

    After taxes, she’ll only be on just over 8000 rmb a month. Hardly worth printing an article about how “amazing” this job is.

  • anne

    Seems like an okay job. The pay is a little disappointing.

  • Should recommend this into the World Guiness Record as the world best job!

  • Peteryang

    I want to join the test

  • UDL

    thats y shes so fat?


    I guess you can;t call her lazy if she lets the sun hit her in the pigu

  • Tom12GA

    @Jones, I’m sorry you have to waste twenty responses on Alain.

    As far as losing her anonymity, perhaps *bribes* can make the job actually pay off. I remember a hotel in Beijing where the first room they offered me smelled of death and mold. If she grabbed and 2K RMB each night, she make an extra 600K RMB a year.

  • lolz

    Sounds like a nice job but being on the road all the time is stressful.

    I travel enough for work which earned me platinum status at the Marriott hotels (you can get this only 75 days/year of staying). Yet even staying at these 3-5 star hotels (I usually stay at full service marriotts and sometimes JWs) makes me very tired after a while. I still have problem falling to sleep sometimes even after working out and a good meal; No matter how many soft pillows they give me it’s still a lot better to be sleeping on your own bed.

  • Gincharm

    I doubt the competency of evaluation without hotel working experience considering the intricacies to making a hotel ‘tick’.

    • Black Widow

      NONONO Be paid to work, not sleeper.

  • atomicsushi

    how about testing the bed for sex? hahaha she needs a male partner and someone’s gotta do it.

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