Beloved “Scholar” Dog Killed and Dumped in Trash, Reactions

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Northwest A&F University “Scholar Dog” Beaten to Death


According to a 11/20 Weibo report, at the Northwest A&F University there was a “scholar dog”, he loved to attend calculus and English classes. After class, he often goes to the cafeteria to eat, during activities he would run ahead of the track team, and was beloved by the students. But recently, during a clean-up of stray dogs on campus, “scholar dog” was beaten to death and thrown in the trash. The school claimed, there were more than 30 stray dogs on campus and they posed a threat to the students and teachers.


This dog was a stray but it was really cute. Sometimes when he was late for class he would silently sneak in the classroom and jump on an empty seat, as if he was listening intently. We often say that if he could write, he would take careful notes too. During class, he would remain silent for the most part and rarely made a sound. A student at the Northwest A&F University said “this dog even had favorite classes, he especially loved calculus and English, we often see him during those two classes, after a while everyone gave him a nickname – the “scholar dog”.


”Some students would skip class, when we see this we would often make fun of them for not studying as hard as a dog.” The second year PhD student Xiao Wang said, “this dog had been in school for at least 3 years, he brought much joy to all of us, we all loved him.


In the photo, the “scholar dog” lies in a trash can covered in blood…”We found out later only by asking, and that it was during the course of the school’s stray dog clean-up that the guards beat the “scholar dog” to death. Not only that, they also killed 4 other stray dogs on campus. “A student at the Northwest A&F University Animal Protection Association said, “he ran with us in the 800 meters, he played volleyball with us, he stayed with us through class after class of advanced math and morning studies. Now he is just lying in trash covered in blood, we are all very sad…” Another student said, “we are an agricultural university, compared to other schools we should love animals even more, but this hard truth really makes us weep in sorrow.

Comments on QQ:


The principle does not respect life, I predict the education quality is not great either!


To put it straight, the school is afraid of taking responsibility!!! An irresponsible school, using the most direct and brutal methods to solve a problem, I don’t consider this school to be a place to nurture talent!!!


Doggies are the most loyal friend to us people, they are living beings. Poor doggies, how can you all be so cruel, you will receive retribution (karma).

I Believe ~~:

I want to say something objective, if the dog bit a student on campus, may I ask who will take responsibility??? Little fenqing, did you consider who will take responsibility???


This is China haha, where is the humanitarianism? Yet we still copy Western civilization models, so laughable, no matter how much you imitate you will not reach their level!!! Can never find fault in one-self and break the conformity, I have nothing to say, I will not be this type of Chinese person!!!


They can relocate it, or let a dog lover adopt it, the school’s method is too cruel! After all it is a living being! If you use the same method you use on stray dogs on people, may I ask how would you feel?


The school handled this poorly, they shouldn’t beat it to death, they should’ve sent it for adoption or to a dog rescue shelter.


Dogs are people’s’ best friends, I suggest you watch the movie Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale, you’ll understand.


Northwest A&F University! Everyone remember this school!


After reading this I laughed, why did you have to kill the stray dog! Then what about orphans, do you kill them too??? In America, a cat can become the mayor! In China dogs get beaten to death.


Last year there was the new in America where they used a helicopter to rescue a dog trapped in a flood, but now this happens in a university, the contrast is unimaginable!


Humans are the cruelest animals in the world.


A day later, the cafeteria added a new dish: “braised scholar dog”…students all wept upon seeing this…



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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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