Billionaire Gives Hometown Elderly 6.5 Million “Red Envelope”


From NetEase::

Liu Qiangdong Distributes 6.5 Million in Spring Festival Red Envelopes to Hometown Elderly in Jiangsu Province Suqian City

Xinhua Daily internet report — “I grew up here, and without the care and concern of the elders of my hometown, I would not have been able to leave this village, nor would I be the person I am today, so with my visit home this year to see everyone for Chinese New Year, I want to express some of goodwill, and hope that everyone has a happy new year!” said Jingdong Group founder Liu Qiangdong [best known for Chinese e-commerce site], on the morning of February 17th, to the elderly in the village.

Liu Qiangdong also introduced Milk Tea Girl to the village’s elders: “This is my wife.”

As Spring Festival approaches, Liu Qiangdong returned to his birthplace — Suqian city Suyu district Lailong town Guangming village. While cordially visiting his hometown villagers and paying his respects for the Chinese New Year, he used his own money to give all 650-some elderly over 60 years of age in the village 10,000 yuan [RMB] in “Special Spring Festival Red Envelopes” [“hong bao“].

Xinhua Daily reporter Xu Mingze

Comments from NetEase:

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I think this is very impressive. Stop always accusing other people of posing/pretending [referring to other comments]. Let’s see you pose/pretend like this.

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Not bad, at least he gave away real actual money.

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To return to one’s hometown in glory.

wansure [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

This village sure is large, with over 600 elderly people aged 60 or above, that sure is niubi.

咩枪法 [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

More kind and sincere than Pan Shiyi!

糖糖sugar [网易湖南省常德市手机网友]:

Milk Tea Girl is also a legendary publicity stunt. Had she known she was going to live off a rich man, why bother getting an education/going to school?

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Ding you, CEO Liu.

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Are his profits this much>

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 [大中华区性高潮研究会会长]:

This is my cunt, everyone help yourself!

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Hater 🐶

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  • Mighty曹

    That is very noble. Unlike the other rich clown who does it for publicity.

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      Yeah, money solves everything.

    • Sam

      Although he looks very genuine, his company gains good publicity from his stunts. It’s win win!

      • Mighty曹

        That makes him a very smart man. Elevating his company without making an ass of himself.

  • FYIADragoon

    “Milk Tea Girl is also a legendary publicity stunt. Had she known she was going to live off a rich man, why bother getting an education/going to school?”

    The entire reason golddiggers go to school is to have fast access to successful men.

    I’m surprised though. I don’t keep up a ton with celeb gossip, but I thought he and Tea Milk slut had broken up?

    • Mighty曹

      Hahaha….’Tea Milk slut’.

    • Teacher in China

      Dude looks pretty old. Isn’t Milk Tea Girl only like 22 or something? Must be like a 20 year age gap there.

      • Alex Dương

        He’s still got a ways to go before he enters Rupert Murdoch territory.

        • Teacher in China

          What’s his deal? 30 year difference? More?

          • Alex Dương

            Almost 40 years (37).

      • Irvin

        Age is a thing of mind over matter, if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter.

        • mr.wiener

          I thought it was: You are only as old as the girl you are feeling?

          • Irvin

            Philosophy to live by.

        • Teacher in China

          Up to a point, anyway. 10-20 years difference is a little odd. Past 20 years gets pretty weird. It’s funny though, I say that, yet if I was rich, 60, and single, and some bouncy 20 something year old wanted to marry me, I’d do it in a heartbeat I’m sure.

          • Xia

            Like this one? ‘Young wife makes me younger’


          • Teacher in China

            54 fucking years…..that’s insane.

          • JayJay

            It’s only OK when Stephen Fry does it!!

          • James

            I’d love me some young poontang that’s all I have to say about that.

          • Irvin

            I love young butts and I cannot lie.

      • Xia

        19 years age gap here.

    • KamikaziPilot

      As far as gold diggers go, it’s all fun and games until their man leaves them for the next pretty young thing, or their looks fade. Then what do they have to fall back on? Certainly not their brains.

      • AbC

        If they even got 5-10% in a divorce settlement… That’s more than enough to fall back on

      • FYIADragoon

        Well, it takes brains to navigate in a way that accounts for the future. And as the Chinese like to say, “God is fair.” So golddiggers aren’t usually blessed with any intelligence.

    • JayJay

      Is it bad that I misread it as ‘Milk Tea Girl is a publicity cunt’?

      • FYIADragoon

        I believe they call it a Freudian slip? And she is a publicity cunt ;)

    • Insomnicide

      JD’s biggest publicity comes not from good business but Milk Tea Girl….ugh…

  • monster

    girls no need to study so hard, if you have a rich dad you already can choose a rich guy for whole life meal tickets, if you look good, then marry early also can find a rich husband.
    it’s the reality. i regret i finished school too late.
    also i regret wasted time under the name of love by rubbish snob white dog who is dreaming to find a sh girl with apt.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Everyone should educate themselves for their own good. You shouldn’t depend on others your whole life. Looks will fade, money can be gone, people can turn against you, and so on. Maybe time for you to find a Japanese guy, a black guy, maybe an Indian? Can you post your pic again, please. I want to see how ugly you are.

      • monster

        im not ugly at all!
        when in uni, guys chased me could be a line. i was so naive, still dream of pure love. not as these smart girls grab a rich or talented guy for husband early.

        • KamikaziPilot

          You aren’t? I thought you posted a pic a while ago when you had a grudge against Kate? That wasn’t you? Okay post your pic again I want to see how beautiful you are.

          • monster

            why shall i ? what for?
            busy for cny! need to shopping a lot.

          • KamikaziPilot

            I want to see the face behind the insanity. Eatalot is that you?

          • bonzibuddythehacker

            Don’t do that monster! he’ll fapping over your pic!

        • Vance Lunn

          You have a choice. Marry a man of modest income, live in a smaller house and maybe not have all the luxuries, but you will be the center of his heart and his life. He may not bring home much, but what he brings home is for you. OR You can marry a rich guy. You’ll have all the luxuries, but he will mostly ignore you as he will be too busy making money. Those guys also get chased by other girls and often fall to the temptation to cheat. Which do you choose?

          • David

            Marrying a man of modest or poor income does in no way mean he will be a good guy. Lots of poor assholes out there too. Also, no reason to think if a guy educates himself and works hard, and makes money he is a bad guy. Money is not the answer to all of life’s problems but most marriages end because of it.

          • Vance Lunn

            You are correct about that! It takes certain attitudes to be rich usually. Some are poor simply because they were not interested in taking the steps necessary to become wealthier. and yest money does end alot of marriages. often the wealth and the getting of it is a distraction from keeping the marriage healthy. not always., but sometimes.

          • redgirls

            Agreed, when i was younger I fell in love with a poor guy like me, for love, wealth had nothing to do with it but we were happy, then the fucking money came what a curse he made his money illegally, so I dumped his ass, I would rather raise my children on my wage than live with that shit and all the curses it brings with it. … love lost and won

          • monster

            not work like that either!
            most guys are cheap as fk!
            i am from an average family. but not grow up in a cheap way.
            i can not stand cheap guys.
            when i was a kid, my father always took us to cafe and ice cream shop.bought me nice tiny bike early, bought me coumpter very early, nice phones…i had a lot nice things earlier than most others same as my age.
            so i do not understand why most guys are so cheap, as if they never ever had anything nice in their lives.

          • Vance Lunn

            My own approach as a guy is that if I have it to give, then I enjoy giving to my loved ones. It is so nice to see them smile and be happy because of it. You are right, some guys piss away their money on themselves and refuse to treat their girl to something special.

          • Germandude

            If u knew her u would spend all money on yourself. Like for a plane ticket that gets u far away from her.

          • Vance Lunn

            Is she a Shanghai girl. Does anyone here know? I have heard that the women from Shanghai are very materialistic.

          • ScottLoar

            I support a wife, daughter and a neutered cat so I know all about life and love, and I agree. I also have not won an argument in the house for years, even the cat mews with complaints.

          • Vance

            Yea I hear that…

          • Matt

            Frugality is a virtue.

            Wasting one’s wealth on vanity consumerism is not wise.

            “so i do not understand why most guys are so cheap, as if they never ever had anything nice in their lives.”

            Maybe it’s because they grew up poor and don’t want to be poor again.

          • jaded

            So you think someone should just give you everything while you just sit on your ass?

        • jaded

          still are niave

    • Irvin

      wait…… went to school?

    • Alex

      Jesus guys… It’s obviously a white guy with too much time in his hands.

      Don’t feed the boring troll

      • mr.wiener

        Truth is often stranger than fiction…she is legit….unfortunately.

      • David

        No, This is probably Eatalot, who is quite a real Chinese woman and has been posting here a long time.

    • bujiebuke

      “i regret i finished school too late.”

      how long did it take you to finish school? Just curious…

    • tomoe723

      Only if you want to be slave to rich man. And don’t be surprised later on if new girl comes to replace you. What will you do then? Old, wrinkly, and dumb. Yeah good choice not to study well.

  • Walrus

    Environment looks toxic, even in the villages???

  • Dan

    What is with the Chinese commentators’ importunate use of the word ‘cunt’?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The dude is old enough to be her father.

  • tom7777

    i am overseas chinese….. i observe things…. my opinion is that the money culture on the chinese has been around for centuries n has rooted in the chinese vein for so long that chinese evolving culture n mind toward money. the problem is money always gains by logic therefore chinese more rely on mind than hearts….

    the fact that chinese are hard saving money n hard working proved that in chinese cultured money is the ultimate goal. look at spring festival as example people give hong bao… seem nice n seem nothing wrong but it teach the kids that money is everything. and that is the first mistake of spring festival, the second mistake is chinese parent are inconsiderate to think what their children really want, from my point of view present sweeter than money in other words western chrismas culture teach kids that by giving them present give an impression that money is not everthing.

    in general most of the chinese cant take small things for granted,… let me give u guys an example the song of an orchestra n a song from cd, i dare to bet by chinese ear they sound the same, but it didnt, they are different. this also will reflect on the way of living, a steak and a wagyu is different, a apartment and a condominium is different, a living room and a lounge is different. in my view chinese people tend can not enjoy a better quality stuff thus make them save money more n make money as their ultimate goal. in comparisson of western value that put money worthless, i mean in their blood they already know that money is useless unless u change their value in something you like.

    oh and i wanna add if majority of the masses think money is the ultimate goal of life, let me ask you what if u have a power? what if u are an official? i dare to bet most of the will corrupt and use their power to get that ultimate goal. i think this is the reason why eastern government has more corruption that the west.

    dont get me wrong, i am proud to be a chinese, for thousand of years dominating the world. but we have to face the reality that we have a mess culture, an ancient culture. i hope that one day the chinese will not make money as ultimate goal, but will make money as a tools to gain happiness and realize money has no value until u changed them ito stuff u really like. i really hope that in the future culture we will lead our life by our heart instead our mind, because if you living by your heart, a public apartment will warm you, an economical rice package will make you full, and a bunk will give you a sweet dream. and that’s what life is worth living for. long live one party system. (trust me democracy in the east creates chaos more than progress)

    • Xia

      I think money culture was not that strong in the past. Consider that in the traditional Confucian society that China was, merchants had a lower social status than peasants who owned land.

      While scholars were worshipped and even the poorest teachers demanded respect for their literacy, merchants were often ridiculed as being “stinky moneybags”.

      Even if the merchant was the richest man in China, he is still subject to the will of the imperial government/scholar bureaucracy.
      This struggle of power that the merchant class lost can be seen in the historical case of Shen Wansan ( ).

      In the end, the officials of the imperial bureaucracy were the creme de la creme in the Chinese social pyramid, with the imperial household sitting on its summit, and they were the social class that amassed the most power and money for themselves.

      • jaded

        That was a long time ago during the dynastic eras of Chinese history. And yes they were glorious ones. However, what you have now is the PRC People’s Republic of Capitalism. It’s all about money now. A blind man could see that.

        • Xia

          If you watch closely, it’s still the same old bureaucratic system. Just without any particular ideology and the CCP is the emperor.

          • jaded

            Hmm on an allegorical level maybe. But it’s people with money who are respected here. They are not the vile merchants looked down on by teachers and scholars

          • Xia

            People with money are still under the level of people with political clout. Here, officialdom means both money and power. While money alone does not always bring you the power that someone working on the higher tiers of the CPC may have. If the top politicians want to, they have a variety of means to take your money away.

          • jaded

            Yes absolutely. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • Vance

      It is true that there has never been a democratic system in Mainland China, and I had wondered how they would do with a democracy, however, we can look at Taiwan. Many of the people there are related to the Mainland Chinese, I understand and they adopted a democratic system in the early 90″s. Their government has changed parties by popular election a couple times if I remember correctly and I have heard of no unusual civil problems there. Also for Asians in general, the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea all have democracies and those countries are doing well. So there are some Asians and even more specifically, Chinese (in Taiwan) who are doing well with practicing democratic governing. Of course, one can point to many imperfections and incidents of corruption, but that is normal for any governing body. This is why there is an advantage to holding that body directly accountable to its people via democratic elections.

    • phiota

      I think China’s Money/Power Obsession roots are because it is a communist country where the powerful/rich take advantage (jobs, business, contracts…) of those below them. It is better now then last few decades (since private economy is larger now) but with the cultural revolution wiping out most previous culture (with Communism being the one that replaced it). Even if china politics change it will still take at least a few generations for the mentality to change.

    • jaded

      You maden some really good insights there. However just one thing:

      ‘dont get me wrong, i am proud to be a chinese, for thousand of years dominating the world’

      How did China dominate the world for thousands of years? Which history book was that? The CCP ‘official’ book of world history? haha

      • KamikaziPilot

        They didn’t, hell they didn’t even dominate the world for one year.

        • 宋易

          Well, if you consider that China *is* the whole world, it seems China has dominated it for… 93 years now? :-P

        • takasar1

          well, you tell me, has any nation/people ever dominated the entire world??? no.

          • KamikaziPilot

            I’d say before the age of European exploration about 500 years ago, definitely not. There were empires (ex. Roman, Mongol, Aztec) that dominated certain regions of the world but no one nation/people came close to dominating the world, primarily because there was far less interaction between different regions. Granted people have a subjective definition of “domination” but I do believe in the past 500 years there have been/are nations that are dominant around the world. Everything is RELATIVE, and relatively speaking both Britain and America had periods where they were the most dominant nations the world has ever seen, certainly much more than China ever was. America is still in this position today.

          • takasar1

            well….if america is a hegemon, its an awefully recent/insecure one. in today’s world, where cities can be decimated in hours (a capability which multiple countries share), at best, the US is in the position of ‘first-among-equals’. no nation can conceivably become a ‘superpower’ from this point on. the only decade that the US found itself omnipotent is was the 1990s (and maybe even the last decade). it had to contend with the ussr during the last century. it has been more of a cultural superpower than a (conventional) economic/military one.

            britian, i can believe and agree, to an extent. britain 1820-1870 may not have been the continental land power ready to throw down on the continent but it could use its navy to strangle a continental power and deprive her off her colonies and sources of wealth. by the latter half of the 19th century however, they lost their industrial lead, the long depression hollowed them out and allowed the germans and americans to race ahead economically. militarily they became far less secure as the new century rolled on (with the dreadnought being their greatest mistake). you could call them a ‘superpower’ and i in fact believe they were the only ones truly worthy of that title.

            i agree with your earlier point. before the 18th century it was all relative and quite murky to accurately assess how much influence/power a state had. fact remains however that a state centered between the yellow and yangtze rivers has more often than any other, come to be at a point where its power (economic and/or military) dwarfed almost any other contemporary power. the han dynasty, at their height only had the roman republic as their equals in economics, engineering, population etc, the tang, by the end of umayyad caliphate, enjoyed supreme power for a good couple of decades. the ming, for a good half century around 1400 were easily the most powerful nation in the world and were capable of projecting power across the western pacific and indian oceans.

          • KamikaziPilot

            All I’m saying is that America of today and Britain at the height of it’s empire were far more powerful and influential worldwide than China or any of its empires ever were. I’m talking about worldwide influence, not regional. You can’t really say China was dominant worldwide in 1400, since most nations/cultures were relatively isolated during that time. Did China dominate Asia during that time? I’d say yes, but they didn’t have worldwide influence like America does today or Britain did during her prime empire years. They might have had the biggest GDP, were just as technologically advanced, if not more so than any other group but that doesn’t define a worldwide power, since China didn’t really have much interaction or competition with other empires at the time. They dominated their region for sure, but their influence wasn’t felt in Europe, Africa, the Americas, etc. Whereas Britain and American influences were felt on every populated continent and still is today.

            As far as America being more of a cultural power, well you may have a point but they do have military bases in over 100 countries and have the highest GDP by far and are leaders in many fields of science and technology so I don’t think you can call them only a cultural superpower. One last thing, I’m not glorifying America’s or Britain’s empires, in fact, I despise a lot of what they’ve done and am glad the British Empire is no longer. I’m just looking at things as I see it, without regard to morality. And I just don’t think China ever came close to matching Britain’s or America’s status as a worldwide superpower.

          • Alex Dương

            Agreed. At no point throughout Chinese history could China ever claim to have been “an empire on which the sun never set.”

      • Zappa Frank

        i guess the meaning was for thousands years were the most advanced. something that is probably true enough even if doesnt seem to me to the extent that someone claim. how or why someone can/should take pride of this is another thing.

        • jaded

          More than the Greeks,Romans or Egyptians? Don’t think so.

          • Zappa Frank

            is up to what is considered to be the chinese civilization. chinese have a quite wide vision of it and include any culture from the Stone age. nevertheless is true that at the time of Roman for instance they had a probably more developed culture…for sure not as much as many say. is true as well that in modern time probably Roman culture left a deeper mark than the chinese one…probably even in China

          • Alex Dương

            I don’t think less than the Greeks, Romans, or Egyptians, either.

      • takasar1

        well, what was the consensus largest economy for much of the last two millenia…..?

        • jaded

          Which part of the last two milenia? All of it? That’s a large scale. If you mean recent years, Yes, as everyone knows, it’s the no 2 ranked economy The US is still no 1 (not American BTW). However the standard of living is still 3rd world in many parts of the country.

          • takasar1

            well, the consensus (amongst historians and economists) is that china (or the appropriate state that was centered between the yellow and yangtze rivers) and india, during the last 2 millenia accounted for the vast majority of the world’s production. they had the largest economies and (especially in the case of china) profoundly and indirectly influenced the rest of the world.

            not saying it isnt still a developing country with tons of issues and poor but anyone constantly shouting ‘ccp propaganda!’ with regards to china’s history is obviously denying the fact that the last two centuries, from a relative national power point of view, have been a mere abberation.

          • jaded

            Yes the silk road was significant if that’s what you refer to. However, you/they have gone backwards in the last few hundred years and have a long way to go. It’s ironic that this civilisation is still so uncivilised.

          • takasar1

            no doubt it is still quite undeveloped and uncivilised in rural areas. my point isnt that its all fine and dandy over there, but that china’s history isn’t exactly the little red book, it isnt a product that ccp can create.

          • Zappa Frank

            as reply ed before by kamikaze the influence of China was local, not worldwide. the State or the states between rivers?

    • 宋易

      “long live one party system. (trust me democracy in the east creates chaos more than progress)”

      Patently racist…. as if the same principles of human endeavor don’t apply in East Asia.

      Get your head on straight.

      • takasar1

        you can see the principles of human endeavor and how well they are working out in india.

        • jaded

          Look how well things are ‘working out’ here.

          • takasar1

            ‘here’ is a ‘commie left-wing hell-hole’ but the great nation of india is a democracy, surely issues relating to corruption, rape/other-crime, pollution etc shouldn’t exist here…

          • jaded

            It’s the people who create that. Not the system of government, left or right. BTW China hasn’t been left wing for a long time. They realised they had to change their commie ways if the were going to get anywhere

            The CCP are just communist by name,

          • takasar1

            exactly my point. i was indirectly relegating political system in importance relative to sound economic policy and modernization. the peasant/farmer/common man cares extremely little who/what runs the country, so long as they have food on table, shelter, clothes and the prospect of a better life. based upon this it shocks me when i hear people moaning about why the chinese people don’t rise up against the ccp en masse. these idiots seem to forget that when your parents were piss poor farmers and you are now wearing gucci, carrying an iphone and travelling on an aeroplane, you would call that some pretty damn good policy-making. it may not continue of course but….

        • 宋易

          Please… India has an entirely different set of problems. Are you really saying that Indian democracy has slowed growth and development there? Or would you admit that democracy can’t solve, and the benefits of which are likely hampered by, many other historical problems unrelated to freedom of choice? Democracy is not a panacea for social and political dysfunction.

          Moreover, I wouldn’t necessarily argue in favor of democracy in China. I think far (far, far, far) more important are: 1. Freedom of information, 2. Property rights, and 3. rule of law and competent enforcement of fair laws and regulations.

          Shift in the direction of these types of changes, instead of the Xi doctrine that is bafflingly backpedaling on much of China’s progress and conducting a circus of an anti-corruption campaign to win the approval of an uninformed public, and maybe democracy or some other type of participatory government would make sense down the road.

          But the bottom line is, “long live the one party system” is a moronic perspective.

    • Zappa Frank

      why the last sentence? are Taiwan Korea Japan all in a mess and China is so much better? seems to me that you should explain better this belief of yours

      • jaded

        Actually I missed that part. Long live the One party dictatorship? Like there’s not chaos here? Quite Wumaoish.

  • mingy

    If I were Mr Liu, I will do the samething.

  • (.__.” }

    Nice to see some “good news” for a change.

  • ClausRasmussen

    >> To return to one’s hometown in glory


  • sk8erry

    Funny thing is, he is boyfriend of my high school classmate.

  • Dolph Grunt

    “This is my cunt, everyone help yourself!”

    Oh come on, that was good!

  • 宋易

    Damn, that guy is all up inside the Milk Tea girl? Shit!

  • gabbybb

    If every young girl thinks that way,well then ,they should keep their eyes on their watermelons closely and tightly when these girls get older.

  • guest

    Chinese Values: Face, Money, Women, Children and Property

    • Yes!

      You nailed it.

  • GangnamStyle2Disqus

    Black money……….

  • now that’s what I call 小费 Vol. 1

  • Croid

    whadda man!!!!!

  • Croid

    awesome ….. may his life be blessed