Black American Girls Brawl, Chinese Netizen Reactions

American black women get into a fight in front of a gas station.

American black women get into a fight in front of a gas station.

Uploaded yesterday on Tudou, this video has accumulated ~250k views so far (not including copies and copies on other video sharing websites) with ~210k “likes” on QQ (similar to Facebook “likes”). Will it continue being viral?

A copy on Sina.

The title given to this video by the uploader on Tudou was: “一众美女打群架的场面多么给力啊” which most people will read as “What an awesome group fight scene between a crowd of pretty girls“. As a result, many of the Chinese netizen comments left on this video by Tudou viewers complained about how these women could be called “pretty” or “beautiful” as represented in the title, even accusing the uploader of intentionally using a deceptive title. Some of these comments were translated below. However, the title could also be read as: “What an awesome group fight scene between a crowd of American girls“.

African-American women fighting each other in front of a gas refilling station.

A nearly naked black woman who has had most of her clothes ripped off in a brawl.

One of the girls holds up clothes torn off from other girls during the fight.

An African-American man speaks to the camera.

Girls from the winning side do a celebration dance.

A girl from the side that won the fight stands on top of a car's hood.

Comments from Tudou:

熋baby Ξ :

So gei li, hehe, girls fighting, it’s just not the same… = =


Crowd: blacks. Language: English. South Africa? Canada? America? England? …. I think the common people in these countries can have guns and knives. [So] this should just be a small fight only. If it were serious, they would’ve already taken out their knives and guns.


The one in black is fierce. Her physique is good too. I trust even Asia’s manly men couldn’t take several punches from her.


How do you lose even your underwear in a fight…sigh, it is too inharmonious abroad…


They might as well go become sumo wrestlers, fat as they are.


Each and everyone of them fat like pigs. Sweat.


Looks like they’re all blacks.
The one with the best physique didn’t lose a single piece of clothing.


America is such a mess! Hell on earth.


Looks like foreign countries really are open-minded [in a negative way].


Pretty girls? Bullshit pretty girls…obviously just a bunch of prostitutes getting into a fight competing for business.


all African American i heard like “WTF” three times


Stupid cunt louzhu, just a bunch of dark and swarthy black people, you motherfucker, and you call them pretty girls?


What pretty girls, ai ya~ my eyes…

hhjjhhjjhh (responding to 毛主席复活把):

Are you racist?


Did they catch a convenience store thief or something?


For America, women not wearing clothes on the streets is no big deal.


Fuck, black people fighting, looking at black people’s butts!


Obviously black people attacking white people…


WWE female version.


Very yellow, very violent.

亲爱、星星 还会亮多久 ¢:

Fuck, only lasted 3 minutes…but even by 2 minutes that woman’s clothes had all been ripped off, fuck. What kind of speed is that?


What happened, why did they fight, and even while naked? Did someone get caught having a secret affair/cheating?


If he [the uploader] didn’t use such a beautiful word, how would he get all the perverts to come in [and view the video]?

灼 眼のシャナ:

Sigh, why so racist? These black people have more money than you guys, okay? And you guys discriminate against them. Who knows, maybe black people discriminate against you too.


Aren’t these chimpanzees in the animal kingdom fighting?


Was this filmed on a mobile phone? Are foreign mobile phone camera resolutions this bad? Was it a shanzhai mobile phone?


Haha, fighting so viciously even their underwear was lost.


The men on the side are so useless…manly men should step in and doing something!!


…not going to say anything except that foreigners are so ferocious in fights.


This “美女 [mei nv, pretty girl or American girl]” term was well used!


I dislike two types of people the most, the first are racists, the second are black people.


Not China, good, good. Brother is calm/relieved.


Pretty girls? More like female pigs.


Those women are too ferocious in a fight! If I were to get in a fight with them, I bet I would be instantly killed! -。-||||


In all seriousness, I couldn’t beat that black woman~


A bunch of people without class.


Fuck, what nationality are these people? So lacking in class.


American girls not wearing underwear is normal!


Each and everyone of them like boxers. At first, I thought this was domestic [in China], but the moment the first move was made, I thought it was too ferocious. Halfway through I finally realized these were foreigners, and then I didn’t think it was so strange.


Truly primitive animals.


What kind of lousy mobile phone is it~ So blurry~

身不由己丶: (responding to vdog)

Don’t think before you speak?

紸  ˉ宰、:

Warriors up front as meat shields!! Mages don’t be lazy!! Hurry and cast buffs!!!! Archers hurry and snipe!!!

說好的!幸福呢~: (responding to above)



Looks like a black versus white fight?


Faint, big fights between women boils down to ripping off each others’ clothes.


Laowais, so crazy.


Why did she suddenly start jumping [on the car] after the fight?


Looks like they’re all blacks, and after fighting, they all start screaming like animals/monsters.


A bunch of incomparably ferocious women (foreign women).


A very gei li fight~


Women fighting is basically hair-pulling and clothes-ripping…


These no class black devils.


Products of a backwards people.


What kind of mess is this? Women sometimes are really scary~


Such a chaotic/unruly place.


I see a bunch of fat pigs throwing meat around.


Foreign women are too gei li. Growing up eating meat indeed is different [means that foreigners are often physically stronger or healthier because of better nutrition].


What country is this? Why is it so chaotic/unruly?


Nights in foreign countries are very crazy~~haha ~~


This should be the United States, right?!


A bunch of incomparably ferocious foreign mothers/women being bitches. Appraisal complete.

我和土豆有个仔: (responding to “very yellow, very violent” comments)

It’s “very black, very violent”.


Nowadays you can only see such gei li videos on Tudou. Youku, you go ahead and continue pretending to be harmonious!


Louzhu‘s “pretty girls” means “American girls”
But I too am not certain if this is the United States. – –


So many bystanders looking on!! Hehe

Ferocious women. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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