Blind Beggar Beaten & Thrown into Water by Yunnan Chengguan

China, Yunnan province, Zhaotong city, a blind beggar was beat up and then thrown into a pond by "chengguan" city management officials who have since been suspended by the city government.

China, Yunnan province, Zhaotong city, a blind beggar was beat up and then thrown into a pond by "chengguan" city management officials who have since been suspended by the city government.

From QQ:

Yunnan Zhaotong City Management Official Beats Up Blind Beggar and Throws Him into Pond

According to (reported by Xu Hongyi), at 6:41pm on the 24th, netizen “Angelbaby_杨露” posted a microblog post on Tencent Weibo, claiming “several chengguan law enforcement officers in Zhaotong City had beat up a blind beggar and tossed him into the water”. In less than two days of the posting of this weibo, it had been viewed 4.34 million times. At the same time, many netizens posted posts with the same content on China’s major discussion forums triggering heated discussions, with comments being very sharp and harsh.

This reporter has also been @-ed [to be mentioned on microblog posts or had microblog posts directed at] over 500 times by numerous netizens. In order to find out the truth behind the “several chengguan law enforcement officers in Zhaotong City beating up a blind beggar and tossing him into the water”, this reporter conducted an investigation today [March 25].

Witness claims chengguan beating was cruel

“No matter what he had done, whether he was right or wrong, chengguan law enforcement personnel shouldn’t have beat him!” Mr. Zhu, who does business on Zhaongtong City’s Xi Street, told this reporter while pointing at the pool in the middle of Xi Street. At about 3:10pm on the 22nd, three chengguan in front of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on Xi Street confiscated the ID card for disability, ID card, and the guide cane of a blind man who was begging for money, then beat him up, and pushed him into the pool afterwards. The reason for these chengguan law enforcement staff to beat up this blind man is unknown, but their conduct was very cruel!

“If what the weibo says is true, then these chengguan should suffer moral condemnation and the punishment of the law!” “In terms of empathy, chengguan are too cold and indifferent!” “Chengguan beating up people has brought a very bad influence upon Zhaotong, I hope the truth will be investigated, and that the chengguan are taught a lessn, to prevent similar situations from happening in the future…” Voices on the internet condemning “chengguan beating up people” can be heard without end.

After this reporter posted a weibo indicating an intent to look into this incident, many netizens called and expressed hope that the Zhaoyang government and the relevant departments will issue a response to this incident.

The blind begger in the water.

Government makes public apology, assailants have been suspended

Regarding the “Zhaotong chengguan beat up blind beggar and tossed him into pool” incident that has been exposed on the internet, this reporter contacted the Zhaotong City Zhaoyang District Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Propaganda Department has issued a response to this incident, with the response stating: The “Zhaotong chengguan beat up blind beggar and tossed him into pool” incident exposed on the internet has been verified, and following research by the 20th Standing Committee of Zhaoyang District Party Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, it has been decided that Zhaoyang District Bureau of Housing and Urban Redevelopment Deputy Director and Party Committee member Dai Hongyi, Zhaoyang District Urban Management Inspection Team Leader Zi Chenglin, Zhangyang District Urban Management Inspection Team Xi Street Squad Leader Wang Junji, and chengguan employees Yi Shilong, Ma Jun, Ma Rong be suspended from work and be investigated. The investigation team is to be assembled as soon as possible to launch an investigation into this incident, with further action to be taken after the investigation is completed, with the investigation results and actions taken to be promptly made known to society and netizens. Deputy Head of District in Charge of the Zhaoyang District People’s Government is to make a public apology to He Shiyin (the blind man who was beaten), and we thank all sectors of society for your supervision of the Zhaoyang District’s city management.

In addition to this response, this reporter also come to know that after the incident had happened, major leaders of the Zhaoyang District Committee and District Government have attached great importance to this incident, with District Committee Secretary Ma Jilin visiting the beaten blind man He Shiyin at the hospital with the relevant leaders, and claimed that they would investigate and strictly punish the chengguan who beat up him. will continue to follow this incident!

Angelbaby_杨露's weibo post.

@Angelbaby_杨露: 2013 March 22 afternoon at about 3pm, in Yunnan Zhaotong City, several chengguan law enforcers beat up a blind beggar and tossed him into the water. Is this the so-called “maintaining the city image”?!

On Youku:

The above video uploaded was uploaded a day ago and had ~2.7 million views and 5300 comments by time of translation, and appeared on the homepage of leading Chinese video sharing service Youku.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯南昌市网友 啊辉:

I won’t sympathize with chengguan when they’re hacked to death.

腾讯濮阳市网友 點煙&抽寂寞:

When chengguan beat people, the serious cases result in suspension and investigation, but when the ordinary common people beat chengguan, they’re immediately arrested and sentenced! What kind of society is this!

腾讯金华市网友 0919:

Give me 3,000 chengguan, and I will unite the Earth.

腾讯百色市网友 四大皆空口袋: (responding to above)

I only need 30 chengguan to unite the Earth. Even Kuomintang wasn’t like this.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 56013706: (responding to above)

The Kuomintang weren’t as bad as they’re portrayed on TV, it’s just that history is written by the victors.

腾讯网友 天缘:

Things like truly are emerging endlessly. China’s leaders, are you really blind? Why do things like this keep happening without end? Even an ordinary common person like me feels ashamed, is there nothing you can do?

腾讯贵阳市网友 王呆呆:

It has been proven again: Chengguan are no better than pigs and dogs, TMD simply garbage.

腾讯兴安盟网友 孔雀翎:

Why not reform the chengguan, transform their function? They are the chief culprits of instability in Chinese society! Just look at what kind of people are in there, what connections they used to get themselves in, and you’ll understand why they are intermingled with good and bad, who wear the skin of humans but do inhuman things!

腾讯许昌市网友 无公害男友:

All chengguan have no mothers! They are fucking the crap that is ejaculated by wild animals jerking off, so they have no humanity at all!

腾讯网友 1209360560:

Chengguan beat up a blind man, and they’re just simply suspended from work?

腾讯网友 谁在意我留下的泪:

Do you still believe in the government? It is already the truth, so why still suspend them for investigation?

腾讯贵阳市网友 一赢到底:

Their next life will be worse than the blind beggars, even worse than pigs and dogs. Just because they have that bit of power, chengguan go around doing what they please. Aren’t they afraid of “running into a ghost by taking the dark path” [suffering the consequences of doing bad things]?

Comments from Sina:


Chinese chengguan are the beasts amongst beasts, the scumbags amongst scumbags. Those who feel the same,forward/repost.

四季的大豆 [上海]:

What gives these beasts the right to push around the ordinary common people? These beasts should be fired at once.

man291560753552 [广东佛山]:

Fucking beasts, what is this suspension from work, they should be sacked immediately, fired.

手机用户 [福建福州]:

Was it necessary to treat a blind man so viciously? Are those chengguan beasts?

手机用户 [湖北武汉]:

All chengguan are sons of bitches.


Know why the people don’t have any sympathy for the chengguan whose head was bludgeoned by a hoe now?


This was attempted murder, a group crime, and they deliberately broke the law, its harm to the society is huge, its bad influence extreme. They can receive the death penalty, otherwise people’s angers can’t be satisfied.


Law enforcement without humanity are simply beasts.


Sentence them, sentence them, these beasts must not be forgiven.

Leandro_Chi [上海]:

Don’t you feel it’s exactly the same as the Old Society?


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