BMW Crushed Between 2 Cement Trucks, Chinese Netizens Suspicious


From NetEase:

Two Cement Trucks in Guangdong Flatten BMW

At 11:46am on February 9th, in Guangdong province Meizhou city, after a cement truck slammed into a BMW due to a brake malfunction, it then pushed it into another cement truck in front of it, flattening the small vehicle, with the two occupants inside unfortunately killed.




Comments from NetEase:

网易北京市手机网友 ip:61.148.*.*

This doesn’t look like a simple traffic accident. You know what I mean.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*

I don’t think this is a simple traffic accident! The one behind looks like it was intentional!

八涛 [网易浙江省手机网友]:

Large vehicles need to be policed more. The fucking relevant government departments/authorities are all fucking doing nothing.

网易重庆市手机网友 [虎贲甲士]:

Just imagine, if a BMW ends up like that, you know what other domestic or Japanese cars would be like.

逛窑子咯 [网易福建省福州市手机网友]: (responding to above)

With the risk of being the “second floor” [first reply], I just knew some stupid cunt would say this!

旮旯里的尊贵 [网易山东省青岛市手机网友]:

This, actually is a huge plot/conspiracy.

寡人在流浪 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Too frightening.

罗伯特王二 [网易北京市顺义区手机网友]:

What a tragedy!! Rest in peace to the departed. Drive safely and stay away from large vehicles!!

宫本武藏君 [网易上海市手机网友]:

So scary, and once again a cement truck!!!

[email protected] [网易北京市手机网友]:

Too scary.




Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网外星网友: Posaiton

Don’t you guys think this way of dying resembles that of a plot/conspiracy?

凤凰网山东省济南市网友: 凤凰网友

You can tell from the strength of impact that the odds are that it was murder.

凤凰网四川省绵阳市网友: 手机用户

Even a brake malfunction wouldn’t result in an crash like this, right?

凤凰网辽宁省沈阳市网友: 手机用户

Looking at the collision, the cement truck seems to have suddenly increased speed. Did the brakes fail? Or? It must be investigated.

凤凰网广西壮族南宁市网友: 悟道观禅

How can this kind of cement truck enter the city? [Large trucks of a certain weight may be restricted from certain routes in some places].

凤凰网湖北省武汉市网友: 3596310540480459a7-aec2-

Cement truck, they fucking the worst! [Always] driving recklessly in the city!

凤凰网四川省成都市网友: 60e1a5ad-7764-4624-8bf8-

The BMW driver, a classic case of being inexperienced, only knowing to step on the brakes. Stay calm, quickly change direction, don’t just stand on the brake, and at most the back of the BMW would impacted. These days, there are too many drivers who only know how to drive but do not know how to handle emergency situations.

凤凰网黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友: 带头大哥

Cement truck accidents should be classified as intentional homicide crimes!

凤凰网贵州省贵阳市网友: 手机用户

So unlucky.

凤凰网辽宁省沈阳市网友: 手机用户

When seeing a large cargo truck or cement tanker, I stay at a distance, salute and let them pass.

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  • Just_Banlas

    Nice car

  • Poodle Tooth

    Seen these motherfuckers running red lights in broad daylight. I believe it could be an accident, in the criminally negligent sense.

  • FYIADragoon

    >implying a BMW would deal with a crash better than a Japanese car
    Sounds like we’ve got some real jokers here. I bet the Cement truck would have been crushed if it had been a Volvo though lol.

    Seeing this I’m suddenly tempted to go look up translations for mafia phrases. “I guess our friend is going to have a bad run in with a big truck today.” Although in China, the better the car, the less capable the driver. So I suppose its possible the driver was an idiot along with the cement truck driver not being alert.

    • hess

      Try telling a Chinese person that a toyota is safer than any German made car, they’ll look at you like you’re from space or something

    • Markoff

      btw. Volvo is Chinese already for some time…

  • RickyBeijing

    I’m surprised the car just bent in like that. I would have thought a high class BMW would have a higher safety standard so the passengers would have a better chance.

    • Bluex

      Try getting sandwiched between 2 cement trucks, the one behind ramming at high speed and see which car could survive it.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        The only one I can think of is the American school bus, those can take out a Hummer like hot knife thru butter.

        • ClausRasmussen
          • wingedgenius

            O_o And here I thought Hummers were the safest things on the road…

          • Munkee

            Maybe for their drivers, but for people outside the Hummer, it is the opposite ;-)

          • ClausRasmussen

            Actually, I did some research: It is not a real hummer but a Chevrolet wannabe.

            On the other hand, a real hummer probably still wouldn’t have made a dent in it because American school busses are built on a frame of massive construction grade I-beams running the full length of the chassis. They’re virtually indestructible

          • Zappa Frank

            than in war they should use school buses instead of hummers?

          • ClausRasmussen

            If wars were won by driving around and ramming the enemy, then yes I think so :-)

          • Markoff

            what? how is that not Hummer H2? source…

          • ClausRasmussen

            First comment here: , 17th comment here:×2817866 , or basically every other discussion on the internet of the picture

          • Markoff

            do you have some website not blocked in china?

    • mr.wiener

      At a guess I’d say it is a question of a fully laden cement truck hitting you at speed, The front of your car slipping under the back of the truck in front and everything in the passenger compartment being obliterated.
      Short of driving a tank you’d be toast no matter what your car. An SUV might have fared better but only because the higher center of gravity would mean its crumple zones could be put to best effect.
      It did look like it came apart like cardboard though.

    • Ryo Saeba

      2 factors: Weight and height. Those trucks weight a few tons vs a 1.5 ton car. Much more kinetic energy. The BMW pretty much plowed under the truck in the front. You can see how the front of the BMW turned into a ramp.

  • AbC

    “The BMW driver, a classic case of being inexperienced, only knowing to step on the brakes. Stay calm, quickly change direction, don’t just stand on the brake, and at most the back of the BMW would impacted.”

    What a moronic comment… From what I can see, unless the BMW driver was expecting to be murdered, he wouldn’t have had the time to evaluate the situation and take the right course of action to change lanes. That car was going to be crunched regardless of the driver’s experience unless he happens to be staring at the rear mirror instead of looking ahead like any reasonable driver would.

    • Brento

      Classic “What’s a blind spot? Looking in your “blind spot” sounds unsafe. Just turn into lane without looking.” But anyway, yeah it happened way to quick.

    • don mario

      yea…… unless he had a deloreon and could accelerate to 88mph he was fucked.

  • Bluex

    I only thought these sort of scene appeared in dramas/movies for “accidental” accidents, where the rammer would later blame of faulty brakes or lost control etc etc.

  • Eric Hill

    WHY do they think this is a conspiracy? God help me, I’m actually moving back to this lunatic country.

    • guest

      Because have you seen the way some trucks drivers dive, it’s s cause of “might makes right” of way. I seen a few trucks floor it when going through build up areas, no braking just full horn. If any thing were to happen there would be no safe braking distance.

      Other than that, if my brakes went I use be slamming on the hand brake.

      • bossel

        That wouldn’t explain the conspiracy “theories”. It really looks suspicious how this truck is coming at speed from a distance & doesn’t seem to take any avoiding action (like scratching along the crash barriers to slow down a bit or driving into the channeling island [if the brakes weren’t working]).
        Yet I wouldn’t have come to a conspiracy theory, but would have blamed it probably on the driver’s stupidity. So, what’s the reason some Chinese commenters think of a conspiracy?

        • ClausRasmussen

          >> It really looks suspicious

          In the video you can see smoke coming off the brakes of the cement truck as he rolls down the road in the distance

          My explanation is that he was driving way too fast, then burned out the brakes when he realized, and finally panicking and freezing, not avoiding the accident by ramming the channeling island

          Speed + Bad driving skills + Worn out 35 tons cement truck => Accident

        • Poodle Tooth

          Why would you want to slow down? The payout will be lower if they’re dead.

    • Kai

      Conspiracy in the “conspiracy to commit murder” sense. It’s ultimately wild speculation but they basically don’t think it looks like an “accident” and they’re not above entertaining the notion that the BMW and its occupants were intentionally targeted for some sinister reason.

  • Claude

    Note to self: Don’t ride a scooter in China.

    • Free Man

      Just being in China is already dangerous enough, so riding a scooter is just an additional (marginal) risk. Doesn’t really matter what killed you, as long as it killed you successfully.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Meh, I hit a taxi on my e-bike and he had a huge dent in his door and my bike was fine…

    • ClausRasmussen

      Just walking on the pavement is dangerous in my experience

      • Munkee

        Just breathing is dangerous in my experience

        • ClausRasmussen

          Lol. Eating also comes to mind.

          I remember buying a bottle of each brand of water in the supermarket to find one that didn’t taste “strange”. I didn’t find any.

          I did the same test with beer: Beijing beer taste like it’s brewed in Beijing, but Tsingdao is really good, so my conclusion is that the only safe thing you can do in China is to sit in a garden drinking beer :-)

          • Kai

            I’ve had bad experiences with Nongfu, which has ranged from tolerable to intolerable. I have, however, been pretty satisfied with Watson’s. I quite like it, in fact and lament whenever my nearest convenience store runs out of the big jugs I tend to buy.

          • ClausRasmussen

            I just googled Nongfu, half the page is about food scandals lol

          • David

            I buy two cases of Watson’s (cans of soda water) each month on-line and have then delivered right to my home.

          • Kai

            I don’t like carbonated/sparkling water, so I buy those large green and clear jugs of just plain water. As much as I know paying for bottled water is a bit silly in principle, it tastes infinitely better than boiled tap here.

          • Teacher in China

            Except Nongfu makes those awesome sugarless Chinese tea drinks in like the rectangular bottles that I love…. I was happy to see Watson’s in my shitty little farming town because I really like ginger ale…alas, none to be found.

          • Kai

            I’m trying to think of the sugarless Chinese tea drinks in rectangular bottles you’re referring to but am drawing a blank. Are they actually octagonal?

            I think the tea drinks I tend to drink are all Suntory or Kirin or even Kangshifu.

            I think only Lawsons or 7-11 stocks Watson’s ginger ale here (and Diet Coke!). I don’t think I’ve really ever seen ANYONE buy it. Come to think of it, I only seem to see it when ordering Vodka ginger-ales on planes or randomly at bars.

          • Teacher in China

            Don’t think they’re octagonal…. they have really traditional looking Chinese pictures on the front: a horse for the red tea, a ship for I think the Oolong tea, a flower for the jasmine tea and a traditional building for the green tea. They are awesome (but of course just making real Chinese tea and chilling it is better). I love Kirin red tea! Can’t get it here though.

          • Poodle Tooth

            Go to Qingdao and go to the brewery. Drink the fresh unfiltered Tsingtao. It is wonderful.

          • ClausRasmussen

            I was really impressed by the ordinary Tsingtao. It is a standard pilsner that compares favorably to international beers like Carlsberg, Heineken, etc, and then it’s cheap ! There is really no reason to drink anything else in China

            I’ll try the unfiltered Tsingtao if I get the chance one day

          • monster

            suntory is good too!
            i dislike to drink beer anyway.

          • ClausRasmussen

            >> i dislike to drink beer

            Poor you, lol

          • Teacher in China

            I find Tsingdao to be bland and boring, personally. But a lot of Chinese beer is like that. It’s not always a bad thing, especially when you want something to go along with your meal – nice and light is preferrable most of the time. Tsingdao, however, does make a really nice stout available in cans at the supermarket. Chinese beer companies need to start trying out stronger and more interesting varieties of beer.

          • ClausRasmussen

            I agree with you that you can find way more interesting beers than the regular Tsingtao, but the comparison was against equally bland and boring international brands like Carlsberg and Heineken

            I did that comparison because if you frequent a bar in Beijing, that’s the choice you got. Tsingtao comes up on top because you basically can’t taste the difference and it is much cheaper

          • Teacher in China

            Ha! Never thought I’d meet anyone who shares my opinion on Carlsberg and Heineken! Those always seem to get mentioned as amongst the best beers int he world, andI’ve never understood why. Not that they’re bad, just bland. And I get your point then about Tsingdao. I think you need to go to some better places in Beijing :)

            Have you tried Great Leap Brewery yet? An American guy that brews his own beers – he’s got an excellent selection of tasty brews. Every time I go back to Beijing, I try to make it down there.

          • ClausRasmussen

            I’m sadly not in China, but I can tell you that the best beer I’ve got my whole life was a boring Tsingtao in the garden of a restaurant on a hot evening in Beijing after a busy day. I don’t think I drank it, it just entered my system by osmosis… Man, that was good…

          • Teacher in China

            My experience like that was with Yanjing beer after a particularly brutal, busy, sweaty, dusty day organizing textbooks in a long-forgotten classroom at my old school in Beijing in September with no air conditioning. Me and my co-worker downed that first cold beer in like 1 minute. Nothing beats a cold beer after a hard day’s work.

          • Alex Dương

            Shawshank experience for you?

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah, that’s exactly right. I felt like Red up on that rooftop for sure.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Exactly !

    • Poodle Tooth

      If a scooter rider survived the initial impact, odds are they wouldn’t still be on the bike for the second.

  • The police have so far ruled this a suicide

  • yurah

    He probably deserved it…

    • jaded

      how could someone deserve that? You’re twisted.

  • Edward Kay

    Who are the peeps inside the BMW for the jokers to deem it a conspiracy? Shit happens, perhaps more here.

  • sudon’t

    Right. A loaded truck weighs about 80,000 lbs. (legally, in the US – can’t vouch for Chinese standards and enforcement). A car weighs maybe 3,000 lbs. The largest SUV weighs 8,000 lbs., most around 6,000. Add kinetic energy, as you say, and do the math. You don’t stand a chance in any vehicle.

    • Irvin

      A tank might survive it.

  • sudon’t

    That’s a good tip anywhere. I would add, to American drivers, don’t play passive-aggressive games with trucks. If that driver makes a mistake, you’re the one who dies.

  • Irvin

    Confucius was right……smaller matters does give way to greater matters.

  • vonskippy

    Newtonian Physics, not just a good idea, but a LAW of nature.

  • Freddi BuBu

    Guess he shouldn’t have cut off the cement truck behind him earlier……

  • 宋易

    Pull the dumbest peasants out of the most backward, 12th century buttfuck villages, put them in a cement truck, and what you get is this brand of chaos.

    • Teacher in China

      As someone living in an area with a lot of those 12th century buttfuck villages, I totally agree. I’ve seen cement trucks do some crazy fucking shit here, so that video doesn’t really surprise me (although it did shock me still).

      • 宋易

        I’ve seen lines of dump trucks and cement trucks driving up highways, in two different cities I’ve lived in (Shenyang and Dongguan), cruising right through red lights at full speed. I think they just don’t like downshifting, and they think everyone will automatically yield to them. They often don’t even have headlights on. Ridiculous.

        • China Uncensored

          … and all without headlamps after dark too, right? Same here in Qingdao… so many bad drivers pulling out in front of others and not using headlights at night.

          • 宋易

            When I’m on my bike at a stop light, and I see a car without its head lamps on, I flash my light directly in their face to get their attention, and point at their lamps.

            Not a single one has ever gotten the idea.

          • China Uncensored

            Of course not. Accident prevention is an unknown concept in China but on the other hand, it helps keep the population down.

  • Munkee

    Why do they have to mention it is a BMW? What if it was a VW Jetta, or a Geely?

    • Chaz

      So everyone can feel smug that a tu hao bit it.

  • Mighty曹

    Maybe the brakes did in fact failed. Smoke can be seen spewing from the truck, a sign of brakes overheating that can cause failure. He should have used the guardrail to slow down the truck by steering into it, then maybe crash into that island/medium in the intersection.

  • UserID01

    I literally said “Holy shit,” out loud when I saw the .gif.

    The car was following the first cement truck way too closely, and the second cement truck was following the car way too closely. I’m not very familiar with traffic rules or habits in China, but damn, when traveling at a certain rate of speed, it’s necessary to maintain adequate distance just in case the car in front of you stops suddenly. I mean, obviously, if there was a problem with the breaks of the second truck, the BMW didn’t have a chance… but shit, why were they crowded so close together?

    • China Uncensored

      That’s how most people drive in China. Too many people and cars.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    First thing I learned when I started driving here is never to go within 100m of any kind of cement truck or sand truck, they are always overloaded with worn out brakes. I’ve seen them run red lights many times because they simply can’t stop in time. I’d rather wait 2 minutes and let one pass than have one behind me. But the one in the back was going way too fast…. Looks like it goes downhill a bit there, coming off a bridge? Brake failure?

    • China Uncensored

      And with all that shit on the roads these days here in Qingdao… has anyone else seen it? It looks like it has rained but it’s some nasty muck from traffic that doesn’t dry up and it’s almost like driving on ice. Very dangerous.

  • ClausRasmussen

    I wasn’t that adventurous. I just started at the top of the menu card and worked my way down until I hit something (Tsingtao) that fell in my taste

    I did try a Beijing beer during the process… jeez, it tasted like they used water from the river… so I was perfectly happy with Tsingtao and didn’t dare to venture further, but I can see from the your and other recommendations in this thread that there is plenty of good beer to get if you know where and what

  • don mario

    conspiracy? no, just a typical chinese driver by my assessment..


    It was dead in the head before impact.

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