Bell Nuntita On Thailand’s Got Talent, Chinese Reactions

Bell Nuntita singing on Thailand's Got Talent.

The following video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku currently has nearly 1.6 million views, over 5000 upvotes, and is one of the most viewed and downloaded videos of the month. There are many other copies both on Youku and other popular Chinese video sharing websites like Tudou:

From Youku:

Thailand’s Got Talent. Highlight is at 1:14! Judges instantly killed!

This following copy on YouTube has over 2 million views and 9 million “likes” (upvotes) since it was uploaded on March 14th, 11 days ago:

Can’t see the above video?

Hosts for Thailand's Got Talent react to Bell Nuntita's singing.A judge for Thailand's Got Talent reacts to Bell Nuntita suddenly changing from her female voice to her male voice.

Comments from Youku::


Truly nothing to say, incredible, especially when he switches to his male voice, and at this point, discussing whether he is a transsexual is no longer important!


Again here to ding, her expression is so adorable, especially when singing in her male voice, that voice is so beautiful.


You simply can’t hear any imperfection during the switch between male and female voice, and if you listened with your eyes closed, you’d definitely think there were two different people singing! This is the highest example of RY [人妖 ren yao, transsexual], though in my heart I still wish TA [他 he, 她 she, 它 it] was a girl. Very pretty! Both physically beautiful and vocally beautiful! What sex is no longer important! What is important is the emotion behind the singing!


I am shocked. At the same time, I am enthralled/conquered! I’ve fallen for her…


The singing really is good, and her looks are really good too, truly a confusing country!


I’m will to marry her, give her happiness, I don’t mind that she’s a transsexual. It’s just that she couldn’t possibly want me.


难过难过难过难过难过 It’s the middle of the night and I’ve now watched this for the 8th time, all because of you~


Thailand transsexuals really are niubi.


This transsexual is better looking than 70% of China’s females.


The male judges at first were excited thinking they could use unspoken rules/casting couch, but their expressions sure changed after the highlight!! AM I RIGHT?!?!!!!! AM I RIGHT?!?!?


Look at their audience, and then look at the audiences in our country. They’re so calm. As if lady boys were simple a part of [their culture], like it was no big deal at all.


What a shame/waste, only so many years left to live…sigh. 难过难过难过难过

[Transsexuals are believed to have shorter life expectancy because of hormone treatments.]


I think I’ve really fallen for her….I’ve actually fallen for a transsexual…
Let me think about this…


He sings really well, it doesn’t matter if he is a man or a woman, I enjoyed him all the same. At the very least, his singing was simply that dedicated/passionate.

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Bell Nuntita on stage at Thailand's Got Talent.

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  • Supreme_Leader

    HOLY SHIT – I got SOFA! :)

    You will rue the day you ever laughed at North Korea!!!!

    • ##BlothaLonely##

      Enjoy the sofa with the lady (boy)…

      • Jack

        Thailand had great ladyboy scene..and they are very beautiful…im happy to say i have dated few of them hehehehe ;)

        Once the movie Hangover 2 comes out, expect ladyboys to be more popular from the western get a date now before all the western folks the hangover 2 experience :)

  • Supreme_Leader

    Wow. Where is everybody?

    • KKK

      hey make some seat on sofa for me

    • Chris N.

      Its Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday.

      • Chris

        Tomorrow is Saturday
        And Sunday comes after

  • Justin

    She should have sang the theme from the “Crying Game”

  • Chris N.

    The beginning of the article gave it away a bit. Nevertheless I was really impressed.

    • If I see something about Thailand and it involves a pretty girl, I tend to assume it’s a ladyboy, I never hear people paying attention to Thailand for any other reasons…

      • donscarletti

        My Malaysian Chinese friend loves Thailand. He says that since so many men are either becoming women, or chasing after men who become women that natural born women are abundant and available.

        Anyway, men and women are not that different. If there are men in Thailand that stunningly pretty, there are bound to be women of a similar caliber, but I suspect they are more shy and conservative. When I go, I will simply endeavor remain faithful to my girlfriend, meaning that I can enjoy all women I admire at face value, with no nasty surprise back in the hotel room.

  • Bo Wang

    I’d totally hit that.

    • Yeah man, same here.

      I mean really, if you’re going anal with a lady or lady boy what’s the difference?

      I’d tap that ass (with a condom of course).

      You know you would too…

      • Bo Wang

        Totally agree. Hell, the difference is even less if the lady boy does something like this (NSFW):

        • anon

          What the hell? Did that person just superglue his penis into itself?That is really disturbing.

      • MeatBall

        Well, the penis (or the knowledge of the partner ever having one) might be somewhat of a turnoff to some people.

        But sure, go ahead. Where do you draw the line?

    • justmega

      Of course you would. Your being a homo has been out for a few months.

      • Bo Wang

        I know you have the hots for me, justmega. Don’t be ashamed to admit it.

    • Pvt. Joker

      Will you give a courtesy reach around jerk while you’re back there?

  • I was not deceived…..

    not my genre

    neither is this

    Thee song of the article,

    Born This Way
    -Lady Gaga


    • fouManChu

      Well since I am from British Columbia this is my song:

      I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK – Eric Idle/MontyPython
      lumberjack song”

  • bile bilgewater

    And then there is Malaysia…

    a bit ludicrous. Thailand is a bit more humanitarian me thinks.

  • Justin

    I wish I had that kind of range.

    • Justin

      I’ll also say that face a crowd like that, takes a lot of balls.

      • 404namenotfound

        it has balls.. bigger than mine i’m sure :s

  • fouManChu

    She is so beautiful .. I rate her 7.8 sister fengs! .. wait .. what the hell?.. oh now I feel so embarrassed.

    Great , thanks chinaSmack, now I will have to buy an iphone, just to run that de-gay app. Yes, they do have an app for that.

  • jin

    ……….. did you people even saw the end??… shes a tranvestite… a queer…. a fagg

    • Someone sounds a bit insecure and/or homophobic.

      A non-winrar is you!


    • Rooboy

      couple of slabs of beer,,,,,,,,i’d do her !!!

      • MeatBall


        yeah, that’s right, doesn’t sound so good now does it? ;)

    • bile bilgewater

      Jin, did you even see your grammar mistake in the above comment, much less the hateful vocabulary?

      • Cassull

        Well, in answer to jin’s question, it is obvious that bile bilgewater didn’t “saw” the end…

        • bile bilgewater

          I did see the end, but the way Jin uses queer and fagg(sic) are filled with so much hate I can feel it through the Internet.

    • Barb

      You have met us. We are human also although some people don’t share that idea. Some can never be clocked, others do the best they can with what they have. We are husbands, and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, doctors, lawyers, professionals, the neighbor next door. We live, we love, we die like other people. And yes, we scare some people to death because getting close to us is surely contagious (in their minds). So a word of warning. Never look directly at anyone. It could be a transsexual and their mind meld will melt your brain.

      Sheesh, in this day and age you would think transphobia would be a thing of the past. Or not!

  • Anonanon

    As soon as I saw the word “Thailand” and that monster chin….I knew, I knew.

    • bando

      haha, a +1 to that one

    • karen

      i thought it was her nose that was the dead giveaway…

  • Muay Thai guy

    Thais are just so much better looking than Chinese, ladyboy or not.

    • Jess

      Not many Asians would share that opinion, since darker skin is unattractive in Asian culture. Accordingly, most celebrities in Thailand are either Chinese and/or mixed-race. Speaking of which, the non-gross hair host guy on this show is cuuute. Well, kinda~

      • Supreme_Leader

        You have some good points here. However, some booze and a few thai baht will get you hooked up with a perfect set of boobs. However, the balls smacking you in your mouth as your forced to toss a transvestite’s salad may not be so much to your liking. Or so I have heard. Wait! Am I missing a kidney! BAM! Thailand FAIL!

      • Chris

        No way.

        Travelled to Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand last summer. By far, the best looking women were in Thailand. One of the best pic I have from Phuket was with one of the lady boys (PG-13, I promise…well, mostly).

        But, I use the term women loosely. You were never sure if the knock out you just saw were actually a woman. Many of them have completely removed and reconstructed their genitalia. Quite impressive surgical skills, to be honest.

      • Muay Thai guy

        Not many Thais in the North and in Bangkok have dark skin, it’s the North-East and the South that have darker skin, which I personally don’t mind. But Thailand has a lot more beautiful women to the Chinese taste (tall, slender, white skin, beautiful, feminine face) than China has, which I find quite funny. Percentagewise that’s certainly true, but since I visited a lot of the non-major cities in China I’ve become convinced that could even be true in absolute numbers, as very very very few women outside the big cities in China are goodlooking.
        But it’s true what you say, a lot of celebs in Thailand are either half-Chinese or half-Western, but there are also a lot of very beautiful women that aren’t. Anyway… Thailand and China cannot be compared; the prettiest vs. the ugliest in Asia.

  • Mechanized

    It was the hands that gave it away……

  • udl..

    man, only this could happen on thailand’s got talent. incredible.

    • anon

      As one of the commenters mentioned, it happened on a Chinese talent show too. Was big news last year I think.

  • Foreign Devil

    The momen her voice changed. . . many penie went limp.

    • MeatBall

      jizz on the keyboard?

  • jenny

    his voice is really romantic. i really like his voice, but she is very pretty too.

  • k

    That freaked my husband out when she turned into he…….plus is that one judge woman trying to look like Jennifer Lopez?

    • MeatBall

      Hmpf. Her name is PORNCHITA, please treat her with a bit more respect.


  • B-real

    That was awsome, holy shit that was great. What would be a good gimmick is shoot a music video with he she singing the he part as a she and she part as a he. Tricking people into thinking it was a 2 person until the end of video they do some magic editing to combine singing together as 1.

    • anon

      That’s actually not a bad idea. Hope Bell is reading this. Someone post it on her Facebook page.

    • Bill Steele

      Watch the Paradise video…

  • Irvin

    So let’s clear things up, it’s a he or a she?

    • bando

      Watch the vid to the end.

      otherwise, its a he

  • dim mak

    I would bounce him up and down like a beach ball.
    That is all.

  • bell is her screen name, and i trully love her.. shes the most beautiful i’ve ever seen..i never adore an artist here in philippines,but when i saw him/HER, OMG! shes so good so pretty angelic face with angelic voice! love you bell.. keep up the good work, your gender is not important, i will love you no matter what! kisses from philippines ♥

  • guobao2

    He sure is a beautiful girl. Sadly I can’t get around the schlong thing, but if it wasn’t I’d totally do her.

  • I’m feelin a little sexually confused right now.

  • Rodger

    She made me hard.

  • al

    So i am confused lol. Is he a she or a he? Is the person gay? or just totally changed sexes?

    • AstoriaGent

      Bell is a transvestite. He is a male who chooses to live as a female, and he is gay. She has not had any genital reconstruction; which is a good thing, you don’t want to mess around with that voice! Removing the testes and flooding the body with hormones will surely kill her singing voice…just as what happens to a male going through puberty; only this puberty is in reverse.

      Bottom line…What difference does it make?
      I believe this person has touched something in many, who have in the past, ridiculed and belittled “trannies and such, myself included.
      This Bell Nuntita has a very special effect on people.

      P.S. And her nickname is….wait for it….ART! I swear, I read it in an article about her.
      Everything about this girl, (woman, she is, after all, 30 years old!) is confusing- even her name is sometimes spelled BELLE, and have you ever seen or heard of someone making such a big splash as a singer but has not one CD album on the market???
      If she were an American or European she would have had ten albums by now…including, More Hits, Best Of…Bell sings Sinatra…bell sings Streisand etc. etc. Not one CD, at least none that I could locate on the WEB…Only those same tired DVDs of the Thailand has Talent programs. It’s been THREE YEARS, and not one CD!!

      • Bill Steele

        Update…Belle has indeed had the full gender reassignment surgery done. It was done after the TGT show was over.
        Belle, said in an interview, that she used to wish she was born a girl, but, now is happy as a transgender.
        She can be seen on theYoutube site on the 4 part report titled, Ladyboy Celebrities….
        The biggest problem is that it has been three years since that show and Belle has only produced a skimpy 4 singles….anyone else would have had at least a half dozen CD albums out by now; someone has dropped the ball on this kid’s career…Contact SONY Music and ask them why the hottest act to come out in years is virtually reduced to openings and shopping centers!!!!

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