Beloved “Scholar” Dog Killed and Dumped in Trash, Reactions

From QQ:

Northwest A&F University “Scholar Dog” Beaten to Death


According to a 11/20 Weibo report, at the Northwest A&F University there was a “scholar dog”, he loved to attend calculus and English classes. After class, he often goes to the cafeteria to eat, during activities he would run ahead of the track team, and was beloved by the students. But recently, during a clean-up of stray dogs on campus, “scholar dog” was beaten to death and thrown in the trash. The school claimed, there were more than 30 stray dogs on campus and they posed a threat to the students and teachers.


This dog was a stray but it was really cute. Sometimes when he was late for class he would silently sneak in the classroom and jump on an empty seat, as if he was listening intently. We often say that if he could write, he would take careful notes too. During class, he would remain silent for the most part and rarely made a sound. A student at the Northwest A&F University said “this dog even had favorite classes, he especially loved calculus and English, we often see him during those two classes, after a while everyone gave him a nickname – the “scholar dog”.


”Some students would skip class, when we see this we would often make fun of them for not studying as hard as a dog.” The second year PhD student Xiao Wang said, “this dog had been in school for at least 3 years, he brought much joy to all of us, we all loved him.


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In the photo, the “scholar dog” lies in a trash can covered in blood…”We found out later only by asking, and that it was during the course of the school’s stray dog clean-up that the guards beat the “scholar dog” to death. Not only that, they also killed 4 other stray dogs on campus. “A student at the Northwest A&F University Animal Protection Association said, “he ran with us in the 800 meters, he played volleyball with us, he stayed with us through class after class of advanced math and morning studies. Now he is just lying in trash covered in blood, we are all very sad…” Another student said, “we are an agricultural university, compared to other schools we should love animals even more, but this hard truth really makes us weep in sorrow.

Comments on QQ:


The principle does not respect life, I predict the education quality is not great either!


To put it straight, the school is afraid of taking responsibility!!! An irresponsible school, using the most direct and brutal methods to solve a problem, I don’t consider this school to be a place to nurture talent!!!


Doggies are the most loyal friend to us people, they are living beings. Poor doggies, how can you all be so cruel, you will receive retribution (karma).

I Believe ~~:

I want to say something objective, if the dog bit a student on campus, may I ask who will take responsibility??? Little fenqing, did you consider who will take responsibility???


This is China haha, where is the humanitarianism? Yet we still copy Western civilization models, so laughable, no matter how much you imitate you will not reach their level!!! Can never find fault in one-self and break the conformity, I have nothing to say, I will not be this type of Chinese person!!!


They can relocate it, or let a dog lover adopt it, the school’s method is too cruel! After all it is a living being! If you use the same method you use on stray dogs on people, may I ask how would you feel?


The school handled this poorly, they shouldn’t beat it to death, they should’ve sent it for adoption or to a dog rescue shelter.


Dogs are people’s’ best friends, I suggest you watch the movie Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale, you’ll understand.


Northwest A&F University! Everyone remember this school!


After reading this I laughed, why did you have to kill the stray dog! Then what about orphans, do you kill them too??? In America, a cat can become the mayor! In China dogs get beaten to death.


Last year there was the new in America where they used a helicopter to rescue a dog trapped in a flood, but now this happens in a university, the contrast is unimaginable!


Humans are the cruelest animals in the world.


A day later, the cafeteria added a new dish: “braised scholar dog”…students all wept upon seeing this…


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Kevin Yu

    What I never get is why dont they kill them in a humane way? I mean why beat a dog to death, when you could just put the dog down with some not expensive lethal poison, that would let the dog sleep first, then kill it.
    Is it just because of money?

    • Joey

      Yep, it’s a lot cheaper to have some security guard beat it to death. The Chinese Way

      • biggj

        Yeah they should have left little bowls of antifreeze around campus. Dog love drinking that shit.That would have cleaned up all the dogs and no one would have been none the wiser. Although maybe you are right, antifreeze probably cost more that the hourly wage of the guard.

        • must touch brain

          After they drink it, what color is their vomit? I think i saw this near my home in Qinkdao once.

      • must touch brain

        Some say it makes them taste better but this is China where they’ll eat just about anything and tell you it tastes good. I’ll just have the grain of salt, thanks.

    • Probably have more fun braining it with a stick.

      I’m surprised they didn’t skin it and sell the meat!

    • Jeffli

      yeah like watch it bleed to death slowly on rat poison! hours of yelping whining and excruciating pain! There should have been the means to either shoot the animal in the head or give it a lethal injection a la veterinary style. Agriculture university you say????

    • don mario

      because they are stupid assholes who get a kick out of it. check some past news. there is one story about a whole team of police that beat one dog to death with shovels. they can’t get enough of dog beat downs in china.

  • Wow – Northwest A&F’s “lunch lady” is a sadist…

    “A day later, the cafeteria added a new dish: braised scholar dog”(comment above)
    …students all wept upon seeing this…

    • Sean Van Cura

      that was a joke fyi

      • Dolph Grunt

        Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?

        • jin

          Sadistic jokes not.

        • mr.wiener

          It was pretty dark.

        • Xia

          Black humor?

        • must touch brain

          How about the school posting a sign at the entrance reading: “No Outside Food Allowed”.

          • Dolph Grunt

            Okay, now that’s just sick and wrong. But much more humorous.

  • Surfeit

    Animals killing animals in an animalistic way.

    • Jahar

      Animals wouldn’t have thrown it in a trash can to rot.

      • Surfeit


      • biggj

        That dog would have done the same to you if it had the chance…..

        • Jahar

          That’s actually me in the picture.

      • must touch brain

        Thank you, Jahar! I still have faith in you.

  • Dolph Grunt

    I don’t know which of you posted it, but someone, a little while ago, posted a comment saying something to the effect that Chinese were a truly defeated people. That comment actually really stuck in my head and I think about it quite often.

    Reading this story, the reaction from the “animal protection” associated student and the Chinese comments below the story made me think of this again.

    It just gives me the feeling that the average thought of the people is, “Yes, our country has some extreme problems, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Hopefully someone else will fix it one day.”


    • terroir

      “Chinese are a truly defeated people”

      At the heart of it, Chinese isn’t a people, a race, a government, a type of cuisine or a fetish. It’s a dream some emperor had thousands of years ago that his descendants continue to live out to this day.

      That’s the one correction to make.

    • grand

      as a chinese i have to disagree. defeated? not really. as a matter of fact surveys in recent years consistantly show chinese are the most optimistic about their future. you better look it up.

      i just returned from a trip to chincago, USA and i couldn’t believe how run-down and shabby that place is. i talked to people there and they actually fit your description “defeated”. low-paying jobs, high living cost, you know, they look pretty miserable to me.

      as to this issue regarding animals. well, i have to admit that USers do love their pets. i read news report that USers actually spend more money on their pets than on their kids. wow!

      • Jahar

        You don’t see much about a country when you go on a trip. Poor people are poor. Their lives suck. they generally appear quite downtrodden, and many of them have given up.
        But in general, it appears to us that Chinese people have given up on the idea of making their country a better place. Pretty much anyone I’ve met here, when asked about improving the worse aspects of the country, as he said, give responses that make it sound like they’ve just given up. The big difference is these are not the poor people.

        • grand

          you are correct i was only been to chicago, not anywhere else in the US. so i do not know how it was like in other parts of the US. one thing i’ll say is that chicago has better air and china has terrible air.

          as to “giving up on making the country a better place” i have to disagree. china changed a lot during the past 50 years and is still changing.

          • must touch brain

            I can say that Qingdao has gotten better in many ways but the air is much worse thanks to more factories and private car ownership. Unfortunately, many of the car owners i see still have the mentality of peasants.

          • Paul Schoe

            Amazing pictures. Just at the right moment.
            I can’t believe that they are not staged to show everyday behavior.

          • Jahar

            we aren’t talking about country, we are talking about the individuals. The common person. Not the direction the leadership is going. Just normal people’s way of thought.

          • withcaution

            We have a segment of the population, mostly blacks, That just can’t seem to get their shit together. You were in the part of Chicago that had a high portion of these people.

        • Xia

          Yes you are right, poor people are poor. Chinese people know all too well how much poverty sucks. So they regard making money as their number one priority, since it’s the most logical thing to do to improve their living condition. But then people outside just criticize that all Chinese are money worshippers, disregarding where it comes from.

          Poverty sucks, it leads to cultural degradation. But when you complain about other people’s lowly behavior, how much of your own pocket would you spare to help these people get better?

          • If I May

            “Poverty sucks, it leads to cultural degradation.”

            Actually, I believe that the richer China has become, the more the culture has degraded. True, the GLP and especially the CR led to a great erosion of Chinese values while the country remained very poor, but all of my decent local friends that lived through those times have made it very clear to me over the years that most of the negative things that we see and experience today have “evolved” since Deng’s opening of the country. It seems that the richer China becomes, the more China loses its soul. That said, during the last small handful of years, I’ve sensed a growing sense of renewed desire to restore certain positive old values. Hopefully, that tendency will continue to grow.

          • Xia

            It’s because the experience of poverty in their youth is already so ingrained in them that they pursuit making money with a paranoid frenzy. They may have become rich in the last one or two decades, but their mentality of being poor hasn’t change. It’s the difference between first generation rags to riches to second generation rich. In contrast to developing countries, people in developed countries have been brought up in general wealthy conditions and grow up to take it for granted, so they don’t have this problem.

          • Eric Hill

            good analysis – many of my students on the sprawling ends of Nanjing did seem slightly ashamed of their recent peasant lineages – which seemed to hasten their resolve to become the next captains of industry – pouring every ounce of effort and expendable income into educational opportunities, to that end. Americans of the mythical middle class (arguably the new peasant class), on the other hand, continue to contribute half their wages to homes they don’t own and buy their pets 200RMB bags of organic dog food – habits unconscionable to any Chinese up-and-comer… It’s a matter of knowing where on is on the economic spectrum. Most Americans, for the moment, are falling apart at the seams rather than tightening their belt. Cultural exchange needs to be a dialogue, not a lecture – as we still have much to teach eachother (as much in spending habits as in things like animal cruelty).

          • must touch brain

            How about spending one’s free time trying to educate them?

          • Xia

            If what you are teaching is really helpful to them, it’s a good thing.

          • must touch brain

            Believe me, this is a common topic of discussion within my circles.

          • Jahar

            I’ve said nothing about money worship, or lowly behavior of Chinese people, or anything regarding charity. None of what you say is regarding my point. Did you intend to change the conversation, or was this comment meant for someone else?

          • don mario

            chinese don’t seem very interested in being helped. they normally say the same things about 5000 years of culture that i cant understand whenever i try to offer some help to them.

          • Xia

            So what do you make of it? Maybe they don’t really need the kind of help you have offered?

        • must touch brain

          Agreed. They usually just say, “It’s no use”.

        • Eric Hill

          Yeah, a lot of them are dirt poor, but they manage to provide for their for their families, who they care about, and who they see as their sole instrument through which to exert social change on the world. Just because they aren’t under the illusion that they can personally up-end a system which has endured for thousands of years doesn’t mean they’ve “given up,” they just don’t yet regard that kind of monumental change as even remotely possible at the moment (beyond discussion for most, as it were). You sound like you’ve been to China once – you should try talking to the locals.

          • Jahar

            I’ve been living here for 5 years, and had come here 3 times before that.

            I’m not talking about upending the system, or monumentally changing anything, and im not talking about poor people. They common man in China.
            And Also, from what you say, it seems like you are trying to argue with me, and like i don’t know what I’m talking about, but then you say something that is in agreement with what I said.

          • Probotector

            Chinese will only up-end the system in times of extreme desperation. Right now, they’re fat, dumb and happy (or at least the ones with the power are), so you won’t see any social change unless any time soon, there’s a catastrophe like another war or another famine or something.

          • Xia

            In times of desperation, they will definitely go to the extremes, but to what end? Regarding historical cases in the last century, they would only try to return China to “former glory”.

      • Mateusz82

        When was the last time an American replied with “This is the US” when asked about any problem with the US?

        Derpy drivers, littering, public defecation/urination, smoking indoors, general disregard for laws, corruption, poor management… all sorts of Chinese problems are explained as “This is China”, a defeatist attitude of the highest (or lowest, depending on your perspective) order.

        • grand

          i’m just making an observation from my 3 months trip to chicago USA. why so serious and defensive? are you an american? am i not allowed to make a few comments? don’t your americans always say “it’s a free country”?

          if you lived in china before, you will know that ‘defecation urination’ is very uncommon in china, even in rural areas.

          corruption sure is a problem in china but it’s not like US is much better. in the US corruption is institutionalized. i mean, you politicians are all controlled by money are they not?! let’s talk about “campaign contributions”. the two party system, if you really think about it, is really just a sham.

          as to you disregard for laws i find that a little absurd. when i was in chicago i was warned not go out at night by the local people cause it’s so dangerous after dark and a lot of criminals on the streets. in comparison china is much safer and i do not have to worry about going out anytime of the day.

          • RickyBeijing

            You’re kind of perpetuating his point. He isn’t being defensive, he’s simply having a discussion. Let me make a few points as a non American, non Chinese having lived in China for years and visited the US.

            1. China is on the up. Right now it’s possible to make a comparison because China is reaching it’s peak, any economist can tell you that this won’t last long, and figures have shown a decrease in growth in the last quarter. This growth happened in most western countries decades ago, so making the comparison of how China is during it’s economic cycle with a country that has been developed for over a century is a non-point.

            2. China is nice in the 10 or so large cities, outside of those cities China is a poverty stricken hole. I’ve been to plenty of those places and it reminds me of Africa.

            3. Public defecation and urination happens in the streets daily in Beijing. We’ve all seen it, we all know it.

            4.Corruption in China is on a completely different level to any western country. Officials form here make hundreds of millions and billions of dollars from government jobs. No American politician could make more than a million or two before getting caught.

            5. American citizens will usually follow basic daily laws like jaywalking, smoking indoors, driving laws, food safety, health safety and pretty much any aspect imaginable, while Chinese won’t.

            Stupid comparing these countries again but one of the biggest differences is that we can openly discuss any country except China, where discussion makes people lose face so it usually gets disregarded.

          • grand

            1. no one can be sure china is at its peak or not. china will have setbacks and recessions like everyone else but china will continue to grow.

            2. if you say this 20 years, or 12 years ago i would agree. but now? i would say you are wrong. i travel around china, i can honestly say a third tier chinese city has better infrastrure than chincago, which mean china has 20-30 or so chinese cities has better infrastructure than chicago. and i’m not even exaggerating.

            3. you see that everyday? can you swear on your children and your whole family’s life for it? i would say you are just a liar like him.

            4.i agree china has a corruption problem. and i admit the US is better than china in that aspect.

            5. i agree with what your said here

            “Stupid comparing these countries again but one of the biggest differences is that we can openly discuss any country except China, where discussion makes people lose face so it usually gets disregarded.” that’s just false. chinese discuss china’s problems everyday, as shown here on chinasmack so you point is moot.

          • must touch brain

            Regarding 3, if i had the time to just hang around on the streets of Qingdao, i could provide you some evidence to support Rick’s claim. I see it all too often as well but i’m not the type to stare or take photos. Maybe we are just more observant than you.

          • Karze

            Wonderful conduct. Chairman Mao would love this scene.

          • don mario

            saying this doesnt happen is just a bold faced lie. we’ve all seen it numerous times.

          • These folks must LOVE something about China because they live there. Chicago is a fun city to visit (when it’s warm), but the trains, roads and general infrastructure are OLD.
            What really drove it home for me is when I flew to New Hampshire from China, I had to change airports in Chicago and took the subway from O’Hare to Midway Airport. This was only 15 hours after using China’s metro. What a CONTRAST!
            Many cities in China have brand new “everything” that is superior to what Chicago has. Time will tell how well it is working in 50+ years.
            China can level an entire neighborhood and put up a road, power plant or metro station. Good luck using eminent domain laws in the USA. Possible, but much harder to do. That makes it excruciatingly slow and costly when repairing or upgrading old/broken infrastructure. The USA needs to take this issue seriously instead of wasting trillions of dollars to buy more cruise missiles and military hardware.
            The South side of Chicago is a disaster – it should be leveled. It is worse than Detroit. You would not want to be walking those streets at night(unless you are filming DeathWish 9).
            I have never been worried about being mugged in China, but take notice of all the bars on the windows; I doubt they are there for cosmetic purposes.
            I can’t speak of the corruption in China, but the US politicians make some activities illegal for everyone but themselves. That is corruption. All of them leave office far wealthier. Why else pay millions for a job that pays thousands.

          • xiaode

            100% agree! you nailed it!

          • If I May

            I have to say that you came across with your response to Mateusz82 as much more defensive than him. Also, the statement that, “…defecation and urination is very uncommon in China, even in rural areas” is simply untrue. Perhaps you live in one of the larger, more “cosmopolitan” Chinese cities and are somewhat isolated from the real China. About a third of my time in here — a little over twelve years now — has been spent in places other than the big cities and nearly all of that time has been spent among the locals (I tend to not spend much time at all with non-Chinese over here). Needless to say, I witness people relieving themselves in public on an almost daily basis. Granted, these are usually children up to around the age of five.. but I see older ones and adults do it as well at least once a week.

            Regarding corruption, the US and China are probably equally corrupt, albeit often in different ways — one coin, two sides.

            Lastly, Chicago is easily one of the most dangerous cities in the US — waaay up there — and it is not at all representative of the country as whole. Not by a long shot… Besides, I’m sure that the person that you responded to was not really referring to violent (or not-so-violent) crime when he said “disregard for the law”; he was talking about a general disregard toward law, which is ubiquitous in China at all levels society.

          • grand

            this is more closer to the truth. some kids do urinate but adults rarely do. but i still don’t think you see people urinate and defacate publicly everyday.

          • Jahar

            when people say everyday, they don’t literally mean every single day without fail. Yeah, it’s children we are talking about. Calling people liars isn’t a good way to have a civil discussion though.
            And when he said about China’s peak, he wasn’t talking about when the country will be at it’s strongest, like every country, we are almost all gonna keep growing. He’s talking about the speed at which it’s growing and improving. Like the US in the 50s. Of course the US now could annihilate the US from the 50s. But they were growing like mad, and everyone was getting rich back then. That’s why it was considered the peak. China’s days of double-digit growth are over.

          • don mario

            i saw more adults do it than children. i;ve seen them do it on the walls next to public toilets. whats the need for that?

          • don mario

            you are either delusional or severely ignorant. it happens all the time!!!

          • plorf

            Absolute bollocks. I see adults peeing outside every other day, and I live in Chaoyang district, Beijing.

          • Mateusz82

            Where to start… I’m not being defensive. Who are “your americans”? And you are allowed to comment. I’m allowed to comment in reply. That’s how this works.

            I live in China now… I see public defecation and urination nearly every day I leave my home, and I live in a major city.

            It actually is like the US is much better. It’s not like the US is a pinnacle of moral virtue, just that it’s much better by virtue of China setting the bar so low you can trip over it.

            Your love of China and fear of America doesn’t really factor in here. I’m pointing out how laws are flagrantly disregarded in China, with “This is China” being the excuse. When you complained about “a lot of criminals on the streets”, were you given the excuse “This is America”, especially by those breaking the laws?

          • grand

            sorry about my english. not “your americans” but “you americans”. or “americans like you”.

            if you say you see people spit almost everyday i would say you are telling the truth but saying see people publicly urinate and deficate? that’s just a blatant lie. sorry, you’ve lost all credibility.

            at least i’m being honest and you tell lies. and you are telling me about “virtue”? you’d better stop lying first. my stay in the US is overall pleasant and US people are generally very nice. i’d say chinese are prone to cutting lines but that’s improving. the USers don’t often cutting lines.

            honestly, i love china but i don’t fear or hate america.and i like the US too the US helped china defeated the japanese during WW2. “I’m pointing out how laws are flagrantly disregarded in China, with “This is China” being the excuse.” well i’m chinese and i never said “this is china” as an excuse.

          • Mateusz82

            My point still remains. Who are “you americans”? Americans like me? Who are they? You’re making big assumptions, both that I am American, and that all Americans are one homogenous group.

            Really? Have you not even heard of split pants? I can find them in the local SuGuo. Why does my pointing out an uncomfortable truth cause a loss of credibility?

            What lies? If you want to make such an accusation, please prove it. Otherwise, it holds no weight. I would accuse you of lies, as you deny public urination/defecation. I can provide links regarding the subject (and this site did a story about a Chinese mother letting her child wear split pants recently, as well as the responses to it).

            It’s improving, possibly, but quite slowly.

            I’m not saying you use that excuse, merely that I have heard “This is China” used as an excuse.

          • Bobby china

            I live in china and it is a very rare day indeed when I do not see public urination . Spitting inside buildings is something I have yet to go a day without witnessing .

          • Jahar

            I’d like to ask where you are from in China. If you are from Shanghai, and only ever lived there, I would understand your point of view a little better. But I’ve been in Wuhan for 5 years, and public defecation and urination(by children) is something you will see daily. and not just outside, on the floors in shopping malls.

            Also, while there is corruption in the US, especially institutionalized corruption, ie. lobbying, it’s nowhere near as commonplace as it is in China. There are very few politicians in the US who have become millionaires while working a job that would take 30 years to make a million dollars. Let alone billionaires.

          • must touch brain

            Sorry for you. I lived in Wuhan once too. About the only good thing about that place that i can remember is the hot, dry noodles and SMZB.

          • Jahar

            Haha I’m good friends with the guy from SMZB. Wu Wei. Haven’t seen them play though.

          • must touch brain

            Cool. Please tell him that his old friend in Qingdao says “hi” but don’t tell him what i think of his hometown. When i was living in NYC, i went to see them play on what would have been their first American tour but after they didn’t show, i went home and chatted with him. He told me they got deported before they even got out of the airport. That really sucked. You must see them perform live.

          • don mario

            you can see it daily in shanghai too. shanghai is not just nanjing lu and some rich people. 23 million lived there last time i checked and most of them appear to be nongs.

            there are plenty of rat infested ass backwards slums in shanghai. sadly i have lived in them..

          • Teacher in China

            Wow, what? Urination/defecation is very uncommon in China, even in rural areas?

            I live in a rural area, and let me tell you it is out of control.

            Just yesterday I saw a mom holding her kid over a garbage can in a GROCERY STORE to take a piss. I regularly (meaning every damn day) see someone doing it somewhere outside, especially taxi drivers, who by the way don’t even bother to try to conceal themselves, they just pee on the curb on the roadside of a busy street.

            Trust me when I say I could go on and on and on…

            I’m all for defending China from unreasonable accusations, but this is a losing battle, man, you’d better throw in the towel.

      • don mario

        i would say you missed the point. chinese are the defeated in the sense that they feel they have no POWER to change things. they know there are big problems but they will not lift a finger to do anything about it. they just want to put their head down and get on with their life and hope things just work themselves out.

        i don’t think he meant they are defeated in the down and out sense of western countries, but thats more likely in store for the future.

      • plorf

        You should change your news source, absolute rubbish. The US does not spend more on pets than their kids. In fact the US has one of the highest per capita education spendings of the world, higher than the per capita GDP of China by the way…

      • tek

        Chinese worship money and think money is life.Check how much they struggle with less joy.Money is better enjoyed whilst working hard not just sweating having money but with yearning heart

    • must touch brain
    • Xia
    • don mario

      its pathetic.

      of course i have some sympathy with them. but they really are sucessfully beaten down and defeated and it is just sad to see.

  • Matt Proctor

    what a brutal society

  • biggj

    Why would the guards just throw their dinner away like that? At least give the dog to the Yulin dog meat festival.

  • terroir

    Down, boy, down. Easy there. Want to go walksies?

  • terroir

    There’s a pic of the dead dog curled up in the trashcan, and it’s the most inflammatory thing about this story.

    No one needs to see it, but it’s the biggest thing about this story.

  • biggj

    Do you feel the same way about people who kill humans?

  • Donald Med

    “If you use the same method you use on stray dogs on people, may I ask how would you feel?”

    We do. It’s called the ‘one child policy.’

    • must touch brain

      Actually, that is totally different. Think about it.

  • AbC

    Such brutality against a defenceless animal. At least kill it in a humane way and nobody would have complained. Surely some gas or injection is worth less than the damage to the reputation.

    On a side note, I am surprised they didn’t eat the dogs, but rather just threw the dead dogs in the trash. Surely if fewer people see it, lesser people would complain.

    • Some guy

      That’s what I don’t understand… why they needed to be so callous about it.

      • Jahar

        how do you know he wasn’t crying when he beat the dog to death and threw it in the garbage can? I’m sure it keeps him awake at night….

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    Outside of China, there are countless cases where innocent people were killed by authority and there were not uproars at all. Some of them happened in countries that are considered developed and civilized.
    Either you are new to the internet or you value the life of a dog more than the life of a human.

    • Jahar

      People just beaten to death in the street and their corpse just left lying in the street, and no one of authority did anything about it? And the general populace didn’t care? Yeah, happens in Canada all the time.

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        Nope. People are shot to death by authority and their corpse are sent to a mortuary fast and promptly. do you thinks that makes their death more acceptable than what happened to the dog in this story?

        • must touch brain

          You’re correct. It’s all equally tragic and shameful. It’s good that we can learn from each other.

        • Jahar

          No, I don’t. And you know it’s far from as simple as you laid it out. But that’s also a case of bad guys breaking the law, Not just cleaners going about their daily business.

          Edit. What you said occurs in every country, from time to time. That doesn’t justify beating animals to death.

    • must touch brain

      Compared to many or most humans, dogs are usually innocent. Doesn’t that count for anything?

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        I don’t know what most humans are guilty of without violating any laws. Can you elaborate?

        • must touch brain

          “Let those without sin cast the first stone”?

          • Chris

            practice what you preach?

  • Xia
  • Xia
    • monster

      dog is dog in my mind.
      do not know why some people are so crazy at these expensive dogs.
      it’s just a dog, not a tiger or lion.

  • That dog was the only intellectual at that school.

    • must touch brain

      Perhaps the only school he could get into. China, once again, showing the world how great they are.

  • Irvin

    How come only some of the pictures are showing up? others have broken links, does chinasmack host the pics? if yes can you please check the server?

  • ama

    this made me cry. they should have protected this belobed university dog. the very least and probably the most efgective way would have been to put a color on it wirh some identifying information. so simple. sighh

  • Ben

    As an American that has hunted, and had to kill animals, Including farm animals, and wild animals… Sometime in large numbers. The Chinese have constantly left me speechless.

    Even a single gun shot straight to the top of the head would have been quick and painless. Come on! Spare a single bullet to at least give the dog a quick and painless end.

    Butt NO, they have to bludgeon it to death. That is the one thing I have noticed with the Chinese. They have a propensity to find unusual and painful ways to kill things. Like boiling cats alive to cook, and clubbing dogs to death.

    The closest I can think of in America is boiling lobsters, but that really pales in comparison.

    The number of dogs I have seen clubbed to death on Chinese news reports is truly unsettling. If they do that to what most people call “pets”… Then what do they do to their cows and other animals that they normally kill to eat. What twisted way do they kill them?

    At this point in time, I am kind of afraid to even ask… I may not be emotionally prepared to handle the answer I may get.

    It is basic teaching that if you have to kill an animal, you have to take the suffering of the animal into the consideration. You should do it humanely as possible, or you shouldn’t do it in the first place. Use a weapon in a way that will make sure the death is quick and painless as possible . The only time “anything goes” is when your life or someone else’s is in danger, then use what you can get your hands on. This is not one of those times.

    • must touch brain

      Hint: Some societies, cultures and people are still quite primitive and can’t comprehend what true modern civilization is about. Hopefully, they will all catch up one day.

      • Chris

        and you are here to teach them? All hail the brain.

  • terroir

    No. This is nothing like rain on a wedding day.

  • Rose

    Did the administration not know that dog was an unofficial mascot? They could have had it cleaned up and stuff and kept it on if so. Or did they not care?

  • Jahar

    Tell us how you really feel

  • must touch brain

    Compared to civilization today, humans were all barbaric at one time. The difference is that some societies take longer than 5,000 years to develop enough to be considered civilized. Take China, for example.

  • must touch brain

    I’m glad to see some of you get it.

  • Karze

    This kind of ingrained approach to solving problem by violent methods is directly due to communist and Maoist ideology of no respect for life.

    I hope Communist Party of China doesn’t consider this as a liberation of poor dog by butchering.

  • don mario

    or how about don’t dump your fucking dog after you realised its not a cute little teddy thing? seriously, chinese don’t know anything about taking care of an animal.

    • must touch brain

      Word. Perhaps compassion is a new concept in China.

  • don mario

    dog beating: China’s national sport.

    maybe if they had it included in the olympics they could actually beat america???

    • jin

      I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or are just being ignorant.q

      Amount of Athletes
      China: 396
      USA: 530

      Gold: China 38 USA 46
      Silver: China 27 USA 29
      Bronze: China 23 USA 29

      • don mario

        um…. america had more medals.

        so as i was saying, if dog beating was a new sport in the olympics i am sure china would of got 9 more medals and won the olympics!

        • Alex Dương

          Or, y’know, maybe another 134 athletes would’ve made a difference. Maybe. Pretty sure they can’t all participate in dog beating either.

        • jin

          Math is hard isn’t it? Don plumber .

          396:38= average one in 10.4 wins gold medal
          530:46= average one in 11.5 wins gold medal

          • don mario

            what the fuck are you getting at? they lost!

            if they could beat dogs then obviously the moral of the entire chinese olympic team would be lifted by the joy experienced from beating helpless animals. the whole team would be spruced up and feel like real men, it would be even more powerful than PEDs. the china would most likely get gold in every event!

          • jin

            Don plumber, I need my toilet fixed, it wont flush after my friend Mario visited my house, he was shitting for hours and maybe butt hurt.

  • SzMach5

    Replace ‘Chinese’ with ‘Chinese Fenqing’ in your comment and you’d be right.

  • must touch brain

    Give the buildings a few years to crumble. The guys on the bike probably won’t live long. There are plenty of Chinese wearing animal skins and furs so it’s not such a stretch for the imagination.

  • applygluestictomyballs

    oh for fuck sake how about a warning before the dead dog in a bucket picture.

    • 42

      Aww, too much for your fragile heart to bear? The warning was in the title of this article in itself, didnt you read? Beloved “Scholar” Dog Killed and Dumped in Trash, Reactions…….

  • Eric Hill

    fuck off Jax – why are you even on this website?

  • SzMach5

    What does that have to do with anything?

  • Probotector

    “Stupid comparing these countries again but one of the biggest differences is that we can openly discuss any country except China, where discussion makes people lose face so it usually gets disregarded.” that’s just false. chinese discuss china’s problems everyday, as shown here on chinasmack so you point is moot.

    No it’s not, you’re lying. Any time China is criticised, even constructively, we have “zhongguo renminde ganqing”. Chinese people have the attitude of a spoiled, petulant child, who dishes out insults to others constantly, but can never take anything less than perfect ass-kissing praise. Grow up.

    • SzMach5

      Are you kidding me? Have you been reading the comments made by Chinese netizens on these Chinasmack articles? They’re criticizing their government and China’s problems on almost every single article.
      Even in China, I’ve been told by Chinese mainlanders that their own people’s attitudes & behavior need work. Is this not criticism?

      • Probotector

        The topic is about outsiders, i.e. laowai, or as ‘grand’ puts it ‘your Americans’ criticising China.

        • SzMach5

          To me, it sounded like you said grand was lying when he/she stated “Chinese discuss china’s problems everyday as shown here on chinasmack”
          In the case of foreigners/outsiders then, I’d pretty much repeat what Zappa Frank said in his reply to you.

    • Zappa Frank

      sincerely I’ve yet to see a country that take criticisms from others in a good and constructive way.

  • Taojessy

    “Humans are the cruelest animals in the world.”
    Nah, just some humans sometimes. But most of them found in China.

    “I want to say something objective, if the dog bit a student on campus, may I ask who will take responsibility??? Little fenqing, did you consider who will take responsibility???”
    Dog has been there for 3 YEARS. If the school was so concerned about student safety, why take 3 YEARS to solve said “problem”. Yep, sounds about right- taking 3 years to solve a simple problem is about right in China.

    • jin

      MOST are found in China? Either you’re brain dead or brainless.

  • Giovana De Figueiredo

    Are these the next paradigms of globalization?

  • biggj

    This dog is actually Japanese……he tried to pass as chinese…..but once they found out they killed him.

  • withcaution

    Dogs have been bred to trust humans, that’s why it’s extremely savage see these poor defenseless animals abused like this. Nobody in America would keep their job if they done something like this as part of their work.

  • Xio Gen

    Why did they have to post a picture of the dog dead in a trash can?!

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    I wooda enlisted dat lil dog to help me scam sum Chinese girls an sheeut………nomesane

  • Floral Wisp

    why didn’t anyone of those smart asses adapt the dog to begin with? then he couldn’t have had to end up being beaten to death by some ugly inhumane fag. Everyone in that school is guilty in some sort, and nobody truly cared.