Blue Glowing Pork Meat Found In Shanghai

Glowing blue pork in China.

From NetEase & KDS:

Shanghai city resident purchased “blue glow pork”, both surprised and afraid

Miss Chen the purchased a kilogram of pork from a wet market on Yang Gao North Road the day before yesterday. That night her family used a portion of that pork to make dumplings together. Afterward, she placed the leftover pork on a small table in the kitchen. At 11pm, Miss Chen got out of bed to use the toilet, and suddenly noticed a faint blue glow coming from the kitchen, and that the bright blue glow was coming from the pork itself!

Glowing blue pork in China.

Glowing pork

In order to be sure she wasn’t seeing things, Miss Chen woke up her family to look at this piece of strange meat together. The pork glowed in the dark but returned to “normal” in the morning. Both astonished and afraid, Miss Chen’s family did not dare to eat from this piece of pork again.

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter rushed to Miss Chen’s home and saw this piece of glowing pork. This reporter noticed that the remaining 500+ gram of pork was in the shape of a strip, with more lean meat than fat, and though it had already been purchased for over a day, there was no peculiar smell.

This reporter, through multiple tests in the dark and light, truly did see the pork emit a faint blue light, that apart from the pig’s skin, the entire piece of pork was suffused with blue light, and a faint blue glow could also be seen on fingers that had handled the pork. This reporter afterward intentionally washed this piece of pork with water and again checked in a dark place, but the pork still emitted a blue glow, only just slightly more faint.

Chinese glowing pork.

The glowing phenomenon may be caused by bacteria

This reporter got a hold of two food experts on the phone. Regarding this, the experts response was that they have never seen pork emitting light, that it may have been caused by bacteria, that the pork needs to be tested, and further observation, research, and analysis is required before anything can be confirmed.

A piece of pork emitting a blue glow in the dark.

Changsha “blue glow pork” is caused by glowing bacterium

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Last year in February, Changsha city residents one after another discovered that the pork they had purchased from supermarkets emitted a blue glow at night. After this phenomenon was reported by the media, the Changsha Food Safety Commission mobilized the efforts of the business, livestock, industry and commerce, health, and other departments and at the same time invited experts and professors to participate in the investigation. Through scientific bacteria cultivation separation, experts discovered “blue glow pork” was caused by secondary bacterial contamination.

Bacteria that glows blue on a piece of pork and a Chinese person's hands.

Food experts say it is safe to eat

Shanghai Health Supervision Department food experts say the pork that has been contaminated by phosphorescent bacteria is still safe to consume after cooking and heating.

Also on ifeng and circulating on Chinese social networks like Kaixin001.

Comments from NetEase:


This is water-injected meat! Unscrupulous dealers are adding phosphorous into the feed, as phosphorous has strong absorption ability, so this kind of pork will glow at night. If the relevant departments are unable to explain even this kind of phenomenon, how can they be expected to supervise and control!!!?


Civil servants [public servants, government officials] have already become a collective burden for this society. Their harm [to society] is even greater than blue pork.


Avatar is not a legend.


The poor glowing pig.


Could it be a Japanese pig that has been irradiated?


New breed: Avatar pig.


A bunch of imbeciles, blue pork meat has appeared many years ago, definitely caused by contamination, cannot be eaten, even worse than good that has gone bad!


A lot of the front lines of production are so dirty as to be frightening! No one to supervise or ask question, so why is it that there are so many strange diseases now? All because of germs/bacteria!

Comments from KDS::

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Makes a pretty good night light.


Godly pig.


The taste must be pretty good.


Hurry and eat it…then your JJ will be able to glow too.


You got a good deal, you got Avatar meat.

What do you think? Would you dare eat it? What is the strangest or most shocking thing you have discovered in food you have purchased?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • blackflagnation

    mmm…tasty. looks like a nice night light

    • rawb

      Ugh was about to sofa this but refreshed after typing it to make sure I still was. Damn!

      Non-sofa says this definitely needs to be tested. It reminds me of the Goiania accident in south america in 1987 Brazil which was due to radiation poisoning… Basically some scrap dealers opened some radiation hospital equipment and found a blue glowing powder.

      I definitely wouldn’t believe the authorities on this and wouldn’t eat anything that glows.

      • Leo

        Um no…

        The photos have been taken under a UV bacteria sensor lamp.

        Have you never seen those Dettol commercials where the germs show up as a glow on a kitchen surface and it says something like ‘99.9% of germs killed blah blah blah’ etc.

        Obviously she’s used the same method.

  • hans

    Lol no shit, avatar pig :D

  • Please have some international regulators take a look at it. You know–those people who won’t lose their jobs if they say it isn’t safe.

    • Muay Thai guy

      the regulators seem to be right for once, it’s a pity none of them know how to google:
      It’s not exactly dangerous, but not healthy either as it only happens with meat that hasn’t been stored properly.

      • Well, thank the ZF that the 中文 BBC is blocked, where they may have learned that.

  • eddie9684

    that is disgusting yo…

    • DRaY

      Word B, dat’s wack yo !!

      • Ying

        True dat!!

  • Leo

    Funny how she took the photos in the dark…


    which detected all the germs on the meat and hence the blue glow is the bacteria itself…

    Are you srs why have y’all been fooled so easily?

    Avatar meat my ass.

    • Muay Thai guy

      wrong, read up on it.

    • dilladonuts

      Unfortunately it’s true,

      I’ve found something similar in my house a year or so ago, did a search on it and found out why, still threw it out though.

  • Brett Hunan

    I lived in Changsha last February…. the glowing Hongshaorou is to die for!

    • Alikese

      Wouldn’t it become Lan Shao Rou?

      • Da didi


  • Song of the article:

    “Blue” by A Perfect Circle


    “Glow In The Dark” by Chris Brown


    “Blue-Green God” by Meat Puppets

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    10 Cents

    • Maybe it’s just me being old school/British, but what about:

      “Blue Monday” by New Order


      “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell


      “Meat is Murder” by The Smiths

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        Man, I love Blue Monday.

        • I agree, that was my first choice

          The real song of the article

          Blue Monday
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          Even though, others are choosing songs, I respect freedom of speech. Please remember, I started this.

          Elijah….you are treading on dangerous water…..


        • i was thinking of that too,

          hence forth,

          song of the article real+only

          Blue Monday
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    • Please…

      “TV Dinners” by ZZTop

      Hell, the boys from Texas nailed with the line, “I even like the chicken, as long as the sauce is not too blue.”

  • ralphrepo

    This IS China, so any moment now, there’s gonna be a run on Pork…

  • Alex

    A company that sells chicken or beef did this? haha

  • Jones

    “This reporter”? Sure, a real reporter.

    • Marsvin

      Like they’re any worse than the “reporters” currently on CNN talking about people’s Youtube cat videos ;)

  • Hm… let the rumor mill commence with ‘radioactive meat’ scares and/or any thing else that is lurking in the collective subconcious of P.R. China.

    • Captain China

      Nah, bro. This Ain’t Milk. They don’t even give a fuck.

      • {Evil Smile} You be surprised what things that will terrify the hell out of the general population of P.R. China. Milk has for the most part been a luxury for most part of the 20th century. Pork and Chicken, on the other hand, is a staple food along with rice.

    • Last time I asked what will be the next hype after salt and detergents – you said chicken.
      Are you involved, Matthew?

      • Nope, “Gentlemen’s Agreement” with the powers to be in Beijing – I only speak in English on P.R. Chinese Related Websites. My Chinese posts are limited.

        As for current events… doesn’t take too much moxie to figure that the situation on the ground in P.R. China is tender with the nuclear situation in Japan. Now that the rumor mill is buzzing about possible food contamination issues – it is merely a matter of watching where incidents occur, and how well or bad the folks that run GFW attempt to handle it.

  • FYIADragoon

    Seriously, the size of most of the Chinese must have more to do with their poor polluted environment and the quality of the crops over there. Because the Chinese raised in the USA never seem to have these size issues.

    • Gianna

      Yeah, the ones in USA are big and fat instead. Either way, I wouldn’t eat American food, because it is as bad as this food displayed.

  • dude

    I must confess that the first thing on my mind was radiation. Anyways, phosphorescent bacteria does sound a little dopey. Could be harmful for all i care. Not a pork eater, those filthy animals.

  • Airy

    New product Avatar Pig :D

  • Meniskos

    Is pork no longer The Other White Meat®?

  • should hang these up in nightclubs

    • Gianna

      LMAO You guys are funny.

  • david

    i dont eat pork in china because I think its totally fucking nasty.

  • blue pork catchphrase

    If your meat is glowing, you respond by throwing*

    *that’s throwing it out not throwing up

    • luzz

      It should be throwing it out OR throwing up – you’re own choice.

  • Pvt. Joker

    Safe to eat? Better question is will it light my poo after ingesting it. No need for a night light when you got a glowing turd floating.

    • Gianna

      LOL I laughed.

  • Jess

    Maybe it is from Japan?

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  • Devin

    Hi, honey, come to see God.

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  • Why would anyone leave raw, uncooked or cooked, pork on a table overnight? Don’t they use refrigerators in China? That alone will add to bacteria growth.

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  • HappyCow

    Looks like phazon radiation to me.

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  • Barney McGroo

    Great example of bioluminescence which is quite commonly seen in drying fish. I once found a log which was glowing green although it was too dim to photograph it. Mind you that was in the days before the more sensitive digital cameras.

  • Gianna

    Safe to eat?! It GLOWS for God’s sake! It is more than clear that it’s not something to eat.

  • SalmonellaSmörgåsbord

    Seems pretty consistent with what I see in many Western Chinese kitchens…

  • Unbelivable! Glowing meat!

  • That’s awesome AND frightening.

  • KingOfAllAnimals