‘Being 30 and Unmarried Should be Illegal and Punished!’

Elderly Chinese man says not visiting one's parents shouldn't be made illegal, but being 30 years old and still unmarried, now that should be illegal, and punished by the law!

Elderly Chinese man says not visiting one's parents shouldn't be made illegal, but being 30 years old and still unmarried, now that should be illegal, and punished by the law!

From iFeng:

Old Man During Interview: Why Make Not Visiting One’s Parents Illegal, What’s Illegal is Being 30 Years Old and Still Not Married!

Elderly Chinese man says not visiting one's parents shouldn't be made illegal, but being 30 years old and still unmarried, now that should be illegal, and punished by the law!

Jinghua Times – “Being 30 years old already and not yet married, now that should be illegal! It should be punished!” What are people’s opinions on the idea that “not visiting one’s parents often is a crime”? During interviews on the street, a smiling and chuckling old man suddenly lost control of his feelings and cried out a “legendary reply”: “Why should it be illegal if my kid doesn’t visit me very often? Being 30 years old already and not yet married, now that should be illegal! It should be punished!” Netizens joked: “So would that be condemned to prison with no wife? [a Chinese pun on “condemned to prison for life”]”

The above video clip is from a longer ~3 minute video posted last week that has accumulated over 3 million views and 40k comments…

From :

“30 and Unmarried Should be Punished as a Crime”, “Law” Experts Talk Nonsense

Recently, with regards to the matter of legislation over “[adult children] not often returning home to check up [on their parents]”, this reporter conducted interviews on the streets of Beijing and experienced the unexpected. While there is legal or moral debate when it comes to often going home to visit [one’s parents], when it comes to what parents really think in their hearts, and in comparison to not often visiting, do you know what they actually consider the most “unfilial”?

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As shown in the video, the legislation is called “老年人权益保障法” (Law Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of the Elderly) and came into effect on July 1st. The law has 9 sections and 85 clauses covering matters such as social security, preferential treatment, and legal responsibility, but is perhaps better known for making it “against the law” and thus “illegal” when adult children who live apart from their parents fail to visit or inquire about their parents “often” enough.

The viewpoints presented by interviewees in the video include:

  • The problem is a moral issue, and not something that should be controlled with laws.
  • Agree with the starting point of the legislation but don’t think much of the execution.
  • Welcome the law and think it is reasonable.
  • The law is too rigid, unreasonable.

The elderly Chinese man at the end says laws these days are nonsense, that his child not visiting him often shouldn’t be illegal, but what should be illegal is being 30 years old and still unmarried. That, he says, should be punished by the law, amusing Chinese netizens far and wide.

Comments from iFeng:


[He] gave voice to the most perplexing thing old people have in their hearts.


This [law] is called “not doing something about the things one should do something about and instead doing something about the things one shouldn’t”.


Different people have different standpoints. It’s because the sons of the old government officials legislating this law have purchased homes, married wives, and no longer care for their fathers that they’re legislating this law.


It’s very reasonable. There are three ways of being an unfilial son; and the worst is to have no descendents!


This is the attitude of most parents: Their children’s happiness is the most important thing. Poor parents of the world!


Doesn’t our country have family planning and population control? Not getting married and having children should be rewarded. Why make it against the law?


Not going home to see one’s parents is illegal? Everyone is going to go crazy.


Imprisonment with no wife! [Pun on “imprisonment for life”].


Getting married but not wanting children, as well as homosexuality, that’s all criminal thinking! It’s extremely narrow-minded hedonism!


Sentence/punish all those people who are 30 years old and haven’t got married or who are 30 years old and still can’t afford to get married…


Change [sack] the people who are making laws!! Many aspects are overstated!!!


Young people these days over-idealize marriage, even seeing it as a ladder to becoming rich and getting ahead in the world. The nation should make laws to sentence those who don’t marry before 30 years old!


Forcing filial piety through law is impractical, lacking in humanity, and unreasonable; The beautiful request, seems wonderful; the hypocritical morality, is actually ridiculous.


I’ve already broken the law. I do wish somebody would arrest me!


I don’t own a thing in the world, would you let your daughter marry me?


People who are 30 years old and unmarried should be sentenced as a crime. Otherwise those of us who are besieged [married] are screwed!


What this man is saying is his personal opinion, and doesn’t need to be reported. There are too many bizarre arguments and comments in society to all be reported.


Faint, I’m getting close to breaking the law now [almost 30 and not yet married].


Xiao Ming was prosecuted for not visiting parents for several years, and the judge sentenced two years in prison… Serving those two years, he again couldn’t see his parents, and was prosecuted again… As a result, he has never gotten out…

What do you think? Is there an age when people “ought” to be getting married? Should parents care about their children eventually getting married? What about visiting one’s elderly parents? Are young people neglecting the elderly becoming a worrisome social trend that requires legislation? How often do you see or talk to your parents?

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  • Ruby Tuesday

    Idiot talks crap. You call this news?

    Why bother even reporting it?

    • Mighty曹

      Just a typical “legendary” quip at the tea house.

  • Interesting discussion. That’s the kind of news I want.

    Thanks for reporting.

  • Mighty曹


  • Jacob

    Are they going to report all the opinions of ignorant people? That’s the news now? I don’t give a shit about the opinion of this dumb MF Give us some real news SB

  • Pigu

    this is also news u idiot

  • “Over idealize marriage” yup….get marry and have children while china is over populated… greattttt idea!!

    One guy got it right about forcing filial piety…don’t you just love it when other people sticks their noses in your beeswax?

    Next week, I’m heading to a family wedding …close to 30, unmarried, and female…I can’t wait to give the death stare and ask them in direct trandlated chinese “Are pissing on my mood?”

    • MonkeyMouth

      i can take you. make a real scandal. and we can compare kitty pictures…

  • mattman_183

    This is how things are in the world today. Not only China. Marriage has changed drastically for us since our parents and grandparents. Before, getting married was seen as the start of adulthood, now it’s seen as something to be earned.

    The city life people enjoy is much harder with a kid. Often getting a married, and even more, having a child means having to move out of expensive cities, and away from the appealing lifestyle and the professional opportunities that come with it.

    Before, women were masters of the home, now they have stepped out into a traditionally men’s world. They have more opportunities than ever. This new freedom has allowed them to decide when to get pregnant, if they decide to do at all. And if they do, chances are, the family size will be much smaller than their grandparents’ or parents’.

    Today, more and more people are getting married much older, or even not at all. Same with having children. In previous generations, this was stigmatized, and, although people like grandpa up there may never accept this new reality, it is real nonetheless.

    This trend is the reason behind some never before seen global demographic trends we are witnessing, but that’s a conversation for another time…

    • Zappa Frank

      this trend could save this world, the world is already overpopulated… we should promote this trend.

      • mattman_183

        Highly populated? Maybe. Overpopulated? Nope. Didn’t you hear? The “Population Bomb” where too many people would consume all our resources never came.

        • PixelPulse

          Still, the idea of there being less assholes to deal with is very appealing.

          • mattman_183

            Yeah…well there’s always that. :D

        • Zappa Frank

          it’s not that we have to wait its arrive, we should do something before. however, if all people in world would like to live with US life-style we’re already too many by far.

          • mattman_183

            Not necessarily. Birth rates are falling in the US as well.

          • Zappa Frank

            it may fall in US (still is positive, the population is still growing) but it’s a world’s matter, not just a country’s matter. What if we suppose all people would like to live with US life-style, with US rate of energy and source consumption.. ?

  • Nefarious Laowei

    1,400,000,000 Chinese and the shit opinion of this one lone crank is work talking about? Incredible….

    • Brett

      That’s like 30 million Chinese males who will have to be put down. Still less than those who died during the “great leap”.

  • David S.

    I was 21 when I married that bitchy daughter of daddy’s good mate and look at the man I’ve become ! Kids today they don’t know what’s good for them… Whiny picky bastards… Jail the little fuckers !

    • could you have said no?

    • Oh yeah…I didn’t think we were still in the 18th century where your parents barter kids for trade.

    • Karze

      21 is too young and I guess 30 it mature and old enough to get married.

  • lingling

    What’s Illegal is Being Married to white guys or black guys!!!!

    • Are you the asian version of Chris Granzow XI?


        I don’t think he/she is asian. Probably trying to be sarcastic.

        • you may be right. its pikachu from Drawn Together. Or its a panda which embodies black and white.

    • Zappa Frank

      still not…

    • Noble attempt, but not going to work

  • mr.wiener
  • TheOrz

    This kind of law joins the ranks of Japan’s anti-dancing laws and that of the farcical US justice system.

  • Zappa Frank

    here there’s parents’ pressure to NOT get marry

  • Claude

    Old men have antiquated thinking!

    • Old men everywhere

      Claude, go fuck yourself.

  • MrT

    most are divorced again by 30 here.

  • Peye

    Right on ,the world needs more consumers. More highrises to crowd them in and stack them up. This problem is a serious one.

  • Karze

    Hi old man there are already 1.3 billion Chinese on this earth. Its a very sizeable portion of 7 billion. So don’t advocate breeding mindlessly.

  • Karze

    Is he going to find wife for the already gender imbalanced China. Many of Chinese are going after Westerners be it White or Blacks.

  • biggj

    This guy said it best.
    “What this man is saying is his personal opinion, and doesn’t need
    to be reported. There are too many bizarre arguments and comments in
    society to all be reported.”

    I have story but not really about this but it’s funny. My grandfather talks shit about black people all the time. Goes on and on about them. But guess what? His best friend for…fuck..maybe 50 years is a black man. Black as you can get. I ask his why do talk shit about black people when your best buddy is black? He says ” Shit, he just looks black”……..Ok….. I think old people just talk shit all the time. They know it sounds ridiculous but they say it anyway. Just like this guy in the story.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Not going to comment on this guy’s opinions. Met too many parents, who complain that their 25 year old son/daughter isn’t married yet. I just think that it’s all about “tradition” in China. Since the education level is low there (and they’re not that religious – I’m not a religious person, but I’m mentioning it, because it was created to educate the people in ancient times.), traditions are the only source for education for most of the people. These parents don’t even care that their child has no income, work, maturity, etc to get married. They just now, by tradition, once a child can get married, they must marry. And those brainwashed kids aren’t even 20 and already talk about marriage ^^ they haven’t even tasted life and already want to limit their possibilities.

    I had friends (mostly girls), who married right after graduating (I don’t understand why a girl is going to get a master degree and then she gets married and has babies, while that diploma is covered in dust on a shelf … why go to university at all then? Just to prove a point?). By now most of them are divorced or have a no good husband. I watch their pictures on Facebook and feel sorry for them. They’re beautiful, smart and nice, but they made the mistake in marrying a lousy husband, who now is useless. I’m not even half of what those girls are and I’m making now a very good living, because I didn’t get anchored down – I didn’t get married. But I’m not complaining, every now and then I go visit them, give them a pity fuck (funny, but now nobody of them likes to blow), leave some money to buy groceries and stuff for the kids and leave (I surely do feel a nice ego boost when I get to meet their drunken husbands later; shake their hand, buy them a beer, while all I think of “your lady likes to fuck me, but not you, loser”).

    Sure, it’s exciting to get married – you have to plan a wedding, invite friends, talk to relatives, play the wedding, consumate, looking for things and places that are suitable for a family … and right after a baby is born, the couple understands that their lifes is over. Now, only the baby’s life counts. Everything they do, they do for the baby.

    You can always get married, so why rush with it? Enjoy your single life (especially if you have money). Make some rare experiences, meet with people, work on yourself, discover your limits and then go beyond.

    As a joke I say “I believe that the idea of marriage was created by women, because for a man it’s not natural to stay with one woman his whole life” or “I believe that the idea of marriage was created by the leaders, because the leaders had lots of beautiful women (garem) and didn’t want to share them”.

    Anyways, the idea of marriage is quite stupid … I love the idea of having kids, but marriage? The kid has my DNA, but who the fuck is this stranger?

    • Wow.. you are a real bloke. Dumb women who marries for the wrong reason and a douche that takes advantage of them. How can you call them your “friends” when you don’t even give sincere discussions to possibly open these poor girl’s minds? And they blow some white guy (just assuming) just to feel different or better? You are pathetic especially when you look down from your pedestal on the dumb sbs.

    • G_Dog

      Foreigner like you in China really make me sick, you give all of us a really bad name. I can already guess that your a 1 on 1 English teacher, who earns 200 rmb an hour and thinks he is the shit. As soon as a white girl walks in the room your probably shrink in fear.

      Also says a lot that girls don’t blow you, I have never had a girl refuse. Try washing you dick once in a while or even going down on her.

      Just a quick note, get off your pedistal. Your not Gods gift to women, the girls your boning still probably have the jizz of the previous nights english teacher on their tonsils.

      Loving the new visa rules that are getting rid of wasters like you.

      • Repatriated

        Probably a good thing if HE is an English teacher…and you aren’t. Ha.

        • G_Dog

          (Cant think of anything intelligent to say, so insults spelling and grammar) Nice one!

          • Repatriated

            Couldn’t help it. The irony of you baggin’ on someone for being an English teacher…when you yourself butcher the language like GW Bush…..

      • Alexx

        Fuck, new visa rules again? Got a link?

  • Buy house because withou house u cannot marry (for men). marry a man / girl you almost don’t know and sure don’t love, only to let your parents stop call you everyday and stop your firend look you in a strange way… make a baby immediately because has to be done. stop make sex. get a mistress(for men). go bar alone get drunk and fuck random guys/girls.. after few times divorce.. baby grown up by grandparents.. that’s all folks..

    • Only those that has no mind of their own and want to please others more than themselves. The power of self sacrifice is at large and pretty stupid and meaningless.

    • MonkeyMouth

      that’s a hell of a crystal ball you’ve got there….

      • Atlas

        Well he needs to upgrade his ball-dictionary though!

    • xiaode

      Yes, but that´s it… you just described they life of some (many) of my (chinese) friends in China…

    • Cervello

      J/K I’m not Chinese… nor Korean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      Under the newly redefined law, which took effect on Aug. 13, 2011, any property that was purchased before a marriage will no longer be up for negotiation after a divorce; it will belong solely to who bought it or whose name is on the deed. Also, if a house or apartment was purchased by the parents of either the bride or groom, it will revert to that person only, instead of being split between the couple.
      Since then, couples across China have been thinking more seriously about tying the knot: in the southwest city of Chongqing alone, marriage registrations fell by 30% in the weeks after the changes were made. (TIME.COM)

      Do you think a girl dare to marry a guy she almost don’t know just because he own a house now?

      • many families put as statement the girl has her name in the property…this is very common…

        • xiaode

          I have personally witnessed conversations between a friends of mine and his girlfriend… she explained him that she only will marry him if he buys a house and register under her name…! This is very common!

        • Cervello

          So… the property bought before marriage, with the guy money and the girl name? very common?

          Surely the guy know the girl well enough to trust her then. Because in your 1st post it said that the couple almost don’t know each other, let alone love.

          Besides, having a mistress and fuck random girls while your wife can divorce you anytime and keep the house? Don’t you think he’s brainless?

          But, if your 1st post meant to say Chinese guy brainless then I rest my case. I just think your 1st post illogical, not trying to defend the Chinese.

          • biggj

            That’s a risk chinese guys will take. There is no way they can be looked on by there family/village/clan or whatever and not be married. Being an unmarried man before the age of 30 is a fate worse then death to a chinese guy.

          • Cervello

            Nah… Ever heard the media referred to the indulged children in one-child families as “little emperors?” How can you force an emperor to marry? They’re spoiled since birth.

            Compiling data from the 2010 national census and several recent news articles, the infographic offers an ominous outlook for China’s approximately 12 million bachelors and 6 million bachelorettes between the ages of 30 and 39.

            This problem has become especially acute in China due to the increasingly skewed gender ratio – in 2012, 117 males were born for every 100 females. Many Chinese men already report an inability to find a wife. By 2020, their ranks could increase to as many as 30 million. (tealeafnation.com)

            You see, this old man didn’t talk crap as some point it out here. It’s a nation problem, even you as an outsider could see that being unmarried (after) the age of 30 is a fate worse (than) death to them, right?


  • Anus Presley

    The Chinese continue putting pressure on everyone to get married and have kids when the planet can’t sustain them all. That’ just a very simple two-step logical deduction – something alien and confusing to the majority of Chinese.

    Another aspect of this antipathy to logic and basic common sense is that to be considered suitable for marriage in China you should have a house (apartment) and a car. So now every fucker has a car, the air quality has turned to shite, and people are gonna start dropping dead from lung diseases before they reach the age of 30.

    And so it goes…

    • MonkeyMouth

      ‘revenge of anus presley’…great song!!
      and the shah sleeps in lee harvey’s grave

      • Anus Presley


      • Anus Presley

        We’re not living in the 1960’s anymore. Most Chinese have migrated to the cities and don’t need children to look after them after they retire. And yes, I do have a better solution than the one-child policy: stop pressuring everyone to get married and have children by the time they reach the age of 30.

        • maja

          how much doeas a retirement pension goes today?

    • Cervello

      The Chinese Ministry of Health released data in March that 336 million abortions and 222 million sterilizations have been performed since 1971. (The one-child policy was implemented in 1979, but other family planning policies were enforced before it).

      Here’s the result:
      Parents in China rely on only children to take care of them in old age. At times the pressure to succeed can be unbearable for single children, as can the challenges for parents who lose their child. Since the policy was enacted in 1979, more than one million families in China have lost their ONLY CHILD, a situation known in the country as “shidu,” meaning “lost only one” in English.
      Examples: The family of Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, the two Chinese school girls who perished in the July 7th San Francisco plane crash; the family of Lu Lingzi, the Chinese student who died in the Boston terrorist attack; national tragedy in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake where a huge number of children killed (Over 5,000 children were killed because the school buildings that collapsed almost immediately).

      “I am not afraid of dying, but I cannot afford to lie at a sickbed for a long time,” said Zhang Yulan (59) who lost her only son 12 years ago in a car accident when he was just 23 years old.


      ^ This happened a year ago when local authorities try to meet birth quotas set by Beijing because “the planet can’t sustain them all,” it was a huge embarrassment for China.

      If you have a better way than one child policy to control China population, by all mean share them. After all no Chinese want to rely on one child only in-case bad shyt happen, and it happens ALOT in China.


      ^ For those who miss the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.
      You need to google for the picture of parents who lost their only child, I can’t put it here it’s too heartbreaking.

  • DenjinJ

    Does China allow gay marriage? If not, they’d better start building prison cities for all the unmarried guys! :/

    • XiaoHei

      They will run out of soap!

  • lin

    First, is it really about the marriage or the babies? Seems like someone really wants grandchildren…

    Second, if that is so ^, jesus, like there aren’t already millions of chinese ppl living on this earth already -_- Chinese ppl are the most populated, isnt it? And this doesnt even include the chinese people who were born in other countries or ppl who have immigrated

  • mr.wiener

    This guy look a bit like Wu Meng Da.

  • filabusta

    Is anybody else having trouble getting on to chinasmack? I have to get on my VPN recently for it to work.

    • xiaode

      me too. (I am in Shanghai)
      At least it´s very very slow without VPN since yesterday.

    • Paul Schoe

      No problem for me.

  • MonkeyMouth

    never trust anyone over 155

  • (.__.” }

    I’m surprised that this guy is married, now THAT should be illegal!

  • Charles

    Utterly-moronic senseless statements should be illegal!

  • fuk u

    What’s illegal is keeping someone like him alive!

  • OMG Chinese people are so backwards LOL.

    • mr.wiener

      ALL Chinese people? Can I safely assume all people named Jacqui Low are likely to be over-opinionated and bigoted? I’d be making an Ass out of U and me if I did.

      • Oh jeez don’t be so grumpy :p You know I’m right anyways

        • mr.wiener

          Seriously, you are the first test tube baby in Hawaii?

          • Yes I am.

          • mr.wiener

            But I feel you are taking credit for a process you are the end result of, not the creator of. Just as with culture, the culture you are from is more progressive in it’s thinking and doesn’t have as rigid a stance on matters of finial duty as the Chinese. You didn’t invent your culture, you are a beneficiary of it.

      • Unrelated, can we get the web developers to link the article to the new comments on the right side? I can’t tell which article it’s referencing. k thx bye.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Get laid much?

      • What the hell? Are you really mad because I said the truth?

  • XiaoHei

    After chatting with them on QQ, and visiting China a few times, I feel Chinese people think about marrying and reproducing as soon as they leave the cradle! For them living a life without marriage and kids is something to be ashamed of.

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    Can all these old people not just die already?

  • Foreign Devil

    Unfortunately since I am married to a Chinese girl and by extension her parents I have have to live with this kind of backward thinking everyday when it comes to raising children. example: “it is the worst filial crime towards your parents to not have a child yourself”. Be warned any guy planning to marry a CHinese woman you will have to deal with this kind of thinking. . if not from her than from her parents and family. And these guilt trips the parent lay are extremely powerful.

  • Ryo

    This is good. Please keep pumping out kids. Things are getting a little expensive here. We need more laborers so the price for them will go down and hence everything else will go down. I mean factory workers are now demanding insurance and threaten to leave if they don’t get a raise? This isn’t the China I know… So come on kids! Get married young and have a kid! Heck, have a few kids and make you keep the daughters. Feed them well so they get some good growth in the chest area. They will make more money in 90 minutes then most men can.

  • nondimwit

    When are the 1800’s going to end in China? Ridiculous.

  • Repatriated

    LOL. Harmonized news in China…so there’s this…

  • 沙黾农

    “The elderly Chinese man at the end says laws these days are nonsense,
    that his child not visiting him often shouldn’t be illegal, but what
    should be illegal is being 30 years old and still unmarried……..”. The answer given by the old man will be seen by most foreigners as arcane and antiquated. This is understandable as foreigners are “foreign”.

    However, to any Chinese, he is easily understood and his statement’s tone is understandable, even if they disagree with him. This argument and all of the other statements made by the other people during the video are distinctly tribalist in nature. ie., Their answers were all fairly traditional and the question itself had to do with subjects traditional in nature to the Chinese people. Therefore I defined them as tribalist. Important to the “tribe” or the people’s traditions but not so important as to warrant national discussion in any country. The real issue that needs discussion, we’ll talk about later.

    But first, some of you maybe wondering why I chose the word tribalist. A tribalist is someone who follows tradition blindly, without questioning their elders they march to the end of their lives following the status quo, whatever it may be. They keep the same Gods, traditions, professions and habits that are passed down to them. Examples of them are in every culture and country around the world today and they usually make up the bulk of any population examined. They stay within the box and their citizen leaders like it that way. They are easy to manage, eager to work and willing to pay taxes without thought of where the taxes go. In his modern form, you can see him today driving a Toyota everyday to his job on an assembly line, or office. Althought some tribalists may be intelligent, the average is dull normal. They provide the main labor functions in a society and as they are allowed to have as many children as biology dictates in most countries, they eventually swamp any system with their inept and dull strain of homo sapien.

    The birth of the tribalist in history came with the domestication of plants and animals. Suddenly there was surplus, life got easier and longer, and social structures were created, usually managed by priests, shamans or chieftans. Religions were created to establish taboos, which now replaced nature as a culling agent. Those breaking taboos were seen as threats and removed from the group. In reality taboos and traditions were only created to keep the tribalists’ mind on the work to be done so as to prevent them from getting any ideas about anything else and therefor threatening the survival of the group.

    Therefore individual thought was seen as a threat. Any advancement was stifled as individuality was seen with scorn. There was no innovation and therefore progress was extremely slow to non-existent.

    Now I just mentioned something about citizen leaders. They usually are just that, but not necessarily leaders. Citizen type people may or may not follow tradition. They usually make up traditions and gods for tribalists to follow. They also see work as a virtue and work hard themselves to produce doctrine and dogma so that the tribalist system can survive. Nearly all American presidents for the last oh, say about 150 years have been the citizen type. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan as well as Winston Churchill, Al Sharpton, these types. However, more about the Citizen type individual later as they are just the bastard children of our next character.

    Enter the barbarian. The ancient greeks had a term for those who did not speak Hellenistic Greek. It arose from their conviction that those that spoke not as they did were less than human and didn’t speak any more than dogs or chickens do. That term has developed into a word in modern English. They basically viewed and perceived anyone who didn’y speak Hellenistic greek as repeatedly making the sounds “bar-bar-bar-bar”. Thus the term barbarian. If you take that literally, that means that everyone in the world today is a barbarian. This also includes in ancient times, Athenians and Spartans even though they did speak Greek, but not Hellenistic greek.

    So in our modern times the term barbarian is largely used in the same way. It has no precise meaning and is generally a term of insult. Usually, nowadays, it’s used as a vague, variable-referent term meaning “someone whose manners, customs, appearance, language, or values I dislike because they are different than mine.”

    What I will define the barbarian as in function and not in terms is someone who has a mind of his own. One that refused to be bound and take orders from traditional, superstitious fools. In the tribe he is rejected by all tribalists, the haves and have-nots alike. He deplores work and labor and sees only fighting as worth his time and will only lift a finger for something he deems worth fighting for. And what he deems worth fighting for is simply nothing other than self-promotion and power. He is concerned only with improving his own position. A few examples of our recent eras are Ghengis Khan, Hitler and Mao etc.- all barbarians. In the end, whether succesful or not, no matter what was said in their speeches, their only goal was ruthless self promotion.

    Many times in history, with the barbarian being outcast from tribal society, he has usually joined with other barbarians, gone back, whacked the king or tribal leader and taken over himself. Once in power he had no need for the priesthood as their superstitious mumbo jumbo couldn’t stop him in the first place. However as they still held influence over much of the tribalists, they were usually relegated to inferior positions so as to maintain control over the idiots. In our earlier history, being too interested in themelves and further conquests to conduct any real administration and having removed and abolished the restraints of tribal ignorance and tradition that had restricted him, the barbarian gave birth to and relegated power over the masses to – the citizen leader. Thus the citizen, civilization and cities were born.

    With the removal of old taboos and traditions some of the more intelligent tribalists now had the chance to express their positive traits, to think and develop new advanced social norms and technologies. Thus becoming citizens. Citizens became leaders and reformers, a step up from tribalists. Scientists, Artists, Philosiphers etc. However in modern times the citizens have become a scourge to themselves and local civilizations and civilization as a whole. When I say local civilizations I mean distinct cultures and countries.

    How is possible that citizens are such a menace you ask? Aren’t they the ones that have built society and civilizations as we know it?

    True, the citizen could be described as the pride of the system, but in fact is it’s greatest threat. The citizen is generally intelligent, creative and adaptable and is essential to any city or civilization for progress. The problem and flaw that the citizen has is his abject identification with the tribalists. He is taught in schools from very young to identify with his less fortunate brothers. To protect, sustain and care for them. Just as the tribalist is fixed in an arrested stated of adolescence, unable to think for himself, the citizen also has been programmed with their religions and traditions. It is his duty to humanity! he is taught. To be Compassionate! Caring for the common man! Just by saying the phrase “All men are created equal” fills the citizen with a sense of pride and accomplishment. These are all negative populist attitudes that are the guides by which the citizen is enslaved by his tribalist inferiors. To the citizen, the inferior rabble is a sacred burden; a trust. He is challenged to perfect a system kept imperfect by hordes of parasites. The result is always at the expense of the competent and results in places like New Delhi or Calcutta. Cities that already are or will increasingly fall in to the same category are Los Angeles, New York. Even western europe is not immune to the citizen menace as not only are their citizen leaders keen to support and feed their own surplus populations, but under banners of “multi-culturalism” they open their doors to hoards of incompetent islamists and africans in the same feel good brotherly spirit. These good feelings of brotherly love will eventually swamp their respective economies and systems with incompetents, create a welfare state and eventually lead to it’s demise in one way or another. Most of the countries in Western Europe will become unrecognizable and in the cases of more powerful countries like the United States, they will be marginalized by their own internal incompetence and eventually their influence in the world will become minimal as had happened to Rome.

    “All men are created equal”, the phrase so oft quoted by citizens in proclaiming their all inclusive spirit has been taken totally out of context. Used in the declaration of Indepence in America’s revolution against the British king, the original meaning was not to state that black slaves are equal to white landowners. The original meaning was that all mean are created equal so what right of birth does this British king in a far away land have to tax us to death and be a king over us? George washington was also a barbarian, albeit in modern times and a very high strain of barbarian indeed. If the men who wrote the declaration of indepence ever knew that their words had been misconstrued to create the “equality” of blacks slaves with whites, they would be rolling in their graves. Proof of which can be seen in their very racist statements concerning those of african descent and which you can research for yourselves.

    Though barbarians are usually oblivious to the gradual growth and overtaking of societies that they create by their tribalist underclasses, due to their only interested in their own selfish aims, I think that now, more than ever “barbarian” types in our nations leaderships can learn from history and find out ways to stamp out citizen induced pluralism, ensure that citizens are doing only one thing, maintaining their own feeble existence and ensuring the upkeep of the system and advances in science and technology.

    So the citizen, being an advocate for the genetically blighted, gays, tribalist cultures, primitive black and islamic activists etc. Are the greatest menace to any society as their brotherly efforts usually end up in policies that are directly harmful to the societies or cultures ultimate progress as the system ends up being swamped by incompetents. And the citizens actively encourage this! The citizen’s very concept of “progress” isn’t progress at all but genetic down-grading.

    The above three types, tribalist, citizen and barbarian and the examples of each are broad generalizations in that each one may include a little of the others, but the character type itself is distinctive. Culture, environment, climate and various other factors also determine changes in societies and and their success or demise. However, the dramatic interaction of tribalist, citizen and barbarian depends on a relatively stable, but stagnating social environment. Without the interference of barbarians, stagnation leads to decline and fall, as exemplified by all major civilizations before us that have perished or were reduced to an impotent existence.

    The discussion in the video over family issues is not what should be being discussed or given a forum in China. What should be being discussed is the citizen menace and more importantly the influence of the distinctly foreign citizen menace to Chinese culture and life. China is unique in the fact that it has only very recently opened it’s doors en masse to foreign ideas, commerce, etc. In many ways it is still very “closed door”. But ever increasingly foreigners have have relocated to China. Some of them are ok but most of them are of the citizen type. The major influence that foreign thought has had over China over the past 70 years is in the form of Marxist-Leninism, which is also a typically citizen like philosophy as it encourages social upheavals led by masses of workers with establishing a society led by workers, and intellectuals. But as the Chinese in the past 10 years have thrown all of that out of the window, and have embraced a free market economy, workers have been once again turned on their heads and are slaving away in the factories funded by western foreign capital. Another aspect of Marxist-Leninism that has been thrown out the window is that of racial pluralism, tolerance and harmony, which would never have worked in the first place other than in the context of a philosophy. Riots in Xinjiang, Tibet and Mongolia are ample evidence of this.

    So we could say that even the Chinese leaders have thrown the citizen induced schizophrenia called Marxist-Leninism from off their backs and like the priests of old under a barbarian ruler, still have pictures of marx, lenin and mao on display to comfort their tribalist masses.

    No, family issues are traditional and well in place. What should be given a forum, as a start to root out the citizen menace in China, in the Chinese media is the overall acceptance of foreigners into China, especially foreigners of the tribalist and citizen types.

    This usually includes most if not all to 90+% percent of the foreigners in China. Also the blind importance of Chinese youngsters learning English also needs to be questioned. Foreigners in China should be required to learn Chinese within a certain period of time. If they are not intelligent enough to meet a set standard of language requirements within a certain period of time, they should be deported. This of course is fantasy as it couldn’t happen anytime soon with the present level of corruption and governmental incompetence on the local level, but put in the hands of a few motivated individuals could be implemented in at least 1 town or city and the example could spread to others.

    Foreigners from Africa and all other black foreigners should be required to have at least a Master’s degree to work or study in China and by law not be allowed to intermarry with Chinese. Africans and all other blacks are of a distinctly tribalist stock and genetic heritage and the likelihood of any advancement of intermarriage with them would be close to 0%.

    (examples of this are here:


    Intermarriage with them will only add to the growth of foreign tribalist attitudes and a black underclass as seen in Los Angeles and other American cities and as well as in Guangzhou.

    Foreigners from America, Western Europe, etc. and all other white foreigners should also have at least a Master’s degree to be able to work or study in China and not be allowed to intermarry with Chinese due to their disctinctly citizen type attitudes that have been programmed into their calcified brains by the educational systems in their countries. These are the most dangerous types of foreigners as they are the oh so compassionate citizen types.

    Most of their own countries have been sabotaged economically by Jewish financiers who likewise control their educational system and media, brainwashing the children of their country from a young age to accept multiculturalism and pluralism as laws unto themselves so that their Jewish masters can continue to comfortably stay in their host nation to pilfer the wealth and military resources in support of the Israeli state. The citizens of these countries are often oblivious to this fact just due to the brainwashing they’ve received since very young. When these facts are explained to them they have been programmed by their Jewish masters to repond with accusations of racism or anti-semitism at the one explaining it to them. They have no concept of their own racial identity and are actually taught to feel shame for their forefathers’ conquests in America and elsewhere. For example, in America alone, whites are often subject to and endure black racism under the the guise of multi-culturalism. One such policy is affirmative action wherein incompetents are given jobs just to fill a race quota. It is accepted and instituded as a means to instill an overall feeling of “white guilt” on the society and a lack of racial pride or identity. It’s end goal is only to promote a societal atmosphere where the Jewish financiers can most efficiently operate in without threat or exposure. These facts are not really new to the Chinese as you can ofter hear Chinese radio hosts saying “Everyone knows America currently controls the world, and furthermore we know that the Jews control America.” These types of foreigners (from Western Industrialized nations) should not only not be allowed to intermarry with Chinese, but they should not be allowed to carry on any intellectual discourse with Chinese people either, due to their complete and total citizen like self-destructive programming.

    Regardless of where the foreigners are from (as foreigners from other Asian countries have not been mentioned), all foreigners who are currently in China without Master’s degrees should be deported. The verifications of their degrees should be thorough and include communication with the institution that their degree was issued from. All foreigners currently married to Chinese should be deported. The Chinese spouse may agree to be deported at their discretion. The children of these relationships should automatically be deported with the foreign spouse. A foreigner who has a child out of wedlock in China will be deported before the birth occurs, if the child has already been born, both should be deported immediately.

    Chinese with foreign citizenship who have a direct blood relative still residing in China can remain as long as they speak Chinese and are issued a valid visa. Chinese with foreign citizenship who marry foreigners in China will be automatically deported.

    These would be a few very small steps in a long process to eliminate foreign citizen-like and tribal influences in China. The first thing that should be done is to show the Chinese people that just because something is foreign doesn’t make it automatically good and wholesome. As the attitudes of Chinese people towards foreigners change slowly, then these types of policies can be slowly implemented.

    These issues of the influence of foreign tribalism and citizenism are the real issues that are facing China today. And as this is being posted here in English, likewise the Chinese version of this text has been sent to Chinese media organizations to stimulate thought and debate about how to set these ideas into motion to remove all the foreign rabble that has flocked to China in this past decade.

    While most of the ideas expressed above by me seem outdated or even arcane to foreigners, both tribalist and citizen, so also did the old man’s comment in the video seem outdated and backwards to the foreigners who saw it. However, to Chinese, the old man’s statement and meaning was easily understood due to cultural homogeneity. So too are the ideas I expressed above concerning the three types of individuals, tribalist, citizen and barbarian and their consequences within society. They would be easily understandable to Chinese who were born in and have lived in China and haven’t been subject to “multi-culturalism” in Western countries. The ideas expressed above are often the topic among Chinese about foreign relations and can often be heard on Chinese radio. Some of the ideas expressed here are new and others are not, regardless, the ideas expressed above will be easily understood by Chinese and is sure to fuel discussion among Chinese about their own country’s future and the present problems of the foreign incompetents in China.

    • Repatriated


      But I’m guessing you’re saying that even some complete asshole that sexually molested his own daughter should have “rights” and laws that force her to go see him and support him?

    • Repatriated

      “Regardless of where the foreigners are from (as foreigners from other
      Asian countries have not been mentioned), all foreigners who are
      currently in China without Master’s degrees should be deported”

      That being said…let’s go ahead and deport the FAR LARGER NUMBERS of uneducated and illegal Chinese from the USA….

      • king of pop

        He said “foreign citizen menace” not foreign menace monkey boy. The term citizen was defined in the earlier part of his long ass article. He’s also referring to deporting those without masters degrees. I think the designers at BMW all have masters degrees and their products are rather welcome. You don’t comprehend that well do you? But instead tend to have emotional responses without logical process when your little world is threatened is that it? I bet those synapses in your amygdala are a clackin’

        • Repatriated

          I was mentioning the fact that there would be far fewer BMWs in China, had western influence not schooled them, not the education level of engineers in Germany…and you question MY reading comprehension skills?

          If China is/could be so great as a stand alone country, why do so many Chinese want to get the fuck out of China??

          • king of pop

            You made a statement about the foreign influence of BMW and/or any foreign influence in China and if there was not that kind of foreign influence, all Chinese would be living in huts……

            “Without foreign influence…do you seriously think there would be so
            many BMWs in China right now?? I think not. You can talk up your 5,000
            years of bullshit history, but you’d still be living in a hut….”

            from what I understand this guy to be saying, is not that he disdains all foreign influence in China, but he disdains negative foreign influence of the uneducated type. So with your statement of …..

            “Without foreign influence…do you seriously think there would be so
            many BMWs in China right now?? I think not. You can talk up your 5,000
            years of bullshit history, but you’d still be living in a hut….”

            …to mean you think he is talking about “all foreign influence” of the uneducated AND the educated type, hence your mention of BMW, so, YES I still seriously question your reading comprehension ability because the wierdo who wrote this article was able to make the distinction of the two types of foreign influence, I also, when reading it was also able to make that distinction, but somehow you were not able to. Sounds like a personal problem.

          • Repatriated

            I said YOU’D be living in a hut…not ALL Chinese. Stop trying to justify yourself by twisting words. Anyone that’s lived or lives in China knows very well that the “born with the silver guanxi spoon in their mouth” little brats will have money, etc. Had the poster I was replying to been born with such a spoon in his pie hole, he’d likely be out in his “BMW” and not ranting on chinasmack.

            The reference to BMWs was in jest…and, I guess I need to make it more clear for simple-minded folks such as king of pop, referring to the economic state of the country as a whole.

          • king of pop

            You can try to change the meaning of what your wrote after the fact, incompetents usually do that. dont try to justify your incompetence with more incompetence as no one is listening now.

    • Ernest Fappingway

      What a RETARD! You don’t actually expect these brainless fools to read this whole thing do you?

    • moskstraumen

      You know, there are many better ways to make the same arguments you’re making than through historical examples. You should focus more on current events. Being from Scandinavia, I’ve seen plenty the effects of “multiculturalism”. I’d advise against posting this kind of stuff here though because most in the audience aren’t smart enough, and as you’ve said have been “too brainwashed” to even understand the basics of your argument.

      • crawfish99

        yeah whatever. you’re a racist.

    • crawfish99

      I split chinese girls on the daily with my 12 inch black stallion. When I pull it out the only thing they can compare it with is their arm. Marriage! HA! Who sayin anything about marriage. you know all of your chinese girls only like our big black manhood and you’ll never be able to satisfy them with your little chinese shit.

    • Charles

      Way too long! Who has time to write this much on China Smack? I envy you!

    • Charles

      Wow – Just read a bit more of this rant – if this is the result of Chinese education or if this is the kind of thinking that is widely accepted in China today (I really don’t think it is) then China is in serious trouble. Talk about baseless conspiracy theories… come on man! Prove anything that you wrote above and I will be very impressed! You are just making groundless accusations – which have the intellectual sophistication of a middle school student.

    • Dave

      What does China have to offer these learned, high level foreigners? Especially if you take away the ability to marry locals?

      China gets expats that are willing to slum it for a few years of interesting cultural experiences and fun. That’s all that China really deserves.

      • Aleister Crowley

        What indeed. Yet many of them, especially Canadians, well you couldn’t prise them away if you tried. They stubbornly cling like barnacles to a post on a pier, leads me to think Canada cannot be all that great, guffaw guffaw…all good fun!!! I’ve also met a few septics who cling to the place.

        • biggj

          Why all hate for Canadians? What happened?

          • Aleister Crowley

            No hate as such, just I feel westerners should NOT be arrogant to each other in China. As for me, if anyone is arrogant or dismissive to me from now on as a laowai, I will tell him or her to f**k off and take a hike!!!!

          • biggj

            Well so will I. Yeah I met some foreigners who won’t even talk to other foreigners. Why is that? When I see a another foreigner in china I always try to make friends. That’s another person you can talk to. But you specifically mention Canadians….have you had problems with them being arrogant?

          • Aleister Crowley

            They are a motley crew in Chengdu, but then that place, far from any centre of power will always attract dodgy types of people. Not one expat in Chengdu will smile at you ever, not that I care, it is a ghastly city full of the worst types of western GW’s and aging western men with some pretty eye candy who will screw him for every dollar or pound. Sichuan girls cannot be trusted, this is the truth!! I used to do as you say, but now I won’t from now onwards.

          • biggj

            I always notice foreigners from bigger cities like Shanghai or Beijing to be stuck up pricks.I find in smaller city you get more down to earth foreigners. The foreigners who are the biggest dicks are the ones forced to come and just to get a job. Like if they go back to where they are from they are fucked and live with their parents or something. They always seem to be the downers. Like they don’t actually want to be there, but they have no choice.

  • Karze

    He is a Maoist.

  • Aleister Crowley

    another ape with no intelligence, first that so called professor, really there is not much difference, except both can use two sticks of bamboo…dear god, I weep for the future.

  • Irvin

    lol you guys don’t get it, the old dude just wanted to brag, he’s saying he got married before 30 which is quite an accomplishment in china.

    During my parent’s generation is it shun upon by the government since it is believed that over 30 produce smarter and more healthy offspring.

    Fast forward to today, chinese women have too high of a standard and what more than the men can provide. In economic terms, there’s a disreprency between the supply and demand and the market hasn’t reached an equilbrium.

    I remembered the other day my friend told me a funny story, it’s a true story about a family friend, he’s half blind. He can still see but very blurry. He recently found his mate which is also blind and they decide to get married. The girl demand that he buy a house and a car before she will marry him.

    For a house it’s understandable, but who the fuck is gonna drive the car? they both fucking blind! he saids. And that’s just it, chinese women is just……..weird in their thinking when it comes to marriage and choosing a mate.

  • TheDon

    Since I have decided not to get married before 35 I guess I should leave china before they make me pay for my own bullet

  • hacienda

    do everything to help these losers get laid!

  • Liz

    Sure that’s the spirit, just marry anyone even if they’re a drunk and don’t love you as it’s better than not being married at all… oh dear seeing as there is a huge imbalance in gender population in China now (like 120 men for every 100 women or something) it sounds like 1 in 6 Chinese men should be in prison as far as the old man is concerned.

  • masonman

    When will the Chinese family focus more on love than just making little slaves who will work for them? Might take a few generations….

    In modern times especially in the West, marriage just seems like a bad idea for men, while marriage is the most safe and secure place for women. What does marriage offer for a man? It used to be better for having a family, but in America if there is a divorce. the man is immediately at a disadvantage and has to fight to retain custody. So beyond that what do you get? Emotional support, but you don’t know how long that will last. A massive loss of income. Lost opportunities.

    When marriage was the bringing together of two families out of love (which was a very short lived thing in America), it actually meant something, it was actually a good decision in terms of economic stability if all the variables were right.

    Now days its always a bad decision, even if the woman is a fantastic person all around.

  • Lex Mercatoria

    The notion of being over 30 years of age and unmarried as an “illegal” act is ridiculous from a legal perspective for at least one reason: who can swear out a verified complaint that someone else, who by virtue of being over 30 years of age and unmarried, has actually injured the complainant in some way? It simply is not possible.

    China really is backwards as far as legal machinery is concerned.

  • Jim Gordon

    I am 60 and never married so the death sentence should be enforced immediately.