BMW Driver Hits Small Boy, Runs Him Over 4x, Then Walks Away

BMW driver runs over little boy 4 times, killing him.

BMW driver runs over little boy 4 times, killing him.

From NetEase:

BMW runs over 3-year-old boy four times causing his death

Summary: On the 7th in Xinyi of Jiangsu province, a 3 and a half year old boy was hit by a BMW X6 while playing, and this car then ran over him three times causing his death. Video footage shows that the driver left after making sure that the child had died, without calling for help or trying to rescue. The BMW driver has already been arrested on suspicion of traffic violations. The boy’s relatives suspected that the driver intentionally killed [the boy], but the police claim that the driver and the boy’s family have no history of problems, and therefore no motive for murder.

Boy playing behind the car.
Boy playing behind the car.
BMW hits boy while backing up.
BMW hits boy while backing up.
After Wu X reversed, he then drives the car forward, and the boy is run over a second time.
After Wu X [the driver] reversed, he then drives the car forward, and the boy is run over a second time.
Wu X gets off the car to examine, and the empty car suddenly reverses again, again running over the boy.
Wu X gets off the car to examine, and the empty car suddenly reverses again, again running over the boy.
Wu X leaves.
Wu X leaves.

Comments from NetEase:


1. What kind of car has a license plate with 苏CLHXXX? [mentioned in full article]
2. Even if the car’s owner was frightened out of his wits/panicked, water entered his brain, and was kicked by a donkey, this isn’t intentional homicide?
3. The JC ignoring this many suspicious points, just what is the meaning of that?
4. My child is also 3-years-old and if anyone were dared to do something like this to my child, I swear I would first divorce my wife, give her all of my assets, and then go destroy the car owner’s entire family, chopping them down one by one with a cleaver, play “death by a thousand cuts” with the car owner, and then go give myself up in Beijing, I swear.


Strongly demand the death sentence! No suspension [of sentence]!

Those in support, ding!


Running someone over in China is no problem as long as you have money…


Absolutely intentional! If the person dies, 200,000 [RMB compensation]. But if the person is seriously injured, it is probably at least 2 million. The BMW-driving bastard probably won’t do any jail time either.


Beast, I curse him to be run over by someone in a car like this forty times in his next life.


This is the law’s responsibility/fault.
For the driver, accidentally killing someone is cheaper than injuring them. Who killed the child? Was it the driver?


The person above said it well, the driver must’ve believed that killing them outright would be better than injuring them, better to just deal with it one time, otherwise he would be entangled in a mess his entire life. Completely intentionally homicide.


Chinese people who are rich are heartless, this is a common fact. When you are evaluating another person’s morals, think about if you became rich and drive BMWs, would you be any different from other rich people?


He should be forced to watch his own child suffer this kind of fate, though this kind of person wouldn’t have children anyway, nor are they fit to have children…


Fuck, without money, even if you win the lawsuit, you still lose!


That person drives an X6, that person has money. Hope he gets hit while driving the X6, and dies in the X6.


What he drives is not important, but him driving back and forth four times and then leaving is what is most despicable.


Stop thinking of legal resolutions, kill his family and then commit suicide.


I believe killing his entire family is pointless. What would be best is to beat his children into mental retards, and sell his family’s women (including his mother, his sisters, his wife, mother-in-law + sisters-in-law) to Africa to be prostitutes!
Let this beast [prefer death to living, suffer]!

There are over 21k comments on NetEase at this time. A similar post on Mop has over 32 pages of comments.

Do other countries have similar problems like this? That it can be cheaper or less trouble for you if you kill someone instead of injuring them?

Here is the actual video:


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