Beijing’s Tightest Smoking Regulations Ever Soon Begin

Beijing’s Tightest Smoking Regulations Ever Soon Begin

The tightest smoking regulations in all of Beijing’s history officially has begun on June 1st. It is illegal to smoke in all common indoor areas, workplaces, and public transportations. All tobacco advertisements are also prohibited. Breaking these rules will result in a maximum 200 RMB fine. These new regulations protect the populace against secondhand smoke, however in an investigative survey, over 60% of people admit that they won’t turn in others for smoking. Chinese netizens agree with the regulations, and think that cigarettes shouldn’t be made so that people can’t smoke.

Source: Netease

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  • Edward Kay

    More opportunity for enforcers to have a side income.

    • Boris

      You have to get people enforcing them in the first place. China only enforces certain laws and seems to ignore others. Hell, I’ve seen plenty of times cops driving through red lights or other drivers doing so in front of the cops here.

      • Edward Kay

        Green means cuckold, yellow a coward. Chinese love to get lucky with red. And yes, I’ve seen all kinds of funny things within a day over there. By the end of a week, I’ve practically attained samsara enlightenment.

  • Jahar

    This is good.

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