Billionaire Drowns While Rescuing Drunk Employee, is Mourned

People are paying respect to Du Guanghua.

From QQ:

Billionaire Drowns While Saving Employee, City Residents Mourn by Riverside

December 21, Du Guanghua, a businessman who ran a steel wire mesh business in Zhejiang Yongkang City Hardware Town, invited his employees to spend the Winter Solstice by having dinner together. When an employee who had drank too much alcohol lost his footing while relieving himself by the river, billionaire boss [employer] Du jumped into the river to rescue him, but unfortunately perished. December 25th, quite a few city residents came to the scene of the incident to offer flowers to Du Guanghua.

City residents are paying their respect to Du Guanghua.

December 24, Yongkang City’s municipal party secretary and mayor issued a statement calling for people to learn from Du Guanghua. December 25, Yongkang City conferred upon him the title of “hero”. Picture is of December 25, where many city residents arrived at the river to pay their respect to Du Guanghua.

City residents are paying their respect to Du Guanghua.

Over the past several days, city residents have continuously come to the side of a bridge on Hua River, where Du Guanghua saved his employee, to mourn for this good employer. And there were also a lot of city residents who came to the riverside to pay silent tribute, offering white chrysanthemums to show their respect to this life-saving employer. “To go into the river on such a cold day to save someone, it’s not something I could’ve done. And what more, it was a billionaire boss. Definitely not something you would expect.”

A city resident is paying his respect to Du Guanghua.

December 24, Yongkang City Municipal Party Secretary Zhang Weiya commented on the Du Guanghua rescuing his employee incident: “It’s very touching. Anyone who rescues others should be respected, especially Boss Du, who should become a role model for all employers in Yongkang City.” Mayor Xu Huashui also made a statement: “Du Guanghua’s sacrifice to rescue another is very touching, like a passionate fire in winter, igniting every one of our spirits, warming our Yongkang city, passing on the positive energy we have in Yongkang. It’s worthy of all our city residents to learn from and to respect… and I express the highest respect to his father, mother, and wife.” Picture is of December 25, of city residents coming to the river to pay their respect to Du Guanghua.

At where Du Guanghua drowned, white chrysanthemums are placed.

December 25, at where Du Guanghua drowned, white chrysanthemums were placed.

Photo of Du Guanghua while he was alive.

Photo of Du Guanghua when he was alive.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 、小孩纸:

Don’t know if real or not, but to have an employer like this is indeed very moving.

腾讯网友 今生有缘:

If it was an ordinary worker who jumped into the river to save someone and unfortunately died, would you also do this and say this?

腾讯北京市网友 王国辉: (responding to above)

I don’t agree with your point of view. Whether it was an ordinary worker or a billionaire who did this, it deserves our respect equally.

腾讯网友 似水:

Actually, helping others should go without saying, it is only natural. It’s just that it happens less and less in this day and age, so it has become increasingly precious, and men like this Zhejiang employer are even rarer. His death is a great pity. When we comment, we ought to ask ourselves what we ourselves would do if we were to encounter this kind of thing. I can honestly say that there a lot of things that are right and should be done that I don’t dare to do. I’m afraid of reprisals, I’m afraid of having no guarantee [that something bad will happen as a result], I’m afraid of [having to pay] compensation, I’m afraid of a thankless situation. Is society cold and indifferent, or are people cold and indifferent? I too don’t know.

腾讯网友 猪猪.姑姑:

This employer’s love is in the world, may he rest in peace!

腾讯四川省网友 小不:

I have to say, you’re a good person! Worthy of us learning from. Although I can’t swim, but your spirit is worth me learning from and striving for. We must begin with the little things. May you have a better life in heaven.

腾讯网友 镜花晓月:

This turns a lot of things upside-down, such as the man-becomes-bad-once-he’s-rich theory.

腾讯网友 Lee:

An employer like this makes me very moved.

腾讯泉州市网友 巫婆□小妮:

I think those who save others are very worth grieving, but not if it is only because he was a billionaire, okay?

腾讯宁波市网友 无所谓:

A man like him and no one posted in praise of him?

Comments from NetEase:

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haveoneleg [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

If in you’re a boss in your next life, I’ll work for you!

不舒服斯基 [网易北京市网友]:

Finally we see a real person/human in the pile of rich people.

The3moon [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

We had a company boss who also drowned saving others. My respects to them!

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

A post-80s generation [someone born in the 1980s] billionaire, what a shame, rest in peace!
To think I once despised the post-80s generation for their weird ideas and whimsicality, and yet now the post-80s generation have become the backbone of society.
The post-80s generation, not powerless like the post-50s, not cautious like the post-60s, not stubborn like the post-70s, not haughty like the post-90s, not childish like the post-00s. (Not saying everyone, just referring to the generational characteristics of most people, please don’t take it personally.)

网易广东省中山市网友 ip:112.90.*.*:

A moment of silence, you are a true man.

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  • Gay Azn Boi

    First of all, happy new year to everyone!

    Now, while most would jump on the bandwagon and call this guy a hero, I say he’s an idiot. If you’ve acquired such fortune, you should not be risking your life to save some guy of little importance, which brings to my next point. Chinese lives are cheap and expendable, and assuming the guy who fell into the river drowned, he can easily be replaced. So trying to save him was a terrible mistake from an economic point of view. And finally, the river looks calm and shallow from the photos, so the only conclusion I can come to as to how the billionaire drowned is that he couldn’t swim. More money than brains.

    Also, how the f**** did this kid become a billionaire? He likes he’s in his 20s.

    • Limited

      That is a really horrible way to look at things, there is no such thing as an expendable human life. But obviously you are either a really crappy troll or you have something other than a heart pumping sludge through your veins. It’s obvious that the boss didn’t try to save the guy for economic reasons, he tried to save him because he didn’t want to watch another human life get snuffed out in from of him while he did nothing. If you were him would you really have been willing to just watch a man drown going “Ehhhhh I’ll just hire a new one. I might fish out thebody for his family… nahhh”. :/

      • Blars

        I agree with the economics. As I know that Chinese almost never plan for anything except their own marriage this tragic event probable will leave the company closed and a bunch of ppl without work. Is this humane? Is this better? What would be the best solution for everyone in this case? Also, we don’t know if the drowning idiot died or actually survived. I must say in this case the “billionaire” was the idiot coz he (maybe) sacrificed everybody’s livelihood to save one guy, what a hero. Also ponder the fact that it was a company banquet, would you have it inside or outside this time of the year? You are right, of course inside. So what was the stupid cunt doing taking a piss outside by the river together with the boss?

    • Brad Bradley

      What’s wrong with you?

    • Pectorox

      As a matter of fact, it’s not the boss’fault if he drowned: it is extremely common. Let me explain: when someone is drowning, they try to grab anything in their reach, so it is very likely that the worker actually made his boss drown with him. That’s why if you see a person drowning, you should grab their neck from behind and not let them face you or they’ll take you with them.

    • quake

      chinese lives are not cheap if they are billionaries or canadian citizens like yourself huh?

    • Kate

      Maybe your life is cheap considering there are billions of humans on the planet, would you really want someone to say that about you while you’re dieing? Don’t be a cruel bastard.

    • Anonymal

      LOL, still got that grudge against Ivan Wu and Patrick Tu for making fun of you for being gay? still hate Chinese? dude get over it, the world doesnt revolve around your gay life.

    • Brett

      Not sure if real or trolling… Seems like your posts keep getting more and more outrageous every time I check back to chinaSMACK.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Right…because I should just jump on the bandwagon and offer fake condolences and RIP comments as opposed to offering my take on this story. And btw, it’s wrong that you and some others carelessly dismiss me as a troll simply because you don’t agree with my opinion or you think my post is too provocative.

        • mr.wiener

          It just seems formulaic.
          Story comes up…You take the opposite view in a fairly provocative way….People diss you…you stamp your little foot and pout that we are picking on you because of your sexual preference….

          • Gay Azn Boi

            No where in my posts relating to this article did I mention anything about my sexual preference -__-

          • mr.wiener

            Which makes a nice change. New years resolution?

          • Ami

            Username: Gay Azn Boi
            Icon: Gay flag
            Replying to: Mr.Wiener…

          • Gay Azn Boi


    • mr.wiener

      Happy new year back at you, but that is kind of a sad way to view life.

    • the ace of books

      1) inability to swim has no correlation with intelligence

      2) “if you have money, you shouldn’t save people who don’t have money” might make sense from the standpoint of economics (on very tenuous ground, mind you), but it is morally objectionable on several bases, and also quite an icky thing to believe.

      3) human lives, looked at from the standpoint of the universe, are cheap and expendable. human lives, at the same time, are important to varying degrees to those around them, and certainly to those living them. so no, “Chinese lives are cheap and expendable” ain’t right either.

      4) “So trying to save him was a terrible mistake from an economic point of view.” See Point #2 and combine with Point #3, but add more exclamation points.

      5) “how the f**** did this kid become a billionaire?” he is the .0001%.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Okay…I will reply to your comment because you actually tried to refute my points unlike the others who just made emotional arguments and ad hominem attacks against me.

        1) Inability to swim has no correlation with intelligence = correct
        Inability to swim + jumping into a river to be a hero = idiot

        2), 3), 4) What is considered morally right/wrong is completely subjective, and differs from person to person. You’re absolutely right in saying that human lives are important to those living them (who wouldn’t value their own life?), but it’s a different story from the point of view of another person. Also, I was simply speaking in the context of running a business. As a business owner, your #1 responsibility is to a make a profit for yourself/your shareholders. Nothing else matters. I’m sure the guy had to have a certain level of intelligence for acquiring a mass fortune at such a young age, but risking his life to save someone whom didn’t deserve to be saved/could easily be replaced was a huge mistake in an economic sense, and one that cost him his life.

        • Brett

          Your idea of what a business owner should feel responsible for is more shallow than a cookie tray. Are you a business owner, or are you screaming “look at me! look at me!”?

          • Kate

            Hey happy new years! How is your gorgeous baby doing? Is she trying to pick her head up? Mine just turned 9 months and is now literally in everything. Yesterday she took her diaper off, peed in the floor, then proceeded to dance in the pee while holding on to her diaper. It was victory over the tyrannical diaper. Yours is following suit! :)

          • Brett

            Haha, I love that story. Is that the aftermath picture? She looks guilty.

            My little one is with her mom and grandmom all day and they never put her down, so she hasn’t started rolling over or picking up her head. Every time I get home I have to pry the baby from one of their arms and put her on the floor or couch so that she can move freely…

            She can support her own neck while sitting, however.

            Discuss wont let me upload a pic right now. I’ll post an update later!

          • Brett

            Now its working…. My .jpeg files may not have been converted correctly.

          • Super Bunny

            what a sad story, good gene wasted!!!

          • Brett

            Haha!! Upvoted due to pure uncensored eattotness.

          • Super Bunny

            your wife is korean?

          • Super Bunny

            cute baby and with some baby fat…
            when i was a baby, i was very dark and bonny,they thought i would die.

          • Super Bunny

            i heard you can touch baby’s nose so that she can have prerry high nose,also wash her hair with ginger to help them have more hair…my classmate, her mom did that on her nose, my sister my mother did on her hair, both works.

          • linette lee

            i heard you can touch baby’s nose so that she can have prerry high nose,……………..

            What??? Bunny, I am sure you are joking. You always say the most outrageous thing. You know that is not true. Nose cartilage can not be altered just by “touching” it. No such thing. Nor can you change the eye shape by putting tape to open them. And no you can not change the shape of the face by sleeping the baby sideway. That will not change their wide face to a more “narrow” face. Those are all myths and they are not true. The only way is to do plastic surgery. It’s actually dangerous to place a small baby sleeping sideway. They can suffocate if they couldn’t lift their head.

          • Super Bunny

            not true, it really works…my sister’s hair is very heavy, my is just half as mother did massage her head with ginger…and my classmate,she said her eyes was small also nose not good,her mother touched her eyes often,tried to make her eyes bigger,also nose.ok, at last , her eyes is double, nose also not bad.
            and my mother also tried to make my older brother’s head round, to have a good head sharp,and i do not know, at least his head is nice.

          • linette lee

            hahaha….bunny. You are killing me. face palm. The asian people all do these strange things to make their kids more beautiful. They keep squeezing their kid’s nose to make the nose tall and small. Tape eyes to open them up..etc….wow. hahahaha…..If it’s that easy why the koreans waste so much money on plastic surgery?

          • Super Bunny

            korean more look like mangolia, big flat face, small eyes, too difficult to change…
            marry korean is risky,even their no.1 beauty born very ugly kid…
            japan has the best ps tech,they don’t change person’s real looks that much,not as koean almost change a head…their actress merely cut face bones.

          • Kate

            She’s half white, she already has beautiful big eyes and a high nose thanks to my features! She has her daddy’s skin and eye color and cheeks, but she has my eye shape (though more asiany looking), light brown hair, and nose :)

        • the ace of books


          1) Who’s to say it he did to be a hero? Here are many reasons for him to have done what he did – genuine worry for a dude’s life, shallow worry people would think he’s a bad boss, thinking he could help the guy when he couldn’t, over/underestimating certain factors (depth of water, speed of river, etc). Water might look calm and shallow, but panicked people can drown in shallow as well as deep water.

          2-4) You may have been speaking from a business standpoint, great. However, looking at Real Life from this standpoint makes people side-eye you pretty hard: have you heard the chinese idiom 只看钱,不看人? In translation: only sees/cares about money, doesn’t see/care about people. Business might give you perfect justification to not see people, as it were. Problem is, if you discount human elements, human reasons, and human actions and reactions, the world isn’t going to make sense to you. So: it’s no use railing against this man’s “stupidity” from a business standpoint, because of course from that standpoint it won’t make sense and he’ll look dumb. In what this guy chose to do, business was not the point.

          • Blars

            And now his employees are probably looking for a new place to work. Well done hero!

      • Blars

        He is not .0001% anymore and everyone in his company is now most probably looking for new work. So without looking at the economics at all the hero is most probably leaving a bunch of ppl workless.

        • Gerhana

          Hm, his relative will take over the business and the employees will stay. Its too profitable to let it dissolve. The employees are well trained, it is not wise to remove them, unless the new head learned the routine and decide to revolutionise the business.


      I see GAB is the life of the party again. I mean Du may be an idiot but you can’t really question his intentions, unless you think he was purely trying to achieve glory for himself in rescuing someone, and that’s a big stretch. Your part about Chinese lives being cheap is disgusting, I hope you rethink that. When it comes down to it, Du was trying to save another human being, not a part on a machine that can be replaced. You make way too many assumptions. You need to start thinking more critically.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I appreciate your comment, but I must disagree. I believe that human life in and of itself has no intrinsic value. Your only worth as much as the work that you put in, particularly in business where everyone is expendable, including the CEO. If the employee that fell into the river happened to have drowned, too bad for him. He is no longer useful to the company. The same goes for myself, btw. If I stopped being productive, or if my boss found someone else who could do my job better than I could, or if some tragedy happened me that prevents me from doing my job, I wouldn’t expect him to keep me around. As harsh as it sounds, that’s how it is in the business world and, believe me, I learned it the hard way.


          Well saying that human life has no “intrinsic value” is your right and I can’t argue that if that’s your point of view. I kind of feel that way too about certain people. The thing is you’re looking at this from a purely business/economic point of view. I’m looking at this as a human being living in a society with other humans. It could be a social gathering of hikers and the same rules would apply. In other words, it doesn’t matter that these people were in business together.

          So do you apply these rules to everyone, including loved ones? Probably not,or else you wouldn’t love them. If you say people not close to you don’t matter because they don’t have any connection to you or value to you, well then I can’t really argue with that. But watching while another person drowns and not even attempting to save him or have any feeling at all is pretty cold-blooded even by my standards. Am I reading you right or am I missing something?

          • Anonymal

            you’ve missing something. He’s not cold-blooded or thinking this in a business POV. He wrote it purely for the attention, which he now gets. I doubt hes cold blooded. People living a priviledge live have no idea how to be cold blooded. its for the attention

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol…I don’t even know where to begin. You’re like the others who instantly dismiss me as a troll or think I’m doing this all for attention simply because you don’t agree with my POV while not even offering any counter arguments whatsoever to refute my points.

            Now, speaking from a business POV != cold-blooded. It’s just simple economics. I brought it up because the fact that the boss was a billionaire seems to be a big part of the story. And your belief that people living a privileged life cannot be cold-blooded is just downright laughable. Not saying I’m cold-blooded myself, but I’m more than capable :p


            I think everyone who posts in online forums is looking for attention to some degree, after all we all want people to listen to us. But I see GAB put at least some thought into his posts and I do think it’s his true feelings, however provacative they may be. But I admit you could also be right.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            You’re right. I do care about those close to me, but to a total stranger, probably not. If jumping into a river to jeopardize my own life in a futile attempt to save someone who has no connection to me whatsoever is just idiotic and is something I would never do.


            I also wouldn’t risk my life for a complete stranger if I thought the risk was too great (ex. jumping in the ocean to save someone). But I think Du may have thought he had a good chance of saving the person so it wasn’t too big a risk to him. No one really knows what he was thinking. Would you at least try to throw the drowning person a rope or tree branch? Or is that too much too?

        • Daniel Tynan

          Perhaps you need to get out of the business world before it completely turns your heart to stone. Do animals and children have no intrinsic value because they do not “produce” or raise the bottom line? If all this “productivity” does not lead to happiness. . what is it worth anyways??

    • linette lee

      Life is precious. No one should risk losing their lives to save another person’s life. It depends on the situation.

    • Roihu

      Well, there goes anything nice I ever said about GAB.

    • Just because the proof isn’t waving in your face, turgid with truth, throbbin’ with anticipation, it doesn’t give you a license to discredit it. The water is cold, the drowning guy pulled him in… it doesn’t take five minutes, let alone one.

      You’re like the Chinese youth of today who don’t believe in the famines of the 60’s: “If so many people died, where are the mass graves? Huh?”

    • Germandude

      Yeah………….. Do you care to explain how you would value an Asian guy living in Canada, that’s constantly bragging about being gay, requesting tolerance from everybody and getting into self-defensive fights while never being offended, typing shitty posts like the one I just read? What is it worth?
      I mean, just to give you my idea: loads of trolls on the internet. You are easy to be replaced as well. However, that’s not saying that I wish you to drown or to leave the boards.

      Just please start thinking before you type such a ridiculous bullshit. And don’t worry, I am ready for your childish reply.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Did you even bother to read any of my other posts? I don’t think so. Why don’t you first attempt to offer some counter arguments to the points I made? Until then, you’re not worthy of my time.

        • Germandude

          I am pretty sure that I have read ALL of your posts on chimasmack. Unlike you, I am not forgetting things that easily. That includes discussions we had earlier on.

          I was sure that I am not worthy of your time. In fact, that’s what everybody here needs to assume given your statement that life is cheap and expendable. And your limitation on “Chinese lives” shows pretty clearly from which corner you are posting. Being an azn gay or not.

    • Ali

      are you crazy or what??? every life is important in this world…regardless of nationality or religion!!!! change ur way of thinking before u end up being alone….

    • Quentin

      From a biological point of view, homosexuals are of little importance in society because of their inability to reproduce, does that mean no one should save you when you’re dying? Just trying to use your logic.

      I think you’re trying too hard to be different, radical, contrarian, etc.. I mean, you actually made a comment about mourning someones death as “hopping on the bandwagon”. You seem desperate for attention.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        If I were dying I wouldn’t expect anyone to save me.

  • donkeykong

    So… all the employees are watching as the boss drowns. Why did none of the employees rescue the boss ?

    • ASDF

      Because Chinese people have low selfish animal-like character. There is no hope for the Chinese people until one day every single Chinese spectator jumps into the river one after the other consecutively to rescue the previous victim.

      • the ace of books

        Gosh, what a hate-filled, vitriolic comment that was!

        • mr.wiener

          He had a bad new year and the milk of his human kindness curdled. Beware the cheese of wrath.

          • the ace of books

            Just wait til that one gets moldy. What’s the opposite of penicillin?

          • mr.wiener

            Not sure, but he ain’t being a fungi.


            You have a very dry sense of humor you know that.

          • mr.wiener

            I’m addicted to bad puns.

          • Kate

            Erythromycin dear ^_^♥

          • linette lee

            or clindamycin.

          • the ace of books

            (gasp) you took my rhetorical question seriously! ♥!

        • ASDF

          Retarded Sinophobic comments have become ubiquitous to the point where sarcasm no longer works……

          • the ace of books

            See XKCD for my reply on this matter:

          • ASDF

            See XKCD for my reply on this matter:

            (CAUTION: This comment may contain traces of mockery)
            (Hot coffee may also be hot while hot)

          • the ace of books


            I GET IT


            AND THAT’S FUNNY




            (Mockery? Try harder :D)

          • ASDF

            Gosh, what a tasteless, immature comment that was!

          • the ace of books

            And so we come full circle, in the meanwhile proving that in every full-grown man is a little boy scrambling to get out.

    • thise

      Perhaps they weren’t there. They were at a party after all and I’m sure many of them would have been too busy to notice. Just a suggestion. It’s obviously unfair to judge someone while knowing absolutely nothing about them nor the situation he/she was in like our resident troll ASDF. But perhaps he was being ironic, at least, I’d like to believe that.

      • donkeykong

        I have never known of anything to happen in China without dozens of people watching. But, the news report provides very few details, so we may never know.

        • Scarlett

          Based on what I learn from original chinese websites, the scene of the accident is a little bit far from the place where they have dinner. There is another man watching, but he is not good at swim.

  • willie miller

    Brave man, deserves to be remembered as a hero. On a side note, the caption ‘Photo of Du Guanghua when he was alive’ is very useful., will ensure nobody thinks a deceased man can use a laptop.


    No doubt what Du did was selfless, caring and courageous. However, I hope people can learn from this situation. Never try to rescue a drowning person without some kind of flotation device with you, or better yet throw them a branch or a rope. I know first instinct is to jump in to save the person but a panicked person will drag you under unless you’re a very strong swimmer. Definitely never jump into the water if you’re drunk (not saying Mr. Du was drunk but it’s a possibility). I don’t know all the details of exactly what happened but it seemed there were other ways to try to save him. Regardless, RIP Mr. Du.

    • There is definitely some grey area in the story. I feel like the story is making the assumption he saved the man, but it doesn’t really say he helped in saving the man. It just says he jumped in and perished. For all we know the other man could have just swam to safety on his own.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Lol exactly. I’m sure the billionaire dude didn’t even know how to swim (which explains why he drowned in that calm shallow river) but wanted to appear as a hero so he jumped in to attempt to “save” the other guy.

        • Hmm.. so you’re sure of something without certainty? There could have been many factors at play whether they be swimming ability, freezing cold water, too drunk or just flat out unlucky.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            True, but the guy should’ve at least taken those factors into account before jumping into the water. But then I guess that wouldn’t make him a “hero.”


          I have to agree with Josh again, we just don’t know exactly what went down. Please GAB think more deliberately and logically. BTW I hope you didn’t reply to Josh solely because you liked his avatar.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol. You know me too well, kamikazipilot.

            jk :p

        • Kate

          This has already been explained to you. Drowning people are panicked and the proper way to rescue them is to throw an object and pull them in or get behind them so they can’t grab you and swim them to safety. If you don’t do that then there is a high likelyhood that they will grab the rescuer and drown the rescuer in panic. The billionaire probably could swim but he probably wasn’t trained in how to rescue someone who is drowning. The person drowning probably drowned him while he was trying to save him. -_-


        Well they did use the word “rescuing” in the article headline but you’re probably right. This article just gives very basic information. The readers are assuming a lot because there aren’t really too many details. I guess people want to believe Du died a hero.

      • scarlett

        Based on what I know from the original Chinese websites, the drunk man has lost his conscious while drowning. He was pushed to the river side by Du, then Du disappeared in the river. The information of this short article is very limited.

    • Irvin

      Everyone knows the correct way to save a drowning person is to first throw a rock on his head to knock him out THEN save him. A limp person is much easier to save than one that tries to pull you under.

      • anon


    • Alexander

      Kamikazipilot, you are definitely correct about the correct way to save someone. There seems to be a lack of emergency preparedness skills taught in the schools and things like scouting is not such a common youth organization like in Western countries. I remember in primary and middle school learning basic fire safety. Now on a more serious note about your comment, the best way is to take off your pants(and underwear too, no time to waste!) and use them like a rope and pull the victim to safety. The best part is being a hero and getting to show off your big cock in public to all the ladies without getting in trouble for it…..


        I think even most people in western countries would not be sure how to react in a situation like that. LMAO, you must have some really long underwear and pants to be able to do that. In summertime maybe stripping would be good but in this situation you forget how cold it was at the river, your dick will resemble a prune. Trust me, you don’t want to expose your little fellow for all to see when it’s that cold.

        • Alexander

          A person 180cm tall, their pant legs apart should be able to make a rope about 170cm. Have you seen the Boy Scout trick of knotting the ends of the pant legs, then using the waist part to catch air then close it and it can make a floaty by using the trapped air?


            Even 170cm isn’t too long, just like a tree branch. Yes I’ve seen that trick about making a flotation device out of clothes. But really are you going to do all that when someone is drowning, you won’t have time. Bottom line, never jump into the water and try to rescue a drowning victim by yourself. You’ll likely get in trouble yourself. Hate to say it, but better them die than you. You need to look for something they can grab and float on.

  • njren

    “Du Guanghua’s sacrifice to rescue another is very touching, like a
    passionate fire in winter, igniting every one of our spirits, warming
    our Yongkang city, passing on the positive energy we have in Yongkang.
    It’s worthy of all our city residents to learn from and to respect…

    There’s a total of 8 ignited spirits in those photos. Not really feeling the passionate fire there.

  • Super Bunny

    the sadest thing for human being is have a life but without money.

    th most sadest thing for human being is have money but already gone.

    • Kate

      Life without money is not the saddest thing. I would say life without people who genuinely care and love you.

      • Super Bunny

        your happily married woman you have the right to say things like this…good, keep on your happiness!

      • WoRPt

        Nothing is sadder than life without cheese

        • Super Bunny

          and money can buy all kinda cheese…

          i love cheese in my hometown,,,you can eat raw or fried it…
          hmm, i can eat a lot once i am home. soon i will go home and eat a lot…food in my hometown is so amazing, and around 150 already good enough for whole family,once i am home, we go out eat often…
          so happy!

    • linette lee

      I would say happiness is the most important, then health, then money. You can have so much money but without health or happiness what good is it? Money can’t buy happiness or good health.

      • Super Bunny

        come one! it’s a famous chinese joke. why your so serious?
        and money can buy happiness and good health too.
        also love and marriage.

        • linette lee

          It’s good to have money. I like money too. Who doesn’t? It can sometimes buy good health not always. Definitely not true love. Buy happiness….sometimes.

          • Super Bunny

            you think how many people are mad at looking for true love?love is just a small part of life…only some women are so crazy at it.
            for men, more for sex. for women, more for a easier life.
            and at last, all die.

          • linette lee

            come on. We all want an easier life. We can achieve that with our own effort. The world outside China is not the same. Many countries outside China you can make a decent living as women by getting good education. You can even make more money than men. You can live comfortable without relying on marriage or men. I will not marry to a millionaire if he is so ugly and bad personality. I don’t think you will neither. This is the man you will be sleeping with the rest of your life. You will be miserable even if you have million dollars.

          • Super Bunny

            you do not have to give me speech all the time…i believe what i met and heard and saw…

            men also marry rich women for better future even though big film directors and actors…and everywhere…

            good,hope you can find someone u love so much and he loves you so much soon too…that’s what u deserve..both look at each other with that googoo eyes day and night…hahaha!

          • Ryo

            “This is the man you will be sleeping with the rest of your life.”

            This is only true in fairy tales. You see, there’s this thing called a “divorce.” And in most places, the women get’s half of what the man has. The average divorce rate is about 50%. And in the other 50%, a lot are just staying together ” for the kids sake” or ” it’s just too expensive.” But you know what they say, divorce is expensive but it’s worth every penny (mao).

  • Super Bunny

    80s are good people, because most of us have the parents from 60s.
    they are the hard-working and bitter generation,still keep the old chinese good value.
    as my father, nobody needs to tell him to do anything and it’s already done.he can not stop working.

  • alien

    We really need to hear more good stories. I have stopped looking around and posting on the net lately because its all bad news.

    this man is really an example of humanity. I’d work for him as well.

    • Blars

      I agree that he WAS a good hearted man but you would not work for him for long coz his bloody dead now isn’t he, thanks to a drunk peasant.

    • Germandude

      Problem is that many think “If it ain’t bad news, it ain’t news.”

    • Well, you have something to bring up at your next job interview.

  • JRushnik

    “Photo of Du Guanghua when he was alive.”

    Oh really?

  • mzungu

    been to a few of these Chinese company functions , I am betting on the boss was drunk.

    And looking at the pictures, there seems to have no stairs on that river bank walls, there is no way anyone falling in can climb out of the river, specialty at night.

  • Ryo

    I think he was trying to save himself from paying the 100k RMB to the dead guys family.

    If you didn’t know, if a worker dies in your work area even if it were due to their stupidity, the owner still has to pay. Just saying…

    • Blars

      You’re right. We had this guy just started working for our company, guy died in the dormitory, heart failure doc said. The guy had only worked for 2 weeks and died in his sleep and still the company had to pay 150000rmb, family claimed 900000 but luckily didn’t get it, but still, why have to pay anything? 150000 rmb for 2 weeks work wtf!!??

    • Scarlett

      No, I don’t think so. The drunk man is only 20 years old who is from the same village with Du. Their parents are friends. Du’s father said,”If Zhao(the drunk man’s name) have died, I would feel ashamed for not taking good care of him.”

  • Celia Wu

    I feel so proud that in China, we have such a great hero.

    • He’s dead; this is a trait that many Chinese heroes share.

      • Blars

        Bloody right!!

      • linette lee

        No one should risk dying trying to save other people. I rather this young boss not jump in risking his life. Now he is dead.

        • I didn’t call him a hero.

  • ex boss

    How do we it was not an act to trick the boss to jump and murder him?

    • a Villain

      I like your thinking. Always assume the worst in mainland Chinese behaviour.

  • Why are there sooooo many stories about Chinese people drowning while saving others? Maybe its just the reporting practices, like drowning is a particularly emotionally provocative event in Chinese mindset so news agencies report it, but… I just don’t feel like this happens as much in the U.S.

    A few weeks ago I was at a park and there was a large sign warning people not to swim in the reservoir, with a collage of photos of drowned children being scooped up in a net from the water and old ladies bawling hysterically, as if a “Don’t fuckin’ swim, dumbass” sign isn’t enough.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Maybe because the people who tried to saved others don’t know how to swim themselves? Which makes them even more of a hero?

      • Brett

        … Or it makes them more of “an hero”.

  • Heretic

    What a nice guy. I’d guess he was probably a bit tipsy too, it being a banquet and him being the boss, but it goes to show that none of that made him lose his soul.

    The thing I have to ask, though, is why there have been so many terrible stories about drowning this past year or so? I was in Beijing when those poor guys drowned underneath the overpasses, and it was quite sad and senseless. And there were also the students who made a human chain, which was remarkable and moving as well. But it made me wonder why so few people I know in China actually know how to swim. I guess I take it for granted, but everyone knows how to swim where I come from (another river city). We all learn young. Chinese parents, please teach your kids to swim! They can be heroes without the sacrifice.

  • Hopefully the next of Kin to the billionaire is a little more brighter than his relative.

  • dim mak

    Cool dude

    Will leave baijiu on his grave

    • mr.wiener

      I nice gesture and thought, but a little ironic considering the circumstances of his death.
      What happened to the drunken employee anyway?

      • Probably woke up with a killer headache and swore (like everyone else during bad hangovers) to never drink again, while mentally slapping himself for acting like such a fool. Then he had a bacon sandwich, took a nap, and woke up feeling a bit better but still rather sluggish and with periodic bowel troubles.

      • “What happened to the drunken employee anyway?”

        He married the boss’ wife.
        This is “The Sopranos” we’re talking about, right?

  • Things that only happen in China. God bless them


      “Only happen in China” Are you even serious?

  • Are we sure that’s a photo of Du Guanghua when he was alive? Are we sure it’s not post-mortem? How can we be sure? I mean, I see he’s obviously conscious and smiling in the photo, but I need more clarification.

  • Kim

    Unfortunately there is only one in China.

  • Gerhana

    His live he sacrifice, a row of white chrysanthemum. Appropriate ritual for Du.

  • A Lu

    It seems people think he’s an hero because despite being a billionaire he did something selfish to help another person.

    So if I do the same I’m not an hero or what? That’s not fair!

  • mjcassidy3333

    God Bless him, all that money and he still cowboyed up to try to save someone. That is one rich man that fit through the eye of a needle.

  • [email protected]

    Whoah, he became a billionaire from selling wire? Crazy. Awesome though. Yeah, definitely drinking alcohol and swimming (or in this case getting in the water to help someone in trouble) do not mix well. Such a pity, he does look like he was a descent human being, and there are too few of them in the world. Another sad story on chinaSMACK.

  • anon


  • Xiaohouzi

    Good lord. What was he thinking? Relieving himself in the river… he should have been thrown in!

  • Andi

    He must have been pretty drunk himself to have drowned in that river…

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