Blind Beggar Beaten & Thrown into Water by Yunnan Chengguan

China, Yunnan province, Zhaotong city, a blind beggar was beat up and then thrown into a pond by "chengguan" city management officials who have since been suspended by the city government.

China, Yunnan province, Zhaotong city, a blind beggar was beat up and then thrown into a pond by "chengguan" city management officials who have since been suspended by the city government.

From QQ:

Yunnan Zhaotong City Management Official Beats Up Blind Beggar and Throws Him into Pond

According to (reported by Xu Hongyi), at 6:41pm on the 24th, netizen “Angelbaby_杨露” posted a microblog post on Tencent Weibo, claiming “several chengguan law enforcement officers in Zhaotong City had beat up a blind beggar and tossed him into the water”. In less than two days of the posting of this weibo, it had been viewed 4.34 million times. At the same time, many netizens posted posts with the same content on China’s major discussion forums triggering heated discussions, with comments being very sharp and harsh.

This reporter has also been @-ed [to be mentioned on microblog posts or had microblog posts directed at] over 500 times by numerous netizens. In order to find out the truth behind the “several chengguan law enforcement officers in Zhaotong City beating up a blind beggar and tossing him into the water”, this reporter conducted an investigation today [March 25].

Witness claims chengguan beating was cruel

“No matter what he had done, whether he was right or wrong, chengguan law enforcement personnel shouldn’t have beat him!” Mr. Zhu, who does business on Zhaongtong City’s Xi Street, told this reporter while pointing at the pool in the middle of Xi Street. At about 3:10pm on the 22nd, three chengguan in front of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on Xi Street confiscated the ID card for disability, ID card, and the guide cane of a blind man who was begging for money, then beat him up, and pushed him into the pool afterwards. The reason for these chengguan law enforcement staff to beat up this blind man is unknown, but their conduct was very cruel!

“If what the weibo says is true, then these chengguan should suffer moral condemnation and the punishment of the law!” “In terms of empathy, chengguan are too cold and indifferent!” “Chengguan beating up people has brought a very bad influence upon Zhaotong, I hope the truth will be investigated, and that the chengguan are taught a lessn, to prevent similar situations from happening in the future…” Voices on the internet condemning “chengguan beating up people” can be heard without end.

After this reporter posted a weibo indicating an intent to look into this incident, many netizens called and expressed hope that the Zhaoyang government and the relevant departments will issue a response to this incident.

The blind begger in the water.

Government makes public apology, assailants have been suspended

Regarding the “Zhaotong chengguan beat up blind beggar and tossed him into pool” incident that has been exposed on the internet, this reporter contacted the Zhaotong City Zhaoyang District Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Propaganda Department has issued a response to this incident, with the response stating: The “Zhaotong chengguan beat up blind beggar and tossed him into pool” incident exposed on the internet has been verified, and following research by the 20th Standing Committee of Zhaoyang District Party Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, it has been decided that Zhaoyang District Bureau of Housing and Urban Redevelopment Deputy Director and Party Committee member Dai Hongyi, Zhaoyang District Urban Management Inspection Team Leader Zi Chenglin, Zhangyang District Urban Management Inspection Team Xi Street Squad Leader Wang Junji, and chengguan employees Yi Shilong, Ma Jun, Ma Rong be suspended from work and be investigated. The investigation team is to be assembled as soon as possible to launch an investigation into this incident, with further action to be taken after the investigation is completed, with the investigation results and actions taken to be promptly made known to society and netizens. Deputy Head of District in Charge of the Zhaoyang District People’s Government is to make a public apology to He Shiyin (the blind man who was beaten), and we thank all sectors of society for your supervision of the Zhaoyang District’s city management.

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In addition to this response, this reporter also come to know that after the incident had happened, major leaders of the Zhaoyang District Committee and District Government have attached great importance to this incident, with District Committee Secretary Ma Jilin visiting the beaten blind man He Shiyin at the hospital with the relevant leaders, and claimed that they would investigate and strictly punish the chengguan who beat up him. will continue to follow this incident!

Angelbaby_杨露's weibo post.

@Angelbaby_杨露: 2013 March 22 afternoon at about 3pm, in Yunnan Zhaotong City, several chengguan law enforcers beat up a blind beggar and tossed him into the water. Is this the so-called “maintaining the city image”?!

On Youku:

The above video uploaded was uploaded a day ago and had ~2.7 million views and 5300 comments by time of translation, and appeared on the homepage of leading Chinese video sharing service Youku.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯南昌市网友 啊辉:

I won’t sympathize with chengguan when they’re hacked to death.

腾讯濮阳市网友 點煙&抽寂寞:

When chengguan beat people, the serious cases result in suspension and investigation, but when the ordinary common people beat chengguan, they’re immediately arrested and sentenced! What kind of society is this!

腾讯金华市网友 0919:

Give me 3,000 chengguan, and I will unite the Earth.

腾讯百色市网友 四大皆空口袋: (responding to above)

I only need 30 chengguan to unite the Earth. Even Kuomintang wasn’t like this.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 56013706: (responding to above)

The Kuomintang weren’t as bad as they’re portrayed on TV, it’s just that history is written by the victors.

腾讯网友 天缘:

Things like truly are emerging endlessly. China’s leaders, are you really blind? Why do things like this keep happening without end? Even an ordinary common person like me feels ashamed, is there nothing you can do?

腾讯贵阳市网友 王呆呆:

It has been proven again: Chengguan are no better than pigs and dogs, TMD simply garbage.

腾讯兴安盟网友 孔雀翎:

Why not reform the chengguan, transform their function? They are the chief culprits of instability in Chinese society! Just look at what kind of people are in there, what connections they used to get themselves in, and you’ll understand why they are intermingled with good and bad, who wear the skin of humans but do inhuman things!

腾讯许昌市网友 无公害男友:

All chengguan have no mothers! They are fucking the crap that is ejaculated by wild animals jerking off, so they have no humanity at all!

腾讯网友 1209360560:

Chengguan beat up a blind man, and they’re just simply suspended from work?

腾讯网友 谁在意我留下的泪:

Do you still believe in the government? It is already the truth, so why still suspend them for investigation?

腾讯贵阳市网友 一赢到底:

Their next life will be worse than the blind beggars, even worse than pigs and dogs. Just because they have that bit of power, chengguan go around doing what they please. Aren’t they afraid of “running into a ghost by taking the dark path” [suffering the consequences of doing bad things]?

Comments from Sina:

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Chinese chengguan are the beasts amongst beasts, the scumbags amongst scumbags. Those who feel the same,forward/repost.

四季的大豆 [上海]:

What gives these beasts the right to push around the ordinary common people? These beasts should be fired at once.

man291560753552 [广东佛山]:

Fucking beasts, what is this suspension from work, they should be sacked immediately, fired.

手机用户 [福建福州]:

Was it necessary to treat a blind man so viciously? Are those chengguan beasts?

手机用户 [湖北武汉]:

All chengguan are sons of bitches.


Know why the people don’t have any sympathy for the chengguan whose head was bludgeoned by a hoe now?


This was attempted murder, a group crime, and they deliberately broke the law, its harm to the society is huge, its bad influence extreme. They can receive the death penalty, otherwise people’s angers can’t be satisfied.


Law enforcement without humanity are simply beasts.


Sentence them, sentence them, these beasts must not be forgiven.

Leandro_Chi [上海]:

Don’t you feel it’s exactly the same as the Old Society?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Hoppy1

    Makes it hard to feel sorry for the dude who had his skull caved in with the hoe last week!! These guys don’t do much to build a good reputation within the community do they?!

    • mr.wiener

      Never a hoe around when you need one hmm?

  • Mike

    A second “revolution” in China is nearing. Korea and Taiwan had similar problems back in the 80’s and the people fought back with demonstrations and riots. Look at their government policies toward citizens now; not perfect but very fair and just in practice compared to the 80s and 90s ….Government workers are there to serve the citizens of China regardless of class and social status. I hope the citizens of China rise up to mafia-esque government practices by voicing their opinions. Hold your ground and stand up to their shit.

    • I think a lot of them, especially the common lower class has lost some balls and hid behind reasons listed above.

  • BiggJ

    Why isn’t anyone helping the poor guy out the water? He’s blind for fuck sakes. Help him out and then ask the guy some questions.

    • filabusta

      Yeah all I saw was a three minute video of a bunch of heartless onlookers.

    • Tadd

      I know I’m going to sound like a heartless prick when I say this, but…
      What happened to him was truly terrible, yet look at the video: is he concussed? Paralysed? Unable to form speech? He looks perfectly able himself to get-up and move about… being blind has nothing to do with it

      What is his trade? He’s a beggar, every tradesman has a set of skills. This beggar is milking-it for all that it’s worth.
      fairly sure, he would refuse any help to get him out of that pool,
      because he has found himself in a position to pull at the onlookers
      heartstrings and make a couple of yuan out of it.

      Or I could be completely wrong, he does need help and the bystanders are a-holes. I hope I’m right.

      • BiggJ

        I understand what you’re saying. I saw this mother and her kid on the subway in shanghai begging for money, the boy was blind with glasses on and he was acting blind as they walked through…then he dropped his cup with money in it….and he went down and picked up all the money no problem first try….blind my ass. Too much fake shit in china, even the beggars.

        With this guy, I understand he could be milking it or whatever….But no on even tries…that’s the point im making. But your point is good too, maybe he did tell them not to help. It’s about 50/50 chance….he’s faking or the people are ass holes….both are very likely.

    • Judy

      I agree BiggJ.

      From what I read when I was doing a project about China, it was that a document said something on the lines of that “they look down on someone with disability or medical problems” and from what I see in that pic, it sure looks like that document was telling the truth about looking down on someone with a disability

  • Luoman

    And as usual, dozen of Chineses just look at the scene, smoking cigarettes and taking pictures….

    • Washington Bullets

      I noticed that too, everyone was just standing around and not actually helping the man out of the water. A bunch of people playing with phones, some kid watching as he’s eating, everyone just standing there, doing nothing because “it’s not their business.” I’m glad that those responsible are getting officially reprimanded, but I’m wondering just how much it will do, and just because they’re getting punished, it doesn’t make it right.

      • Panda Banana

        doing nothing because “it’s not their business.”

        and rightfully so! IT IS NOT their business. Why i should make it my business seeing a dirty guy sitting in the water? Maybe i would get involved seeing others beating him up, but other then that…?

        • Washington Bullets

          Fair enough, I agree that I myself may not get personally involved. That water looks gross, maybe if he asked for help.

    • hoemoe

      There are several unreasonable reasons why they dont help.

      1. Nobody feels like it is any of their business.

      2. They dont want to standout in the crowd as a helper

      3. Nobody wants to touch the dirty begger

      4. Suspicion of a scam in case of help

      5. “I hope somebody helps soon, I dont want to be involved” Everybody in that crowd thinks the same.

      • markus peg

        If i were Chinese i too am not sure if i would help, the chengguan may start attacking me… as a lao wai i can try to help (until circumstances in China changes for lao wai).

      • aadfasd

        i know i would want to help but at the same time if i tried, a family member might pull me back and tell me not to do anything. like jeezus. even a week back i wanted to give a girl a band aid for her heel that was being scraped bloody by her shoes but my sister grabbed my wrist and told me not to get involved. i was just going to offer a freaking bandaid!!! some people ARE TOO FREAKING PARANOID.

      • Panda Banana

        in my opinion and based on my experience, just points 1 and 3 seems to be valid in this special case.

        accusing a chinese for not helping someone is like accusing a dog for licking his own genitals.

        Beggers are a PITA in china. Most of the time you see them getting close to people and touching them, cause its more convenient for them receiving money simply cause others feel disgusted and dont want to be touched by their filthy hands.

        Apart from that, it would be interesting to see how many of the complainers would reach this guy a helping hand, buy him some food, or invite him home. Yeah, guessed so….liberal BS!

      • Alain

        You are right about not wanting to standout, and just going with the flow, sad really.

    • there is a disconnect somewhere isnt there. i mean, all these comments show a bunch of people who sound like they are so angry and would do anything to get one up on the chenguan. but when these incidents happen, it is rare anybody sticks up for the victim

      • markus peg

        I agree with you, but its easy to say and hard to do…

      • Yeah I’ve stood up for people both in the UK and then in China (Gut) and got myself in some trouble in both cases. I’d like to think I’d still help people, but it does make you think twice.

  • [email protected]

    Sigh, all those people staring. *insert comment about how Chinese people are mindless, indifferent, apathetic sheep here*

  • PixelPulse

    For godsakes why wasnt anyone helping him out that entire time, hes just sitting there shivering and they make it look like a sideshow attraction.

    • cc

      Possibly because one of the nasty, shouty, beat you up people was standing to the left of the camera, joe public didn’t want to follow the blind man into the drink

  • HuShaoBo

    That’s some mediaeval shit.

    For everyone whining about Chinese apathy:

    We’re just the same.

    • donkeykong

      Your link is about stealing a bike. Stealing a bike cannot compare to beating a blind man.

    • Zhegezhege

      As usual, the difference is in the degree.

      Stealing a bike in public =/= beating up a blind guy in public

      But then compassion doesn’t make you money so why bother, right?

      • the other guy

        “But then compassion doesn’t make you money so why bother, right?”

        I used to be one of those who would rush to help others in need, but one day in China I witnessed a car accident and I stayed to help a taxi driver out of his vehicle. By the time the police & insurance company had come the man I helped, decided to stab me in the back and tried to hold me accountable for the accident. Suddenly some of the Chinese bystanders that had not dared to move a muscle to help the injured driver came forth to corroborate his lie.

        I was taken to the police station for questioning and with the intervention of some friends the police decided I was not responsible in any way and that I was not pay money.

        This is why I no longer care to help others in trouble, at least not if I feel like I could be blamed for something.


        A week after my incident I read in ChinaSmack the story about a family that had been rescued from drowning by total stranger and then how that same family had let the stranger drown to his death.

        • Anon992

          This is an important point.

          I also think twice before helping out in China now that I understand it more. I would not think twice in helping out a foreigner though.

          It’s genuinely a risk. I suggest to all foreigner people in China that you cover yourselves when helping out. Perhaps try to involve the other onlookers to help with you.

        • Alain

          That is disgusting and selfish, and I’m sorry that happened to you.

        • Zhegezhege

          OK guys sorry for taking ages to reply; work, etc…

          It’s nice of you to distract from Hushaobo’s comment, theotherguy, but this is what I say to you:

          Do not allow yourself to believe “it’s wiser to not get involved”. That is selfishness and cowardice telling itself that it’s wisdom.

          Either privately admit that you don’t care like a Thatcherite, publicly admit that you don’t care like a Libertarian richboy or accept that it is shameful to watch a wrong and do nothing. It’s not always in our power to help, indeed it often isn’t and all we can do is eat it – we can’t all be Batman. But we shouldn’t kid ourselves that it is common sense or that it is not dishonourable, either.

  • narsfweasels

    Gosh, the Chengguan are just… so hard to like, aren’t they?

  • I am MOMO

    Help the BLIND man and risk being accused wrongly!!!!

  • manujoro

    I wonder if any of the angry commentators would have helped the guy if they were there. Most probably they would be taking photos and posting them on weibo. This is as far as “taking action” goes for most of them.

    • wagon

      Internet muscles. Similar to beer muscles.

  • chuangeng or wateva you call these cunts, get your ass over here to straya and i’ll knock ur teeth out in less than one punches

    • mr.wiener

      We just got a call from a small town in the gippsland, apparently they’ve lost their idiot.

      • jeffli

        no they didn’t ! the Gippsland people put him here thinking this should be the right place….. with the Chinese idiots! haha!

    • Marcel Thumpnut

      Sad….very very sad representation of Australian peoples. I feel that in Australia, you yourself would be one of the Chengguan you servile, misanthropic jingo.

      • mr.wiener

        Makes me sad every time I see another Ozzie like this….Ah well, what are you gonna do? you find dick heads everywhere. The only thing you can do is try not to be one.

        • Marcel Thumpnut

          I have supreme confidence in “not being one.” I guess one way to positively parallel this is Footy Mate’s Alice Springs is just as backwater buttfuck as Zhaotong prefecture, and it was just an error of judgement on both parties aforementioned.

      • Sadly, I think there are more and more Footy Mates being reared back down under every day. Lucky cuntry eh.

        • mr.wiener

          Tell you what sport. You don’t diss my country on the basis of one dickhead , and I won’t diss yours.

          • Tell you what mate, it’s my country too. And there are plenty more than one dickhead down there. Like I said, seems like there’s more and more every year.

          • mr.wiener

            Fair enough then.

    • donscarletti

      Crikey! Did you see the size of that troll?

      Now, a troll’s natural habitat is on the Youtube comment section, but if people keep feeding him, he’ll keep coming back here.


      Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. That was the sound of me farting on your face matie.

  • They see a guy without a gardening tool and they feel like they can beat him up.

  • Washington Bullets

    These Chengguan really don’t have a good image anywhere in China, do they?

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Outrage!!!! Oh, hold on, I just heard there were some foreigners peeing on the highway. Let’s go let them know that China is not their toilet! It’s our toilet, for us Chinese to treat each other like heartless pieces of shit without repercussions! Now let’s go lynch those laowai.

  • this is the most difficult character for me to draw, nevertheless, accept my imperfection, as I have accepted yours.

    • Bugs Bunny


      • haha

        oh, never bugs bunny, never!

        • Bugs Bunny

          My handwriting was very good when i was a kid, the teacher even let me write class rules on red paper…haha!

          • oh you must be good with calligraphy wow… traditional or simplified?

    • linette lee

      love without a heart 心 is not love.

      CHINA gov’t officially lost their heart when they changed to simplified chinese.

      • That’s a stupid statement. Moving to simplified Chinese was a means to move hundreds of millions out of illiteracy (it’s call simplified for a reason!), and for that, CCP has succeeded. This was something never achieved under the KMT administration using the traditional Chinese.

        • Adult literacy rate (age 15 and over can read and write):

          98.2% (2012)––Taiwan
          92.2% (2007)––China


          • jcyin

            Taiwan population 1/10000 of China.

            Hm… shit comparison you made

          • What in the world does that matter?

            The point is that all Han-Chinese Taiwanese are literate.

            If it can be done with 23 million, it can be done with 1.3 billion.
            A language doesn’t suddenly become harder to learn just because more people are learning it.

          • Dan

            actually = 1/60. Genius

        • linette lee

          You are talking shxt now. How much harder it is to write 愛 than 爱. Chinese is not like english. English you learn the sound of each letter and you sound them out into a word. Chinese writing whether simplified or traditional is just dead memorization. You write the chinese word over and over again until you remember. I sometime think it’s a scheme China gov’t used to separate the people of Taiwan/HK from the people from China. So we don’t understand too much of each other writing and less communication and less influence to the communist nation. What the china gov’t didn’t expect is that now we have internet and google translate. duh……

          • Bugs Bunny

            No matter what you say, simplified is much better, dislike old chinese characters so much.simplified is a big improve no matter from which and hk even can not speak chinese well, no right to argue about this.

          • linette lee

            I love taiwanese. I love the culture and writing and foods and music and movies. ;)

          • Bugs Bunny

            who cares!
            o,tw makes films???
            sorry i forget!

          • What you call “Taiwanese” is actually Min Lan dialect 閩南語 of Fujian province. There is no dialect call “Taiwanese.” 95+% of Taiwan culture came is a direct copy from Mainland China, subtracting the 5% aboriginal Taiwan culture.

          • Why don’t you take a good look at the literacy rate before and after move to simplified Chinese before you give an opinion? I give you the numbers right here: 20% before simplified Chinese vs. 80% after.

            And if you’re telling me you have a hard time reading simplified Chinese because you only understand traditional Chinese, then maybe you should go back to school and relearn traditional Chinese.

            Your assumption that CCP moved to simplified Chinese to fool people in Taiwan and HK is just plain stupid.

      • Chinese gerhana =)

        • hm disqus is being strange and multiply my image =/

          • Germandude

            disqus thought: one is none ;-)

        • linette lee


          I like it a lot, thank you. :)

        • donscarletti


          • one day I will be as fluent as you, so I too can write Idiom/poetry. Wait for me to catch up my friends.

          • donscarletti

            Credit goes to Bonnie Tyler.

      • donscarletti

        字可以简化 爱岂能无心

  • Bugs Bunny

    people hate zhaotong people most in my province….
    they have bad name…

    • why do people have to hate people they’ve never met before, just because of where they came from? such small thinking.

  • Foreign Devil

    I’d prescribe a spade to the back of Chengguan head. Thugs from the street level to the highest levels of governance. . all thugs.

  • The Enlightened Out


    They know what happened to the man is wrong… hence the filming and obvious gawking. Yet… nobody helps the poor man out…

    I am not sure which disgusts me more… the actions of the people that are suppose to protect the society or the actions of the society itself.


    • linette lee

      They crowd was asking him what happened why the officers beat him while taking it down on the video. They probably had the intention to post it on weibo to get the china officers in trouble.

      • The Enlightened Out

        I agree. It just seems weird that they are giving him an interview while he is soaked and blind and probably can’t find his way out. I bet the cheng guan have warned him before and he didn’t leave so this time they thought they would teach him a lesson.

        Still weird to interview someone while they are in obvious discomfort. It’s like asking a pregnant woman for an interview or someone in the process of being tortured.

        Interviewer: “So, how does it feel?” – “What is happening to you?” – “Why are you being tortured?”…

        Interviewee: “ARRRRRRGGGGGGH HELP ME!”

        Interviewer: “Sorry, just the facts ma’am!”

  • don mario

    just enough day at the office.

  • Red Scarf

    Its no wonder attacks on chengguan are on the increase if they behave like this.
    Chengguan need to be replaced by people who serve both the country and the people, not just thugs who do the bidding of their masters. But this is unlikely to happen…

    • manujoro

      I agree. I personally think that having such an authority as the Chengguan is wrong in the first place. It seems that the only reason to have it is to provide some sort of law enforcement, which should be the police’s job. But since the policemen are too lazy, they prefer to hire these thugs to do the dirty job and when something goes wrong they issue an appology and dismiss a few people from the Chengguan and the case is closed.

      The only way to improve this is to cancel this institution and have the police do their job.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    This calls for a HOE to the back of the head.

  • Dr Sun

    I wonder in those that become Chengguang where the bullies or the bullied at school.

    • don mario

      nearly everyone in china is the ‘bullied’

  • commander

    I suggest the revival of an ancient institution appointing a central official to inspect provincial governments under an assumed name or incognito to ferret out irregularities and power abuse by domineering local officals.

    Those in power who are cruel against the weak but submissive and protrate in front of the more powerful should be harshly penalized as an example to highlight the fact that power is conferred to officials for public causes not for personal aggrandizement or standing over the disadvantaged.

    The leadership in Bejing should pay keen attention to cases of power abuse where public confidence in governance is critically underminded, in a bid to calm down a simmering discontent with provincial governments’ handling of cases involving their officials.

  • Alex L

    I don’t know what was going on in the minds of the people looking on. But I can understand if they didn’t help because of potential reprisal from the Chengguan. From a lot of these articles it seems Chinese have to deal with crap everyday w/o having to go looking for trouble. But helping when the bad guys aren’t looking is probably safest. Eventually bad people/governments get what’s coming them. It just doesn’t happen as soon as we all would like….

  • PAP, PAP and PLA are bunch of cruel and wicket person employed by the state to subdue the citizen to keep people ever subservient to Mao and his thugs.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Many years ago, I pulverized a chengguan and loved it. Cost: 1,200 kuai. That was money well spent.

    • TJDubs

      That would make a great carnival booth theme. Rather than trying to toss a ring around a hoop or something dumb like that, you get to go one-on-one in the octagon with a Chengguan!

      Given the target market, though, you’d want to lower the price quite a bit.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        LOL! Yeah, one hundred kuai should be fine for most local chengguan haters and should still bring in a handsome profit, even after replacing the goons on an hourly basis.

        Anyway, the Blackshirt with Chinese Characteristics that ended up looking like something the cat brought in earned his hospital trip in full. His bosses apparently agreed because they subsequently gave him the slip.



  • chenghuan should die die die! all of the chinese chengguan should die and burn in hell

  • A J

    fucking chinese say indians are bad? just rot in hell

  • A J

    all chinese know is to point and complaint. why not do something about it

  • donkeykong

    Elsewhere on the net:

    “Horrific accounts of a forced abortion perpetrated on a woman who was seven months pregnant by family planning authorities in eastern Anhui province have caused an outcry among Chinese netizens.”
    “Under China’s one-child policy, forced abortions are common, as local officials strive to meet set quotas and impose fines for “excess births.”

    It is all about money:

    “According to recent official data, 31 provinces and cities collect totally up to near 28 billion yuan (U.S. $4.4 billion) a year from enforcing the one-child policy.”

  • cb4242

    At first I was trying to avoid this story and not read it because I knew my blood would boil over! How can ANYONE with a bit of conscious and some basic sense, let alone humanity do this to someone, or stand by idly and watch and not take any action?? If I were there, someone would have gotten punched in the mouth and yet, people just look and do nothing. Where is the outrage? Where is Reila90 who always boasts that China is a pristine society where people live harmoniously and the country is more civilized than western nations.

    • Strangerland

      There must be some Chinese who wanted to help. Their society has different circumstances though- so I wouldn’t be so quick to judge them all the way you do. Yes I’m a bleeding heart- my initial reaction was codemning anyone I deem unsuitable to be human, but I know now that the gray area is bigger than the white&black ones. They are oppressed by their history- so people tend to look after their own business else they’d get involved. Westerners think getting involved is noble- for Chinese it could mean being another victim of the chengguan, accused by the beggar as the abuser, go to jail/re-education camp and hefty hosital bill/money for the “wrong” deed. I’d see these maybe why they’re not as open as westerners in showing their hearts.

  • lacompacida

    The latest news was that the government had retracted their apology, stating that the blind man beat up the three chengguans first. I can totally see how this could be be case because as far as I can see these three characters are all paralyzed from the neck down, and were all blinded in at least one eye. They were probably temporary workers and had left the job.

    • donkeykong

      Do you have a link ?
      If it is true then it is very disgusting and pathetic that the government could
      make such a claim.

    • manujoro

      Their apology was worthless anyway…

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    And the Chengguan act shocked when someone finally snaps…

  • eric

    After watching video after video and reading article after article. I have come to the conclusion that immigration for chinese into other countries shoud be next to impossible to get. Unless going through rigorous phsyc testing. Not only are the people who are doing these barbaric acts of violence sick but also the local community who stands there and watches the show. Unfortunatly my country is full of these animals. Coming in with black money and starting non existant companies for a visa. Shame on China whos soul is as black as the water in there rivers

  • lilmizzp
  • Aryan Buddha

    This race evokes scorn. Slow death is the fate of them. This filthy earth smells like shit, smells cadaver.

  • fairy tale

    I hope this will be investigated properly so these incidents don’t happen again. China’s government should be more kinder to people, after all having a position only does not help to their people. They should do something about the zhang siqi incident, the boy that looks after their family and the beggar man. etc. It doesn’t hurt to help people in rough circumstancs if known. They should look at chinasmack to see how their own official should be aware of the law and have a good character along with the various troubles found in china.

  • P2FX

    Because if someone dared to stand up those Chengguan will turn attack him/her.

    • P2FX

      If anyone here don’t understand this, read George Orwell’s novel 1984

  • MacingFacing

    WTF!!!! China. China is America but on Methamphetamine. Madness!

  • Judy

    Its either me or there are some series ass mental issues in China more than I ever notice in America.

    Before you give someone a job, look into their medical records and see if they have any medical problems, especially temper issues.

    Just seeing the people watch as this man gets out the water alone, is sad

  • American Rebel

    ” FUCK THA POLICE ” ! in America we shoot people like that in the face…
    12 gauge shotgun straight to the Dome piece .
    He can not beat defenseless people with his Head Removed !

  • American Rebel
  • oprah

    Evil Cops Get Shot by Murderous Thugs