Border Brigade Seize 165 Tons of 30-Year-Old Smuggled Meat

Border Brigade Seize 165 Tons of 30-Year-Old Smuggled Meat

The Lancang Border Brigade in Pu’er, Yunan recently seized a 165 ton supply of old frozen meat that was being smuggled inland towards Kunming. Officers on duty originally discovered 15 tons of frozen tripe during an on-the-spot inspection of a haulage truck, during which they found out there were a further ten such vehicles. On ambushing the remaining fleet, a total load of meat products valued at over 5 million RMB was found without any credentials at all. Some of the stinking meat was found to be over 30 years old. One netizen asked if technically the meat was still okay to eat.

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  • lacompacida

    Of course they are fit to eat. Why would the Party allow such food be shipped to you if they are not fit for consumption. You should have a lot more faith in the Party.

    • 42

      parma ham from italy is raw meat which is conserved for one year up to three years before ready to eat. so technically meat is still edible after such amounts of time, only us humans put an expiration date on it……

      • Jahar

        There’s a big difference between 3 and 30. Also, the story said “frozen” meat, not “cured“ or “preserved.”

      • Sean Van Cura

        Botulism toxin just adds flavor.

      • mr.wiener

        ……Well ,if you believe that then good luck.

      • David

        You can not be as stupid as our comment suggests.

  • Amused

    Ummmm, where the fuck was it coming from? And who has 30yo chitlins in their deep freeze?

  • Foreign Devil

    I would think the costs of freezing meat for 30 years would far outweigh any profit from selling it now.

  • David

    230 tons. . .215 tons. . . 195 tons. . . 165 tons of bad meat confiscated by police at border.

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