BMW Driver Hits Small Boy, Runs Him Over 4x, Then Walks Away

BMW driver runs over little boy 4 times, killing him.

From NetEase:

BMW runs over 3-year-old boy four times causing his death

Summary: On the 7th in Xinyi of Jiangsu province, a 3 and a half year old boy was hit by a BMW X6 while playing, and this car then ran over him three times causing his death. Video footage shows that the driver left after making sure that the child had died, without calling for help or trying to rescue. The BMW driver has already been arrested on suspicion of traffic violations. The boy’s relatives suspected that the driver intentionally killed [the boy], but the police claim that the driver and the boy’s family have no history of problems, and therefore no motive for murder.

Boy playing behind the car.

Boy playing behind the car.

BMW hits boy while backing up.

BMW hits boy while backing up.

After Wu X reversed, he then drives the car forward, and the boy is run over a second time.

After Wu X [the driver] reversed, he then drives the car forward, and the boy is run over a second time.

Wu X gets off the car to examine, and the empty car suddenly reverses again, again running over the boy.

Wu X gets off the car to examine, and the empty car suddenly reverses again, again running over the boy.

Wu X leaves.

Wu X leaves.

Comments from NetEase:


1. What kind of car has a license plate with 苏CLHXXX? [mentioned in full article]
2. Even if the car’s owner was frightened out of his wits/panicked, water entered his brain, and was kicked by a donkey, this isn’t intentional homicide?
3. The JC ignoring this many suspicious points, just what is the meaning of that?
4. My child is also 3-years-old and if anyone were dared to do something like this to my child, I swear I would first divorce my wife, give her all of my assets, and then go destroy the car owner’s entire family, chopping them down one by one with a cleaver, play “death by a thousand cuts” with the car owner, and then go give myself up in Beijing, I swear.


Strongly demand the death sentence! No suspension [of sentence]!

Those in support, ding!


Running someone over in China is no problem as long as you have money…


Absolutely intentional! If the person dies, 200,000 [RMB compensation]. But if the person is seriously injured, it is probably at least 2 million. The BMW-driving bastard probably won’t do any jail time either.


Beast, I curse him to be run over by someone in a car like this forty times in his next life.


This is the law’s responsibility/fault.
For the driver, accidentally killing someone is cheaper than injuring them. Who killed the child? Was it the driver?


The person above said it well, the driver must’ve believed that killing them outright would be better than injuring them, better to just deal with it one time, otherwise he would be entangled in a mess his entire life. Completely intentionally homicide.


Chinese people who are rich are heartless, this is a common fact. When you are evaluating another person’s morals, think about if you became rich and drive BMWs, would you be any different from other rich people?


He should be forced to watch his own child suffer this kind of fate, though this kind of person wouldn’t have children anyway, nor are they fit to have children…


Fuck, without money, even if you win the lawsuit, you still lose!


That person drives an X6, that person has money. Hope he gets hit while driving the X6, and dies in the X6.


What he drives is not important, but him driving back and forth four times and then leaving is what is most despicable.


Stop thinking of legal resolutions, kill his family and then commit suicide.


I believe killing his entire family is pointless. What would be best is to beat his children into mental retards, and sell his family’s women (including his mother, his sisters, his wife, mother-in-law + sisters-in-law) to Africa to be prostitutes!
Let this beast [prefer death to living, suffer]!

There are over 21k comments on NetEase at this time. A similar post on Mop has over 32 pages of comments.

Do other countries have similar problems like this? That it can be cheaper or less trouble for you if you kill someone instead of injuring them?

Here is the actual video:

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  • firstwhore

    first for the fck of it

    • and what were the bystanders doing about it? taking pics? wtf u have to be shitting me…

      • Potem

        I don’t think the driver meant to kill the child. I think after the car hit him, the driver got down from his car to see, maybe that time the car was still in Reverse gear due to his panic.

        You see, when he got down, he looked at the child, trying to stop his car as well as looking panic too. I think he get away to look for help while shouting, as you all can see so many bystanders got out from their house right after the incident.

        bystanders and neighbors don’t want to be troubled by police’s interrogation and they fled from the scene. The other car driver as well…

        • Sam

          Yeah I’m inclined to agree. It did look unintentional after the 3rd drive over.. when he tried to stop the car after realizing that he’d hit a kid and not some shit in the road.

          I guess when you hit a bump in a chinese road you don’t really think you’ve hit a kid… It’s commonplace to have a pothole or some random shit on the road

          • Dan Danger

            “It did look unintentional after the 3rd drive over.”

            That is the stuidest thing I ahve ever read and please tell em you were being sarcastic.

        • Jim

          Agreed. What probably happened is he put the car in neutral and it just rolled downhill and over the kid again. Horrible, though, and definitely negligent. Who doesn’t look behind them when backing up?

  • Jay K.

    sweetness for sofa!

    • Jay K.

      On a more serious note, seriously that’s fucked up.

  • Jay K.

    “Do other countries have similar problems like this? That it can be cheaper or less trouble for you if you kill someone instead of injuring them?”

    i don’t know but thank god for guns, anybody does this back home in america and I witness this, I’m the first to take my gun and unload on the cocksucker…

    people with power and money in china can play play, no wonder why that consulate worker in houston deserved to get his ass beat by the houston po po, low life piece of shit.

    • carlstar

      there are some other places in the world where it is best to kill the person you hit because if they live you have to pay for all medical expenses.

    • wogzi

      Oh boy, vigilante justice taken to its maximum extreme despite not knowing the entirety of the situation.

      You make America proud. PALIN 2012


    • Teacher in China

      I don’t know that cheaper enters into it at all. If you injure the person you may have to pay a lot of money, sure. But if you kill them, you’re going to jail. The legal costs and the mental costs would far outweigh whatever consequences came from injuring someone I would think.

      • Stu

        Teacher- a lot of the Chinese posters tend to assume that that rich guy won’t be going to jail whatever happens. Maybe that’s not really a worry.

        • Li RuiKe

          I’d love to see follow-up articles on these ChinaSmack postings. Whatever happened to so-and-so?

        • Teacher in China

          yeah I get you, shoulda been more specific, I was answering Fauna’s question about our countries.

  • mrnightcat

    Disgusting, is all I can really think of while reading this. Really quite speechless. Makes you want to hunt down the guy yourself.

    As for the question about other countries, perhaps there are. Not in the UK though where I’m from at least. With the NHS everyone gets free treatment, and that aside, it wouldn’t matter if there was a question of monetary compensation – I far from have total faith in the UK’s justice system, but a bastard such as this man would go down for a long time regardless, probably with a life sentence. “Life”, means about 25 years in the UK though or less – like I said, UK “justice”.

    Still, it’s not like he’d ever go back to normal life or employability. The UK is a small group of countries and such a guy would be despised nationwide. It would shock the entire region.

  • wtfdik

    That’s just daily life in China.

    I’ve heard similar incidents quite a few times in the past years.

    • ST

      Not it’s not. This is a worst case example, not “daily life”.

      • Peter

        Have to agree with ST. While these things do happen from time to time, it seems a bit over the top to say this is daily life in China. Of course, these things happen everywhere, not just in China – though there may be very little regard for human life here, it would seem. Lets not lose sight of the fact that most people in every country would find this behavior terrifying!

  • Type Two

    Rather than intentionally running over the boy three times it sounds more like he hit the kid while backing up, then pulled forward so as to move the vehicle off of and away from the victim – unknowingly crushing him again. Then, presumably in haste, he exits the car while it is in neutral and it rolls over the boy a third time.

  • keius

    FYI for those who aren’t aware of how things work in China.
    The guy probably ran the kid over by mistake (the first time).
    The second and third times are intentional.
    This is SOP (standard operating procedure) and it’s what i was told to do if i were ever to drive in China. The reason being is that it is definitely cheaper to pay for a dead boy than to provide for the crippled or comatose boy for the rest of his life. The courts have some kind of equation or system that determines a persons monetary value. Children who have potentially more years than older folks are always worth more money. If you run over someones grandma, you don’t have to pay very much comparitively. (as long as you run her over again once or twice to make sure she’s dead).
    Messed up system but that’s how things work.

    Example of how things work: Last year, my wife’s cousin (in a car) hit a moped (iffy on whether it was his fault). On the moped was an entire family. Man, wife, and son ( a 2 yr old – wtf is with vehicle safety laws in China, sigh). Son is in a coma, and all 3 will be crippled for the rest of their lives. The only reason he isn’t in jail is because they need him to pay bills. So, he’s now essentially broke (his family used to be well off). Somehow, being an only son allows the courts to seize/freeze possession of his mom and father’s properties(homes)/assets. So both he and his parents have borrowed nutty amounts of money to pay for hospital bills, penalties, etc. to keep him out of jail. The bills continue to pile up.
    I’ll only say that “some” people have berated him for not making sure he finished the job and to flee. What would you have done??? As for whose fault it was, the courts simply declared it was his fault for expediency. And the judge gets a nice kickback from the “victims” family.

    • keius wife tells me the child died. And her cousin’s wife (with their daughter) is trying to divorce him. That’s life in China for you….

    • Hawkeye Pierce

      That’s terrible and there is never any justification for intentionally killing an innocent person. This is murder and he should be executed and that goes for anyone else regardless of age or sex. Murder is murder and I wish death on all corruption to the highest levels in government.

    • NoRacistSmack

      Rumor should be stopped. There were drivers like this sentenced to execution before and the judge could do the same this time, given the recently reinforced traffic law. Cases like this could be judged as murder and then sentenced to execution, life or at least 10 years of imprison plus a hefty of compensation. Read the link below

      The reason the BMW driver did such horrible thing is because ignorant people like you are spreading the rumor and giving them the illusion that the law wouldn’t punish them more seriously.

      • keius

        People are still doing this because unless they get caught doing it, there is no execution, life or 10 years of imprisonment. ALOT of people are willing to do it because the alternative pretty much means the end of their lives anyway. And as you said yourself, the judge ‘could’ do it but laws in China are typically very lax…in any manner of ways.

        Getting caught on video running someone over 3x…good way of getting the death penalty. Can’t argue with you there. Unless they have connections….in which case the judge will simply say that they made a mistake and didn’t realize there was a person there….they just backed up to check if they hit something….(this has happened before btw :P )

        • NoRacistSmack

          There aren’t many people who dare to try this and such accidents are actually rare in China. Don’t confuse it with hit-n-run. Things like running somebody over multiple times are not on the same level of running from the spot. I said ‘could’ because the case hasn’t been closed yet and the driver is a suspect not a criminal.

          There were only few such cases in the past decade and even fewer (one or two) that didn’t get more than 10 years of prison and one is even executed. Read the link in my previous post and check the fact.

          • keius

            “Few such cases”…sigh. Have you lived in a big city for any real amount of time? Seriously…I don’t think you realize how much of these “cases” don’t get reported.
            Certain things gets censored, underreported, or go unreported entirely. Crap seriously does NOT get reported. Living locally in a city for awhile gives you a whole different view from what the media reports. Can you trust statistics? How many HIV infected people are there in China? Do you believe the statistics given by the gov’t/media? Listen to what the people are talking about and then check out the local papers.

            Let me give you an example. Couple years ago, there was a serial killer going around killing women wearing red clothing. This was in and around the Guangzhou area. How long was it before the news reported this info? The authorities knew for a long while and ensured it never made it to the papers. This news propagated locally until it couldn’t be hidden….and then finally made it to the papers. Don’t remember exactly but i think the serial killer was on his 7th or 8th victim by that time….and then the authorities blanked out info again…until he was caught couple months later.

            A different issue on the media and news. It’s common knowledge (to the local population) in the Taishan City area that the local authorities received Billions from the central gov’t to clean up pollution in rivers and polluted areas. It’s common knowledge that 90% of it was “appropriated” by local authorities. 10% was used for dredging and actual pollution clean up. Most of the locals never even saw any work crews at all. When pressed by the central gov’t on why pollution still stank, the local gov’t showed pictures of the work crews and said it was ineffective. Any followup investigations? Nope. Anything on the news or media? Nope. But the locals know. Some things are just too big to hide. In Chinese cities, common knowledge is worth more than the media.

            It may be spreading rumors like you said previously, but most of the time, i would give more credence to the local gossip than the local papers.
            It’s all just part of the system in good’ol China. Anyone living there knows how the system works.
            FYI, my wife and in-laws had never even heard of Tiananmen Square until i mentioned it to them. My wife didn’t even believe me until i showed her footage. My in-laws still refuse to believe any of it happened even after watching the footage.

          • NoRacistSmack

            Yeah right, crap like this doesn’t get reported at all in China and that’s why you see this incident has been covered by virtually every Chinese portal site and updates roll out like avalanche from newspapers.

            Serious dude, pick up Chinese sources for Chinese news and stop depending on English sites like Chinasmack for following up. Rumors online are not a good source at all.

            Are you sure about your (adult?) wife and in-laws don’t know Tian’anmen square at all? TV and newspapers reported them without reservations in that period and one can’t miss it if they were not born after 1990. They might just not be willing to talk about it in front of you, which I assume they still treat as a foreigner. Something goes the same for a lot crap you think they don’t know.

          • Jack

            I know many college age students from or currently living in China, they know very little if anything at all about Tiananmen Square incident. It is still being censored.

        • Expat in China

          keius is spot on. that’s the general consensus here in china regarding such situations. it sounds backwards, but everyone knows it’s better to finish the job than leave them crippled but still living. very sad

          • KeninChina

            I would say that Keius got it right on the head.

            There are alot of loop holes in the Chinese legal system and those with power can definitely rise above the law, unless there is overwhelming proof of the wrong doing caught on video or pictures and are posted on the net. Then the government will need to dish out some justice for show.

            There is a Chinese saying “Center government has measures, but local government has counter measures”. It is a widely accepted fact that local government will not follow Central command unless there is an authoritative figure who is sent to specifically check on progress. Infact, the more rural and further away from Beijing, the more corrupt the system becomes as local officials become “local emporers”, since the system lacks a set of checks and balances and the law mostly works in favor of the party rather than the individual.

        • crackedbamboo

          keius, you have a fascinating knack for utter nonsense.

          • keius

            Why thank you very much. I work hard at it :)

    • I am Chinese. I was greatly shocked when I first saw this – every one around me was!
      Regarding the SOP, there are people who say so – these people are just bastards. And there are people who did so – these people are dacnomania bastards.

      I don’t care how you (everybody here) look at our gnmt, but I do care how u look at our people. There are bastards in China, and please be aware of the fact there are more decent people in China.

      Are there bastards else where in the world?

  • SLX

    His bank account must be loaded >.< I wanna be like him…..
    No financial worries in life, kill and walk off.
    A truly privileged rich guy.

  • kamster

    What a ridiculous way of thinking.
    Don’t they have Third Party insurance in China? If they do, is it not compulsory? Or is it down to the provincial law?

  • jim

    all new bmw’s have parking sensors, so i am sure this guy knew what he was doing

  • Paul

    Have any of you every driven an X6? The view out the back is shit if you don’t have the camera option. You could make a Santana disappear from view behind it.

    Btw: He only runs him over 3 times and not 4 times as it says in the topic and it doesn’t look like intention. He runs him over the first time because he didn’t see him, the second time when driving forward again to check and the third time because he didn’t apply the parking brake.

    The comments are typical for China, the guy has money he must be at fault. Why does nobody blame the parents for letting their 3 year old brat run around on the street alone.

    • keius

      Have to agree with you on this. It’s not just the children who run around in and around traffic without a thought. Seems to be a very common thing for new ‘migrants’ who’ve come to the cities for work. They seem to have a nasty habit of crossing the street when they shouldn’t be crossing the street.

      Still, whoevers supposed to be watching that kid should be strung up and whipped.

      • notproudtobehere

        i have to agree that both of you are morons, i have seen more and more “city” people (if you think shanghai is a city at all with nocommon sense or things like laws/rules etc) ignoring traffic rules, red light? give some more gas so that i am 10 seconds early at mine destination. zebra crossing whats that?? 3 way lane road nono its a 5 lane road in the eyes of every freaking china man/women so tell me which traffic law do we have in our country?? since i see none are being followed

      • crackedbamboo

        don’t even get me started on migrant children…

    • Bill

      The car hit a stationary pedestrian. It has nothing to do with wealth. This is a fairly simple case of a driver backing up without doing a 360 degree check. I don’t think the limited view from the X6 matters at all. If he’s not able to see then he probably shouldn’t be backing up.

      I don’t think he should be executed, but he should be held responsible using the justice system.

    • Stu

      Paul, it’s an accident but clearly the driver’s fault. The kid was standing there the whole time he was getting into the car. But I agree that it doesn’t look like intentional running over.

  • nereis

    Murder. 2nd degree. Firing squad. The end.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

      Hell yeah. Firing squad, but with hollow round bullets, and the squad should intentionally aim for the lower abdomen, to prolong life by a few minutes.

  • Nong

    The worst thing is the guy driving the BMW was probably on a 1KM frivolous journey that he could have done on foot or on a bicycle….but no, he feels he needs to do his journey in a lifestyle statement gas-guzzling 4X4, that is totally impractical and he is totally incapable of driving adequately all for ‘face’, I hope the homicidal asshole looses some serious ‘face’.

    • George

      Thanks for sharing your objetivity on this issue……..

  • Rick in China

    Holy jesus. Why are so many points directed in anger *at his family* or children, if they exist? That sort of mentality is ABSURD.

    The blame is his. The punishment should be his. He should receive a brutal punishment for being obviously the most horrible sort of human alive, but his children should suffer also? His family didn’t do anything, he did.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

  • wewu

    What I wanna know is why all those people stood there watching and no one did jack shit? I remember a couple months ago a story on here about 2 motorcycle bandits in wenzhou got the shit beat outta them by the locals.

    Do people really get more pissed off about getting robbed than seeing kids getting run over intentionally in china. I mean wtf is goin on?

    • Expat in China

      because when it involves injury/death, you don’t want to get involved for fear of linking you with such injury/death. when it’s linked to you, you have to pay the medical bills.

      for instance, when an elderly person trips and falls and can’t get up, most the time other pedestrians will just walk around them and ignore. if you help, you might be blamed as the reason he/she tripped in the first place.

      not too much physical harm done in petty theft, except to the thief

      • keius

        Plus, the driver is in a very expensive BMW. That usually points to money…and possibly influence and maybe power. There’s a kind of pecking order in China. Anyone who get’s involved will be in for a world of trouble if that is the case….

        Oh, and like Expat says, one country isn’t the same as another. You really need to understand how to take care of yourself in China…and know what to watch out for. Being a good samaritan in China will only get you into trouble. Unless you want to donate or give money away to good causes, but even that’s dangerous if you’re too visible. Stuff like that will make you a good target.

  • Fua Ming Gou

    “Do other countries have similar problems like this? That it can be cheaper or less trouble for you if you kill someone instead of injuring them?”

    This was the last question, so I will answer it.

    I can’t speak for other countries, except for Canada which has Auto Insurance. If someone is hit by a car, the claim is on the insurance and it costs nothing to the driver. The only way it would cost the driver is if the driver did it intentionally. Then the insurance company would still pay the family for damages, but the company would go after the driver afterwards.

    The driver would also spend time in jail (if it were intentional).

  • Hm… Beemer? Wonder what guanxi/yuan this punk is going to bring to the table, regardless of video.

    When you think about it, P.R. China hasn’t had an OJ/Rodney King moment yet, has it?

    • keius

      The OJ/Rodney King thing is a racially motivated event. Not really a good comparison.

      A better comparison would be the Uighurs. Do a search for “rioting Uighur factory”. Anyway, even with the video, with enough influence, the driver can still has a decent chance of getting off.

    • crackedbamboo

      uhh, is that something China should expect? and what exactly do you mean OJ/Rodney King moment? you mean like a double homicide? a crackhead beatdown? bungled prosecution? blacks in the media?? er, nationally televised car chase with the guy fleeing in his X6 shouting can’t we just get along?

  • Krell

    If I was the father of this child! I swear I will beat that bastard to death!!

    I don’t understand, why some people don’t care about how important life is.. Killing innocent child is to much!!!

    • Fenqing Mike

      I would shoot his head 4 times times 1000 times for the price of the boy’s life.

      • Krell

        If you shoot he’s head, he won’t feel anything. I think its much better to cut him in a thousand pieces using only a bread knife. that would be much better! Don’t you agree?

  • 练练英语

    use a chinese saying to describe,”men’s hearts are eaten up by dogs.”one-party society doesn’t have a heart,just a walking zombie.

  • This BMW driver’s act of ignoring the boy is so inhumane! I pity the parent of the boy. So sad…

  • Suicidal tendency

    This kind of behaviour exists in China, I’ve heard of it several times already with the same comment: if you hit someone, better finishing off.

    That said, few questions:
    – Who took the pictures of the video recording? Was there no way to get the video directly? People mentions plate number and name of the driver, definitely not found with the photos we have here.
    – What was this guy doing exactly? Parking or about to leave? I don’t get it: for parking there, he should have no need to go that far away then reversing, a direct parking would have been much easier. He can’t have made all the way long from the other side on reverse: there’s another car on the way (and sorry to say so: most of Chinese people are incapable of driving reverse in a straight line…). Leaving? Then why didn’t he leave??
    – That he walks away is one thing. That he walks away with the child still under his car is a complete non sense. Why didn’t he move the car to another location? His relations won’t save him from the relatives wrath, and I doubt the boy was completely alone and far away from them…

    I’m skeptical about the current story.

    • Suicidal tendency

      OK, now that I’ve seen the video, it’s clear:

      – This guy probably never passed his driving licence for real (that said, I’ve seen people who passed it for real, they’re not that much better drivers…).
      – BMW all have a radar on the back, so not only is this guy incapable of driving, but he also don’t know how to use the car (is it his??).
      – Forgetting the brake is unacceptable, but you can stand this was due to panic…
      – Running away at the end considering what he’s just done probably saved him from getting troubles with the mother and the gathering crowd, or that can still be attributed to panic. Whatever, that doesn’t look like a responsible act…

      Should he be executed for being that dumb? I don’t know. But he should never ever be allowed to touch a car again!

      And generally speaking, I don’t have the feeling that drivers in China are aware that a car is basically a very dangerous machine, that’s something taught in western countries and that’s why the training and exams are tough there.

  • Mamahuhu

    My question is: why all the witness don’t do anything? That’s the problem of China, it is so easy to complain in a forum, but nobody does anything in real life. Bunch of cowards and selfish!

  • lee

    i’ve come to realize that chinese people hardly ever to almost never intervene. they jsut casually walk by. dont say anything to the driver, dont try to help the boy. even the person who caught this on video seems to be more concerned with getting this “juicy” story than helping to save the poor boy’s life.

  • Kning

    This is Taiwan all over again. Anyone remember the gravel trucks? You can put them in communist mode or in capitalist mode, and for all their differences after 50 years, they are still the same people at the end of the day.

    A people with no real respect for others and the world around them. Let’s hear it for Confucius!

    • Kning

      To emphasize that last sentence, there are 4 examples in the comments translated by Fauna alone, alongside the driver. These are the comments that suggest hurting the driver’s family as a punishment.

      What are these people, apes? 差不多, because what the hell have the driver’s children or wife done wrong. And what would suggest that a person who can kill a child in cold blood, would suffer most from seeing his own children come to harm? Not that it matters – these are human lives. If you think it’s appropriate to avenge this kid by means of hurting them, you’re on the same level as the driver. Sadly, that’s just the level a lot of Chinese people are at. You want to develop? You want to play with the big boys on the world stage? You get that shit out of your system, pronto.

      • crackedbamboo

        …and after all you’re just a small man on an even smaller stage. Sadly. Speaking of shit, you might wanna get your own head out of your ass, pronto.

  • Tully

    It’s easier to make out what happened from the video in the link as opposed to the photographs above.

    • Type Two

      Ack, thats horrible. Where the hell was the kids parents?

      • Ken M.

        After seeing the video it looked more like very unfortunate event. First off the kid was standing at a blind spot relative to driver. The kid clearly did not see the car was shifted to reverse. This happens in America too. The parent driving a SUV and is unable to see their own children are at the rear when they move in reverse.

        The driver is incompetent on the basis of being a driver. He is going down a hill, when he realize he had hit a child. He should have stopped the vehicle. The child was slapping at the bumper when he hit the floor. Yet the driver continue moving probably because he released his brakes. Then the driver gets out of his car forgetting he needs to put on his emergency brakes because he is on a hill. The car rolls backward and again rolls over the child. Either he is a dumb nut or one of the most vicious people on this planet caught on video.

        You can clearly see at the end of the video the mother runs to the child and is unable to resuscitate him. It looked like she was screaming when she waved her arms.

        This is very messed up and very unfortunate. Driver should definitely be punished for vehicular homicide. I have no clue what the laws are in China, but I truly hope the driver gets a sever punishment.

  • jackbutcher

    this guy must be driving fake bmw and he didn’t pay the insurance. if the boy was not dead just take the boy to the hospital. the insurance will pay the medical care.

    I just got my driving license , still a beginner. if things like this happen to me . for sure i would take this boy to the hospital. i don’t need to pay too much for the accident

    • keius

      I don’t think you realize how insurance works in China. There is a very real limit on how much insurance companies are willing to pay for these incidents. And they will find any excuse possible to not pay. It is NOT like it is in the US. And he would be potentially paying medical bills for the rest of the child’s life. The insurance won’t pay for that. If the child is crippled and unable to work, he’ll be responsible for the child’s livelihood/living expenses for the rest of the child’s life as well.

      • dilladonuts

        and so what? you fucked up, you have to pay, even if it is for the rest of your life or the victims life. your insurances pays, or you pay, doesn’t matter, be a responsible human being, rather then a piece of shit who thinks of expenses all day cheapo fool.

        • keius

          Dude, relax :P We’re just explaining/analyzing the possible rational behind the drivers motives and actions. The mindset is different in other countries. Life is indeed valued less in China (than in the US) and i’m not going to argue that statement for those who disagree. People tend to look out for #1. Personal responsibility is also different in other countries….not that Americans are really that much different in this regard. It’s just easier to get away with doing bad stuff in China vs in the US.

          • Teacher in China

            “Life is indeed valued less in China (than in the US) and i’m not going to argue that statement for those who disagree.”

            Sorry, you take the time to write it, you have to take the time to defend it. Just because there are a few greedy assholes in this country that take advantage of human life doesn’t give you the right to make sweeping generalizations that life isn’t valued by all the people in the country. Think carefully about what you’re saying when you make that statement. You’re saying “Chinese people don’t value human life”. What kind of people don’t value human life? Monsters, basically. What right do you have to say from atop your ivory tower that “Oh, in the U.S., we totally value human life more than China does.” And what standard are you using to judge whether someone “values” life or not anyway?

            If you want to say something like “Chinese building developers don’t value human life” or “Chinese rich assholes don’t value human life” or even “Chinese police don’t value human life” then we can at least have a conversation.

            Be prepared to defend what you write or don’t write it at all.

  • longtian

    Anyone who says that the bystanders did nothing needs to watch the video. It’s hard to tell the reaction of the first person walking in the background, and the first guy on the moped, but the people from the left all rallied after being told what had happened by the woman in red, and ran off with her to tell others. Their shouting probably was why the three men ran up and took action. The older man called the police. It looks like the mother of the boy first attempts CPR and then begins wailing. And no, the driver didn’t do it intentionally. He didn’t know what he hit the first time, and pulled up the second time. Third time was due to the parking brake not being set. This was an accident, so stop trying to sensationalize it and stop fostering racism. The driver made a mistake by not looking behind him, but this isn’t murder.

    • shameyou

      dont be a idiot walking away from a accident is a crime, what do you think? ow sorry i broke your leg but hey i can still walk so see you….. ow sorry did i kill your son, am sorry see you, he didn’t even check if he could do something for that child, just a glance and then happily walk away.

      • longtian

        Others have said that in real news it was reported that he didn’t leave the scene. He only leaves the view of the camera. Notice that everything in front of and to the right of the car is hidden.

    • Type Two

      It seems to me the mother is more at fault than the driver. This kid was three years old. What was he doing alone in the middle of the street? And it wasn’t even like he was trying to cross the road when he was hit. He was just standing there – because he was unsupervised.

    • Harrison

      I just watched the video. I think it’s obvious that it was an accident.

      Human beings like to have someone to hate.

      • George

        I agree with you. It was just an accident caused by an inexperienced driver. The only important point in this piece of news is that he should have stayed and try to help.

    • lee

      ummm yeah..running off to tell others sure helped save the child’s life. where were they when he was playing in the middle of street? the dude on the bike was completely oblivious to a car about to back up with a child standing right in its path. where im from, we tend to look out for each other. whether its a friends kid or a stranger’s kid, if a kid is in harm’s way, we do our best to help. not stand there looking on and act all surprised by the outcome when its all done

  • Jordan

    “…but the police claim that the driver and the boy’s family have no history of problems, and therefore no motive for murder.”

    Try “Saving money” for motive. Do the police have brains?

    • keius

      They have brains. They also have empty pockets waiting to get stuffed.

      The statement is damage control meant to explain away why the judge will later dismiss the case so long as there is a cash payment made to the boys family….and to the judge and cops. The authorities know it’s coming….and expected.

    • Bill

      That’s a stupid reason. That means that no one will become criminals. Since prior to commiting their first crime, no one will have a “history” and thus no “motive”. Since they can’t be found guilty of their first crime due to “no history” and “no motive” then they’ll never have “history” nor “motive” for future crimes…

  • Stimpy

    Some of my own comments:

    1- Drivers in China don’t seem to know how to use their mirrors. AT ALL.
    2- They also don’t seem to know what a handbrake is. I have seen them not using it correctly so many times.
    3- Does the driver look a bit drunk when he gets in to the car?

    • dilladonuts

      they know how to use the rearview mirror for the sole purpose of applying make up. =)

  • bscalled

    People should never get used to something like this – this is outrageous. If people of China do not find this murderer and make him suffer it will be a sick statement and embarassment on behalf of the Chinese people.

  • John

    Murderer. If this guy doesn’t pay for this crime then China needs a huge enema.

  • John

    The Chinese: So full of fear. Watch the video. Watch how the witnesses RUN AWAY. SHAME. SHAME ON THEM. So weak and without compassion and a sense of justice. Is that what 5,000 years of civilization gets you? Fucking weak.

    • SLX

      John you have no clue……. Only the rich are strong :D they have what it takes to make cash.
      Compassion and justice won’t earn the weak and poor cash :P
      Money is everything fuck the kid….. probably don’t have a cent on his corpse. Its a pity that guy has to pay a large sum for a piece of meat…. inedible too.

      • crackedbamboo

        Hey slicks, eat ME. It’s plain you’d rather be a brainless fuck than a penniless corpse.

        • SLX

          no no you are wrong it takes brains to make $$$….. that kid is a good example…… stand behind a moving car like a dumb fuck and get you’ll pwned

          • Sam

            Hahahahaha, horrible to laugh at it but that was definitely a case of Driver vs Pedestrian pwnage.

            Seriously though, that kid’s parents should tell him not to play in the bloody road. It’s like the first thing I learnt after “don’t get into a car with a stranger”

  • yoyo


  • John

    So much China bashing… perhaps these poor people having kids should TEACH their kids to not play in the street! And if you’re gonna play on the street, move the f**k away when a 2 ton car is coming your way, SLOWLY!

    The family of the child will instantly become rich and chances are, probably have more money then they’ll ever make. China is NOT the land of opportunities. It’s not like US where everyone have a chance to be successful. In China, if you are not born into a wealthy family, the chances of the kid becoming successful is very very slim. There are just too many people here. Kids born into rich rich families gets the best jobs because their parents have connection. Even if the kid is under qualify, they will get the job over any over qualify person from the outside. This is the power of connections in China.

    To the credit of the kid, the BMW driver should of purchased Parking Assistance. Save me lots of times from scratching my bumpers.

  • Simon

    I have a dream.

    One day, just for one day, in China, will there be killing another chinese for free. Chinese so very much hate each other and so god damn good at killing each other, heaven let them do what they do best.

    The next day, they wake up, 9/10 of the population gone. True law and order descends upon china and the world will be a better place.

    • Li RuiKe

      Obviously, Simon, you’ve never heard of the Cultural Revolution. That’s exactly what the Chinese did – kill each other without a second thought for 10 years. Several million dead for no reason. For free, you could say. Did it make China or the world a better place. No. China (and the world) didn’t get better until that murderous pervert, whose sickening image is still on the money, died in 1976. Read your history.

    • Li RuiKe

      BMW-Break My Windows.
      How do you get so much money?
      BMW drivers think they own the road, the bike lane, the sidewalk, …
      Teach them some humility.

  • mrnightcat

    From watching the longer, clearer video posted in a few comments, I agree with some that initially, it looks like a possible accident, though not sure. That doesn’t remove the fact that his actions were totally deplorable and his lack of safe driving skills were unforgiveable – i.e. ignoring the BMW parking sensors which others have mentioned here, etc.

    The first impact obviously comes as a shock to him – either he didn’t see what the car hit (wasn’t paying attention), or might have known it was a child. Either way the car stopped horrifyingly with the wheel on top of the struggling boy’s body. He stopped it there probably because of the shock of the wheel rolling up on something. The car then continues forward to roll off whatever it had hit. The next rolling forward was the subjective part – by all means, he should never have gone forward and should have rushed out then to see what he’d hit. Here, he might have known he hit something and wanted to finish the job, as is the majority view here, but at the same time he might have not realised it was a child. I know, sounds stupid, but so was he, and he might have thought it was a dog so deliberately finished it off. To be honest I think this is what most likely happened, whether he knew it was a child or thought it was a dog.

    Next, he obviously panics and rushes out, forgetting to put on the handbrake. You can see he doesn'[t anticipate this as he tries vainly to stop the car from rolling. Maybe he just realised it was a child, or whether he knew or not, he was probably thinking to just get out of there.

    Of course, leaving was just unforgiveable, and the man clearly had no morals whatsoever, though as has been explained in detail before, you can’t exactly expect much more. Of course he was going to run, because he wasn’t exactly going to shed a penny of his to help that boy’s potential life, was he?

    Accident at first or not, he deserves murder charges.

    • Peter

      Maybe he thought the parking sensors were going off for the car in front of him. Did he, in fact, leave or was he trying to get help?

      Stupid, but not necessarily criminal or worthy of all the opprobrium that his being heaped upon him.

      • RickMtl

        If the entire event was purely driver stupidity and lack of environmental awareness (which I can believe from seeing other Chinese drivers and being in a car driven by them), it is still a very high level of stupidity which can’t really be cured with anything else other than death.
        It boggles the mind how unaware the driver is of the road. What would he have thought was coming under his car when backing on a paved street in a residential community? ( An alert driver should’ve stopped and then as fast as possible move forward at the slightest feel that the car was going up. Never mind that he goes up and down the boy twice before getting out and still forgets the brakes.
        In this case, it really doesn’t matter if it was truly intentional or not since he did exactly what an intentional boy killer in a bwmX6 would’ve done.

  • Peter

    Having seen the video link. It’s obvious that this story has been sensationalized!

    This wasn’t intentional. The guy tried to stop the car once it started rolling backwards. He is just a total moron for getting out of his car while it was in neutral and for running over the boy the second time. Though to be fair, how could he know it was a person he ran over! The kid was small and the BMW has a very high rear end!

    Sad to say, Chinese people are abysmal drivers, but the problem isn’t just the driver. Many Chinese people, especially where I am living, have no sense of danger. They are extremely stupid and careless when it comes to road safety.

    People will literally look at you driving down a street and then walk directly in front of you, intentionally. They will walk in front of a car that is pulling out of parking spot. They will walk behind cars as they back up without the slightest hesitation!

    That said. Many Chinese drivers just don’t look where they are going! The other day I was standing on the street next to a group of workers checking out what they were doing, when a car backed up right into me. I am huge 6 foot 3 and pretty chubby. It would be hard to miss me, if you looked. But why look when you are busy focusing on backing up?

    This child and his/her parents have just as much blame as the driver! It’s sad that people will just attack the stupid driver and not think a little before they leap to judgment.

    But hey this is China, why would you think? You don’t think when you do the 10,000 things in your daily life that are going to give you and everyone you know cancer. You don’t think when you aren’t doing your job decently (about all the customers you are going to lose long-term.) You don’t think when you cross the street. So why think before condemning a man to death because of a few pictures on the internet?

    • 柯美琳

      Yes, I agree, this story has been sensationalized. After watching the video, it seems that his actions were not intentional, just incredibly stupid. Walking away is unforgivable, but the guy must’ve been totally freaked out, and since the trend in China is NOT to help others in trouble, in that state of mind he walked away.
      So tragic.

      • TheTravellingMan

        This is tragic, a total waste of life but I honestly don’t think it was deliberate. The guy is a fool and has no right to drive such an awkward car when he has less driving skills than a 3 year old chimp.

        However Chinese are absolutely ignorant to road safety, they walk in front of cars slowly coming at high speed without even bothering to take a glance sideways, they ride bikes at 5mph in front of buses roaring down the roads, cruise around at night without turning on their headlights, do u-turns in narrow one way streets etc the list just goes on and on. 100,000 die on the roads each year and it is just too much. A proper system of education regarding road safety has to be implemented which re-educates drivers and pedestrians and a legal system which penalizes all deviants regardless of their background, social class or party affiliation.

        • Peter

          Absolutely “travelling man!” Punish the stupidity until it starts changing behavior. Punish pedestrians as well as drivers!

        • China Shark Mike

          Traveling Man you hit it right on the head. Start levying fines and garnishing wages see how fast people start changing their tune. Apathy unfortunately rules supreme here in China. Chinese people are frugal and generally poor for the most part. Plant the seed that the little bit of money they will make will be taken if caught creating dangerous environments. Chinese government could actually train police to really do their job and not just pay them to hassle street vendors selling pirated dvds. Get them to do an effective job, if they cannot do it fire them and replace them all. 2 yrs I’ve lived here I very rarely see police doing anything but chat on cells, smoke or play on their scooters. It’s a disgrace the poor excuse for law and order here. It’s ironic PRC, there is nothing in it for John Q. citizen. Third world mentality. Apathy breeds sheep that no longer can feel empathy or compassion. Not saying it is all the Chinese yet I despise weakness in any form.

          • TheTravellingMan

            They also need to get rid of those useless traffic attendants that blow their whistle like crazy when you set 5 cm across the sidewalk into the road but do NOTHING when bikes come at full speed across the crossing at red light almost swiping pedestrians or cars that make full speed turns without even bothering to reduce speed when they see people crossing. Those guys are useless and just sum up whats wrong with the roads in China. Total new think on the way the rules are enforced is needed, something like Singpore, which has been pretty effective in cutting out the worst Chinese behaviours by using the best tool available: $$$$$, fines, fines, fines

  • @@

    these people didn’t even bother to watch the vid and make stupid comments.

    the child was standing in the blind spot of the suv.

    the guy didn’t realise what he ran over so he try to drive the car off the “bump”

    he left the car in the wrong gear because the car was reversing while he was out of if, and he was trying to somehow lift the car off the kid, this is an obvious sign of panic.

    as for walking off, what would you do if you just realized you’ve killed a kid, i bet his mind was pretty blank at the time.

    • Tully

      I think that you are right in saying that some people have obviously posted comments here before viewing the video.
      I think from watching the video it is somewhat clear that it was an accident. However it’s also very clear that this man should never have been let behind the wheel of a car. For these reasons:

      I would say that he knew that he was going to have to reverse before he got back into his car and so should have taken a second to look behind before he got back in.

      The car first hits the child at about 25 seconds into the video, He then allows the car to sit on top of the child for about 11 seconds and then very foolishly after rolling off the child finds first gear knowing that he would once again go over whatever it was that he hit.

      Forgetting to pull up the handbrake when exiting a car on a hill is quite unbelievable no matter what’s going through your mind.

      On exiting the car he doesn’t appear too stressed and for a finish walks away.

      For these reasons I would guess the man had one too many maotai’s at dinner and left as a damage limitation exercise so as to be sober by the time the poliuce caught up to him. As sentencing would obviously be much more harsh were he found to be intoxicated.

  • Wasn’t there a case like this years ago as well? A rich woman in a BMW intentionally ran over a farmer because he was in her way? I remember reading something like this – she went to trial and it was a big highlight of the arrogance money brings in China.

    This is really shitty, but there are fucked up people like this in every country I guess. Let’s just hope that justice is served and this guy isn’t the son of some government official…

    • I guess what I mean is that, intentional or not, this can’t be brushed off. From the video it looks like a horrible accident, but that’s still manslaughter.

  • bando

    No history with problems and therefore no motive for murder?

    Even if that is true, its called manslaughter and its pretty much just as bad. His fleeing from the scene is just as bad.

  • Tully

    This is the latest video on the incident.
    Anyone able to summarise what was said?

    • kezhou

      They stated that it was an accident and that the man could get anywhere from under three years to 3-7 years of prison time.

      The driver was a chauffeur and not the owner of the car. Also the driver had supposedly tried to call for the emergency line three times, one minute after the accident and that he had not fled the scene.

      • Suicidal tendency

        This guy is supposed to be a professional chauffeur??
        You got to be kidding me!!

        I don’t know anymore if I should cry or laugh!!

        He has no excuse!

        You’re going to get in a very big SUV with blind spots, one thing you do: look what’s around while your’re on the way!!

        If I was doing like him I would have killed a few children as well already…

        Second: A professional driver who has no clue about reverse radars…

        Third: you’re a professional, you don’t know that when you hit or run over something unexpected, you’d better check and not insist?

        Fourth: Professional driver who doesn’ have the automatic reflex to use the handbrake.

        Yeaaaah! Give me his phone number, I’ll hire him at once!

  • Emma

    Chinese people are animals, look at the women, they are not doing anything to stop, scream or help. She is more worried of getting her skin tanned. Stupid people


    It appears that the Car was moving backward, which means the boy was on the blind sight.. In the incident like this, since the victim was a little child, it is a responsibility of his/her parents.. What is the boy doin’ in the street alone? where are his/her parents?

    Clearly, there was negligence on the part of her/his parents.
    The car driver had no idea what he struck with, all he feels under the wheel is that he hit something, reason why he tried to move it repeatedly.

  • Franky

    that guy deserves the hangman’s hoose

  • John Q

    You all miss the entire point. Blame lies squarely with the brain dead parents of this 3.5 year old. Allowing a child to stand in a street! Idiot no good parents. Besides this kid would probably have grown up to be just like them. The parents should be paying the driver for causing him such discomfort. Poor guy must be at wits end.

  • Mansu Musa

    This reminds me of the old colonial days in Hong Kong. I recall watching a video interviewing some rich gweilo who complains that there are too many Chinese there and if he runs one over it would cost him 200 pounds in hospital fees but if he kills that person it would only cost him 20 pounds in arranging a funeral. fast forward 60 years with the colonial Europeans gone their role is replaced by Chinese bastards who drive X6s. I mean who the heck in the right mind drives a X6, it’s literally the ugliest and most overpriced car I’ve seen.


  • osirus

    This is just sad. poor little tyke didn’t even see it coming. I just hope he didn’t feel too much pain before his untimely demise. Bless his soul.

    • Manu

      1. To teach the drivers how to use a car safely, especially a big and fast one.

      2. Not to leave a small child alone too much time.

      3. To teach the small children that the roads are dangerous.

  • China Shark Mike

    Animal needs to be tortured every day until he dies. The child was still alive after he ran over the child the first time. Could see the legs and arms flailing. This scumbag will just bribe the government officials to slap his hand and do some community service. This moron tried this in the states the police would have never had to worry about capturing him because vigilantes would have killed him long before he had any chance of getting. Wake up China it was a baby repeatedly run over, no excuses , no I feel so terrible. Put a bullet in this lowlifes brain and be done with. Screw the bribe money and put him where he can’t hurt anymore innocent children.

    • Tully

      I think from watching the video it is somewhat clear that it was an accident. However it’s also very clear that this man should never have been let behind the wheel of a car. For these reasons:

      I would say that he knew that he was going to have to reverse before he got back into his car and so should have taken a second to look behind before he got back in.

      The car first hits the child at about 25 seconds into the video, He then allows the car to sit on top of the child for about 11 seconds and then very foolishly after rolling off the child finds first gear knowing that he would once again go over whatever it was that he hit.

      Forgetting to pull up the handbrake when exiting a car on a hill is quite unbelievable no matter what’s going through your mind.

      On exiting the car he doesn’t appear too stressed and for a finish walks away.

      For these reasons I would guess the man had one too many maotai’s at dinner and left as a damage limitation exercise so as to be sober by the time the poliuce caught up to him. As sentencing would obviously be much more harsh were he found to be intoxicated.

  • sean

    Kill him, No excuse. Execute all the guys and girls who drives black BMW cars.

    God please give some common sense to the chinese people, All they know is work, money, car, house and white wine

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