Bell Nuntita On Thailand’s Got Talent, Chinese Reactions

Bell Nuntita, a Thai transsexual singer on Thailand's Got Talent.

Bell Nuntita singing on Thailand's Got Talent.

The following video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku currently has nearly 1.6 million views, over 5000 upvotes, and is one of the most viewed and downloaded videos of the month. There are many other copies both on Youku and other popular Chinese video sharing websites like Tudou:

From Youku:

Thailand’s Got Talent. Highlight is at 1:14! Judges instantly killed!

This following copy on YouTube has over 2 million views and 9 million “likes” (upvotes) since it was uploaded on March 14th, 11 days ago:

Can’t see the above video?

Hosts for Thailand's Got Talent react to Bell Nuntita's singing.A judge for Thailand's Got Talent reacts to Bell Nuntita suddenly changing from her female voice to her male voice.

Comments from Youku::


Truly nothing to say, incredible, especially when he switches to his male voice, and at this point, discussing whether he is a transsexual is no longer important!


Again here to ding, her expression is so adorable, especially when singing in her male voice, that voice is so beautiful.


You simply can’t hear any imperfection during the switch between male and female voice, and if you listened with your eyes closed, you’d definitely think there were two different people singing! This is the highest example of RY [人妖 ren yao, transsexual], though in my heart I still wish TA [他 he, 她 she, 它 it] was a girl. Very pretty! Both physically beautiful and vocally beautiful! What sex is no longer important! What is important is the emotion behind the singing!


I am shocked. At the same time, I am enthralled/conquered! I’ve fallen for her…


The singing really is good, and her looks are really good too, truly a confusing country!


I’m will to marry her, give her happiness, I don’t mind that she’s a transsexual. It’s just that she couldn’t possibly want me.


难过难过难过难过难过 It’s the middle of the night and I’ve now watched this for the 8th time, all because of you~


Thailand transsexuals really are niubi.


This transsexual is better looking than 70% of China’s females.


The male judges at first were excited thinking they could use unspoken rules/casting couch, but their expressions sure changed after the highlight!! AM I RIGHT?!?!!!!! AM I RIGHT?!?!?


Look at their audience, and then look at the audiences in our country. They’re so calm. As if lady boys were simple a part of [their culture], like it was no big deal at all.


What a shame/waste, only so many years left to live…sigh. 难过难过难过难过

[Transsexuals are believed to have shorter life expectancy because of hormone treatments.]


I think I’ve really fallen for her….I’ve actually fallen for a transsexual…
Let me think about this…


He sings really well, it doesn’t matter if he is a man or a woman, I enjoyed him all the same. At the very least, his singing was simply that dedicated/passionate.


Tell me the truth, were you deceived by Bell Nuntita?

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Bell Nuntita on stage at Thailand's Got Talent.

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