Billionaire Drowns While Rescuing Drunk Employee, is Mourned

A city resident is paying his respect to Du Guanghua.

People are paying respect to Du Guanghua.

From QQ:

Billionaire Drowns While Saving Employee, City Residents Mourn by Riverside

December 21, Du Guanghua, a businessman who ran a steel wire mesh business in Zhejiang Yongkang City Hardware Town, invited his employees to spend the Winter Solstice by having dinner together. When an employee who had drank too much alcohol lost his footing while relieving himself by the river, billionaire boss [employer] Du jumped into the river to rescue him, but unfortunately perished. December 25th, quite a few city residents came to the scene of the incident to offer flowers to Du Guanghua.

City residents are paying their respect to Du Guanghua.

December 24, Yongkang City’s municipal party secretary and mayor issued a statement calling for people to learn from Du Guanghua. December 25, Yongkang City conferred upon him the title of “hero”. Picture is of December 25, where many city residents arrived at the river to pay their respect to Du Guanghua.

City residents are paying their respect to Du Guanghua.

Over the past several days, city residents have continuously come to the side of a bridge on Hua River, where Du Guanghua saved his employee, to mourn for this good employer. And there were also a lot of city residents who came to the riverside to pay silent tribute, offering white chrysanthemums to show their respect to this life-saving employer. “To go into the river on such a cold day to save someone, it’s not something I could’ve done. And what more, it was a billionaire boss. Definitely not something you would expect.”

A city resident is paying his respect to Du Guanghua.

December 24, Yongkang City Municipal Party Secretary Zhang Weiya commented on the Du Guanghua rescuing his employee incident: “It’s very touching. Anyone who rescues others should be respected, especially Boss Du, who should become a role model for all employers in Yongkang City.” Mayor Xu Huashui also made a statement: “Du Guanghua’s sacrifice to rescue another is very touching, like a passionate fire in winter, igniting every one of our spirits, warming our Yongkang city, passing on the positive energy we have in Yongkang. It’s worthy of all our city residents to learn from and to respect… and I express the highest respect to his father, mother, and wife.” Picture is of December 25, of city residents coming to the river to pay their respect to Du Guanghua.

At where Du Guanghua drowned, white chrysanthemums are placed.

December 25, at where Du Guanghua drowned, white chrysanthemums were placed.

Photo of Du Guanghua while he was alive.

Photo of Du Guanghua when he was alive.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 、小孩纸:

Don’t know if real or not, but to have an employer like this is indeed very moving.

腾讯网友 今生有缘:

If it was an ordinary worker who jumped into the river to save someone and unfortunately died, would you also do this and say this?

腾讯北京市网友 王国辉: (responding to above)

I don’t agree with your point of view. Whether it was an ordinary worker or a billionaire who did this, it deserves our respect equally.

腾讯网友 似水:

Actually, helping others should go without saying, it is only natural. It’s just that it happens less and less in this day and age, so it has become increasingly precious, and men like this Zhejiang employer are even rarer. His death is a great pity. When we comment, we ought to ask ourselves what we ourselves would do if we were to encounter this kind of thing. I can honestly say that there a lot of things that are right and should be done that I don’t dare to do. I’m afraid of reprisals, I’m afraid of having no guarantee [that something bad will happen as a result], I’m afraid of [having to pay] compensation, I’m afraid of a thankless situation. Is society cold and indifferent, or are people cold and indifferent? I too don’t know.

腾讯网友 猪猪.姑姑:

This employer’s love is in the world, may he rest in peace!

腾讯四川省网友 小不:

I have to say, you’re a good person! Worthy of us learning from. Although I can’t swim, but your spirit is worth me learning from and striving for. We must begin with the little things. May you have a better life in heaven.

腾讯网友 镜花晓月:

This turns a lot of things upside-down, such as the man-becomes-bad-once-he’s-rich theory.

腾讯网友 Lee:

An employer like this makes me very moved.

腾讯泉州市网友 巫婆□小妮:

I think those who save others are very worth grieving, but not if it is only because he was a billionaire, okay?

腾讯宁波市网友 无所谓:

A man like him and no one posted in praise of him?

Comments from NetEase:

haveoneleg [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

If in you’re a boss in your next life, I’ll work for you!

不舒服斯基 [网易北京市网友]:

Finally we see a real person/human in the pile of rich people.

The3moon [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

We had a company boss who also drowned saving others. My respects to them!

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

A post-80s generation [someone born in the 1980s] billionaire, what a shame, rest in peace!
To think I once despised the post-80s generation for their weird ideas and whimsicality, and yet now the post-80s generation have become the backbone of society.
The post-80s generation, not powerless like the post-50s, not cautious like the post-60s, not stubborn like the post-70s, not haughty like the post-90s, not childish like the post-00s. (Not saying everyone, just referring to the generational characteristics of most people, please don’t take it personally.)

网易广东省中山市网友 ip:112.90.*.*:

A moment of silence, you are a true man.


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