Bellybutton Challenge Goes Viral

Bellybutton Challenge Goes Viral

Recently, a new trend has been quickly spreading around Chinese social media: The Bellybutton Challenge. The challenge was allegedly created by unidentified American researchers who claimed that being able to reach around your back and touch your bellybutton was a sign that a person was slim. Chinese women across the country took to the challenge and are posting their results online, and the topic has already received over 140 million hits on Weibo. Experts say the challenge does not necessarily mean you are in shape, only that you have long arms or are very flexible.

Source: Weibo

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  • Amused

    So I’m voting on us all starting a new foreign rumor. Hide any little eyes near the computer cuz this one isn’t clean.
    It goes a little something like this. “If you can give your man a hummer without mouth or hand getting tired and /or giving him a nasty look like this is too much work no matter how long he spent on your end of things, you are official thin”(and marriage material). Maybe I’m just being more of a dick than normal, but some shit just doesn’t seem fair and this seems far more useful and life affirming than cleaning the lint out of a bellybutton…

    • Apothis

      Amused, I think you are on target. Count my vote.

    • Bman

      Agreed. In fact, “hummers cause dangerously fast weight loss,” twould be even more fitting.