Belgium Shooting & Grenade Attack, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Ambulances and rescue workers evacuating the wounded after an attack in Liege, Belgium.

Ambulances and rescue workers evacuating the wounded after an attack in Liege, Belgium.

The following videos are amongst the most viewed videos currently on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku…

From Youku:

Belgium shooting results in 5 victims and 123 injured, scene of the gunman using a rifle to shoot the crowd

[The description of this video includes the following information copied from QQ:]

Two gunmen carrying an AK rifle and flash grenades kill 4 and wound 75

According to AFP December 13th information, an attack occurred at a busy shopping center in Belgium’s southern city of Liege on the 13th, causing 4 deaths, amongst them 1 being the attacker, as well as 75 others injured.

The AFP quoted Belgium news agency information saying that the attack happened at noon at Liege’s Saint-Lambert Square. At least 2 gunmen were involved in this attack. They were carrying an AK rifle and numerous flash grenades.

After local police arrived, one attacker was shot dead while the other fled into a building near the square.

The above video has been viewed ~1.4m times since it was uploaded yesterday. It is currently the number 1 most viewed video of the day.

From Youku:

Belgium: Shooting occurs in Liege, already 4 dead and 75 injured

The above Chinese news clip currently has 680k views.

A video seen in the above news clip has over 660k views.

From Youku:

Scene of Belgium shooting caught on film from rooftop

Comments from Youku:




I don’t see an AK-47, I don’t see the gunman, I don’t see anything, I only see people in a hurry.

上帝牌安全套: (responding to above)

Seeing the AK means seeing God!


If you saw the gunman, you wouldn’t be seeing the person filming.


Sigh, why do people these days treat their own lives and the lives of others so lightly?


Oh fuck! I got the Sofa!!!!!! Sofa!!!


Their police are also very heroic, risking their lives, rushing forth. Ours I bet would be waiting for the bullets to run out…


Those using knives to stab children in the Heavenly Kingdom have even higher numbers than this, if they were using guns…


Seeing the heavily armed police running towards the danger is moving.


How come there aren’t any NC here saying it is a copying CF [Crossfire, an online first person shooter computer game made by South Korea]???

yhz059: (responding to above)

I only see one NC who is saying it is copying CF.


This is the good thing about being in China. When you encounter a crazy person in China, at most they will be holding a vegetable knife, whereas crazies abroad would be carrying an AK.

笨鸟搭飞机: (responding to above)

This is about the only good thing one can find about being in China.

therealfucker: (responding to above)

There are plenty of good things in the Heavenly Kingdom. You can have sewage oil with your food and when you’re unhappy you can drink Sanlu.


What kind of person was the gunman? A soldier? Or a civilian?


How did the FBI arrive so quickly?

神1987: (responding to above)

Mental retard, does Belgium have FBI?


Was there no one who captured a scene of the gunman firing?


Give this brother several rocket launchers and then drop him onto a busy Tokyo street! How satisfying that would be!


Allowing civilians to have guns simply shouldn’t be allowed…

jeadhma: (responding to above)

Yeah! It’d be best if real-name registration were also required for vegetable knives~ then you would be happy and society would be river crab~~~! People like you will never understand why others allow their civilians to have guns!

至尊筱汀: (responding to above)

The countries that allow civilians to bear arms are actually the most harmonious.


A European problem of religion backlogged for a hundred years sooner or later will explode with a religious extremist.


How could the police go forward without any weapons?


With the AK-47 being so deadly, how could he have only shot dead 4 people! Looks like he is a newbie. When I play CF, it’s always head shots [with the AK-47].


Now these are police, charging ahead first…charging ahead risking their lives… ding this up


Last time in China, the guy killed 8 people with just a knife, this guy is such an amateur.


If the police [in the video] were replaced with our police, we’d see them immediately try fleeing/getting out of the way.

漠青: (responding to above)

Go take a look at the Shandong province Taian case, two criminals with guns, our police were without guns, and they all piled on with their lives, sacrificed three of themselves before they were able to run them out of bullets.


IF the European financial crisis gets more serious, there will be even more gunmen, although I think why don’t they go to Uncle Sam [United States] and then start shooting?


Even in such a harmonious and beautiful little country such a thing can happen.


If China’s ordinary common people had guns in their hands, “the relevant departments” would’ve been killed N times already~


Sigh, China is better on this point, relatively safe, at least this kind of thing hasn’t happened in recent years.

望江省: (responding to above)

Do you not go online or are you blind?


Abroad, the lethal weapons are guns. In China, the lethal weapons are cars and trucks~


How come these kind of crazy people are always appearing in Europe? Last time it was Sweden, this time Belgium… Is this the method terrorists like using in modern countries?


It is very chaotic outside of China…haha.

上错岸: (responding to above)

Do you know what is called news? When you’re fucking alive, it isn’t news. But when you’re dead, then it becomes news.

Bullet impacts in glass at the scene of the Liege, Belgium Christmas attack.

Police surround the body of a victim at the scene of a shooting in Liege, Belgium.


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