Best Chinese Boyfriend Carries Girlfriend On Shoulders at Zoo

A Chinese boyfriend carried his girlfriend on his shoulders around a zoo to avoid crowds in Jinan city, Shandong province, during the October 1st National Day holiday.

From NetEase:

Man Allows Girlfriend to Ride On His Shoulders During Zoo Visit, Praised as a “[Best] Boyfriend of China”

October 1st, at the Jinan City Zoo, because there were an especially large amount of people and in order to protect his girlfriend, a young man had his girlfriend sit around his neck [ride on his shoulders], making it easier for his girlfriend to see the zoo, and making it possible to call him the best boyfriend of October 1st.

Comments from NetEase:

扬帆乘风 [网易四川省乐山市网友]:

You ride me during the day, and I’ll ride you during the night, it’s nothing but a simple trade!

呀哑吖呸 [网易湖北省黄冈市网友]:

Fucking wet all around my neck!

跟我帖的伍猫狗全家死 [网易山东省威海市网友]:

[With her] riding, it’s both hot and humid/damp/wet.

雨涵qqq1041551242 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

You ride me during the day, and I’ll ride you during the night!

雨涵qqq1041551242 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Found the right person, and every day is Valentine’s Day. Find the wrong person, and every day is Tomb Sweeping Day. Find a lazy person, and every day is Labor Day. Find a rich person, every day is Spring Festival. Find someone who is unfaithful, and everyday is Bachelor’s Day. Find someone who is childish, and everyday is Children’s Day! Find a swindler, and everyday is April Fool’s Day!

彼岸花繁 [网易北京市网友]:

Let her ride once on your shoulders, and she’ll ride control [take advantage of] you for the rest of your life, never to escape.

蘇青 [网易广东省广州市番禺区手机网友]:

This is actually good too, because it makes it easier for everyone to see her butt, even though it’s very average…

天一的天天下第一的一 [网易湖南省网友]:

I can say that Wuhan’s media is the most low and vulgar crap in the Heavenly Kingdom‘s media industry.

天一的天天下第一的一 [网易湖南省网友]:

Wuhan’s media sure enough is low and vulgar crap, them and their stupid reporters’ Weibo presence, every day copying news off Weibo, reporting on mundane things on the streets, a constant stream of garbage that happened on university campuses, all a bunch of trivial crap being reported.

Also, they always report some health/medical news once every two days, but it’s actually just an advertorial, that even shamelessly exaggerates symptoms, to get eyeballs [online attention], and exaggerating treatment effectiveness. This is the classic cuntish behavior of China’s official media.

lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

There’s Voice of China, there’s [Best] Boyfriend of China, but how come there isn’t a [Best] Boy to Ride of China?

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  • Joe


  • I love Sexy Chinese girls

    Some men will do anything to get a pussy cat… Meow…

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    The ‘best boyfriend in China’ would have, in no way shape or form, allowed his girlfriend (or himself for that matter) to be subjected to the mind-bending insanity of ‘a day at the zoo’ on October 1st.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Visiting a zoo on a public holiday is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done in China…

      • Honibaz

        I’ve heard that visiting a water park is even worse.

      • Strangerland

        Pretty sure going out on public holiday in China is stupidity anyway…

  • tiktok

    If my girlfriend looked like that, I wouldnt be holding her up for everyone to see……..

    • Thor

      I agree but each to his own.

    • ClausRasmussen

      You got it wrong, it is the other way around: She is holding her guy down for everyone to see

  • ClausRasmussen

    >> You ride me during the day, and I’ll ride you during the night!

    I got the same “brilliant” idea during a rock concert, but she was far too heavy for me and I struggled to just keep up right

    She certainly didn’t help by bouncing around when the music began, and it wasn’t long before I was covered in sweat, my back hurt, and my legs began cramping up

    The worst was that I was afraid of losing face admitting I couldn’t do it, and stating the obvious “Honey, you’re too fat” was of course not compatible with having sex so I had to keep going

    In the end I escaped this trap I had clumsied myself into by losing balance because someone “pushed” me, and then disappearing from sight to “fetch some beer” when she wanted another ride

    Not my proudest moment…

    • mr.wiener

      Handled like a champ.

    • SongYii

      stop dating fat chicks. and get a gym membership.

      • Guest


    • Ryo Saeba

      Wait, was this you?

      • Irvin

        And they were complaining that the new iPhone6 is too thin and bends in your pocket, maybe they just have a fat ass. Don’t complain to apple, eat one!

      • Charles

        That is horrifying…

    • FYIADragoon

      Leg day exists for a reason. And stop dating fat chicks.

  • mr.wiener

    I hate to get all red pill , but….

  • SongYii

    everybody ripping on the guy with a pussy wrapped around his neck…. jealous!

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    “”Wuhan’s media sure enough is low and vulgar crap, them and their stupid reporters’ Weibo presence, every day copying news off Weibo, reporting on mundane things on the streets, a constant stream of garbage that happened on university campuses, all a bunch of trivial crap being reported.””

    WOW tell us how you really feel…

    • SongYii

      this was my favorite netizen comment. at least someone gets it.

    • firebert5

      So, it’s like Yahoo.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        yup, equally brainless

  • Dave

    News and social media all around the world: HONG KONG PROTESTS ARE A BIG DEAL U GUISE

    News and social media in China: Check out this adorable human interest story!

    If you keep the people ignorant, your country will remain backwards,.

    • 笑了


  • yurah

    Shame most american men can’t do this with their girlfriends. It would only end in back problems.

  • KamikaziPilot

    How can anyone enjoy themselves when it’s that crowded. Poor animals must be scared shitless. Looks like she weighs about 100 lbs so not so bad on his neck. Somebody like Yao Ming would really have an advantage in someplace like this, can just see the animals over everyone’s head.

  • Amused

    First you had to carry the bitch’s purse to be a good BF in China. And now this… Where will it end? “Oh, the inhumanity!”

    • firebert5

      Heh. I imagined that in a George Costanza voice! :-)

    • Teacher in China

      My wife tried to get me to do the purse thing when we first started dating… She still likes to bring it up once in a while, but I always refuse (unless it’s something reasonable like she needs to tie her shoelaces or something like that). You don’t see it much in Dongbei, anyway. The men are too macho to do that up here….in small town Dongbei, anyway..

  • Mateusz82

    So, “best boyfriend of China” = “objectification as a beast of burden”. As nice as the social approval is, I’d prefer to keep my dignity.

  • Rick in China

    Wow, talk about low standards..

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Its the media dude, just because they don’t report on the same thing over and over again (the ISIS thing has been going on for some time) doesn’t mean there is a hidden agenda. More likely they just wan people to buy their paper. Also updates on those things can always be found somewhere in there
    Meanwhile…boy carries girl on shoulders for panda

  • don mario

    mindless article firstly, secondly a mindless article reposted by chinasmack to waste your time! woopee! oh but its trending right?

    • Alex Dương

      oh but its trending right?


  • Pakonas

    I don’t know if he is the best boyfriend or no, but I think he did something very practical in order to save physical space. If people would carry each other like that (men to women, women to men, it doesn’t matter), it would be more space for the lone pedestrians.

  • Gerhana

    if he’s already banging her then does it really matter if he did that? =)

    courtship certainly has change, if you look at the literature, biography by courtesan, courtier and other women author pre-19th century, men actually took their time to invest on a woman they like, to prove it to them, and it tend to be passionate because of the play between the two, the cycle of heated and cool moment, rituals… etc. This is in contrast to modern time courtship, and especially the view of it. Accompanying a woman on a simple trip (pre 19th: an opportunity for seduction, 20th century: friendzoned!)

    It has become less about the journey and more about the destination. Evidence by online dating, applications software…. etc. The long route cut out and go straight to the end. Who knows in 100 years time from now, how it would be like. Im guessing there would be more shortcut to sex, that no emotion or getting to know one another would be involved. Click, Click, Sex.

  • Alva

    Sorry but now…the best boyfriend / husband in China is my husband :) And he does nothing like that to get that title. :)

  • Martin

    Are you kidding me? Going to a zoo or any touristy place during public holidays is the dumbest thing you can do in China. The best boyfriend in this country is probably a laowai anyway, we ride Chinese women like no Chinese man will ever do.

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