Boston Marathon Bombings, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Explosion near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon from a terrorist attack.

On Sina Weibo:

#Boston Bombing#

3 explosions occurred on the 15th in Boston of the United States. During which, at least two explosions occurred near the Boston Marathon finish line, causing at least 2 deaths and over 100 injured. A third explosion occurred near the Boston Kennedy Library. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation have determined the explosions to be terrorist attacks. At present, the FBI has already targeted a man of Saudi Arabian descent as a suspect.

This hashtag currently has 4.8m discussions, climbing from the #10 trending topic earlier this morning at 8am to become the current #1 trending topic on China’s popular microblogging social network Sina Weibo.

WARNING: An image below may be graphic for certain viewers.

@黄勖夫: They ran in the Boston Marathon for charity, but a terrorist’s bombing caused him to lose both of his feet. A prayer for Boston. [蜡烛]

A man who has lost both his feet during the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist bombings.

@吴法天: April 15th afternoon, at least two explosions occurred in Boston, causing 2 deaths, and all over TV screens were public commentators mourning. But have public commentators selectively neglected that at the beginning of April, during a air raid military operation against Taliban members, American forces in Afghanistan accidentally killed 17 local civilians, amongst which 12 were children! On the night of April 14th American military unmanned drones performed air attacks in Pakistan, causing at least 4 deaths, with American unnammed drone attacks having already caused at least 67 deaths this year! [蜡烛]

@跑步圣经上海版: #Pray for Boston# “Please light a [蜡烛] for this little girl.” This little child wearing number 1035 and glasses intently running forward is 8 years old this year. At 2:30pm April 15th on the East Coast, during the Boston Marathon Bombing Incident, she lost her life. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛] Little baby, the road to Heaven has no terrorist attacks, the road to Heaven is one you can freely run on. [泪] Homepage editor is very sad and very angry!!!

Little girl participating in Joe Cassella 5k Run.

[Note: This microblog post was reshared over 12k times and has over 2k comments. It was also publicly flagged by Sina netizens and administrators as containing false information.]

@琢磨先生: No matter what happens on Sina Weibo, it will immediately separate into at least two factions. Kim Jong-un wants to launch a nuclear warhead and there are people who curse it as against humanity, while other people clap their hands applauding it saying that’s a true man who doesn’t succumb to threats. With the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, there are people who condemn the perpetrators mourning the victims, while other people denounce the United States saying the bombing was well-deserved and so satisfying… We have no universal values upon which to build a foundation, so when something happens, many people don’t know from which perspective they should consider something. This, perhaps, is the normal state of things.

On NetEase:

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American Marathon Suffers Terrorist Attack, Chain Explosion Kills 3 Wounds Hundreds

Currently over 7.4m pageviews and 70k comment participants.

Comments on NetEase:

羽翼之光 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]:

Those who harm the ordinary people may be put to death by anyone!

jerry.zr [网易美国网友]:

I had just come back from Boston last Wednesday. Good thing I didn’t go watch the marathon. China’s media is going to devote a lot of reporting to this again, right?

yuyebashan [网易江西省新余市网友]: (responding to above)

The domestic media is already massively reporting on this. Our report about the massive Hubei fire burning to death 14 people and injuring 60 has disappeared. Thanks to terrorist attacks, allowing them to finally shift the focus of attention.

simm314 [网易美国网友]:

Fuck! Just two streets away, turns out being alive truly is a matter of probability!

ab1cdef [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

Good! Let them also hear the sound of explosions in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yugoslavia! China has an old saying: “It’s not that there won’t be revenge, it’s that the time hasn’t yet come”. Another saying is also appropriate: “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction”!

荣欢 [网易江苏省镇江市网友]:

American running dogs and their double standards, hurry and kill yourselves to accompany these victims.

网易河北省保定市网友: (responding to above)

The face of a wumao dog. May those who take money to make posts die without descendents!

On NetEase:

United States Marathon Suffers Terrorist Attack, Explosion Causes Mass Injuries

According to the CNN’s latest report, on April 15th local time, multiple explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in the United States, causing over 100 wounded. According to the latest information, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed this marathon explosion as a terrorist attack.

Currently over 59.6m pageviews and 53k comment participants.

Comments on NetEase:

廣東人 [网易美国网友]:

Mobile phones in Boston have already been cut off, we can’t call over there and find out what the local situation is. Looks like various countries are all learning tricks from the TC.


It’s downtown’s signal that has been cut. Boston police are preventing terrorists from using mobile phones to detonate bombs. It’s all been confirmed on the news. I live 5 miles from downtown and the cell phone signal is fine. You think the American Imperialists are stupid cunts?

网易吉林省手机网友: (also responding to 廣東人)

It’s to prevent using mobile phones to remotely control explosives. This has nothing to do with controlling public opinion.

朝鲜人民最高领导人金正恩 [网易河北省邢台市手机网友]: (responding to above)

Second floor [referring to above commenter] rushes to defend his master!
So you think you know more/better?

网易山东省聊城市手机网友: (responding to above)

Third floor [referring to above commenter], just what the hell are you? Fucking bastard simply afraid of the truth!

低调的看客 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

While commenting on this piece of news, I saw on the popular news list a news item that says “netizens cannot be anti every whenever they encounter something about China and pro whenever they encounter something about America, that netizens should be loyal to their country”, and I laughed. You haven’t family-planned brother off, haven’t poisoned brother to death with the food, haven’t buried brother alive with a train, and brother can’t afford your houses, so what am I supposed to love you with? My motherland, alright, it’s time to get out of bed and go to work.

网易贵州省贵阳市网友: (responding to above)

1. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, which school’s graduates has the highest crime rate in the world?
Fan Wei: Vocational schools.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! The Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party.

2. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, what four languages must Chinese government officials be proficient in?
Fan Wei: English, French, Russian, and Japanese.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! False speech, empty speech, boastful speech, and polite speech.

3. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, what has to be hidden and secretly used, and then secretly given to others after you’re finished using it?
Fan Wei: Film negatives.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong, unwritten rules [casting couch].

4. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, what simultaneously makes fake drugs, talks about the efficiency of fake drugs, and criticizes the dangers of fake drugs?
Fan Wei: Con-artists.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong, CCTV.

5. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, you only have a 10 square meter home and your neighbor has gone from 0 square meters to 100 square meters. Has your residential floor space increased or not?
Fan Wei: Not.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong, your average residential floor space has been increased 45 square meters.

6. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, who demands that you’re always responsible to her whereas she will never be responsible to you?
Fan Wei: A mistress.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! The bank.

7. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, what have you been told since you were small as existing, but up to now have never seen before?
Fan Wei: Ghosts.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! A communist society.

8. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, what place looks luxurious and clean on the outside but in actually is about undressing and hiding filth?
Fan Wei: Public toilets.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! The entertainment industry.

9. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, what gets beaten and immediately dives into the water only stick out its head reappearing not far away wearing a vest?
Fan Wei: A tortoise.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! A sacked government official.

10. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, “China’s urban pollution is not caused by cars, but by bicycles. The pollution from bicycles is greater than cars”. This quote was said by whom?
Fan Wei: An insane person.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! A Chinese expert.

11. Zhao Benshan: Please listen to the question, there is a person who often speaks on your behalf, but you’ve never met them, why?
Fan Wei: The father of one’s illegitimate child.
Gao Xiumin: Wrong! An National People’s Congress representative, who doesn’t know who you are but still represents you.

极度幽默 [网易辽宁省营口市网友]:

After seeing this piece of news, brother [referring to self] was so happy brother bought a bottle of Erguotou and a ham sausage, simultaneously enjoying them and watching how American running dogs [referring to “pro-American” Chinese netizens] are going to comment in tears.

网易美国网友: (responding to above)

The intelligence of wumao is limited to just this, unable to see in the photos how ordinary Americans are have the ability to take care of open wounds and injuries, unable to see how the police handle the scene as if they were putting on a show [are organized and efficient], unable to see the United States’ public transparency towards this incident, unable to see America’s leaders determination when they vow to catch the murderers.

Explosion near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon from a terrorist attack.

Errata: We previously mistranslated a part of NetEase netizen ab1cdef’s comment. “不是不报,时候未到” was originally translated as “It’s not that we don’t report it, it’s that the time hasn’t yet come.” Fauna apologizes with great embarrassment.

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  • Rick in China

    This whole thing is horrible…

    But I had a mean thought. The first image – that poor guy, I first thought “wow, he looks like an extra on The Walking Dead”.

    Then realized how mean that 2nd word is in this case.

    • billy

      My thoughts are with the good people of Boston. Why someone would want to kill people running and watching a marathon is beyond me. RIP to the three reported casualties – one, an eight year old boy.

      • Agreed, sickening news indeed.


        You seriously have to ask WHY. Well I think that’s part of the problem right there.

        • moop

          actually, its totally valid to ask why. terrorist attacking average citizens on purpose is a lot different from collateral damage from a strike. if terrorists are going to attack the US they should be targetting politicians and stuff like that, not 100% civilian events


            It is different of course but when the enemy doesn’t have the capabilities to attack politician and military personnel going after civilians is the next logical step. Not saying it’s right but civilians have been targets in warfare since the beginning of time. Each faction in war uses the capabilities it has available to them. After all, it isn’t fair that the U.S. has drones available for use while it’s enemies don’t.

    • mr.wiener

      I thought the same thing.
      Hope everyone wounded in this will be ok… is possible under the circumstances.
      Some of the netizin’s response’s are sincere and kind, others other just unpleasant people who have no empathy with others.
      Really hope the westboro Baptist Church are stupid enough to picket the funerals as they said they would…it will mean the end of them

      • Rick in China

        Some of their own family members are finally turning on them. Fucking hate them. They’re the most disgusting type of religious zealot.

        • History of the USA, fundamentalism and zealots at every level, 2013 will things ever change. I weep for the future:(

        • moldavidian

          You’re right. I met one of the girls and she has actually adjusted so well to life away from those religious freaks. I know a lot of people want them dead but i don’t think the young ones are so bad… they’re just being brainwashed by the older, more evil ones. They will suffer more in the end.

          • Rick in China

            I don’t think anyone should “want” them dead – that’s kinda just as bad as the shit they preach. Rather, should want them to simply keep their hate to themselves and stop making a mockery of every serious disaster that happens, abusing their ‘right to protest’…

            If they simply went away, or out of the public eye, the world would be a slightly better place. :D

          • moldavidian

            Let’s hope they don’t continue to breed because i don’t think they will go away and keep their hate to themselves. I think it’s very likely that at some point someone will “accidently” lose control of their car and take out a few of them. After that, they might not hang out by the side of the road with their signs if they dare hang out at all.

          • vincent

            The mistake you made is calling them ‘religious’, they’re a bunch of crazy fuckwads who apparently have nothing else to do put carrying signs all day, calling them religious is laughable.

          • moldavidian

            You have a point. ‘religious’ was not the proper word to use as it would insult the sincerely devout. Still, in their minds, they are religious and it is THEIR religion much like being a vegetarian can even be called a religion.

      • That guys leg will be amputated.. His life has changed permanently.

      • bert

        I hate how they use the name Baptist and Christian. They seem to be neither.

        • Rick in China

 reality, a lot of their methodology IS in the bible. There is SO much hate against so many _in the bible_, they just pick the horrible parts and exercise it all very publicly.

          Is it better to cherry pick parts of a book you choose to worship, and ignore the rest? Really…….

    • > “wow, he looks like an extra on The Walking Dead”.


      > Then realized how mean that 2nd word is in this case.

      2nd word?


      • Rick in China

        “The Walking Dead” — walking, mean since he lost his feet.

    • the ace of books

      Too soon, man.

  • Mano

    The fact that guy holding whats left of his leg is still awake is amazing.

    • That picture is shocking. Cheers to the city of Boston where Cheers was set, and the Cheers pub is. Heads high, chests out, don’t let the bar stewards grind you down, very savage world:(

      • BiggJ

        “Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name”……just not that day.

    • ThinkBlue

      It was posted on Reddit last night by one of his friends that he is in stable condition. They showed a picture of him smiling.

      • the ace of books


        • cb4242

          Unbelievable!! These people are fucking sick!

          • the ace of books

            I’m not sure I understand your comment – to whom are you referring when you say “these people”?

          • cb4242

            Don’t be a moron! The cowards that perpetrated this heinous crime! Come on, now!

      • filabusta

        Great! I’ve been thinking about that guy since I saw the picture yesterday.

    • VX

      Boston Bombing Actor

      This is the stuff they don’t want us to see. Please share this information with everyone you know.

      (Warning, some of these pictures are gruesome at first glance. I assure
      you though that the blood and gore is all fake, I can prove it simply by
      informed medical observation.)

      • VX

        This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you. Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.

        Frame 6

        Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos
        seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his
        sunglasses which is a signal.

        Frame 8

        Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.

        Frame 9

        In frame eleven after recieving the go signal the woman makes an open
        hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling the
        staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his
        left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No blood
        is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no
        blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.

        Frame 11

        Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still
        holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man
        again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the
        woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still
        no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.

        Frame 14

        Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee
        gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a
        double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed.
        Both are making the same hand gesture.

        Frame 20

        These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy.

        • VX

          Glen Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was Inside Job

          Glen Beck claiming he has proof the federal government carried out the boston marathon bombing as a false flag opperation. He said that Obama has till monday to admit it or his show will reveal the evidence for his conspiracy theory!

          • Greenieweenie

            Oh HAHAHAHAHAHAAA I KNEW it was only a matter of time before some idiot watched Glenn Beck and posted an inside job theory. Glenn Beck…the guy who never went to college. The guy who has never worked for the USG. The guy who doesn’t speak any other languages. The guy who has likely never traveled abroad anywhere. THAT guy totally knows how it all works.

            I especially love the time he accused China of having plans to take over the US because Beijing had given US cities “Chinese names”…like, New York=纽约 and other SUPER SECRET Chinese codes.

            Cuz he’s too much of an idiot to understand how language works. And this is the guy you turn to for facts. Idiots. Both of you. STFU and go away.

          • VX

            Shut up, I wasn’t talking to you!!!!!!!!!! You are an idiot sheep, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

          • Reptilian
          • Greenieweenie

            No, twat, I’m actually a policy analyst. And in order to do my job, I had to get a masters and then a PhD. I speak three other languages, I’ve lived in four countries, I have three passports, I served in the US Navy, and I publish on how, exactly, US policies are enacted and applied.

            But HEY, continue to inform yourself with the rantings of a retard. Whatever you do, don’t weigh the opinions of ppl actually able to evaluate US behavior. Idiot. You’re SO RIGHT…USG was behind it, 9/11 was an inside job, and there really IS a Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky. Oh wait, I mean American Jesus ready to usher us all onto our own planets forevermore. Or damn, is Glenn Beck right about everything except his ridiculous religious beliefs? I bet to him, those are facts too.

          • DavidisDawei

            Are you claiming it is Impossible that certain people in the US government are covering up information related to this incident…in essence creating a false flag?

            You saying it isn’t possible the two guys being blamed for this are patsies?

          • Greenieweenie

            I’m saying having worked for the USG, I have at least some appreciation for what it can and cannot do. I am not that impressed, in other words.

            Whereas dumbass there, along with his best friend Glenn Beck, are stereotypical couchbound opinionators spamming our airways with their solid grasp of “facts” with which they are incapable of fixing within a broader context because that would require leaving the couch.

            And I wasn’t bragging, I was pointing out that my opinion carries quite a bit more weight than some idiot Fox News commentator because I’ve invested a lot of time making it worth something.

          • No need to brag, at the beginning…nor for insults dear lad.

  • andao

    were there a lot of Americans cheering the Sichuan earthquake?

    • billy

      I seriously doubt it – why would they?

      • andao

        no idea…why would Chinese people cheer this event?

        • billy

          Now that one, I have no answer to. There might be some misguided empathy with whoever they think is responsible for the carnage.

          • Rick in China

            It’s misguided, especially being that nobody is sure who is responsible yet. That being said, anyone who ‘cheers’ this kind of event is likely referring to the whole US invading Afghan/Iraq and the fact that some of the war ‘hits home’ is their own doing..

            It’s sad whenever civilians are killed, it’s even more sad when people are happy at this kind of event. That being said, there’s very rarely any news/coverage whenever US lays their bombs or drones on civilian targets in these other countries…

          • If it turns out to be saudi terrorists involved, wonder if Obama will order the KSA turned into the next Iraq…most likely not, too much oil depends on it, like after 9/11 so many of the bombers were saudis…

          • Rick in China

            Impossible. KSA is heavily tied into US economically in many ways, not just oil – but yeah. Just because the parties were from KSA (Osama.. much :D) doesn’t mean they’ll be held responsible as a country.. lots of the terrorist organizations in the world are funded by or comprised of lots of KSA nationals – it’s unfortunate the US doesn’t have the political/economic/military interest to turn a much more harsh eye on the KSA right now.

            It may come one day though, I mean – their “biggest enemies” are often people who were once “closest allies”…

          • Evening Rick.

            Not doubting you at all, not meaning to single out the septics, us brits are heavily invested in that region have been going back decades. In fact the SAS are still hired guns in some gulf arab states, the brit embassy in Oman is opulent…to say the least.

          • And when I’m in Chengdu city…first round of pints are on me:-)

          • Rick in China

            Sounds like a plan.

          • With the warmer weather I’d agree:-)

          • ScottLoar

            The SAS is not an organization for hire to foreign potentates. Surely you know that?

          • andao

            if it is a Saudi, i think this has got to be reaching “last straw” level of tolerance. Here’s to hoping shale oil turns out to be what everyone says it is and we can drop them like a bad habit.

          • Definitely time to get off depending on the gulf region and sending hired guns out there. Would you say fracking is a viable alternative, just interested in your opinion?

          • Rick in China

            Fracking is for natural gas..

            The price of oil has however made oil tar/sands viable mining, that and the advancements in technology. Canada has HUGE oil in sands…

          • Rick in China

            Sorry I shouldn’t say “is for” – but rather is mostly being used for :D

          • fsck

            No, infact since it’s coming out about the Saundi national Obama is refusing to use the word “terror”. Can’t implicate our friends, no matter how much they hate us

          • Indeed. That said many brits and americans reside in the kingdom, but just not a place for me, separating men and women in hardee’s…..yeah,that place is a barrel of fun!

        • Panda Banana

          well to say “chinese people” is a bit far fetched, that would be Linnette level, and after just reading a few comments one can’t really know about the rough percentage which might sympathize with what happened in Boston.

          One thing is that the chances, in china anyway, are better that an incompetent life looser will post and throw out his “opinion”, rather then someone who likes to express his sympathies. And “sympathy” is probably the keyword, cause i believe that the highest percentage amongst chinese are the ones who actually don’t give a shit either way. Means they have NO opinion at all, cause they have other shit to do, like discussing about what to eat today and tomorrow…

          You cant really blame them for that, cause i would argue that the percentage in europe or america, when such thing would have happened in china, would be very similar, cause people have shit to do which is more important to them, then what happens in china.

          What is more interesting to me is to see how people look at moral differences when something like this tragic event happens, and how some justify such their own moral difference from another. Like, beheading is cruel, but is not as cruel as dropping a bomb on a hospital and kill a bunch of sick people. As usual i have no stake in the outcome, BUT if i would be america, i would follow a different policy, which is to find who did it and target their whole fucking family, so they can choose between their 72 virgins in paradise or the lives of their whole family incl. children and elder.

          There is just no point of discussing with such people or wasting time trying to change them. The answer could be to be even more brutal then them, cause thats the only language this people understand…but thats just my own personal opinion…

          • andao

            “Chinese people” isn’t far fetched, the people who wrote the comments are Chinese. I never said all Chinese are like that.

            I think you’re overthinking this. My confusion is why, when there’s a disaster in a foreign country, 2/3 of americans don’t care, and 1/3 feel bad about it. Yet when something nasty happens in the US, 1/3 of Chinese don’t care, 1/3 feel bad, and 1/3 are delighted. Of course I’m pulling numbers out of thin air, but the idea stands. Then you’ve got weirdos like that Chinese guy who wanted to emigrate to the US, while at the same time was really happy about 9/11. It’s just a really bizarre mentality.

          • Kai

            You think so? I think it’s pretty common actually. People hold logically inconsistent opinions all the time, hence the term cognitive dissonance.

            Going back to your initial comment, I remember seeing a disturbing amount of, uh, “unpleasant” comments on Facebook and Twitter. Then there was the whole Sharon Stone fiasco about how China deserved it for how they treat Tibetans. Or how the Free Tibet activists called the earthquake an “act of God” while others brought up China’s support of Darfur at the time.

            Then, you remember the racist tsunami song in 2005? Or how about the tsunami that hit Japan more recently? There were a lot of terrible things said by Americans.

            Thing is, there’s just a lot of douchebags in this world and even more people saying things they wouldn’t say if they had just thought about it a bit more. They’re honest opinions, but also not “reasoned” opinions, because they didn’t think them through. Not necessarily evil, just kinda the way humans are. And without them, we probably wouldn’t appreciate the many people who don’t say such things or will push back against those people and their half-baked thoughts.

            On numbers, I think it’s honestly more like 90% not really caring, 9% making off-the-cuff remarks based off existing biases and prejudices, and 1% possibly being actually emotionally and intellectually invested. That’s for both countries, about shit that happens in the other country. It might skew a bit more favorably for the US, but that’s only because Chinese marginally watch the US more than Americans watch China, cuz America is #1 and everyone has eyes on that guy.

          • andao

            Undoubtedly there are idiots and cognitive dissonance in every country. I didn’t catch the anti Japan comments during the tsunami, but I believe that it did happen.

            But I still think it’s more bizarre in China. I remember going to a World Cup game at a big shaokao place with a bunch of TVs. It was the US vs Slovenia or Slovakia, I can’t remember. Anyway, whenever Slovenia got a goal, it was like HOLY SHIT CHINA JUST WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Seriously, people leaping up and down and giving each other high fives. Whenever the US got a goal, it was drop-a-pin silence except for my table.

            What’s the point? I don’t get the unnecessary hostility, but then they want to send their kids to the US for school and jobs. I saw a kid with a Bin Laden t-shirt before, and in Chinese it said something like 我们永远想念你 . I had a guy throw a metal shard at me once from a bus and say “fuck America”. i just think China’s weirder than most other countries with it’s love/hate US relationship.

          • Panda Banana

            once some drunk fucks throw a bear bottle at me out of a truck while i was walking down the street, and they screamed something like “fuck america”, and I am not even american.

            The best thing i have seen so far was right before the olympic games in 2008?, when a bunch of drunk chinese attacked a chinese women together with her foreign husband who was american or canadian. I am sure she brought him to china to show off and shit, cause while she crossed the street with him and her dog, a car nearly hit them. Nothing happened, but she decided to stay in front of the car to start an argument. Her fat husband wanted to pull her away, but she started yelling at him: “stay here and dont move, i will call the police”. She did call the police, but of course even after 20 minutes no one came. In the meantime a real traffic jam developed and a hundred people surrounded them and blocked the street. Her husband looked scared like shit, had no idea what is going on. Some people get out from there cars and then the usual BS started. They(man and women) called her a “foreign whore”, “traitor”, “you dont like china”, “why you hate china”. She suddenly realized that she was in real danger, so she grabbed her husband and her dog and start to go away, followed by a few dozen angry chinese, throwing all sorts of shit behind them and yelling: “fuck you french man”….i looked at my GF in disbelief asking her why the fuck do they yell ‘fuck you french man’, when this fat fuck was most likely and american? However, it took me some time to realize that it had to do with what happened the day before in Paris, where some nut head tried to get near the olympic torch to extinguish the flame.:-)

          • Yeah, around that time, a man yelled at me to go back to France. I told him I had never been but would love to go, and he laughed and offered me a cigarette.

          • SuperHappyCow


            Cats can’t smoke, anyway. I want to get my cat Buttons high.

          • I’m glad you remembered it.

          • Kai

            LoL, football is probably not a good setting to see rational behavior but one of the best to see unnecessary hostility!

            I think it’s pretty easy to understand why a lot of Chinese people might cheer for Slovenia. The US is the big dog in the house, and even when their team sucks, it’s still associated with the idea that the US is the dominant superpower, so everyone else, especially a country like Slovenia, is the underdog. People cheer for the underdog all the time. There’s this predisposition to wanting to see those at the top fall.

            I wouldn’t take that as really bizarre. In fact, you have to wonder if you’ve taken support for the US for granted, and consider why people elsewhere aren’t as supportive of or “on the side of” the US as you might be.

            I mentioned cognitive dissonance precisely because it answers your question about why they might be hostile to the US in certain situations but still want to send their kids to the US. It’s cognitive dissonance from one perspective, but from another, it’s just them being capable of holding two thoughts in their heads at once. Kinda like how some Americans profess up and down they’re going to move out of the country cuz some guy won office or some law was passed, yet there they are, still living there. It’s two different things to them. They can have an anti-US political opinion but have a pro-US pragmatic opinion. They can disagree with US foreign policy but still admire the education, opportunities, or standard of living in the US.

            It’s like how expats can bash China all the time on cS but they’re still here, because they have a job, a wife, or a life here. But yeah, just like you say about the Chinese, the bashing itself may seem “bizarre” and “hypocritical”, but only on the basis of them still being here. It isn’t bizarre or hypocritical on the basis of them simply having multiple thoughts at once. That’s why we find retorts like “then get out” to be offensive.

            In my experience, you can find resentment of America all around the world, but obviously to varying degrees. It’s all circumstances of politics and history, and sometimes it’s just because people both envy and are jealous of those “above” them. Personally, I don’t think China is that bad, as I think the Middle East is a lot dicier. And if you think about it, Americans didn’t really give a shit about anti-American sentiments in China until China became economically and politically powerful enough to challenge American hegemony.

          • Panda Banana

            dont overestimate chinese. I would say that around 90% don’t give a fuck either way, it doesn’t bother them at all. Around 9,99% feel some sort of sorry they themselves can’t explain, and 0,01% are delighted. On the other side, when you would somehow push the 90% into a corner and ask them about their opinion, and after they think about it, it could very well be that at least half of them would also feel that this attack was probably justified.

            There is the reason china has the government it deserves, and its better not to wake up a sleeping dog. Don’t ask them too many questions, it just confuses them. Keep them the way they are, when you call them out on some kind of responsibility it could result in a bloodbath after some strange occurrences and chain reactions. A heated argument at a fish market in Xiamen can spread to a protest in Dalian, which can then result in monks in Tibet burning themselves and a dumb fuck in Qingdao could get the idea to blow up a gov.building, people in HangZhou, Tianjin and Harbin would follow that example, and so on….its china for fucks sake.

            A chinese poking fun at what happened in Boston means shit, period! What’s really sad is, and what you should think about is, that a chinese who say he feels sorry probably means shit too….so it really doesn’t matter what a chinese thinks about what is going on in the world, you can bet your ass that he worries more about the decision what kind of restaurant he should go to and what kind of food he should order….

    • Mr X

      Sichuan Earthquake Destroyed China’s Largest Military Armory

      A high-level Chinese military source secretly disclosed last week
      that the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province caused a chain-reaction
      of explosions in the Sichuan mountain areas. The explosions destroyed
      Chinese army’s largest armory, new weapon test bases and part of nuclear
      facilities including several nuclear warheads. This information is
      considered China’s top military secret. […]

      After carefully analyzing seismic data, military experts in
      southeast Asia confirmed a non-geological shock had occurred at the
      earthquake epicenter. The energy released was equivalent to that of an
      underground nuclear explosion.

      Many villagers were working in their fields at the time of the earthquake on May 12. The earth suddenly shook and shortly afterwards, a thunderous sound came out of the mountain. Immediately after the explosion, they then saw a huge hole form at the top of the mountain. Many things were pushed out of this hole like toothpaste being squeezed out. “Was it magma?” somebody asked. “No, those were concrete blocks,” said He. ”

      Earthquakes may sometimes result in a volcanic eruption, but no concrete eruption has ever been recorded, said an expert. Based on the CNS report, several experts have suggested the eruption could have been caused by a huge explosion beneath the mountain, which shattered the concrete cover of the underground facilities and pushed them to the surface. The thickness of the concrete blocks pushed to the surface seemed to match the cover layer used in China’s underground military bases.

      Was the earthquake just a random natural event? Or was it strategically and intentionally created? Consider this:

      The official death toll was 80,000.

      HAARP shut off ~8 hours before the quake struck.

      Earthquake was of magnitude 8.0.

      It happened on May 12th (5/12 = 5 + 1 + 2 = 8).

      The earthquake occurred exactly 88 days before the Beijing Olympics.

      The Olympics will begin on 8/8/08 at 8:08 PM.


      • HAARP? I do love me a good old conspiracy theory…was haarp switched on, one wonders?

      • BiggJ

        James bond did that….all by himself.

      • The Enlightened One

        Why is it so hard to believe that HAARP could incite seismic activity?

        So many people think it is just a conspiracy theory but should do their own logical deduction. Weather and seismic control has been one of the greatest challenges for all scientists. Before the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese military shot rockets into the clouds to incite rain. That is a form of weather control, is it not? Manipulating the movement of the tectonic plates through radio/magnetic waves is not an impossible task.

        Humans have learned to split atoms, something so small we couldn’t even see at the time it was invented. If someone said we could do that 100 years ago, they would be called crazy too.

        Is it so hard to believe that a more technologically advanced nation COULD have the capability to manipulate weather and the Earth as well?

        It would be the perfect weapon. Strike down your enemies, blame the weather/Earth and when it is publicized, there is no culprit. It’s just one of those things. I am not saying each act of nature should be blamed on HAARP. I am saying that the ambiguous nature of a weapon like that makes it perfect…. “What do you mean we caused that Earthquake in Sichuan? Are you going to blame us for every little thing?! You’re crazy!”

        It would be the modern era’s perfect weapon.

      • OMG

        LOL, so Chinese military is full of dumbasses and sissyboys to let one of their most important military installations to be destroyed by “secret geo-powered man made weapon?!” I guess Bo Xilai has been putting something in the water reservoirs to brainwash people

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤
      • Sharon Stone speaks for ALL Americans.
        She is the mouthpiece of the United States.
        We chose her for this illustrious position because we all unanimously agreed that all of her words are sacred and true.

        • BiggJ

          Yeah, and she fucked over Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total recall” too…..that fucking bitch. And don’t get me started what that bitch did in the movie “Casino”…

          • linette lee

            She was very good in casino.

          • Let’s not forget Basic Instinct, I fear any woman with a silk scarf fetish after watching that movie:(

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          I did not say ALL. But its safe to assume that Sharon Stone does represent a minority of American people. On the internet, you can find ALOT of comments defending her.

          • I’ve never heard, or heard of, anyone that shares Sharon Stone’s opinion on the matter…in the US or elsewhere.


      Define “a lot”. There were Americans cheering the Sichuan earthquake, the Japan tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, pretty much any foreign disaster you can think of there were Americans cheering. Were they the majority of Americans? Definitely not. But there are some Americans with a lot of hate in them, just like pretty much anywhere else on the planet.

      • Who was cheering?

        Pat Roberts types?

      • PoS

        There’s a difference between >5% of douches (who were largely downvoted and abused, as they deserved) on Yahoo and <80% of commenters on Sina celebrating the respective tragedies. I know numbers might be too complex for you and your moralizing agenda trying to portray everything as relative and equal, but its not. The contrast between US response to the Sichuan earthquake/Japanese tsunami and the Chinese response to the Boston bombing could not be more stark; on Sina right now 80% of the commenters are expressing happiness at what happened and all the top voted comments are supporting the bombing/celebrating/wishing more were dead. There is ABSOLUTELY no equivalence to American comment boards after the Japanese tsunami or the Sichuan earthquake. To say other wise means one of two things; you can't read Chinese, or (b) you have an agenda. Either way it makes you a douche, big time.

        • Kai

          You can’t really say numbers are too complex for others when you’re also pulling numbers out of your ass without providing statistical data sets, sources, and an honest discussion of your sampling methodology that others can replicate to achieve similar results.

          What Sina commenters are you referring to? I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re referring to Sina and not Sina Weibo, since there’s no voting of comments on Sina Weibo.

          Furthermore, isn’t your desire to paint one nation’s people as being more callous than another itself a moralizing agenda to lift up one people and put down another? Doesn’t that make you a douche too, big time?

          • vincent

            Pos probably stands for Piece of Shit

          • PoS

            Yawn- go fuck yourself kid

          • vincent

            bite me grandpa

          • PoS

            Oh sorry if I hurt your little moral equivocating feelings Kai, you sure come off as a pompous douche don’t you. I’m pretty sure you read Chinese so either you haven’t read any articles on Sina (yes Sina news not Sina Weibo -facepalm-) or you are just forming a point of view rationalized by your narrow world view that everything is equal and that if Chinese do something disgusting then you must rush to find an equivalent event from America to say “ah haaaa! They did it too!”. Insecure much guy? Trying to compensate but instead coming off as a douche guy?

            Sina’s not hidden up Xijinping’s ass, you know where to find it and it has tons of articles on Boston already. The ones I’ve looked at all have the same 80% hate and celebration, especially among top voted comments. There was no equivalent amount of hate on us boards after any Asian tragedy, you guys are simple dishonest, brazenly so at that.
            4月16日07:00支持(904) 回复 分享

            4月16日06:20支持(824) 回复 分享

            4月16日06:23支持(784) 回复 分享

            4月16日06:23支持(397) 回复 分享

          • Kai

            I replied to you below:

            You’re arguing against a straw man. The only moral equivocating I’m guilty of is believing a American person cheering other people’s misfortune is as distasteful and morally reprehensible as a Chinese person doing the same thing.

            I responded to your sources, data, and methodology below and pointed out the problems and confounding factors. Feel free to respond.

          • PoS

            Roger that, will take a look

        • 1010

          I think you have problems with basic numeracy.


          Can you ever make a post without name calling like a little kid? I was going to type a rebuttal to your idiotic post but since you’ve already proved you’re incapable of civilized discussion I won’t waste my time.

          • PoS

            Basically you are incapable of replying because you have no facts on your side. Sichuan Earthquake; very small minority of American’s celebrate with online comments, are quickly and roundly condemned. Boston Bombing; Chinese netizens a sizable MAJORITY of comments express satisfaction at the tragedy, a minority of posters condemn them.

            Yea you probably are incapable of understanding, too busy moralizing and letting everyone know that people getting blown up in Boston don’t phase you at all ’cause you a hard keyboard warrior. You are a joke man, get over yourself.


            I’m perfectly capable of writing a reasonable response but as I said before, you’re incapable of civilized discussion. You’re insistence that I’m a “keyboard warrior” shows how insecure you are with my opinions. I’ve never tried to act tough, never started anything with you. It’s you who responded to my original post with name calling and rudeness like a 12 year old. I’ve tried to play nice but fuck that already. You best fuck off and go back to your pathetic life, and while you’re at it lick my asshole too, bitch.

  • MrT

    US on the brink of civil war

    • hang

      ..doubt it.

      • MrT

        oh it is really, Black Obammamama wants the guns.

        The patriots want to keep the guns.

        Its heading one way…

        OK? Corral.

  • What’s the point?

    Why would I be interested in reading about what a Chinese netizen thinks about something like this? It’s a tragedy. It’s an attack against the national ideals of a nation. It’s an act of vitriol and evil against innocent people.

    The internet can be a great place. Even for China. But in the wake of what is to be just a lot of mud slinging and slander and finger pointing and blaming… what’s the point? Is this the time to be angry and argue?

    It’s just noise. It’s the dehumanizing nature of the internet. It’s living life through a portal. All the best things about the internet won’t give something like this the elegance of reverential sorrow it deserves.

    • Tadd

      This is a beautiful reply.. I don’t know how else to express it. Very well said.

    • moldavidian

      Few are able to express so eloquently as terroir.

    • Mr X

      Well idiots are everywhere!

      Chinese colonel says latest bird flu virus is U.S. biological weapon!

      • Mr X

        First it’s the Boston Marathon “False Flag”… Now this, there is a connection?

        It was only a week ago that Iran was shaken by a major 6.1 earthquake, striking just 100 km away from the Busher Nuclear Power Plant: a location so “opportune” some, so inclined, saw in this phenomenon another demonstration of the HAARP’s capabilities. Those same people will then hardly be surprised to learn that moments ago the entire Middle East shook in the aftermath of yet another massive earthquake, this time measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, which once again was located some 86 km Busher nuclear power plant. How much more shaking can either the existing Iranian nuclear power plant, or the much maligned nuclear facility in Fordow, sustain before they go off in a big glowing mushroom cloud: that is the question.

        • BiggJ

          Are you the guy that was always smoking when Fox Mulder and Scully were talking to their boss in his office?

          • Germandude

            You mean “Deep throat”. And I got a patent onX-Files references, okay ;-)

        • Might be… they have created a bomb before that causes natural disaster so it wont be surprising if some nation developed a weapon that causes natural disaster such as earthquake or tsunami… there are advantages with this kind of weapon… interesting how weapons evolve.

          Earthquake Bomb

      • Dumbledore

        Chinese military career personal only need a high school degree (up until 15 years ago, not even that) and they’re getting heavily indoctrinated during training and life in the army. I’m ready to assign as much validity to what a Chinese colonel -there are tens of thousands of them- has to say equal to what any 16 year old could come up with.

      • moldavidian

        Even most Chinese wouldn’t believe some commie official. Why should anyone else? He’s obviously a joke. Like the Chinese government often does… sweep the dirt under the rug and if anyone finds out, it was the foreigners fault. We all know that packing animals in cages like that, slaughtering them and then eating them will have it’s repercussions.

    • Erick

      Yeah bro, but that doesn’t stop the Americans from bombing civilians in Iraq, they’re as innocent as those runners. Two wrongs doesn’t make it right, but it sure feels good for the wronged.

      • ABC

        Apathetic world, people seem to be “cheaper” on the other side the ball.

        • Rainer

          Sure some people are cheaper, thats why almost nobody in US mourn the 55 dead kllled yesterday in Iraq.

        • Rick in China

          Ignorant statement.

          When you see some random dude hit by a truck on the news, you likely say “ah, that sucks” and move on.

          If you find out later that dude was your brother, you’ll be fucking broken.

          That’s how it is – everyone mourns those they’re closer to much more than anyone else.. that’s not just human nature, that’s just *nature*.

          • ABC

            so you are explaining why I’m right?

          • Rick in China

            Yes. But it’s not some revelation, it’s not something to be upset about, and it’s not something to be critical about — like I said, it’s nature. :D

    • fshstko

      It’s a popular topic on Chinese news sites. Isn’t that what this site is all about? If you don’t want to read Chinese reactions, why click the link?

      • Exactly. I’m amazed terroir’s comment got so many thumbs up when the only possible way to do so would be to have clicked on the *picture* link with an article *description* on the front page in the first place…

    • Rainer

      Agreed you should not be “interested in reading about what a Chinese netizen thinks about it”. Americans should only be interested in what Eric Rush says. It seems 55 Iraqi dead caused by many explosion in same day are not a news big enough, he was lecturing yanks what they should do—-“Lets Kill Them All”!

      But like neither of them, I just love to see the looters stealing marathon jackets, while others are just feet away bleeding and dying. Though we live on foodstamps, damn, are we Chinese?

    • donscarletti

      I’m surprised that Chinese care at all.

      The thing is, this Boston bomb thing is horrible, it’s tragic, it’s nasty. But meanwhile in Iraq, 50 of another type of foreigners are dead in explosions and 300 injured in the lead up to the election. 9 killed and 50 injured in Pakistan. This happens every week, civilians get blown up by others, mostly by terrorists, but with a non-trivial minority caused by the American military. I don’t see the distinction, death is death, maiming is maiming. I wasn’t going to planning to think about the deaths in Pakistan or Iraq, why Boston now? The only reason I can think of is that they’re the same race as me and speak the same language. But Chinese?

      Considering this is possibly the first civilian casualties on American soil in the war on terror since 2001, I would say America is doing pretty damn well for itself. I particularly dislike terrorists and I support America in fighting them, but you have to remember, if you say you’re at war, if you use deadly force with the drones and the missiles and whatnot, then your enemy will do the same to you. Think about the blitz on London, the firebombing of Tokyo, the bombing of Dresden, Siege of Leningrad. That was some heavy sacrifice that was born with bravery and resolve.

      So I was talking to a Chinese friend. I gave my simple answer thus: tragedy of this scale happens to strangers almost every day and I largely ignore it, I see no reason for exceptionalism here. She said I was some sort of Muslim terrorist that was anti-American. I know Americans get touchy about this stuff, like their 315 million people are under threat of extermination and their invisible bombers, robot warplanes and aircraft carriers the size of cities might be taken out by IEDs unless everyone’s really serious. I just don’t get how Chinese could possibly go along with this delusion.

      • Rich people’s lives are perceived as more valuable. That has nothing to do with America. It’s the same reason why Norway’s shooting, London’s bombings, and Italy’s miniscule earthquake received so much attention while Sudan’s daily shootings, Iraq’s daily bombings, and Pakistan’s devastating earthquake receive very little attention.

        • Rainer

          Agree “Rich people’s lives are perceived as more valuable”, because of their high prodictivity. But if you read Marshall McLuhan, you’d know it “has something to do with America”, as America has the mega-media with loudest speakers which deliberately ignorance the value of third world population. Its even more unfair and disgusting that many tragedies like the ones in Iraq and Pakistan were directly caused by US. If US media published on front-page the news of Iraq multi blasts where 55 died, I dont believe it would receive no attention in America where many do care, well, even though many live on foodstamps.

          • BiggJ

            What is it with you and food stamps. lol Imagine if the chinese government had a food stamp program it place…..There would be over 1 billion people on food stamps. Does it surprise you that america has poor people? I read a lot of your comments mentioning food stamps.kind of funny that’s all.

            I think american get desensitized to bombings in other countries. They read about everyday just never have to see it.If you read everyday about some road side bomb or drone bombing…after a bit it just seems the regular. I read the news everyday, and everyday in some muslim country has some bombing or deaths of some sort. Now if this was a regular thing in american to have bombs going off daily and 100’s dying a week because of it….after awhile it would get old. People would be less and less shocked to hear about it.

          • Rainer

            The reason I mention foodstamps in US, now is growing to 67 million people, is because its proven the failure of American system which you guys hate to admit though still lecturing others to follow. It’s also proven how funny you are going around bombing while deeply in debt.
            It’s proven too that if China were in that debt, of $15 trillion, it would look quite different. And if all debt were paid back, your American dream would just look like a featherless chicken as, well, Albania.
            So you see I like to remind you people of what they always hate to remember, thats all.

          • moody

            It’s amazing how those arguments are always the same

            Blah Blah US economy is down
            Blah Blah Blah yet you still lecture us about free trade and shit
            Blah Blah Blah

            while you purposedly go around the obvious :
            The average American is still living in WAY better conditions than his Chinese counterpart.

            System might be bankrupt, yet ….

          • Jess


      • 1 chinese grad student was killed.

      • Not just Chinese, Malaysian Chinese also. I notice a few post by my friends about praying for the Boston victims despite them not having any relatives or friends from or in US. I thought it might be because, well, tragedy deserve sympathy. So I posted two news, the Boston bombing and the Tehran earthquake which have more death toll than the Boston bombing…. Tehran didnt get any sympathy. To some this sympathy is just fashion I am certain of it, just following the trend. Recently one state in my country were invaded and there were some death by gunshots but none seems to give a damn even though they are from this nation. But with American tragedy, its all sadness and sympathy. It must be fashion.

        • Vincent_t

          Hey speak for yourself. I am a Malaysian, posts of sympathy flooded my FB when the Malaysian security officers were killed in action. Probably you don’t have a FB, or you are just living in your fantasy world. And congrats for relating it to Malaysian Chinese, instead of anything else you racist moron.

          • These are the observation from MY FRIEND LIST (this have to be highlighted because its important). Please point out the racist stuff. Everyone here in cS knows im not racist, far from it.

          • vincent_t

            then tell me what does it have to do specifically with Malaysian Chinese?

    • “Why would I be interested in reading about what a Chinese netizen thinks about something like this?”

      If by this, you’re implying that chinaSMACK shouldn’t have done this article, then I’d like to completely and utterly disagree. Editors of chinaSMACK––please don’t listen to him.

      Articles like these are an invaluable opportunity to gauge what Chinese netizens truly feel about America when the latter is in a moment of crisis and tragedy.


      So you don’t want to hear people’s unfiltered opinions because they may upset you? Well if that’s how you feel so be it but I am interested to hear opinions even if I disagree with them. There are reasons behind this attack in Boston, nothing happens in a vacuum. I’d prefer discussion about the attacks instead of just mindless sorrow and prayer for the dead and maimed.

    • Kai

      I can understand you not being interested and thinking there is no point. Here’s what I found interesting and insightful from this:

      1. How quickly this topic rose and developed on the Chinese internet.

      2. The progression of reporting and commentary from overseas Chinese living in America to Chinese here in China (as well as Taiwan).

      3. As much as I expect it, I still find it reassuring when netizens can appreciate the tragedy of having one’s feet blown off, juxtaposed against this guy being at a marathon for ostensibly a charitable purpose. Bad things happen to good people. It’s a poignant recognition of the injustice in this world, even if we think that’s a really mundane thought when we really do think about it.

      4. There are so many different reactions and perspectives. Of the sampling here, we know there are people expressing condolences, cheering, and arguing over very real issues about America and China itself. There are people who draw parallels to the carnage the United States has been responsible for, and there are people who are commentating on how the different reactions on the Chinese internet speaks volumes about Chinese society.

      5. NetEase must be one of the most volatile battlegrounds between “wumao” and “American dogs”. Sometimes the back and forth is retarded, but often there are rather deft arguments and rebuttals being made. The fact that there is the battleground at all is meaningful.

      6. I particularly liked the exchange about cell phone reception in Boston and why that may be so. I liked that these were the most visible and voted on comments, that someone immediately thought of how cutting outside communications is a way governments might use to control information and how other Chinese netizens pointed out that’s not the case here. The whole “Americans aren’t stupid” line was great.

      7. The whole Zhao Benshan comment was entertaining and it should be reassuring to anyone who ever allows themselves to think Chinese don’t self-reflect, self-criticize, and laugh at themselves.

      8. Then you have people like @琢磨先生 who astutely recognize that there’s going to be divided opinions and “maybe that’s normal”. It IS normal. It’s a bad day in China when people stop accepting that.

      9. Oh, and that one weibo post being flagged. I think that’s interesting, and interesting that Fauna pointed it out, because it relates to so many other issues in China, namely recent government regulation and efforts to control rumors and false information on an instantaneous communications platform like Weibo. So apparently this is one thing they’re doing, allowing fellow netizens to flag each other, and then having administrators investigate and handle them according to their terms of service, showing publicly how many people flagged something, their reasons, and what action was taken. Sure, this is irrelevant to Boston, but this site isn’t about Boston, it’s about the Chinese internet. That was a nice gem to me.

      Obviously, these are just my feelings. Other people may not find the same things as important to them or they may have found other things more important. I expected some of these things, while other things may not have been completely unexpected, but they were still pleasantly interesting to me. I didn’t find this diversity of discussion to be inherently offensive to me or to this tragedy. If I was a victim, a Bostonian, I might, but then I don’t think I’d be going out of my way to see what the Chinese netizen reactions are. Nor is it realistic to expect worldwide solidarity and uniformity of response. Otherwise, my Facebook stream of American friends going on about their lives as usual cracking jokes and taking photos of what they’re eating would’ve broken my heart.

      I know what this site is about, what this post was going to be about, and I approached this within the mental framework of seeing translated reactions on China’s major internet communities. Being interested in what people are saying should not reflect upon one’s respect for a tragedy. Otherwise, there’s enough tragedies going on in this world all the time that we’d never be morally allowed to be interested in anything else except expressing sorrow. I don’t think that’s fair.

      It’s one thing if someone is sad about the Boston tragedy and some other guy come up to them and says, “hey, guess what the Chinese netizens think!” I could totally understand someone having your reaction, of being imposed upon, of someone else not being tactful and respectful of what you’re going through. But in this case, didn’t you voluntarily come to this site, and see that it was about Chinese netizen reactions?

      • Rusty

        The reactions are EXACTLY the same in every language in every country. Stop trying to sound like an anthropologist. You only choose topics with high traffic and extend the traffic to the morons who can’t read Chinese, for them to read the same thing they read in their own language before. Money for you, money for Fauna. Cut the crap.

        • Kai

          And yet you have people like @PoS ( who vehemently disagree with you, enough that he felt compelled to repost the same thing repeatedly throughout this comment section.

          Yes, we try to choose topics with high traffic. That’s the point of the site. Kinda like choosing the president with the most votes.

          Yes, we extend the traffic to people who can’t read the language, kinda like translators, dubbers, subtitlers, and anyone else who widens the accessibility of material from one country or originally produced in one language to people of another country or those who have a different tongue.

          Yes, we earn money through doing so. Anyone who sees the ads knows that. Something’s gotta keep the servers humming, not going to apologize for that.

          The thing is, you’re not against any of these things. You’re selectively against it only when it involves Chinese people and their humanity. That’s kinda hypocritical in my opinion.

          • Rick in China

            They’re missing the point of the site, it’s not really worth the argument imo.

            That being said – the only ads I *despise* are the video popups with loud default audio that causes an interruption in whatever else I’m listening to – especially when, once I’ve finally found where it is, I can’t turn it off. It seems to be inconsistent – sometimes they come up sometimes they don’t..but I’m sure many people who get those loud popups find it equally annoying.

          • Kai

            You’re right, and I’ve ignored his previous taunts before. I should stick to it.

            The video ad I think comes up if you’re visiting from the US or on a VPN connecting from the US. We’re pretty mixed about it as well, but it’s kinda one of those hard compromises we’ve had to make. We’d be really interested in finding something that could cover the revenue that brings in, and better ways to monetize overall.

          • Rusty

            What do you call “selective”? Where am I hypocritical? You have no proof to support this allegation. You have no idea of my personality, so stop drawing conclusions, I haven’t made any conclusion on who you are also. Maybe you are someone great in real life, but in your cs’s life, you are an hypocritical moron and you do deserve to get bitch-slapped.

          • Kai

            What I know about your personality is based on your comments and behavior here. It may not represent everything there is to know about you, but it represents something, and that something isn’t pleasant.

            You’ve made plenty of conclusions about us:

            1. You’ve called us “morons” just now.

            2. You’ve accused us of promoting racism against China itself only, when you have no proof to support this allegation (because we don’t promote racism at all, and the racism we present here is often against non-China targets, but you don’t realize that because of your selective memory).

            3. You’ve called Fauna and then me “traitors” to China. That sounds awfully like you making a conclusion about who we are.

            I could go on an on with the pages of insults, intellectual dishonesty, and threats of getting us shut down, GFW’d, and censored that you’ve vomited onto our site. I’ve tried to be civil with you, by addressing your complaints, by trying to reason with you, and all you’ve done is persist in being uncivil and hostile in return.

        • Blars

          Think most ppl read and are interested in the comments rather than the news. As you said, why should anyone be interested of news they already read in their own language?

          • Rusty

            What is interesting in those comments that are handpicked by chinasmack’s morons? There are nice people who sympathize, insightful people who try to make the world better, psychopaths who jerk off in front of the news, like EVERYWHERE.
            I just refuse to hear Kai pretend he is being a journalist, and if you take the informative part of a journalist’s work, you are just a vulture. Yes Kai, please do ignore my “taunts”, you are encouraged to do so by the moronic part of the expat population.

          • Rusty

            “if you take out the informative part”…

      • Anon992

        And how about your stance on including this image of a man who has lost his lower legs? In good taste? Relevant to the viewers?

        • Kai

          It wasn’t my call to include it, but Fauna’s.

          She included it because that was one of the most reshared and discussed weibo posts. That’s relevant to viewers of our site, and its relevant to our attempt to show what Chinese netizens themselves are seeing and thus reacting to.

          Is it in good taste? That’s incredibly subjective. Was it in good taste for the photographer to have taken the photo? To have then sold the photo to media outlets? For the media outlets to have posted it? For the Chinese netizen to have posted it? For Fauna to have then replicated it under the mission of showing what Chinese netizens themselves are seeing?

          • Anon992

            I ask for 2 reasons. Firstly, I am aware that most bigger media would not show these pictures. I honestly have no opinion either way and was interested to see your defence. If anything I appreciate seeing the picture because it helps me to understand the horror of the event.

            Secondly, I remember you taking the higher ground with a commenter who asked why you did not provide more pictures of the person who jumped off the bridge in Luzhou. Some sarcastic comment about ‘liking the picture with the big splash’.. too tired to find it, sorry.

            With regard to both, I remain completely uninformed. When I read your response I cannot see any substance whatsoever. From the beginning to the end you take no responsibility for the decision and offer nothing but a series of evasive buck-passing questions back to me. You read like a politician here.

            I guess the answer from someone who thought it to be in poor taste would be ‘no, no, no and NO’. (Of course Fauna could have blurred out the certain areas and explained that these were shown to the Chinese audiences.)

            So Kai, I’ll aask again, please provide an answer with your opinion on publishing this image. Would you have published it? Do you agree with it? Do you think it is proper to publish it and why? Don’t you think Smack should make a united stance and stick to it?

          • Kai

            cS has suffered for posting things that “bigger media” wouldn’t.

            Dude, my comment to terroir was not sarcastic. I also didn’t take any higher ground about anything in my exchange with him. He said there were more pictures and all I said was that Peter, the translator, didn’t have those other pictures in his sources, so that’s probably why he didn’t post them. Those other images weren’t even more objectionable or in poor taste (at least to me), and terroir was talking about more photos of “slackjawed” bystanders. How did you read me so negatively in that exchange?

            I can possibly see how you think I’m not taking responsibility by saying it was Fauna’s call, but to me, I was stating a relevant fact in response to your question directed at me personally. However, I think I’m definitely taking responsibility in explaining and defending her call. That’s a united stance and me sticking to it. I would have published it, I agree with the rationale behind doing so. I agree it is proper given the stated mission of the site. I wouldn’t agree with someone publishing it and saying something like “HERP DERP LOOK AT THAT GUYS LEG! HURR HURR HURR”. To me, context matters.

            Fauna could have blurred it out, but that’s not her style. Look up her explanations for the name “SMACK”.

        • Rick in China

          Why are you still reading chinasmack, get back to sucking dick – let us know how that tastes.

          • Anon992

            Since my comment contained discussion questions and your comment was an infantile, semi-comprehensible, homophobic attack, I would suggest it is you who have chosen the wrong website.

          • Rick in China

            “In good taste? Relevant to the viewers?”

            You’re the douchebag who rolls over to other people’s websites and demands answers to questions you have no right in asking. Cry more cupcake, nobody gives a shit about your suggestive rights or wrongs. If you don’t like it say “I don’t fuckin like it” – but demanding mods reply in a fashion that suits your criteria is a joke.

          • Anon992

            Think I read somewhere you’re going to have a kid. How’s that going to work out? Are you going to sit him on your knee with your pipe imparting your sage wisdom?…

            “Hey son, listen to your father. Sometimes in life you’re going to not be sure what your opinion is on a topic. Some people ask questions but they are wrong. They are gay ‘douchebags’. When you hear them asking questions you should project your masculine insecurity
            onto them by implying they are emasculate or gay,, like calling them dicksuckers or ‘cupcake’ for example. And remember, when you have an opinion, don’t inquire so as to gain a fuller understanding. Just shout the other person down with expressions like ‘I don’t fucking like it’. Remember to say ‘fucking’, otherwise you won’t sound aggressive and that is emasculate.. and what do we hate son?… thaaaaat’s right, intellectual curiosity, emasculate men and homosexuals. Good boy. Now let’s go hunting and shouting at people we disagree with”.

      • habeasdorkus

        As a Bostonian who lived in China a half decade ago, I’m interested in what Chinese netizens think. I’m also not offended, some people are going to be jerks no matter the tragedy just as it’s been pointed out that some Americans were absolutely horrible and heartless after the Fukushima earthquake.So I don’t take those responses to be indicative of anything other than that particular individual being an unthinking asshole.

        I also think it’s fair to question why this gets so much more coverage outside of the US than the constant violence in other places across the world, from Mali to the Congo to Iraq to Afghanistan. It makes a lot of sense for the US media to heavily cover this, it’s in one of the most important cities in America during a major sporting event and it’s the first large scale attack in the US in nearly a dozen years. But it’s definitely true that it’s such big news because it happened in the US (as it would be similarly big news if it happened during the London or Tokyo marathons) and thus is not a tragically common occurrence as terrorism in Iraq is.

    • the ace of books

      To note: there’s some pretty idiotic comments on the English-speaking internet, as well. There’s mudslinging, slander, finger-pointing – you name it. No, it’s not right, but it’s going to happen in every country – something like this brings out both the best and the worst in people, and even those removed from the tragedy are going to comment polarizedly about it.

      As for the dehumanizing nature of the internet – that’s sort of inherently part of it. But, otoh, the internet is where I heard of this happening. The internet is where you get continued information and updates about this. And, in some places, the internet is trying to help – Google with its find-people function, breaking news sites keeping a running list of developments — it’s just like people everywhere: some will stand in one place and dick around and throw useless comments, while others will go to see what they can do to help.

      In sum, the internet is made of humans. Where there’s people, there’s noise – it’s a huge community, after all, and people talk. Yes, there are destructive, vindictive, hateful, angry comments. But there’s also sorrow, reverential or not, and compassion, and sypathy, and help – you just have to look at the right comments.

      • China is a polarity. It is an extreme. No matter who you are – a Chinese, an outsider – you are at an extreme end of it. It’s not a “good” or “bad” thing, though it usually does mean so to the people who view life through this dichotomy.

        Sure, I don’t have to come here nor comment – as others have pointed out. And as yours is the comment that seems to see my hesitation in all this, that’s why I’m responding here.

        So when something happens, something big, and it’s not in China, it is then put through the lense of this juxtaposition. I’m not saying that the opinion of Chinese is wrong – as seen, there’s a bunch of different ones – but am saying that viewing the world through this polarization is wrong.

        This bombing is a terrible thing. There are also lots of other terrible things. But these shouldn’t be validated – or invalidated – through this extremity. Because doing so just lends credence to the idea that this polarity is normal and right.

        So, it’s everything: China, the Chinese reaction, the propping up of this reaction here on cS, the reaction here, the counter-reaction here…

        It becomes less a tragedy and an infrigement upon a ideal than it does to deepen the divide that shore up the interests of the cultural status quo.

        I know I’m arguing against the new world order, but that’s just the great guy I am.

        • Kai

          Your argument seems to be predicated on several assumptions, such as China being a polarity and an extreme. Is it? Relative to what?

          Let’s assume it is though, and that Chinese people view and discuss things outside of China though what you call a “lens of juxtaposition”. You think this is wrong, that Chinese netizens are wrong for viewing the world through this polarization. Am I right in assuming you’re also saying you think it’s wrong for people to be interested in how Chinese people view the world? If Chinese people viewing the world through this polarization is wrong, is it wrong for people to view how Chinese people view the world through this polarization?

          Next, why do you think anything is being validated or invalidated by this presumed extremity? And how does that lend credence to the idea that polarity is normal and right? Could it not also lend credence to the very opposite conclusion?

          What is the ideal you’re suggesting is being infringed upon? Could you elaborate on what you mean by “deepen the divide that shore up the interests of the cultural status quo”? I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.

        • Anon992

          Can you please stop making this reference to an attack on an ‘ideal’?

          You are making yourself sound brainwashed by US political rhetoric. Not least because no one has any idea as to the motives of this bombing.

    • Anon992

      Populist pandering.

      I’m sorry Terroir but I don’t know the 3 people who died (or the several others who were maimed) in this bombing any more than I know anyone else who perished in that day’s news.

      Unfortunately I don’t have the sympathetic capacity to show a silent sorrow for all the thousands of pointless, horrific, tragic deaths that happen around the world on a daily basis and I cannot make any exceptions. If I made an exception in this case then that wouldn’t be fair on all the others now would it? Or are you saying that this event is ‘special’ or different in some way?

      If I do sympathise with these people, which, let’s face it.. I do now that I have seen so many horrible pictures and put up with the incessant news updates, I certainly won’t be told how to do it, be it quietly, or elegantly, or sorrowfully, or with reverence etc etc. I don’t accept any calls for people to stop discussion (and as for all that nonsense about ‘an attack on the ideals of a nation’… well senator, as yet we don’t know the cause do we? as far as we know it could have been a jealous boyfriend.. or someone who doesn’t like crowds).

      News items are absolutely an opportunity for reflection and analysis. I will save my ‘elegant reverential sorrow’ for when, and if (touch keyboard keys it doesn’t), tragedy affects me personally. Until then, international news stories are open to discussion and cause for analysis… even when people die in wealthy countries.

  • Orion

    A chinese national was severely injured and the idiots are talking about vengeance.

    Well idiots are everywhere what can you do.

    • hang

      Probably some of those types would say its what happens to traitors to China, or some other nonsense about overseas Chinese being American lapdogs.

  • Mypoorworld

    Only a pathetic, disgusting type of person can make a joke or take delight in the suffering of innocents. These kind of people can only be brave from behind a computer screen where they hide like a rat in the sewer. They would never dare to say such things if they had tasted this kind of suffering or if it had happened to someone they cared about. Pure ignorance. I only hope that Buddhism is the truth so that I can rest assured that they will come back in the next life as an even more despicable being.

    • Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total ****wad.

      We have known this for ages.

  • fsck

    Didn’t US citizens also cheer after the Japanese Tsunami?

    Haven’t the US unreservedly bombed villages and civillians around the world?

    None of our citizens deserved this treatment, I want to make that clear. I feel so sorry for everyone involved. But, the US as a country (in backing government policy, however mislead the people are) and government is responisble for 1,000s of similar horribles atrocities around the world each year. Other countries see this on a weekly basis due to US war and drone policy. I want to make it clear I condone neither action, they are all disgusting.

    But the people of Iraq, Yeman, Lybia, Afganistan, etc, etc etc… dont get the same air time. why is it only special when it happens to our country?

    • BiggJ

      Look at it like this. It’s like a homeless person getting beat and robbed, it most likely won’t be on the news. But if say a Brad Pitt or Justin Beiber has the same thing happen to him, They will get special treatment. the whole world will want to know what happened This is kind of a fucked up example. The point is, America is the popular kid in school. People care what happens to him.People care about the dirty lice kid in class too….but not as much.

      • fsck

        I understand that point, but when its the popluar kid is beating on others then the popular kids gets a bloody nose. Then what? I’m not saying this is retaliation, thats yet to be proven. But still, the US kills are tortures hundreds each year – it’s a wonder this doesn’t happen more often. Maybe this is the beginning, or maybe we just need more TSA to protect our feedumbs?

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Why does the U.S get special attention internationally?
          America at this point has reached celebrity status but not just because it flashes itself with the fanciest garbage of the day, it reinforces its position by being the head of a hegemony of nations. Because it is the ‘head’ of a number of international organizations, it is expected that the U.S needs to have some form of participation in any conflict with its member states. Because of this, it also has the largest military force stretched out across the entire planet. It comes off as a massive juggernaut that cannot be harmed. So when someone gives it a black eye, everyone wants to know, either out of shock, dismay, or smug satisfaction.

          Why doesn’t it happen more often?
          Think about it like this. There are millions of Americans, talking and texting, sending messages and making phone calls. The agency responsible for the protection of the country has a team of maybe at most a couple thousand. Now that it’s basically okay for them to tap into calls and texts, you now have that team of a couple thousand having to sift through several millions of messages that go around the country, with more millions coming in each second. They can narrow it down to messages that actively sound suspicious or hostile but even then they have to figure out which ones are joking, which are hot air and which ones are legit. So honestly I am surprised that things have gone this long without a hitch.

          • ScottLoar

            “Why does the US get special attention internationally?” Invidious resentment.

            “Why doesn’t it (terrorist acts) happen more often?” The US, European and Israeli agencies are fairly efficient at monitoring and anticipating the organizations that encompass the two thousand or so hard-core, trained terrorists capable of international acts of terrorism. Outside these hard-core few their would-be adherents are most often disclosed to the authorities by members of their own society, as in the aftermath of the London bombings.

            To date we don’t know if the Boston Marathon bombs (two) were the work of international terrorists or anti-establishment domestic loonies.

          • Germandude

            “To date we don’t know if the Boston Marathon bombs (two) were the work of international terrorists or anti-establishment domestic loonies.’

            Innocent until proven guilty! If the bombings were done by an international terrorist group, we will soon have a video of somebody claiming that it was him/his organization. If that video is not shown, there is huge room for speculation.
            Unfortunately, public opinion seems to have already made a choice… Who benefits from all this?

          • ScottLoar

            Perhaps your question was rhetorical but I’ll answer. Cui bono? Those who want revenge. Those who want to terrorize. Those who think killings will visit pain upon the US. Those who want to show the government cannot stop such killing, none of which helps define who did it and cannot prevent the wildest speculations. Just look at some of the comments posted here as examples of crazy speculation.

          • Germandude

            At a time the US government cuts costs on military spending. At a time the US public discussion about gun restriction has been halted (in the sense of that it’s going nowhere). At a time China issues information on its own ideas of how to build up their army. At a time the North Korea “thing” is going…

            I could go on with this for pages.

            On the one hand, it’s easy to find an explanation why now. We might as well soon be presented with an easy answer to who it was. And we will surely, no matter from which side, will have conspiracy theorists coming up. And the Illuminati are not far.
            On the other hand, explanation might take time and it might be tough to find out the person responsible for this. And maybe the answer is disclosed because the public shouldn’t know what’s (exactly) going on. Either way.

            Now personally, I don’t have an opinion (yet). Not even a suspicion given that no valuable information has been gathered/announced. So honestly, I don’t have an idea who was responsible for this.

            So you were right. My question was a rhetorical one. I am looking forward to what information is thrown towards the rabble.

          • News reports have targeted Iran and Afghanistan as countries where pressure cookers are used, but don’t they use them over most of Asia?! I’d agree it seems a renegade lone wolf attack.

          • ScottLoar

            I would love to see a news report that “targeted Iran and Afghanistan as countries where pressure cooker are used” and so uses a pressure cooker to suspect those countries of the bombing. Please oblige.

          • Guest

            Google is your pengyou my fellow poster.

      • SuperHappyCow

        But no one gives a fuck when Brad Pitt murders the dirty lice kid and his family.

    • It makes a lot of sense that an attack at home would receive more airtime than an attack in a different country. I don’t see why people don’t understand this.

      Now, if there were some central news agency that covers the entire world, and the US was getting unfair coverage, yeah I get the complaint. Look at it this way: which would most likely effect an American? The weather in, say, Chicago? Or the weather in Tikrit? That is why happenings on American soil, to Americans, gets more news coverage in America.

      • SuperHappyCow

        But we’re the one causing bombings in all of the places fsck listed. It’s not like they’re neutral forces that are causing an equal amount of harm in various countries.


        I understand this gettting more coverage in America but when drones kill an innocent family in Afghanistan they don’t get any coverage in China. But when an attack happens in Boston, they get a lot of media coverage in China. To me neither is more or less tragic than the other, it’s just that since America is the most powerful country in the world, anything that happens here is world news. There is a double standard, no one can deny that.

        • I don’t think that US news have to “return the favor” to China if China gives the bombing in Boston a lot of air time. I am not suggesting that one is more tragic or deserves the air time as much, I am simply saying that because it was a bombing on US soil, it will get much more air time in the US than a bombing elsewhere. I agree with the idea that there should be much more air time of bombings and attacks around the world.

        • Irvin

          Because chinese don’t give a shit about afghanistan, but they do america because they got families there and dream of immigrating to america some day.


            I really don’t think it’s because they have families there but it is because the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world and therefore considered the most important, not only by Chinese but by most others as well.


      Agree 100%. There is a double standard no doubt. I think that’s what gets a lot of people upset. It’s like American lives are worth more than any other lives on Earth.

      • liangmi

        It’s American media fuckwit. Expect them to be partial to tragedy on American soil. To expect different is retarded.


          Actually you seem pretty retarded with that post. I was talking about worldwide media covering this more than other acts of terrorism around the world, dumb fuck.

          • moody

            It is pretty simple.
            It is pretty big news, It’s an act of terrorism
            It concerns everybody as everybody can be a target, and therefor everybody is talking about it.

            They have raised the numbers of terrorist prevention patrols back home.
            and no, I am not an american.

            Terrorism is always very big news

            It was the same when it happened in London or Paris
            It was all over the news where ever you were

            Now maybe you guys should stop all that “why does white man’s life seem to matter more than middle eastern life ?” rant.

            Have you actually watched TV in middle east ????



            I’ve never watched TV or stepped foot in the middle east but this doesn’t apply exclusively to the middle east. I understand why any country (China, U.S., Brazil, etc.) would grant extensive coverage to the Boston bombings. A combination of the rarity of it happening in the U.S., the worldwide consequences, basically because the U.S. is the most powerful country on Earth. If the same kind of bombing happened in China, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t receive anywhere near the worldwide coverage as Boston would. Do you agree with that?

            All I’m saying is that we as individuals need to be careful the media doesn’t brainwash us into believing certain lives matter more than others. Add to the fact that the U.S. is engaged in wars where they inflict the same kind of damage, well you can see why I take notice of the discrepancy in media coverage. If I were a news director I’d also give the same coverage to Boston but I just want people to know there are others dying everyday from these same types of bombs elsewhere in the world.

          • moody

            I certainly agree with the fact that if it happened in China, it would not get nearly as much coverage in… let’s say anywhere that is not in ASIA.
            But do you really think it is because the Media are trying “to brainwash us” on the value of human life ?

            Don’t you think it is to get maximum viewers ?
            Don t you think we are more interested in watching what happened in Boston -as you say yourself- because it is a rare event and in a way it shows us how we are all vulnerable -because, hell, if they can get Boston’s Marathon runners, they certainly can get Melbourne/Paris/London or Cocks in Cornwall.

            Now, most people don t need the media to tell them that some lifes are worth more than others


            I don’t think the media (any media) is purposely trying make us think certain lives are more valuable than others but I do feel the result of the media’s coverage of these events can possibly lead to a segment of the population into thinking that certain lives are more important than others. Of course it’s to get maximum viewers, it’s NOT a conspiracy theory or anything like that. But you must agree that the media plays a huge influence in our perceptions about the world around us and as a result SOME people do get influenced by the media to value certain lives over others. We just have to make a conscious effort to guard against that way of thinking.

            My bottom line is that I treat all innocent people equally, whether they be in Boston, Iraq, India, etc. If I feel sad but don’t cry or think about it when some suicide bomber or drone attack blows off the legs of some 8 year old in Afghanistan, why would I act any different when the 8 year old died in Boston?

          • moody

            Of course, the media have a huge influence on our perception of just about anything

            This is simply how it works.

            Now maybe is the time to accept that fact.

            I beleive you and I to be educated enough to know all that.

            What would be more sensitive to me would be to stop repeating at each lost american life that “well, since american overseas policy sometimes cost lives -american or not-, that it’s ok for some of them to die from time to time and that we should not show that much empathy”


            I do accept the fact that the media is hugely influential in our perception of everything. All I want is for each victim of any tragedy to be shown equal empathy, that’s all. IMO, showing more empathy to one victim over another strictly because of nationality of the victim is a disservice to the other victims who are soon forgotten. I understand where you’re coming from and I know I can come across as insensitive but those are my true feelings. Guess we just have different values. Anyways I do feel sad for all those who died and were maimed by the bombings as they were innocent victims. It isn’t my intent to say anything bad about the victims in any way.

    • cb4242

      So now you are going on a US rant? No one said the US is a perfect country, there are many things the US could have done better, you can say that about the US from the very beginning the Pilgrims came to the country. But what country is perfect…NONE. It doesn’t exist, if you want to think the US is mislead, that is your prerogative, but I want to tell me a country that is blemish free of any wrong doing! Yes, condone it. But the countries that you just mentioned are terrorists states, you may not agree, it doesn’t matter to me either way. No one told these people to support, harbor, nurture and allow terrorists to attack my country. Big mistake.

      If they want peace, so do we, if they want war, they can have that too. The choice is theirs. I have NO sympathy for the terrorists, I have sympathy for the innocent people in all those countries. If you want to talk about true terrorism, how about talking about homegrown and domestic terrorism in these countries, how about talking about the brutality of the Taliban and how they beat kill and mutilate women or the Sunni and Shiite conflicts that got out of hand and the Shiites wanting payback for what Saddam did. Or how about in Yemen if you marry or rape a girl 12 or 14 years old, it’s not a crime and men do it often with impunity. How about talking about the real problems facing these countries and not just solely point a finger just at the US, only! Stop using the US as a scapegoat for all of these rouge nations domestic problems. These countries should look in their own backyards first before throwing stones!

      • Justin76521

        I hate that all American citizens are lumped into the “crooked diplomats” and “nation bombers” when realistically I didn’t get to vote for any of these wars or any of these decisions I’m just a regular guy with a shitty job and I hate the American war/propaganda machine just as much as the rest of the international community

      • maja

        I imagine any resident of those terrorist countries thinking the same of americans, “if they allow their bombers and troops to come here to kill my own people, they will not have my simpathy etc., etc.”. and I suspect quite a few don’t even bother to do it.

        I’m just surprised to read comments such as this after more then 10 years after the twin towers incident. can I ask you how long have you been away from the states? I’m just curious, please don’t take it as an offense

    • PoS

      Yes there were some lone assholes who were gleeful but they were largely downvoted and shouted down. The compete opposite is true on Sina right now; 80% of the commenters are expressing happiness at what happened and all the top voted comments are supporting the bombing/celebrating/wishing more were dead. There is ABSOLUTELY no equivalence to American comment boards after the Japanese tsunami or the Sichuan earthquake. To say other wise means one of two things; you can’t read Chinese, or (b) you have a moral equivalency agenda. Either way it makes you a douche, big time.

      • moldavidian

        Apparently they either haven’t heard that one of the dead is Chinese yet or they just don’t care. Douches, all.

      • PoS

        Top comments from one Sina article:


        Great, this makes me feel awesome, you fuck with other people then you will get fucked with.


        4月16日07:00支持(904) 回复 分享


        除了高兴,我们还能说什么: Besides being happy what can I say!?

        4月16日06:20支持(824) 回复 分享


        不是不报,时候未到。时机一到,必定要报。美国作恶多端招致报复。活该。American devils invited this, got what they deserve.

        4月16日06:23支持(784) 回复 分享



        4月16日06:23支持(397) 回复 分享

    • Straelbora

      Where the hell did you get the idea that people in the US cheered the tsunami in Japan?

      • habeasdorkus

        There were a lot of “That’s for Pearl Harbor” style comments online after the Fukushima earthquake, unfortunately. It wasn’t a common compared to the outpouring of sympathy, but it was present.

        • Jess

          “unfortunately?” Why do you say “unfortunately?” Those were dumba$$ comments. You have a sad pitiful life.

          • habeasdorkus

            I said unfortunately, because I’m embarrassed for the idiots who made those comments, and because they make my country look bad with their idiocy. They were a small minority to the reaction to the tragedy, but they did exist. Denying that just makes you an idiot nationalist.

          • Tony

            I had to read your comment twice as I apparently misread your post the first time as it appears Jess has. I read it “Unfortunately, it wasn’t as common.” which would be an ugly statement to make. It’s rare to see unfortunately at the end of a sentence, so I read it as the beginning of the next sentence, despite the proper punctuation and capitalization.

    • Who cheered after the Tsunami? Americans love Japan!

    • Jess

      NO, the US citizens did NOT cheer after the Japanese Tsunami. In fact, in BOTH ASIAN TSUNAMI’s, the US Navy were the first to respond. BOTH ex-Presidents Clinton and Bush I organized charity drives. What did your leaders do??

      Air time: well obviously our (US) networks will cover domestic issues more. I don’t know about your country, and I’m sorry

      • Kai

        Clinton and Bush are irrelevant. No one was talking about leaders, and national leaders would be incredibly stupid to be undiplomatic about such tragedies.

        It remains a fact, unfortunately, that some US citizens did make callous remarks and have callous reactions in both incidents. No one said all Americans, or even most Americans, just as you surely wouldn’t say all Chinese or most Chinese, right? Look, you can distance yourself from these people, but there’s really no way to say they didn’t do what they did. Condemn them, don’t pretend they don’t exist. Their behavior is more important than their nationality.

        • habeasdorkus

          This. I’m an American, and I was and remain deeply embarrassed by my fellow Americans who said incredibly cruel and ignorant things after the Japanese tsunami. But I was and remain justifiably proud of the way that the United States and most citizens responded to the disaster in rushing to help in whatever large or small way we could.

          Jess clearly hasn’t learned that the citizens of countries aren’t monolithic, and that among any group you’ll have some assholes. Which is probably why he hasn’t realized that they’re coming across as one of the assholes.

        • moody

          “Dont pretend they dont exist” ???

          Maybe you should chill a little, maybe Jess did not know about those reactions.
          it s totally possible to have not seen it at all

          • Kai

            Really? You’re going to tell me to chill a little but not tell Jess and her “what did your leaders do??” to chill a little? Come on, dude.

            I grant that it’s entirely possible that she never saw those reactions. But do you really think it is defensible for someone to think a nation of over 300 million individuals didn’t have some assholes in them who cheered on other people’s misfortune? Was I really being too harsh on her? In the context of what I was saying?

    • JT

      I didn’t hear of anybody in the US cheering after the Japanese tsunami. If anybody did, it was a very small, fringe minority.

      Did you mean to say “Didn’t Chinese citizens also cheer after the Japanese tsunami?” If so, as one who lives in China, I can assure you that many did.

      At the same time, though, there were many civilized, good-natured Chinese who would criticize their country-mates for being glad. Those who were glad, though, were no small minority. A minority? Maybe, but not small or insignificant like you might find in other countries.

      After being fed years of propaganda, the fire of hatred burns in (too) many a Chinese heart. Ugh, nationalism is so silly… when will we humans ever learn?

    • A guy

      Fsck and anyone who upvoted FSCK YOU!!!

      On the internet eventually one or two ass twats will say something offensive, but after the tsunami 99.999999999% of people were concerned and saddened. Read the comments from Chinese posts or any other country and you will find similar shit cause the internet has trolls from every country.

      Secondly I won’t go into all the other reasons why drone strikes are different, but here is one that you cannot debate away. The attacks in Boston were meant to kill civilians period, drone attacks are meant to kill terrorists and enemy combatants, and despite a rigorous process to try and mitigate civilian casualties, and because many times terrorists hide among civilian populations and often actively use innocent bystanders as human shields, sometimes civilians dies. Those deaths are met with much outrage and are only not as sensationalized for the same reason US soldiers deaths in Afghanistan aren’t given much attention: Quite frankly the places where it happens are the sites of ongoing wars or conflicts. It is the same reason that when american soldiers die in those places it is grieved briefly yet largely forgotten, but if one is killed outside of a combat zone it is all over the news for days.

      Thirdly “Unreservedly”. You aren’t stupid (or at least for now I will assume you aren’t) and you should be smart enough to realize that decisions like those are made with much planning and consideration, and the after math is debated and reviewed in depth. That might be the reason that civilian casualties decline every year. There is also a debate to be had about how many civilian lives are saved by drone strikes, because remember that the number one victims of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda etc are Muslims and the residents of those nations, especially Pakistan.

      I am against Drone strikes because they are counter productive in the end, but to even make the comparison shows that you have no idea how the world works or you are so hard up to criticize the US that you will take any chance to spin something that way.


  • grand

    great. now the US has a reason to invade iran. got get those damn terrorists.

    • Was an iranian terrorist involved?

      • SuperHappyCow

        Doesn’t have to be. The U.S. media and politicians have been trying to drag us into a conflict with Iran, despite many relevant and knowledgeable people explaining that it would be an unmitigated disaster.


          Actually I’m more worried about Israel trying to drag the U.S. into a war with Iran. Netanyahu really is a war monger. At this moment certain conservatives in Congress are trying to pass a bill to make it easier to go to war with Iran, on Israel’s behalf.

          • The irony here is the US allowed India to develop it’s nuclear programme (despite having a sizeable muslim population), yet denies Iran (who are mostly persians who follow the Shi’ite branch of Islam, and some Iranian Jews and Christians) the same right. Not an easy one to solve, if the iranian regime is just offering empty threats or will make good on them, is the ultimate crux of the matter. Just my 5 mao mind…good day.

          • ex-expat

            India is a democracy, Iran is a theocracy. India is also considered an ally.

          • I see your point, but many foreigners live and work in Tehran, if we are going to point fingers at governments many many more could make it onto a shitlist. Which is better one party secular state or military dictatorship or theocracy…

            I’d agree India is an ally but they have their far share of muslims with an axe to grind against the US.

          • Rick in China

            Most the muslims in India prioritize their axe grinding against…. India..

          • Rick in China

            I think there’s a simple reason for that Robertus,

            Strategically US would be happy to have one nuclear power ALLY (democratic Ally with long-standing ties to the western world) spread around the globe – hopefully bringing them clout as well as the power to ‘create stability’ in the area. India’s neighbours – namely China and Pakistan, are two countries they’d like to ‘reign in’ by having a nuclear-capable ally next door.

            Iran, however, is right next to Israel with whom they already establish as a long-time ally in that particular region. They want Israel to have nukes in that area, but nobody else – and maintain the Israel relationship above all others.

            There’s obviously more at play, but this makes sense from a simplified logic perspective imo :D

          • True, I think keeping Israel as a pal in that region is very important for the US, even if they did attack one of their ships once:-)

          • Rick in China

            That’s the most recent decades – India supported Russia over the US during the cold-war, and US only changed it’s stance on India’s nuclear program in 2008, but they never really did put up much of a protest and I’d wager that’s because of the reason I mentioned above..


            The U.S. “allowed” India to develop nuclear weapons? Did India need America’s permission to develop nuclear weapons? Did the U.S. have the power to stop India’s nuclear program? Please enlighten me as I don’t know much about India’s nuclear program. I’d think the U.S. didn’t object to India’s nuclear program because India wasn’t considered a rival or threat at the time.

        • True. I see your point. If it does emerge it is a national of the KSA behind this, I can only see a tenuous link at best to justify an invasion of another sovereign country, in this instance, Iran.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Hope nobody was eating kimchee nearby, otherwise there would be a legit reason to take out Fat Kim next month.

    • You’re the first one I’ve seen jump to the conclusion that it was Iranians, and needs war as a response.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Not really. Saudis attacked us on 9/11, but we went to war with Iraq.

        • We went to war with Afghanistan immediately following 9/11 on the grounds that Osama bin Laden was located there and they didn’t give him up. We went to war with Iraq on the false information that they had nuclear weapons.

          • Rick in China

            Osama was the figurehead, but it was really because Afghanistan was the Taliban stronghold – it was really an issue of dismantling the Taliban’s grip on the region..even if Osama was physically in another country, I’d imagine Afghanistan would still have been the primary target :D

        • Indeed…let’s not forget what the saudi textbooks teach, christians are monkeys, jews are pigs or some such crap.


    Picture of the 8 year old girl IS NOT TRUE!

    • the ace of books

      Correct. Note that it says that under the picture. Note also: one of the victims is an 8-year-old boy waiting at the finish line. So I think the picture was a conglomeration of information and misinformation. (Because I would absolutely love to see an eight-year-old run a marathon. I ran ten-milers when I was ten, eleven. Eight? 26 miles? Extremely unlikely (though not completely impossible).)

  • YourSupremeCommander

    That pic of the dude’s half blown off leg is simply….. SAD.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Question, WTF holds a city marathon on a weekday? Wouldn’t that disrupt businesses and people’s lives?

    • Elf Queen

      It is a holiday in Boston.

  • linette lee

    How did the bombs get planted at the marathon? Not very tight security in Boston.

    NYC has marathons and parades all the time. The security is so tight. No cars in or out. Police everywhere. No garbage cans the whole street is swept clean with police every corners.
    The boston mayor has a lot to answer. Not just few people. Hundred of people got hurt. Body parts on the streets? How big are that two bombs?

    • BiggJ

      It’s not easy to stop. How hard is it for someone to put bombs in a building a week before or somethings and detonate them with a phone? If you’re crazy and resourceful enough make and detonate a bomb….im sure you can hide it. Why does the mayor have to answer for this? Did he do it?That like someone going into a building and shooting everyone and then say the mayor of the town has to answer for it. The thing is something like this would be near impossible to counter before it happened. Unless you had bomb sniffing dogs and 1000’s of police combing every building 24 hours a day.

      You seen the trouble Bruce Willis and Samual L. Jackson had in DIe hard 3? And the bad guy was giving them hints. And they still had a bitch of time getting them bombs. They even knew there was bomb. And still hard to find even with hints. I know thats a movie. It just shows how hard it would be without and clues or hints or even expecting something like that.

      • Loved that film, alternate ending was mooted with mcclane blowing away simon in a cafe in eastern europe or somewhere, but as for the bombs, yes there will always be a way. Although after the brit jamaican guy tried to blow up his shoes things have toughened up in the UK at least.

      • linette lee

        ….It’s not easy to stop. How hard is it for someone to put bombs in a building…

        Tell that to NYC people. NYC has marathons and parades all the time.

        And of course the mayor has explaining to do. Was there any inadequate security or preparation that lead to this tragedy.

        • BiggJ

          You’re being unreasonable…explain to me how a city could have prevented this? Its like if im walking down the street and someone comes running up behind and sucker punches me in back of the head and knocks me out…how could i prevent that? I can’t keep looking over my shoulder every second….just that day a crazy mother fucker came up and hit me…not much i can do.

          And you say NYC has marathons and parades all the time….and do they find bombs every time they have one? You don’t expect shit like that to happen. A crack head could kick your door down and steal beat the shit out of you tonight and i bet that would have been the last thing on your mind when you go home. Same as this situation….they were not expecting it. How can you prepare for something that you don’t even know what it could be?

          • linette lee

            On the news they say the bombs were home made, left on the street. It was a pressure cooker with timer and it was packed with metals and nails inside. So no need remote control to detonate the bombs. When it exploded it hit many the legs of many victims.

          • the point BiggJ trying to say is that this attack is unexpected and blaming the mayor for it is useless. Terrorist attack in Boston must be uncommon and the probability of it must also be low. The mayor cannot possibly prepare for every single disaster that MIGHT happen.

            if its true that the bomb use pressure cooker and the timer, the bomb may be install on the same day as the marathon. Even if police were to guard and search everyone, a pressure cooker is not a suspicious item that its very likely to pass through the check. Why blame it on the mayor? Its just like blaming the rape victim rather than the rapist or the guy who hire the rapist.

            yes many bad things happen but you are just looking for an easy scapegoat, someone to blame.

          • linette lee

            Not really blaming the mayor, but people want to know if disaster like this could have been prevented if they had tighter security. Not saying the mayor of Boston was at fault with the explosion.

            And no, I think it’s pretty hard for a suspect to walk around with a shopping bag and leave it on the street on marathon or parade day in NYC. They have very tight police security and barricade. Any bags that look suspicious the police will handle it. Just like in the nyc subways they have poster telling to dial if you spot any suspicious bags left alone. Police are there. They are on very high alert all the time especially in crowded areas or events.

          • hm just leaving the bomb on the street would have been really obvious and I am certain the terrorist know that its not a good idea to do it that way. If I am a terrorist and using pressure cooker, to blend in with the crowd I would disguise as a citizen back from grocery shopping with appliances and some irrelevant items (fruit veg meat) to make it less suspicious and just hang out there for a while observing, socialising and cheering like everyone else. By looking at the picture I assume people attention were directed towards those runner because a few of them about to hit the finish line so that seem like a perfect time to drop/plant the bomb there and get out. Anyway I just dont think its that difficult to drop/plant a bomb in an event, since everyone’s attention is fixed to the event especially at its climax. Unless all the shops are closed during the event then the terrorist need to find another way either to blend in or set the bomb in advance before the marathon.

          • Mr X

            An easy scapegoat, someone to blame? North Kuria

          • Panda Banana

            Linnette unreasonable???? Lol!

        • DavidisDawei

          Cannot blame the mayor of Boston; even though he does sound retarded when he talks.
          A majority of the Boston Marathon is run through towns other than Boston. In fact, they found bombs that did not detonate near heartbreak hill in Newton (approximately 6 miles from where the two bombs detonated)
          It is possible for someone to injure/kill people at events like this in the USA. Thankfully, that has not been how people rebel or show their disapproval in this country.
          If “suicide terrorists” wanted to make a statement, they could sneak across the border, acquire weapons in the States and then attack a crowd at an event like this or at a mall, etc. They could cause serious damage before anyone could respond.
          This is the risk we take living in the USA.

          • linette lee

            I am pretty sure next year boston marathon will have extremely high police security just like NYC. This kind of attack will be extremely unlikely to happen again in Boston marathon. Unfortuanately very sad for those who died and injured.

          • Rick in China

            Linette, you’re an IDIOT.

            It’s a marathon. Near the finish line. What do people do when they go to the gym…….they bring a bag with a change of clothes. Likely nearly everyone, and spectators, had bags or backpacks.

            You think the police are capable of searching every backpack within the radius of an entire marathon event? Within what reasonable timeframe?

            My god. More nonsense. You really need to think before you post, a pressure cooker easily fits inside a backpack in place of shoes and clothes.

          • linette lee

            You dumb ass. Go back to Canada and smoke some weeds. It’s legal over there. lol.

          • BiggJ

            I think Ricks from Australia….And it’s not legal in Canada….you still get fined for getting caught with person stash….like the speeding ticket….It’s illegal to grow and sell. You can grow if you have a government license. But are talking kind of crazy here. lol

          • linette lee

            It’s legal if you have a prescription. In Canada you can get some kind of permit or whatever you called it from gov’t that’s medically necessary.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah, same as some states in america….but im talking everyday recreational use. The thing was before getting caught lead to a criminal record. So that would stop you from getting jobs and so an. So they changed it so it was not a criminal record.

        • James

          They were having “bomb drills” prior & there were lots of bomb sniffing dogs there. There were also reputed Craft International security in the crowd looking all tacticool

    • Linette, I hail from manchester, I remember full well when this happened:

      Granted, noone died, but the economic losses and recovery took their toll, although some would say manchester is now a better city because of it.

      Of course noone could probably do what they did then post 9/11 climate, but what can the mayor of a city do really,he is not a dictator?!

      • linette lee

        I will say 911 is different. Planes were hi jacked from another place and flew into NYC buildings. So the NYC security wasn’t really at fault. IT was the airport security fault. But any how shxt happens. We just have to do our best to take precaution and prevent.

        • DavidisDawei

          The two planes that flew into the World Trade Center Towers departed from Boston.
          The plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field on 9/11 went down when the passengers decided to fight back after hearing about the day’s events.
          As a result of that tragedy, I don’t think you will ever see another plane hijacked and allowed to be used as a cruise missile in the USA.

    • nintendo-nerd

      The FBI planted the bombs there, just like they planted detonators beneath the World Trade Center the night before 9/11.

      Obama’s gonna see some dead people in his nightmares tonight.


      From what I heard Boston isn’t as well prepared for terrorism as say, NYC or L.A. or Chicago. All much bigger cities and supposedly bigger targets for terrorism. The authorities will never be able to stop all terrorist attacks as long as the US government insists on meddling in other countries affairs for their own benefit.

      • Perhaps a new strategy, go after the smaller weaker guy, instead of the big guy who has pumped himself up massively? There were rumours the fires in Southern Spain were the work of Al Qaeda…if cells act independently, sadly, more incidents like this terrible bombing will continue. The ALF is an example of such a group too.

    • pressure cooker as shown on CNN (albeit not necessarily same model). Bought for $45.

      Could fit in a large hand bag.

    • Mr X

      Let’s see: It’s Patriots’ Day, a state holiday in MA. It’s also tax day.

      The mafia that illegally seized control in the US is planning to stage nuclear terror attacks and blame them on North Korea. Will Cheng be blamed? Blame your fat friends. It worked for Iraq.

    • habeasdorkus

      There were bomb sniffing dogs near the finish line. There were hundreds of police on location. The bombs appear to have either been in backpacks or duffel bags, of which there were literally hundreds being carried by spectators at the end of the marathon route. Roughly 500,000 people watch the marathon along it’s route, and tens of thousands of them pass through the end of the 26.2 mile race course as they wait for their friends and family among the 20,000+ runners to finish.

      It could well be that there was a major security breach that shouldn’t have happened. But we need to know more before we can say that.

      • Anna

        Reports are saying they were pressure cooker bombs. If so and with any sense, as pressure cookers have an air tight seal, you can seal the material inside, rub the outsides with bleach or something and make them undetectable to dogs. Then all you have to do is book a hotel near the finish line and simply wait for a lapse in security.

  • vincent

    It’s a sad vicious cycle where the name of the game is retribution and where the ones that pay the price are normal folk…my thoughts and prayers go out to not just those injured in the Boston bomb blasts but also to all those who are being killed in the name of religious extremism and revenge.

    • MrT

      yea i agree, like Northern Ireland and the US government doing fuck all about the funding coming from the US to the IRA to keep the bombs going off in the UK killing people who knew fuck all about what was going on because of BBC censorship of the IRA and why they was doing this.

  • MrX


    I saw this image (legless man) this morning, and did not want to really look at it, but something caught my eye. But after looking at it for a bit, I could not figure exactly what it was that didn’t seem right (fake photo?):

    Then a little bit later, I ran across this image:×480/544340_10152734486685720_1924546824_n.jpg

    Now I understand why the first photo didn’t seem quite right.

    • Mr X
      • MrT

        I waiting to see what Mr Arex Jones says on the matter.

      • Oh look, two tall, lanky white guys that look similar. Amazing. At least this time he only lost his leg below the knee rather than above it. He’s getting better at severe explosive trauma to his legs.

        A friend of mine was actually working the finish line when the bombs went off. From what she said, I seriously doubt people weren’t maimed and killed, and limbs lost in a bomb blast, you conspiracy theorist cunt.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Both guys have the same browridge, nose, and even hairline. It’s no wonder people think they’re same guy, because they look like the same guy.

          Also, losing your legs at a position above your knee, then faking it some time later below your knee would actually not be difficult, but I’ll let you figure that one out.

          • It would be extremely difficult. Also, you assume that they can just easily find some guy who lost his legs in Iraq that is perfectly fine with staging a bombing that kills a lot of innocent people. You guys are fools.

          • SuperHappyCow

            I didn’t say I think it’s him personally. I’m just saying they very much alike, that’s why people think they are the same guy. Look at their fucking hairlines. I mean, look at every feature of their faces.

          • Shit if we’re looking for that hairline and northern European style facial features, a large portion of the US will be suspect of being this guy. I’m glad I don’t have brown hair or someone might think I’m part of the New World Order, or Illuminati, or whatever.

          • SuperHappyCow

            That’s pretty dumb. No one said anything about the NWO. What was being said is that two guys look incredibly similar.

          • The photo, before deleted, suggested that they were the same person. They suggested the government got the guy to do this. Mr. X or Mr. T or whoever it was suggested the same thing. That’s what started this entire topic. Don’t play dense.

          • SuperHappyCow

            But no one said anything about any NWO.

          • And tell me why would they need this guy to act? Do the bombs not do enough damage on their own? Why would they need this man to lose his legs? Obviously he has family and friends…and photos already online. He’s recognizable enough for you to spot him…why wouldn’t anyone else in the world who knows the guy spot him and think, “hey, I know that guy and I know he lost his legs while in the military”? Do you think they’re that big of a fuck up that they would overlook that? And again, why in the hell would they need to do this anyway?

            I’ll let you figure that one out.

          • SuperHappyCow

            I’m not saying they’re the same guy. But look at the pictures.

            They look like the same guy.

          • James

            I’ll assume you’re talking about Lt. Vogt vs the guy who was in the picture here.
            “then faking it some time later below your knee ”

            yep, seems quite easy

          • You’ll need two stages of realistic prosthetics. First, you will need the full leg with bendable knee so Lt. Vogt can walk and stand in the bomb area. After the bomb explodes, suggesting he’s able to survive the blast, it will need to knock off only that bottom prosthetic, leaving the top prosthetic in place. It needs to be good enough that the end result, the blood and gore hanging from the “wound” will be convincing enough to confuse anyone else standing around and anyone who might happen to help him, as well as the scrutinizing eyes of commenters on ChinaSMACK who might view the photo later.

          • SuperHappyCow

            But if you are amputated at the hips and fake being amputated at the knee with prosthetics it’s going to be easier than doing the reverse. How is that controversial?

          • Yeah, comparatively speaking. That doesn’t actually make it easy. What, did they wheel him in there real fast before anyone looked and then pick him back up again? Seriously, tell me how they would have pulled this off, because I want to understand how it would be easy.

          • SuperHappyCow

            But I never said I thought it was the guy. They just clearly look very similar. I’m telling you for the third time now.

          • James


        • Mr X

          Yeah, I have to admit I was wrong about Cat Anus Conspiracy.

      • linette lee

        I know they always like all white men look alike, but come on dude. You can clearly see they are two different men. lol.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          your are right, one is pink skin in army green and the other is grey skin with hipster shirt, yeah, how COULD they be the same.

      • ThinkBlue

        what the fuck. you’re full of shit, Mr. X

      • Mr X

        Within the last 10 hours I get an error whenever I try to post. There was an error posting, please delete this post.

  • Kate

    Horrible doesnt even begin to describe what happened. I read what Pat Oswald had to say about Boston today and I highly recommend it because its one of the best commentaries on the situation.

    The Csmack community, discussing another horrible event. Sometimes I feel like in some way this forum is one big therapy session. Same people every week in therapy together, trying to reason, discuss,react, share, vent…. i think its healthy.

    • BiggJ

      About as healthy as 5$ hooker.

      • Kate

        Real life connections are good, let it out BiggJ

        • BiggJ

          Ok let me change that….about as healthy as a chinese guy working in poultry farm. :) I think site like this breeds ignorance and racism which people would not normally see in the real world. I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss. Like when chinese read the comments on here they must hate foreigners even more. Same for foreigners reading chinese comments.

          • Kai

            Dude, there’s no small amount of irony hearing this from you given some of the less than savory comments you’ve made in the past.

            I don’t think the site breeds ignorance and racism as much as it allows people to see it and then express the ignorance and racism they brought with them. It’s not necessarily wrong to blame the site, but I think people are letting themselves off the hook, because it’s easier for one’s ego and self-perception to blame the site than it is to take responsibility for what we contribute to it.


            Well said, the good thing about the internet is that people can give their unfiltered opinion about anything, without regard to the usual consequences in the real world. Then we can see what people really think. I think it’s generally a good thing, despite all the garbage people spew.

          • BiggJ

            I’m not saying I don’t contribute to ignorance and racism. It’s just a joke to me. I just like posting funny/sarcastic shit. This site is just a comedy site to me. Read some crazy shit, get a good laugh.
            The site is a perfect storm to breed racism, really though. Think about….you have a english website that post crazy chinese shit. Now the chinese who will read this are probably somewhat educated to be able to respond in descent english, And the rest are foreigners who have some kind of connection to china, for the most part. So when you post a story about some chinese crazy doings, the foreigner will for the most part say” This don’t happen in my country blah blah…..” Chinese will respond in defence, and that will breed ignorant, racist comments. And same goes for when chinese comment on foreign things….it’s just the table have turn but you get the same result.

            Don’t get me wrong, I think this site and the commenters are fucking hilarious. The stories are good, but that just sets the tone for the comments and how racist they will be. Like when you put you story like “chinese man wants chinese girls to stop dating foreigners” do you think any intelligent conversation will come from this? It will just be a bunch of racist shit.

            I’m not really saying the site makes people racist….but it does a good job of promoting it. :)

          • Kai

            I get what you’re trying to say and you’re definitely not the first to have felt this way. What I’m trying to say in response is that people are often rationalizing their own behavior and reactions to the site, that it’s the site “making” them react a certain way, as if they have no control or responsibility for the things they choose to say. It’s like, “well, I’m justified in saying this ignorant and racist shit because I’m reacting to another person having said something ignorant and racist.” It’s the old two wrongs don’t make a right thing.

            Do you really think this site “promotes” racism? I don’t think so at all. It exposes racism, amongst other things, but does that alone qualify as racism? Does Django Unchained “promote” racism because it is willing to depict racism? Does other people’s racism justify our own racist responses?

            I actually do think there has been intelligent conversation to come from the the “stop dating foreigners” articles. I’m not saying that most of the conversations were intelligent, but do we avoid having conversations just because we think certain people won’t be intelligent about it? And if it is a bunch of racist shit, doesn’t that show us how far we, as a people, as a society, have to go? Won’t that motivate some people to try harder? Won’t that motivate us as a society to try harder? Some people think they’re shining a light on issues that are important for society to confront. Other people think these people are just disturbing the peace, causing a ruckus, and why can’t they just stop making us feel uncomfortable? Is it my fault if I do something ugly, or can I blame you for making me do it?

          • James

            it’s the net anonymity breeds courage

          • James

            and poor grammar

      • James

        apparently yer a guy who’s been to jiulong


      Well I wouldn’t call it healthy, after all there are a lot of A-holes and idiots here. I just use this forum more for comic relief than anything else. But a good thing about the internet is that people can say what they’re really feeling without regard for consequences like in the real world. I guess that can be a form of therapy in itself.

  • johndoeoeoe

    This kind of terror is, what Americans give to other countries on a daily basis. Good for everyone, that the Americans finally see, which evilness they spread. Countries like Japan or Germany learned from their past and are the most peaceful nations, so it is wishable, that the same happens for USA.

    BTW: There are worse pictures, then the guy, who lost his legs from Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      So killing innocents justify the killing of innocents. I’d tell you how faulty your logic is and how much of a crapsack you are for using civilians as payback for things done by the military but I’m too tired.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Well, things done by the military, to civilians abroad.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          So the military killing civilians abroad justifies the killing of civilians that are not part of the military, that might even disapprove of the military’s use of power.


            Basically you can justify almost any kind of killing of this nature depending on the logic you use. 2 or 3 wrongs don’t make a right. That goes for everyone. I think a lot of people get upset when there are people dying like this everyday around the world but they receive no media coverage like what happened in Boston. It implies that American lives are more valuable than any others.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            It’s not so much the deaths as it is the disregard for them, with people either acting like they deserved it because they live in the same nation that pulls nasty shit. like blaming all North Koreans for the nutjob they have for a leader.

          • ex-expat

            If something happens to people in one country, of course that country’s news is going to cover it more.


            True, but this incident also receives far more worldwide coverage than anything that happens in Iraq or some other third world country. I know it’s because powerful countries are somehow considered more important and these kinds of things happen far less in first world countries so it’s considered more of a story but still, the implication is that certain lives are more valuable than others.

          • linette lee

            Now we are waiting which country USA will declare war. Just like after 911. What a chaos. I hope it was done by some domestic lunatic and not iraq or other middle east terrorists. No more overseas war and bring the usa soldiers back home safe.

          • As it happened on patriots day I wonder if it was a “lone wolf” style attack like the Anders Breivik attacks in Norway. The truth will out eventually….

          • Ok, everyone claiming this will end up in war, please put your name down by which country you are betting it’s going to be. If there’s no war against a country over this, you all have to gargle my balls.

          • linette lee

            Cats have balls? How does a cat with balls look like. I have never seen it. Mind to show a picture of that.

          • Bugs Bunny

            you two why not date???he looks good.

          • Why would you ask if a cat has balls?
            Name an mammal that doesn’t have balls.

          • James

            a heifer

          • A heifer is not a species, it’s the young female version of cattle. Male cattle have balls.

          • James

            Is a heifer a mammal, reptile, fish?

          • A heifer is a mammal, but is not a species. It’s a term used to describe a young cow, generally before having produced offspring.

          • James

            whiskersthecat wrote:
            “Name an mammal that doesn’t have balls”

            “A heifer is a mammal”

          • Ok, let me be very specific: Name a species of mammal in which the males do not have testes.

            Don’t be dense.

          • James

            I’m not, I’m just big boned

          • linette lee

            fuzz ball, very hairy. lol.

            how about whale? It’s tube shape so don’t look like two balls.

          • And please clarify…did you just ask me to send you a picture of my balls?

          • James

            you’re mom better sit down & have a talk w you about birds & bees

          • ex-expat

            So do you think that is why Chinese media gives it more coverage? Or is it because they are looking to make the people both ignore domestic problems and convince them that their situation is better?

          • Kai

            It could be both. Do you think his read is wrong? You might say the government controlled media would have a vested interest in using an external event to redirect domestic attention from domestic issues, but that doesn’t explain the spontaneous coverage and interest by individual private Chinese netizens. There are too many actors involved to be so assured of a specific motivation.

          • ex-expat

            Good point. I think it is for multiple reasons, though I never thought it was because people have a ranking system. I think it has to do with mostly the frequency of similar events in said country, geo-poltical status of said country, and degree that said country’s culture has made an impact on outside cultures. Geo-political intentions of the country airing coverage are a part of it as well. For example, I would be willing to bet that China’s coverage of the Boston events exceeds that of Australia, or most other countries for that matter. I of course, could be wrong. It is just speculation.

          • Kai

            Heh, “ranking system” would just be a crude way of explaining how people might pay more attention to what happens to certain countries or people more than others. To me, I have to recognize that different people in China very likely have a diversity of reasons for how they’re covering or paying attention to this event, which may indicate how they feel about the subject versus other subjects (like Australia). This is also the reason why people who think Western media is collectively anti-China or have an anti-China bias often irk me. We’re talking about a whole lot of people who very likely have entirely different reasons to put out what they do, and simply being anti-China or biased isn’t the primary reason, or one that applies to all of them.

          • Rick in China

            Here’s an example:

            Shootings happen all the time in the US. Unless it’s a mass shooting, most shootings get no coverage at all.

            If a shooting happened a world away, but at a seemingly very important place – lets say, inside buckingham palace, it would be splattered everywhere in the US media. It’s not because Americans have more of an interest in the lives of the UK Monarchy than their own citizens – but because there’s a “ happened THERE?” factor which makes for more sensational media.

            If the same bombing happened somewhere it’s more expected, say somewhere in Xinjiang, Chinese media/citizens would probably pay it less attention than Boston, where this type of thing isn’t expected.. it’s less of a “wow” factor, so would just naturally get less coverage given the nature of media.

          • Kai

            Yes, I agree, and that’s kinda the nature of news overall, especially the stuff that makes it onto cS, which is why I always find it amusing that people are so eager to generalize Chinese society with some of the more sensational phenomenon reported on cS (and that includes Chinese netizens themselves). Then again, that’s normal.


            Yes that is why I think China, as well as most other countries are giving this more coverage as compared to the bombings in Iraq that happened the same day and killed over 10 times as many people. I don’t think it has much, if anything, to do with China’s domestic problems.

          • ex-expat

            What about when it does’t involve a life but, for example, financial news? I remember when kodak filed for bankruptcy it was all over CCTV it was ridiculous.


            It’s because the U.S. is the biggest economy in the world and has the most influence worldwide, therefore in that case, they would be more important than any other country.

          • ex-expat

            Ok. Then why does China seem to report about it more than other countries?

          • Rick in China

            I suppose you are an avid watcher of say, Ukraine news media?

          • It’s hard to find a Chinese person that doesn’t have family in the US.

          • James

            W a one child policy & 1.3 billion people?
            roughly 5% of 300 million Americans are Asian Incl Indians, Flips, Viets, Japs etc. so say 2.5% are Chinese, it gives you 7.5 million (a large percentage from SE coastal CN)

            add in a maybe 2 million more as illegals,students, workers

            I can’t see 1.3 billion getting near everyone having family in the US w just 10E6 of Chinese ancestry/origin

            your logic don’t roll

          • When comparatively speaking, it’s still true. The topic was about Chinese coverage of tragedy in the US vs US coverage of tragedy in China. When you compare the amount of Chinese who have family in the US with the amount of Americans who have family in China, it still stands.

          • James

            comparatively speaking, between the US “a nation of immigrants” and the PRC a nation with no immigration, certainly there are more Chinese families w relatives in America than vice versa,sort of a no brainer, but it wasn’t what your message said.

          • linette lee

            “Americans of Chinese descent, including those with partial Chinese ancestry constitute 1.2% of the total U.S. population as of 2010. According to the 2010 census, the Chinese American population numbered approximately 3.8 million.”

            Where you get that 10 millions chinese in USA? They estimated including the people with partial chinese blood there are around 3.8 millions of Chinese in USA. There are many finopinos, thailand , vietnamese people that are part Chinese also with chinese blood. Illegal chinese like 2 millions? I have never met any chinese that’s illegal. Illegal will get sent back to where they came from. Not that easy to run from China to USA. You think this is mexico where they just cross the borders?

          • James

            I didn’t bother looking up census data I was just making a quick estimate to point out most Chinese don’t have relatives in the US as whiskersthecat was assertting by pointing out the small number of Chinese in America compared to a large Chinese population of largely small families. The fact that there are less than my liberal margin of error I included simply emphasizes the point.

            No they don’t all get sent back, some illegal Chinese guy commited murder in NYC recently, China would not take him back previously & he was let out.

            from some website:

            United States immigration officials estimate that 30,000 Chinese illegal aliens enter the U.S. every year. China has refused to take back an estimated 39,000 citizens that have been denied permission to immigrate into the United States, filling detention centers at great expense to American taxpayers.

            The number of illegal Chinese immigrants in the United States is small compared to the millions of Mexicans and Central Americans that enter the country illegally every year. The Chinese immigrant issue didn’t even make the news until 1993 when a ship named the Golden Venture ran aground off New York City and 10 illegal Chinese immigrants died when they tried to escape.

            During one two year period many Chinese were smuggled from Canada through a Mohawk reservation in the United States, with Native American smugglers making an estimated $170 million. The story was the subject of the movie Frozen River.

            Illegal Chinese immigrants that make it to the United States disappear into the Chinese communities after reaching their destinations. In New York many get jobs in sweat shops or restaurants where they say the “live like pigs and eat like dogs.” Some are forced into prostitution to pay off smugglers. A man who finds a factory job, paying $1,800 a month figures he can pay back smugglers in three years.

            Those who don’t make it in their effort to get into the United States often try again. Some are turned away three or four times before they finally make it.

            Book: The Snakehead: The Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream by Patrick Raddeb Keefe (Doubleday, 2009).

          • linette lee

            Frozen river? Sounds like a good movie.


            They do? That’s news to me. Do you keep up with the news of every other country on the planet? Because if not, there’s no way for you to know that.

          • ex-expat

            Im talking about the bad things that happen in America in general. From all the countries I have lived in, I have never seen as much negative American news as I have in China.


            What? Now you’re talking about negative American news getting the most covereage? I thought you were talking about anything to do with AMerica getting the most coverage overseas?

          • ex-expat

            I guess just a misunderstanding. When I asked:

            “What about when it does’t involve a life but, for example, financial news? I remember when kodak filed for bankruptcy it was all over CCTV it was ridiculous.”

            and you responded:

            “It’s because the U.S. is the biggest economy in the world and has the most influence worldwide, therefore in that case, they would be more important than any other country.”

            I took that to mean that you thought that China’s reporting of negative American news was strictly because it was the largest economy, and for no other reason.


            Basically America gets reported on most often in international media because they’re they most powerful country on Earth with the greatest influence in the world. Negative or positive news will both be reported extensively when compared to other countries. I think we can both agree on that. We just all must think for ourselves and not let the media tell us that lives in America are any more important than say lives in India.

          • James

            You’re wrong N Korea reports it too. I’d reply more but I’ve got to melt some snow for coffee & catch a songbird for dinner

            They are yummy

          • ex-expat


          • James

            Maybe a large part of being a first world country is, well things like this are rarer

          • A terrorist attack like this in, say, the US, UK, Western Europe, Japan, Korea, China, etc…is going to have a lot more implications aside from casualties. These countries are more capable of responding to the attacks with military force. It would effect the stock markets around the world more than it would if the bombs went off in Iraq. It will be much easier to find people in other countries that have family, friends, business ties, vacation plans, etc in the US than in Iraq. There are a lot of reasons that this is bigger news in the rest of the world than in Iraq, where bombs are more common. This isn’t to say their lives are worth less.


            Oh I totally agree on the reasons with you but I’m just saying we have to be careful to not be coerced into thinking that certain lives are more valuable than others. You and I may know that all lives should be treated equally but some people are convinced by the media that American lives are more valuable than others, and I’m not only talking about Americans who think that way. Add to the fact that America is currently engaged in a war where they’ve killed people in the same fashion, well there is a bit of irony in the media coverage don’t you think?

          • SuperHappyCow

            I don’t know how hard it is to understand that if people are blowing up weddings, they’re going to attack you back. Why petition the U.N? Or try anything of the such? They just blew up a fucking wedding, a bunch of farmers, and young men responding to a previous airstrike. How civilized could they be?

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            That’s explanation, not justification. I’m referring to people who think all Americans deserve this, like johndoe-whatevertherestofhisnameis

          • SuperHappyCow

            How do you know what johndoe thinks?

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            I know by his comment.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Oh, that’s funny. I thought you meant the bombers.

        • So, a 29 year old woman, and 8 year old boy, and a Chinese student are responsible for these things?

          • SuperHappyCow

            That’s kind of a stupid question. We dronebomb weddings and shoot first responders to airstrikes. How are we surprised?

          • We did? Who did? I didn’t. Of course I am going to be surprised when someone is so stupid to think that bombing someone completely unrelated to an incident is going to be retaliation for anything.

          • SuperHappyCow

            By being American citizens we allow for this kind of thing to happen. We’re not in the streets protesting our actions in the east and making sure they’re not getting killed because as a nation, we can’t be bothered to care. I don’t understand how we’re not realizing that. Why ask these questions? The answer is obvious.

          • I’m still failing to see how it makes sense that a woman, an 8 year old boy, and Chinese girl get killed because of drone attacks in Iraq. I would totally get it if it were US military personnel, or government…but a crowd of random people, some of whom aren’t even Americans…yeah it doesn’t really justify anything.

    • James

      lol so turning Boston liberals bitter will be beneficial lmao

  • Xiao Hei

    It is terrible that innocents have to die and get hurt because of some heartless people that cannot see with reason.

    I only hope this doesn’t turn into a reason for America to now again start bombing some other hapless country for ‘peace’.

    • MeCampbell30

      Unfortunately, America is only as smart as its leaders.

      • the ace of books

        People make leaders out to be some special breed, which I think is funny. Leaders are human beings, with biases, fault, and individual idiocies, just like anyone. And just because one leader’s an ass doesn’t make the country an ass.

      • ScottLoar

        That’s a ridiculous notion, supposing that the very best and brightest are leaders, and that the smartest always lead. That is a stupid notion.

        • 上官

          MeCampbell30 makes a good point. Obama and those English ‘teachers’ you keep sending us are equally incompetent. In fact, one of my foreign teachers admitted that he voted for Obama. I asked why he didn’t stay in America and reap what he voted for. He was dumbfounded.

          • ScottLoar

            I assure you, even though you may doubt so, that I am not sending English teachers to China. I don’t hire them once here in China. I really have nothing to do with the job of English teachers.

          • Obama sends english teachers now? Really? I’d have thought with dealing with an economic crisis and loony tunes bombers he would have enough on his plate, not even including being a husband and so on. Get a grip!

        • MeCampbell30

          Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. Life must be hard for you.

          • ScottLoar

            “Obama and those English ‘teachers’ you keep sending us are equally incompetent, ” addressed to me. Writing in English (which is most likely your mother tongue as well) is not your strong suit. I lead a fortunate life, in part because I can express myself well to others’ understanding.

      • James

        no we’re as stupid as our voters, hence the past several presidents

  • nintendo-nerd

    Bombing looks fake as fuck..
    Americans planting bombs killing their own people,then blaming Muslims/Arabs lol
    well done USA

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Every day I see new people finding new ways to disgust me. Bravo.

      • nintendo-nerd

        Obama bombing his own people. Damn.

        … anytime something “bad” happens in the U.S., it’s always the Muslims/Arabs lol can’t the USA come up with a better story?


        • cb4242

          Hey, if the shoe fits…..

        • James

          analyze terrorist bombings per year for the past 20

          tell me if you see a pattern

    • moldavidian

      I sincerely doubt that.

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  • Pickle

    Holy shit! Unlike our media, the Chinese don’t hold back on gruesome stuff apparently. They don’t show this on TV, newspapers, or even on the web too often. Horrific to say the least.


    We should not learn to kill people. Yet, our troubles are created by human.

    • Hippocrates

      Christian? More than 50,000 indigenous children were tortured, raped and killed in the residential Christians schools across America. Nobody says anything about it.

      • James

        That website is hilarious!

  • kevin lin

    Some of the comments from the Chinese netizens are so rude and inconsiderate…if all Americans are dogs, then what are those rude chinese netizens? 猪狗都不如。。。因为说他们是猪是对猪的侮辱

  • macstjo

    fucking chinese, this picture isn’t real, those chinese motherfuckers manipulated an image as if the man lost his leg from knee down

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Fug face, did you pull the black guy’s dick out of your ass first before you wrote that?

      • cb4242

        How Blacks got into this conversation is is so beyond me.


    And on the same day 36 died in Iraq in similar bombings. Bombings most likely the result of sectarian violence. Sectarian violence that was the result of the power vacuum created when Saddam Hussein was deposed by the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq. Where’s the call for justice in that case? If only the U.S. media paid as much attention to the deaths of thousands of Iraqis as they did to 3 Americans would Americans see how their own government is as much to blame as whoever set off this bomb (assuming it was a foreign terrorist, it could very well be domestic)

    Yes it’s a tragedy as those people who died or were maimed were innocent, but
    just think this is what other countries have to live with every day. To me 3 innocent
    people dead are 3 innocent people dead, no matter what country they’re from. So in other words it’s just another day for me, after all I’m sure 3 other people died in
    terrorist attacks somewhere in the world besides America.

    • PoS

      Oh do fuck off you whiney moralizing insecure twit. Oh just another day for you cool guy, what a dumb cunt.


        Speaking of insecure, looks like my posts make you wet your pants you dumb bitch. Yes it is just another day for me, a good day at that. And if you have a problem with that tough shit for you.

        • PoS

          Yea your a hard rolling keyboard warrior, look at you go! Sure your not trying to compensate, don’t worry no one can tell. Fucking twit—


            Looks like you need to try to prove your manlihood online because you’ve got nothing to work with in real life, dumb bitch.

          • PoS

            Oh my, you’re sporting an inferiority complex on top of all that?! Say it ain’t so mate! Back to your “work” now, fucking twit—


            I’m just underwhelmed by your infantile retort, how old are you really, 10? If my posts scare you so much cover your eyes. Here’s a virtual pacifier to stop your crying.

    • moody

      Yeah because Saddam was such a cool guy…

      my god, the things people say sometimes

      Who would even upvote that I wonder


        Apparently 6 people did. When did I even imply Saddam was cool, he’s a terrible guy but compared to the alternative of deposing him and the resulting power vacuum and violence. Can you tell me Iraq is better off now, with all those deaths since the U.S. invasion than they were before the U.S. invaded. Yes or no, or not sure? First off the invasion was illegal and immoral, secondly Iraq isn’t better off today. Actually it’s the arrogance of the U.S. thinking they can just interfere with country they want without any consequences that bother me most.

        • moody

          I certainly don’t support the way things were done in Iraq, but the little fucker needed to be taken out.

          (one of those fancy American Navy Seal commando team would have done fine IMO)

          Can’t you see further than the tip of your nose ???
          DO YOU THINK the people are better off with a lineage of demented rulers for generations to come ???

          Coz from i heard, Saddam was pretty much “coton candy and unicorns” compared to his son Uday

          I mean, look how great it works for the ppl of North Korea.

          What if South Korea had taken out what’s his name , Kim Jong Il Sung or something ?

          Even if a shitstorm of internal power fights had followed and caused the death of thousand of civilians, would it not have been better for the millions others ???


            You see Moody, I’m an anti-imperialist at heart. I prefer if at all possible, countries don’t take military action that would interfere with other countries’ internal affairs unless the result would mean that the invaded country would be vastly (not just marginally) better off. What makes it more complicated is that the U.S. has a history of deposing democratically elected leaders around the world for their own benefit and fighting wars (Vietnam) because of some ideological belief. The U.S. arrogance in thinking they can do whatever they want and get away with it is worrisome for not only me, but other, powerless people around the world.

            So is Iraq better off today than under Saddam? Maybe, maybe not, but certainly not better enough to justify a unilateral invasion under false pretenses. The U.N. is toothless to do anything to punish Bush and Cheney so they can go on living their lives like nothing happened. Is that justice?

            I realize the U.S., as the world’s top dog will always have their critics no matter what they do. It’s just that I feel they are way to involved militarily with foreign affairs. I mean really, how’d you like it if foreign troops who didn’t speak your language, didn’t know your culture, came into your house in the middle of the night, threw everyone to the floor, pushed you around, yelled at you, disrespected your women and then left after finding nothing in the house?

  • God damn photo of the guy in the wheelchair is GRAPHIC AS HELL. I didn’t realise this was Ogrish! Perhaps a little warning when including such a graphic picture like that in the article!

    • Kai

      One WAS included by the time you read the post apparently 4 hours ago. Fauna added one like an hour afterwards due to a complaint on Facebook.

  • Speedy_Cheese

    The more I read about current events, reactions to it, and stay connected to the rest of the world, the more I get a little bit closer to breaking this laptop, going into the woods and living like a hermit.

    Hearing what many people honestly think while protected by anonymity is scary and sad. It is sad because to be alive today is to assume apathy is cool and compassion is a fools errand. If I could choose not to care about the plight of others I would do it. I envy the callousness of others at times as it seems so easy for them to live, worrying only about themselves. I could never live like that if I tried.

    My heart goes out to the people of Iran and Pakistan who were dealt a dreadful blow by the earthquake, and those who were maimed and terrorized in Boston.

    The piece of land from where you derive is irrelevant. How you perceive others is.

    Country does not dictate how you feel about others, because you will find supremely kind people in every place as well as repugnant ass holes.

    There is only good and bad, generous and selfish.
    And although the worst of them seem to rise to the top like cream as the good become endangered, I do not care if it is futile to care for others or not. I know it is naive in a cut throat world to love and care about people I have never met.
    I do not care what a person looks like. All I must do is look at them and imagine them one of my sisters or a son and I feel for them.

    • ScottLoar

      “There is only good and bad, generous and selfish.” Such a simple dichotomy satisfies a simple mind but, I assure you, people and affairs are more complex than good and bad, generous and selfish. Perhaps you’ll learn so in time. Maybe, maybe not.

      • Speedy_Cheese

        Dubbing me simple minded for such a philosophy…
        It is human arrogance to assume we are such a complex and relevant species, overcomplicating what we are.
        Self aware, emotional animals capable of reflection and thought surrounding our actions.

        And every action we carry out has a motive.
        We eat in an act of self preservation.
        We hold the door in an act of selflessness.
        We hurt others for selfish reasons, or vile beliefs.
        We take bribes selfishly. We donate money selflessly.
        No matter the reason for an action, it is always in selfishness of selflessness, For the self or for someone else in kindness or malevolence. What else is there but tangents of this, elaborate words invented to make us seem more complex?

        The younger I was, the more complex I thought we were as a species.
        As I have grown older I am saddened to know we are much more simple than we seem. We have simply caught ourselves in a cycle of trying to outdo those who have just passed the earth on to us.

        • ScottLoar

          You needn’t listen to me, just read history to disprove your simple dichotomy of good and bad. Even Grimm’s fairytales show more complexities about the human condition than your good and bad,

          • Speedy_Cheese

            …my minor is history. I have studied American, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, British, Medieval and the history of India to name a few. And I saw nothing more complex than what I have described. Pompous leaders permit themselves to believe they are above those that serve beneath them. Monkeys donned with medals, attempting God like status. The titles change, as do the rules, but the motives stay the same. Humans overcomplicate; they think too much about simple issues – especially their own roles.

            I have read the work of the brother Grimm.
            Grimm’s fairy tales were collected and printed primarily as folk tales that keep children scared to disobey; don’t go into the woods, remain God fearing.

          • DavidisDawei

            Bingo Speed Cheese,
            FEAR is one of the biggest Demotivators for most people.

            I agree with your assessment that most people go through life influenced by a few powerful emotions. fear, greed, love/lust to name a few

    • carmouflagger

      Some hope has been restored on humanity… at least before i read another comment on here.


    One of the people killed in the blasts was identified as a female Chinese national studying at Boston University. Wonder what the Chinese netizens will say about the Chinese person who died? I’m almost afraid to find out.

    • BiggJ


    • ThinkBlue

      the Chinese government will put out a warning to all Chinese students and tourists that America is not safe, etc.

    • Panda Banana

      They will go Linnette rant and say this Chinese was most likely the son/daughter of a Gov official, so fuck him/her!

  • ThinkBlue
    • Rick in China

      Yeah – it’s a pretty shitty place to be for anyone of arabic descent – BOMB goes off, his first thought is probably “FUCK! All these cops are going to think I’m the fuckin bomber and I’m going to gitmo” – so he runs off.. and the running = “HEY! That arabic dude is running from the bomb site! Must be him! Get ’em!”

      • The sad part is after 9/11, Sikhs were targeted, or anyone who looked even remotely beardy or muslim. Muslims can even be white (Turks/Georgians/Southern Russians), so the stereotype of a beardy man wearing a turban in a robe is perhaps inaccurate?! I’d agree it’s a crappy place to be for anyone of arabic descent right now.

        • ScottLoar

          “The sad part is after 9/11, Sikhs were targeted, or anyone who looked even remotely beardy or muslim.”

          Targeted? I lived in Chicago, third largest city in the US, during 9-11 and afterwards, in East Rogers Park (47th ward) which has the highest ethnic diversity of any ward in the city, close by the Loyola University lakeside campus and near The Islamabad Center. Nothing, nothing happened, not to the Pakistanis, Indians and Sikhs in the neighborhood nor to The Islamabad Center, nor to the Islamic House of Loyola University which outside was patrolled by Jewish residents against enemies of their own imaginations. Nor did I hear neighbors talk trash about Islam, and this in an inner city, working class neighborhood.

          My experience is not anecdotal. I challenge you to support with references that oft-repeated cliche about Muslims being targeted anywhere in the US after the 9-11 attack. I recall that there were at most two or three minor incidents of shouting in a nation of almost 300 millions at the time, yet you castigate the American people as brutes indiscriminately targeting anyone looking Muslim. When scores were killed by a deranged Korean student the ambassador of South Korea publicly implored the American public not to take out their anger against ordinary Koreans in the US, an unnecessarily absurd plea that incurred a retort by US officials that he, the ambassador, clearly did not understand Americans. Nor did the killing of two US citizens in Beijing during the Olympics have the US public baying for blood and retribution.

          Beardy and muslim being targeted? You, simply, are an ass. Muslim men and women go about their daily lives in the US, bearded, scarfed and sometimes in burkha, without harassment or punishment. Better yet, to relieve your ignorance why not look to Muslim communities throughout the US and discover what they say about life in the US? Yeah? Why not?

        • linette lee

          I will have to say after 911 the USA gov’t have made many announcements against racial hate crime on TV. But of course you do have many individuals committed racial hate crimes against the muslim people. Those people are racists to begin with with or without 911.

        • James

          Not to forget East Turkistanis, hui, those pleasant Philipino gents, Malaysians & Indonesians

    • James

      So that’s why a security expert asserted the man will be deported for national security reasons & had his apartment in Revere raided

  • 上官

    Rumor has it, the gaymosexuals wanted to parade on the very same day and
    route as the Boston Marathon. I’m trying not to point the finger, but a
    scorned gaymosexual could very well be behind this. You should never have let gaymosexuality run amok. This is your own doing.

    • mr.wiener

      Than why bother posting this? Rumor mongering and innuedo are the playthings of very small minds.

    • The Enlightened One


      Yes, it must have been those gay-terrorists! They wanted to parade too but the evil charity marathon won and that pissed them off something fierce.

      If I told you bleach is delicious, would you try it?

    • James

      so fags want to parade on a route the marathon’s been running for well over 100 years, on the particular public holiday it falls on? yeah makes sense

  • mattman_183

    Nothing funny or happy about this, but one of the victims of the bombing was a Chinese citizen. Meaning that ignorant asshole above drinking his baijiu and eating his sausage celebrating the deaths of innocent American citizens just celebrated the death of one of his countrymen.

    Poetic justice.

    Now watch as these same fuckers try to rationalize their actions. Maybe try to make him less of a Chinese because maybe he/ she’s rich, or lives abroad, or whatever. Anything that will keep them from coming to terms with the mistake they made (celebrating the death of innocent people, not only Chinese) and the kind of people they are.

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    They are going to be pissed when the find out one of the dead was chinese

    • DAK

      Yes. The fallout from evil American acts cast a wide net. The lone innocent Chinese had no chance.

      • cb4242

        Dak, your jealousy for America is apparent. :-)

        • James

          penis envy

          • dak

            Why you or your kind bring up penis all the time? OK, Chinese are lesser and weaker because of the size of their penis. How do you move on from that, or is that all that is important to you? China or Asia is forever slave to the West because of penis prowess. Do you believe that? If it is not penis, it is their culture, it is their ugly features. What else should they be ashamed of? Short of being white, Chinese can’t and never will win in any context in your mind vs the great white man. Is that what you stand for?

          • “Penis envy” is generally a sexist phrase, a Freudian concept about the reaction some girls might have during their sexual development when they realize that they do not have a penis. I think he was actually just calling you a confused and/or frustrated woman.

          • dak

            Nah, he just likes everything penis, penis is his life, cock up his ass is his life, sucking cock is his life. He just worships cock.

          • James

            says the little effeminate guy w a hello kitty backpack & no girl.

          • James

            “Chinese are lesser and weaker because of the size of their penis.”

            That’s only part of it, but I’m glad you know it

          • dak

            I know that is how you feel and what you think; so again, you are making my point…of the white devils and their self-centered perspective.

        • dak

          A person can never be a country and as great as America. I can not be jealous of something I will never be its equal. It is wasted energy. I am just here talking issues and reasons shit happens.

  • NutellaFlavoredMandingoWarrior

    What are you talking about? I heard they had a blast.

  • Remmy M

    When this happened, the people of Boston ran TOWARDS the explosions to help. In this country, they stand around gawking, spitting guazi.

    • Kai

      Wrong, the majority of people ran AWAY. You can see this in the videos of the scene. This fact doesn’t discount the fact that many DID run TOWARDS to help and that they should be lauded as a result. However, you’re trying to exploit this to make a dig against Chinese people, which is abhorrent I think. The reactions of the people weren’t dissimilar to what happened during the Sichuan earthquake, where there were also moving scenes of people helping each other.

      How come you’re not criticizing the people who stood around filming the carnage rather than putting down their fucking cameras and phones to lend a hand? That’s a common complaint when it involves something in China (by Chinese netizens as well). See, it’s easy to find something to criticize, but I think what you’re doing here is distasteful, as distasteful as Chinese netizens celebrating the death of innocents just because of their own political opinions.

    • Seriously. In China, everyone would be sitting on the sidelines picking their noses.

    • KennyK

      What the FUCK is wrong with you? In a tragedy like this, you’re still going to try to twist it into a China-bashing opportunity? Go fuck yourself.

      Many accounts

      • KennyK

        Many accounts noted that hundreds were running away and shoving hard to get out in the cramped sidewalks. I would do the same damn thing since I don’t have first aid training and yes I’m sure plenty of Chinese would’ve done the same thing.

    • Rainer

      –“people of Boston ran TOWARDS the explosions to help”? Seems somebody only “help themselves”. But I agree they didnt “stand around gawking, spitting guazi”:

    • BiggJ

      I don’t know of too many human being that would run toward an explosion…..chinese or american or whatever.

      • Remmy M

        Not while they’re exploding. Afterwards.

        • DAK

          That is because Americans like big explosions and bombs.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Correction, Micheal Bay likes big explosions and bombs and assumes everyone else shares his opinion.

          • James

            yeah like little boy & fat man

          • cb4242

            That’s why the 4th of July is very popular, not just for Independence Day celebration.

  • ddd

    The whole world cares when some americans die, but when if the person is brown or yellow, no one gives a shit.

    • MeCampbell30

      I’m pretty sure that many people care about what is happening in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Particularly Americans.

      • DAK

        Americans primarily care that the US wins, by any means necessary, and that their boys come home safely.

        • cb4242

          Every country wants their home country to win.

          • dak

            Win at what, for what cost and why? You are just making my point. The U.S don’t care, unless care means pointing missiles at people.

          • cb4242

            I’m not making YOUR point! Every country wants to win in any conflict good or bad. By that looney logic, every country would have a missile pointed at it. Please, don’t try and speak for the US, you are sounding like that fat Fuck, Michael Moore. No sense, whatever

    • Rainer

      You forgot black.

    • James

      Ironically I’ve been pretty untouched by it, especially considering I know the area very well and was around there a week ago.
      The poor shenyang girl dying because of it bothers me more for some reason.

  • Bugs Bunny


  • DavidisDawei

    The Boston Marathon is held on the third Monday in April, which is a Holiday in Boston and the entire State of Massachusetts; Patriots Day, which commemorates the start of the American Revolutionary War in 1775. This year, the Holiday also happens to land on April 15th, which is when personal income taxes are due in the USA. Some are saying this is “proof” some right wing nuts are behind this bombing.

    The Boston Marathon, one of the most famous Marathons in the world, is a huge event locally; everything centers around the race; even the Boston Red Sox (local baseball team) change their schedule and start their home game at 11AM on that day. It is a full morning, afternoon and evening of partying and celebration.

    The race starts West of Boston (in Hopkinton) then winds its way through several towns. All along those 26.2 miles, Tens of thousands of people line the streets cheering the runners along and it turns into one big party (lots of drinking).

    I have run in 4 Boston Marathons and been a spectator at several others. The race is organized chaos. There is a Lot of race day garbage accumulated, bins overflowing with water bottles, paper cups, discarded clothing, beer/food containers, etc. It would Not be difficult for someone to blend into the crowd with a backpack and travel along the race route stuffing garbage cans with pipe bombs.

    Unfortunate people were killed/injured, but the damage could have been a lot worse.

    • Alphy

      I wouldn’t be suprised if it ended up to be a domestic terriost. It happened before at the Atlanta Olympic, the guy was suppose to be trying to awake Americans to see Abortion rights as evil. There has been more and more right wing fanatics all the way across the globe, this most likely have some coorelation with harder times such as the recent economic down turn. It is always easier to blame others than to work out new solutions.

      It would almost be impossible to completely secure a large event such as the Boston Marathon. It cover such a wide area, and with so many people scanning and search every bag and garbage are quite unrealistic.

      • James

        Could’ve been Bill Ayers too

        • Alphy

          Hmm no, I doubt it. They specifically avoid human targets.

          Anyways, whomever did this to hurt people, and to strike fear. There can be no excuse for such an act.

          • James

            tell that to the people the weathermen murdered

  • the ace of books

    This – I’ve been following it since yesterday. It’s particularly horrifying to me because I’m a long-distance runner – before I came to China, I did two ten-milers a year, 20k-30k attendance – and I know exactly what the atmosphere of a race is – you’re exhausted, you’re elated, you just want to be done, you’re coming up on the finish line and all you want is to cross it, grab your little free energy drinks samples and go home, and then some fucker sets off a bomb?

    Just – goddamn.

  • Damo

    The people celebrating above should he human flesh searched and brought down like dogs. Evil continues to envy the Western way of life.

  • PoS

    80% of the comments on Sina are celebrating the Boston bombing. Most of the top comments (ie most liked) are expressing delite. The above comments don’t represent the amount/degree of hate I’m seeing on Sina.

    • Kai

      And the comments you’re seeing on Sina don’t represent the comments on other sites and communities. Fauna linked to her sources, please contribute by linking to yours. The Chinese internet is a big place.

      • PoS

        Look at any article on Sina, the Chinese internet may be big but unfortunately so is the hate. I looked at 3 different articles, all had the nearly the same distribution. Here is just a taste, I’m sure you can read Chinese so you shouldn’t have a problem understanding;



        4月16日07:00支持(904) 回复 分享



        4月16日06:20支持(824) 回复 分享



        4月16日06:23支持(784) 回复 分享



        4月16日06:23支持(397) 回复 分享

        • Kai

          Why not just give us links?

          This is the dedicated Boston Marathon topic page:

          That’s a whole lot of articles. Here’s the article with the most comment section participation:

          Top 2 comments:



          Those people who are opposed to the United States, may I ask just what the US did that wronged you so? The United States doesn’t sell poisoned milk powder, doesn’t demolish your homes, doesn’t oppress you, so may I ask how the US offended you?

          4月16日08:54 支持(2390) 回复 分享


          可恶的恐怖分子,无辜的马拉松参与者。奥巴马醒醒吧,继续你的反恐大业,别再把围堵中国作为你的头等大事了,要不然还会有更多的美国公民无辜的死在恐怖分子的炸弹下的。”>Evil terrorists, innocent marathon participants. Obama, wake up, continue your anti-terrorism mission, stop making containing China your most important priority, otherwise three will be even more American citizens innocently dying in terrorist bombings.

          4月16日07:06 支持(1476) 回复 分享

          Neither of these are particularly hateful, and combined, they have over 3800 upvotes. 6 of the top 10 upvoted comments have some anti-American rhetoric in them, and maybe one or two that says the US is reaping what it sowed and doesn’t deserve sympathy. They range from 1223-177 upvotes, with an average of 611. That means the top two comments slightly more upvotes than the 6 anti-American comments combined. That’s more like 50/50 distribution to me, not 80%.

          Not very comparable to the comments Fauna translated when, for example, the top NetEase comment has 16k upvotes by itself. The NetEase articles she sourced have multiple times the number of comments and participants in the comments than even the most popular Sina news article.

          Of course, that’s not to say Sina News and its commenter community can be disregarded. But that context and sense of relative scale is important. Different websites have different communities with different demographics that have different prevailing attitudes. That’s why cS always cites exactly which sources it is using, because cS isn’t stupid enough to think any one source is representative of all of China.

          So here’s my question to you: How much weight are you giving Sina versus how much weight you’re giving other sources? Why?

          • Thanks for this comment.

          • PoS

            Well apparently I can’t reply, checkmate, you got me

          • PoS

            —could be the link perhaps—
            it appears my lengthy reply is lost in a Disqus loading bar. Anyways
            looking at the article you posted, indeed the first comment
            is sympathetic the second more a Sino-centric nonsense
            about “containment” inviting retaliation. From there
            the vitriol and anti-Americanism only increase. Scroll
            further down into the latest comments and it only confirms what I
            have said about 80% being blatantly hateful. And it looks like you
            picked one of the better articles
            (Wiki: Confirmation Bias) that Sina had to
            offer in terms of comments. Well you can see the comments I cut and
            pasted from another above already, I think that is a more accurate
            representation of whats happening on Sina right now.

            basically while I agree that anyone celebrating a disaster
            anywhere is disgusting, putting the large scale and dominant hatred
            and vitriol directed at the US right now on the same scale
            as what we saw after Sichuan or the Tsunami is downright dishonest.
            The scale of anti-Americanism we are seeing on Sina right now has
            now comparison to the few posters in the US (who were down
            voted by large large margins), to say other wise is, to put it
            nicely, a bald faced lie.

            for Sina and Netease’s differing demographic, that would be
            interesting, I don’t frequent Netease myself, but my guess is they
            represent a more developed Eastern Coast point of view, and hence, in
            China, a minority view. I’m not an expert so if you have insights to
            offer please go right ahead, but stop trying to compare a pebble to a

          • PoS

            Well never mind about Netease, looks like they have commenters from all over China. The discussion there is a different nature and quality relative to Sina.

          • Kai

            I’ve had instances where I’ve lost a comment because something hiccuped with Disqus or my internet connection. Happens. Try ctrl+C’ing before hitting post just to be safe so you don’t end up losing all your typing. However, I think most of the time if I just backspace, it’s still there, but just to be on the safe side, that’s a good habit to avoid needless angst.

            Dude, you say “pick one of the better articles” as if I was cherry-picking. I wasn’t. I was just using the methodology we use at cS, which is to pick the most popular/discussed article according to public metrics. It’s not perfect, but it’s something everyone can understand and follow. Note that I didn’t pretend there weren’t anti-American rhetoric or callous comments. What I did was put them in context, question your numerical conclusions, and question your motive.

            For example, let’s say you have a Chinese netizen who comes up on those top 10 comments, and he’s not going to read through every comment and vote on each one, what are his options? If he’s inclined to be sympathetic, he can add a vote each to the two sympathetic comments. If he’s inclined to be callous, he can add a vote each to the six callous comments. Do you see where I’m going with this? Do you see how that is a confounding factor?

            Another confounding factor: moderation. Different sites have different levels of moderation. Do you think Chinese sites moderate against callous, racist comments like American sites? Would this affect the statistical availability and of such attitudes?

            Even then, the people you are arguing against here are only pushing back against the notion that Chinese are cheering the misfortune of Americans whereas Americans wouldn’t. We’re saying we’ve encountered enough instances of Americans being callous, of cheering the misfortune of others, of hate and vitriol that it is not something that can be marginalized as not being worth acknowledging.

            No, these instances were not uniformly and reliably downvoted by large margins on American sites. It depended on the site and the community they were in, just as it is everywhere, just like on cS where certain objectionable anti-Chinese opinions get tons of support, because of the makeup of the community and the prevailing attitudes and biases of that community.

            My objection to you is not about the existence of callous comments but about their significance and what you’re trying to argue using them. In this case, you using Sina is you comparing a pebble to a boulder (NetEase and Sina Weibo are both larger).

            I said you’re arguing against a straw man, and that’s because you’re accusing people of saying the amount of callous, hateful, vitriolic comments on American sites and Chinese sites are “equal” WHEN people are just saying the phenomenon exists to an observable significance on both, in both societies, even with all the confounding factors, and it is “equally” distasteful and reprehensible. Moreover, they didn’t introduce this line of discussion, but only in reaction to certain people suggesting that Americans wouldn’t behave this way.

            Recognizing this, why make arguments about what generalized group of people is shittier unless you’re so insecure that you have to put others down along national lines in order to elevate yourself? Isn’t that what these callous Chinese netizens are doing? You’re pointing at them for their pettiness while engaging in pettiness yourself. At the end of the day, you’re trying to marginalize the callous behavior
            of one group of people and overweighting the callous behavior of
            another, in order to pit one against the other to determine who is
            “better”. The ONLY benefit of doing such a thing is narcissistic
            ego-preservation and, even more ridiculous, it is by way of group
            identity association.

            The only equivalency being made is how distasteful cheering other people’s tragedies is and how
            unfortunately common it can be, wherever it is from. We should leave it at
            this recognition, instead of trying to argue over
            “well, no, we’re still better than you because according to this and this source,
            I think you there’s x% more of you guys behaving this way”. Again, that’s masturbation. You really have to ask yourself what you’re trying to prove and why.

            From my perspective, as someone who isn’t limiting himself to Sina, there’s a diversity of reactions to Boston on the Chinese internet that I think Fauna covered well. I personally wish the landscape looked better but that’s pretty much how it looks to me.

            Before I sign off on this discussion, I appreciate you backing away from simply calling people names and sticking to civilly discussing the issue and arguments.

          • PoS

            Yes, I can’t link since I’m not a registered user (and I intend to remain unregistered since getting into the habit of commenting can be a real life suck, and like you I’ve sites to maintain), so cut and paste was the best I could manage.

            I’ll keep this short and maybe draw things to close from my end since this issue has any number of tangents that are worth delving into yet would consume a large amount of time.

            First, I did come over in a bad mood having sifted through Sina for awhile, and I did feel the comments you guys posted didn’t represent what I was seeing over there in terms of the proportion of hostile comments to sympathetic comments. The American media (NPR CNN) also seemed to paint a universally sympathetic picture, which again didn’t mesh at all with what I was seeing. I normally don’t post here (first time under this handle) although I’ve enjoyed your site for a number of years and your other work at China Hush (?), but I did have a problem with posters like Kamikaze who moralize and equivocate and generally post pompous garbage. Reminds me of the post-modernists I despised so much during grad school days. (/tangent)

            Second, I usually go the Sina route since I have an account there and they don’t censor “too much”, as opposed to People Daily which is stilted and boring or Global Times which must have the most robust censors on the Chinese intranet which makes engaging users (and GT users must be about the most rabid bunch around, Stormfront of the Chinese internet) impossible. My only exposure to Netease is what you post here so I take your comment selection at face value as representative. I usually only track politics/international relations articles to improve my Chinese and get an idea of the local talking points and netizen opinions, so my readings rarely mesh with yours, which tend to be a bit on the, how shall I say, tabloid side of things, but serve as a good window into contemporary Chinese society.

            Finally, my main issue was with the portrayal of the vitriol between the US and China after disasters as being equivalent in scale. As I said before this is patently false. Don’t confuse my motives. In international relations substate factors can play an important role in telegraphing or informing our understanding of state to state relations. I traveled through China within the past few months and the amount virulent nationalism seems to be increasing with each visit (or perhaps my understanding of whats being said and ability to engage in dialog in Chinese is improving). Spending time on a train packed with people provides a lot of time for people to air their views on America, which seemed to be the universal discussions took (I can’t imagine the same thing happening as often in the US, people are more polite and indirect [crap Americans are stealing Asian values?!]). There is not a commensurate level of animosity towards China in the American public that I am seeing in the Chinese public, and I think that is an important distinction, one which is highlighted by the reaction by the citizens of the two countries to the respective disasters. China is becoming more hostile and more vindictive it seems, probably in no small part due to the nature of Chinese media constructing the US as an enemy. I do think the opinion of China among Americans is also worsening but not to the same degree that we see in China with the dominant thread being one of celebration of American misfortune. This does not bode well for Sino-US relations going forward, and I think the Chinese side will increasingly be willing to rationalize violence against others under the narrative they are constructing and the citizenry is eating it up.

            Ok long winded, and I need to go. Your sites are great and provide a real service of bringing outside news and perspectives to relatively insulated Americans, I just don’t want sugar coating, people need to understand how Chinese view Americans, of course not with generalization but with nuance, even if that nuance paints a disturbing picture.

          • Kai

            Sorry, I totally didn’t know links weren’t allowed in unregistered guest comments. I just tested it and I got “the ellipsis of eternity” which I take you experienced too. Not sure if this has always been the case or not (Disqus tweaks their platform but doesn’t always announce every change).

            I’ve seen a lot of really upsetting comments from Chinese netizens myself. The latest post Fauna did on the Texas fertilizer plant explosion has a ton of examples, one after another. After reading those, and then hearing about the latest earthquake in Sichuan, my own immediate knee-jerk reaction was this immense desire to shove the it in certain Chinese netizens’ faces and ask if they feel China deserves it for some reason or if it is somehow “God’s will”.

            China Hush isn’t our site but it was probably one of the first me-too sites after cS appeared on the scene. The guy who started it, Key, is a Chinese-American dude in California I think.

            On “post-modernists”, I’m not very good at remembering what most “school of thought” labels entail without having to do a refresher on Wikipedia. I don’t know what labels might apply to my personal positions and ideologies. I just try to go with what arguments and rationale makes sense to me, so I’m sure there might be things post-modernists believe in that I’d find reasonable.

            cS’s focus on internet hot topics is itself a reaction to Westerners and Western media coverage of China often being preoccupied with politics and other pet topics. For those of us who consume a lot of information about China, that’s probably one reason why cS seemed so novel when it first came out, because it doesn’t cater to what Westerners want to see but tries to show what Chinese netizens themselves are talking about. As a result, cS can certainly be tabloidy! It’s the nature of the beast though.

            These days, I think I pay more attention to the general Chinese public than I do the American public, meaning I probably read more Chinese netizen comments and discussions on major Chinese sites than I do American netizen comments on major American sites. As such, I don’t think I could judge the two against each other fairly. However, at a minimum, I have enough evidence to confidently say there are “too many” assholes and “too much” ignorance on both sides. I just don’t see much profit in arguing which “people” are better or worse at this point, especially the way certain people go about arguing it. It’s too generalized to be meaningful.

            The way I see it, the general trend is that there are growing tensions between the two countries and naturally by extension their general populations. We can ignore all of the “Communist brainwashing” on one side and the “Cold War hold-over rhetoric” on the other side, but we’d still be left with the dynamic of competition, of notions of rise and decline, of winning or losing. China and the US and their people will necessarily be self-interested, and there’s only so much to go around. Not everything is zero-sum, but plenty of things are. I think there are more than enough elements in both countries that are constructing or framing the other country as an enemy, as a threat. I think there are enough people on both sides pointing to the ugly of each that neither should feel that much better about themselves.

            I live in Shanghai, which is appreciably more cosmopolitan and internationalized than most other parts of China. I know I can’t generalize what I experience around me onto the rest of China, just as one can’t generalize NetEase onto the rest of China either. The same is true for the West, and for the United States. Sometimes the people who think America is “soooo much” less racist or more enlightened or whatever “compared to the Chinese” haven’t had enough exposure to other parts of their country or population. The whole blue-state-red-state phenomenon is similar, as are jokes about the coasts versus the Midwest flyover states. I get tired of people going down that road, because I know ultimately it’s just about ego-preservation, about identity politics, about reaffirming the self at the expense of the other. I mean, I get why people do that, and I know I do it too sometimes, but rationally, I think humanity would be better off with less of it. I’ll forgive you if you think this sounds like idealistic nonsense but it’s what I believe.

            I generally think cS provides a lot of nuance with its format of translation instead of editorialization. Of course, how much a person picks up on that nuance is up to them. Some people just see and remember what they want to see and remember. In fact, we usually get more complaints about cS making China and its people look worse than they are, so your initial suggestion that we were somehow making the Chinese online reaction look better than it is was kinda unexpected.

            Appreciate the sincere and civil conversation. Rock on.

          • POS

            I concur, I think you guys pioneered an awesome format that gives people insight into various China and international events from a Chinese perspective. Certainly you have provided some ideas for me for my own websites (not strictly China related).

            Well after this conversation I definetly was watching the US response to the Ya’an earthquake. Felt vindicated (confirmation bias, I’m not immune by any measure) that most comments were positive/supportive or at least not celebratory and those that were were down voted nearly 20-1. However, disturbing was the number of end of days apocalypse rubbish postings…. America has its own deep issues, Facebook actually makes me wonder how this country stays together sometimes. But I guess thats the reality of our human situation that transcends nationality and ethnicity.

            Keep up the good work and don’t let us trolls blowing off steam get to you too much :P

          • Kai

            Rock on, dude. I mostly ignore the obvious trolls and knee-jerk comments but I do enjoy sincere discussions though. It’s good to have our beliefs challenged and see if we can actually defend what we believe. Self-awareness is important. Cheers.

    • DAK

      If the western compadres on Chinasmack are representative of the populace of the free world, who could blame the Chinese (or any internet warrior) for “celebrating.” Fortunately, and I am looking at the bright side (and hopefully, the truthful side), vast majority of the people in the free world are nice, though very bias.

      • PoS

        So the sample sizes of chinaSmack and Sina are equivalent -facepalm- god help these people (><')

  • Rosie Z

    Sadly, it appears a Chinese person is among the dead. Perhaps people should not delight in other countries misery so quickly.

  • Dumbledore

    I’m not American but I wonder with all the posters fuming about drone attacks. Do the 16 year old home-dwelling netizens think that random, innocent people are being targeted in Afghanistan? The blatant nationalism in China is a serious problem, and I’m beginning to support the near containment approach that some people say are taking place these decades. Also, who the fuck are applauding athletes and bystanders getting their legs blown off like it is somewhat deserved? I assume then it’s also OK to blame the average Chinese person for the 2 million people Mao had executed as well as the 30 million his failed policies killed? Think about how stupid the average Chinese netizen is, then consider that half of them are dumber than that.

    • HILE

      nationalism? most people are sympathetic towards the victims.some thinks that this might be a result of US foreign policy. that’s nationalism for you? can you say they are wrong on that?

    • DAK

      How you seen the stuff average Americans put out on Twitter? In America, foreign civilians killed by U.S forces are “collateral damage,” the price of “freedom.” US citizens killed by “terrorists” (or “freedom fighters”) are heroes or victims of cowardly acts. You know what, these freedom fighters don’t hate your freedom (or the US way of life); they just hate the US’s meddling in their home countries.

      China may be blatantly nationalists, but westerners (primarily white devils) are excessively hubristic about the value of their self -righteousness. Listen, you (ie, the western powers) didn’t get to where you are for being saints. “Saving the world” is a white men’s burden, and also their redemption for past and future evils.

      • cb4242

        Not true. We don’t care. And usually, when something happens they call for the US to bail them out, not China, France or Canada the United States of America.
        Washington doesn’t wake up every morning and contemplate which country to invade, you are absolutely bat shit crazy to believe that. All these so called freedom fighter (terrorists) try and start shit and every time, the countries that harbor these radical loons. When it comes to money and aid, they always never decline to accept our money. Talk about hypocrites.

        “China may be blatantly nationalists, but westerners (primarily white devils) are excessively hubristic about the value of their self -righteousness.”

        So now, who is making stereo typical, racist one-sided point of view?

        • dak

          Of course you are in the right. You always are self-righteous. You’re making my point. What is the US doing in the middle east anyway? I am sure it ‘s for righteousness and freedom. Sending aid and sending bombs….the cost of freedom.

          • I think you’re both equally ignorant.

          • James

            How pc of you

          • I’m not exactly sure of why you just mentioned political correctness…

          • cb4242

            Funny, you say that, it’s both to help others. It’s about helping people and the oppressed and about protecting our investment and please, don’t think other countries don’t have a stake in oil.
            But now, with the oil that the US is producing. We were getting in 2005, 60% of our oil from was imported from Saudi Arabia, 2011, about 30%
            With the oil that the US is producing, we are going to be the biggest oil producer overtaking Saudi Arabia. We can finally ween ourselves from Mideast oil and don’t need to be there with the exception of humanitarian needs. Now if the liberals will try to write legislate new and tough regulations on the oil industry, it might get a little difficult, because of libtards, I give a big portion of the blame for having so many of our soldiers killed and wounded. If we were able to tap into our own reserves, we probably wouldn’t have needed to go into these hostile countries that don’t like us (but love our money) that’s the cost of freedom.

          • dak

            The mid east is still oppressed. Where is the help? The irony is, the Saudis, an US ally, is one of the many oppressors. If you are helping, well, it is not working. Humanitarian needs? You think the US military will still around w/o oil? Do you know what the mid east do to humanitarians? I am sure the “help” is so great Arabs are so willing to kill you and remove US presence.

          • cb4242

            The Mideast is oppressed because most of them have a fanatical religion that is NOT flexible and looks down on women, is intolerant. That is the real oppressor.

          • In 2005, the 60% was the total amount of our oil being imported from foreign countries, of which Canada was still a bigger supplier of oil than Saudi Arabia. As of 2012, Canadian crude accounts for more than all of OPEC crude combined. Latin America provides more than OPEC. Africa isn’t very far behind OPEC.

            Please never say “that’s the cost of freedom” again. Oil deals and dead soldiers in the Middle East have nothing to do with freedom.

          • I said “OPEC” when I should have said Middle East. My bad.

          • cb4242

            I disagree, where you there? It has a lot to do with it.

          • You’re suggesting that we were close to being overthrown and lose all of our freedom to Iraq and Afghanistan?

          • James

            As long as they trade in petro$?

      • James

        primarily white devils lol


        you inbred mongol effeminate mud

        • dak

          Well fuck you too you piece of turd. Go read the book White Devil

          • James

            In North America’s first major conflict, known today as the French and Indian War, France and England-both in alliance with Native American tribes-fought each other in a series of bloody battles and terrifying raids. No confrontation was more brutal and notorious than the massacre of the British garrison of Fort William Henry–an incident memorably depicted in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans. That atrocity stoked calls for revenge, and the tough young Major Robert Rogers and his “Rangers” were ordered north into enemy territory to take it. On the morning of October 4, 1759, they surprised the Abenaki Indian village of St. Francis, slaughtering its sleeping inhabitants without mercy. When the raiders returned to safety, they were hailed as heroes by the colonists, and their leader was immortalized as “the brave Major Rogers.” But the Abenakis remembered Rogers differently: To them he was Wobomagonda–“White Devil.”

            Sorry bucktooth, not interested in the seven years war at the moment

          • ScottLoar

            You imply this was a peaceful village of innocents. Major Robert Rogers and his Rangers raided the Abenaki village of St. Francis as reprisal for massacres upon New Englanders and to prevent further massacres by this same group who were fully allied with the French. Attacking just before dawn was the correct tactical time and Indian practice; Rogers and his Rangers used Indian tactics (he wrote a book on such tactics) which were most effective and the only way to meet the reality of woodland warfare. His retreat back to friendly areas was in reality a flight, harassed by Indians and French irregulars who cut up most of his command. It was reckoned that the Americans never reached outmatched the French irregulars and their Indian allies in skill and warfare; even Rogers recognized so.

            In the Revolutionary War this same Major Robert Rogers remained a loyalist fighting for the British cause.

            Massacre was a fact along the border of the frontier throughout American history, and in the interiors as well where Indians warred in wholesale slaughter without regard to age, sex or circumstance. As example read, if you will, Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History.

          • dak

            Do you think anecdotal stories of various battles here or there matter in history and in the big picture? The fact of the matter is white and Indians could not have coexisted together. You had the greater power and ability to make peace and make concessions. You could have been the bigger person and spared their lives more so than they can spare yours, but you didn’t. This was played out in all of the Americas, where Europeans dominated the natives and overtook their land. What does it mater of incidental stories and grievances of who did what to whom or an eye for an eye. In every case scenario, the Europeans won out and same fate fell upon all Indians in the Americas. Maybe things could be different if both can play nice….but you are what your are, in history and to this present day: the White Devil!

          • ScottLoar

            I well understand whites – or any peoples – and Indians could not have coexisted together, and that includes Indians themselves when one group, the Iroquois for example, gained the means to completely destroy their enemies (the Huron) and did so thoroughly. The European dominance in the Americas came about only through technology; the Spanish were thoroughly frustrated by horse tribes as were the later Texans then the Americans until first the repeating pistol then the repeating rifle allowed superior firepower on horseback. But, why not ask the Xiungnu (the Tartars), the Mongols and other horse tribes that massacred along the Han border areas for thousands of years what they call the Han Chinese? It was not until the early 18th century that the combined forces of Czarist Russia and the Qing dynasty finally and completely broke the back of the steppe tribes. You chose the inevitable clash between the Indian and Europeans in the Americas as damning evidence of the White Devil; what do you say to the inevitable clash between the steppe tribes and the Han Chinese? Han Chinese “had the greater power and ability to make peace and concessions” and yet, like the European experience in North America, the two cultures could not co-exist. You yourself admit the two cultures could not co-exist, just as the Han Chinese and steppe tribes could not co-exist. Still, you call Europeans “White Devils”. You are prejudiced past the point of ignorance.

            You know nothing of Indian warfare or practice, nothing of the history of the American frontier, have never read frontier journals and likely haven’t even seen the photographs of men scalped, flayed, gutted and burned by Indians. Even American Civil War commanders, habituated to battles in which tens of thousands died, found Indian plains warfare cruel and barbarous, and understood it would only stop when the Indians were not allowed free movement in protected areas.

          • dak

            You wrote your own history, and you read your own history, so you favor your side. Oh, the Indians were so mean, we have to kill them all. Indians could never exterminate or defeat you like you of them. Europeans colonized and enslaved and slaughtered people in many parts of the world. The behavior is consistent in Asia, Africa, Americas, and Australia. China has also fought and won and lost many battles. They made concessions. They expanded to the extent they got comfortable and went no further when they could have. China never believed in colonization even when Ming has great navy fleets. Never believed in killing all in its wake. Through out its history, China got smaller and bigger. The funny thing is China got bigger and expanded every time it got conquered and its enemies eventually got absorbed and integrated with the Han culture, so China did grow and co-exsited with its enemies. What peace and concession could China have made? Understand it was China who got invaded by outsiders and ironically, expanded as an end result.

          • ScottLoar

            “You wrote your own history, and you read your own history, so you favor your side” implying the histories on this subject are done with prejudice by men without intellectual integrity and read by people like me without intellectual integrity, who cannot discriminate between fact and fiction, or read just to reinforce our prejudices. And yet you’ve not read a single work on the subject.

            “Oh, the Indians were so mean, we have to kill them all” which I never implied and which no serious historical work I know accepts as a premise. Where do you get such silly notions?

            “Europeans colonized, enslaved…” You haven’t even superficial knowledge of the Chinese in Southeast Asia or in the Americas; you know nothing of their history, conduct, practices in those places beyond the popular history typical to mainland China and tv serials.

            The Ming “great navy fleet” is notable that it was assembled, journeyed forth and returned at great expense with nothing but baubles to delight the Ming court. Zhenghe’s fleet did nothing to affect history in any way, no contribution to exploration, cartography, mathematics, popular knowledge – nothing, to the extent that it was unknown to Chinese history until resurrected by nationalists within the last century as proof of China’s greatness.

            Look to the history of the Han, then Jin, Song and Ming dynasties for relations with the steppe tribes. The Ming court, for example,paid tribute to keep the Mongols out of China proper and could not immediately regain the capital Beijing.

            But still, I answer your initial post about “the White Devil” (you really believe that melodrama?) with a detailed criticism with examples and you present a melange of popular history common to mainland China mixed with popular conceits about Chinese history and blank ignorance about the American frontier, no knowledge of the steppe tribes of Asia, the mounted horsemen of eastern Europe, or the American Indian. You cannot organize a reasoned criticism nor present an argument because you have no knowledge of the subjects. You have gone from prejudice beyond ignorance to just being silly.

          • dak

            Your rant and ramble all over the place. You pretend to sound like an erudite but you made no connections to the topic at hand. What does Ming paying tribute have anything to do with “white devil”? If anything else, you are making my point that China was not expansionist. So Zhenge He was not ambitious (perhaps he didn’t have the support and time), but he made his travels before the Europeans and that was an accomplishment. The MIng made no “history” because they didn’t colonize and kill natives. Guess what, that was how Europeans made history. That was how Genghis Khan made history. You colonized, enslaved, and killed and spread your culture to half the world. Please stop trying to rationalize away your evil deeds with details of minutiae. Yeah, the west made great contributions to human kind but certain non-whites would say the cost was too much. Who are you to judge the value of ones’ culture and lives, Typical you think you are smarter than everybody.

          • James

            what’s an Erudite is that like a Hamite, a Semite or a Hittite? No wait, it’s an adjective.

            As I recall Chinese also colonized Formosa

          • dak

            Formosa was originally and primarily a Dutch colony. Chinese’s ruling of the land is analogous to Africans now owning Jamaica, owning Haiti, owning Bahamas.

          • James

            China never believed in colonization

            Tell that to the East Turkestanis

          • dak

            You don’t negotiate with terrorists (foreign or domestic). I am sure USA is familiar with terrorists.

          • Emilio Kléber

            Ming did colonize foreign populations wherever they could – even tried to conquer Vietnam in the 1400’s.

            However, Chinese imperial crimes and murder over 5000 years were almost nothing compared to what shocking atrocities that European empires have done in the last 500 years. Not because Europeans are evil, the industrial revolution (powered by the rape of the Americas) just gave them the capacity to do it.

            If China had discovered America, I think they would have been the evil imperialists of history, Americans would speak Chinese, and the People’s Republic of Europe would now be an semi-feudal, semi-colonial oppressed country xD

            That guy talking about Native American “massacres” is most likely just trolling. Anyone who has read a book (and isn’t some homeschooled Christian Nazi) knows that European settlers committed more violence. Even if that wasn’t true, the Native Americans were justified in defending their homes and families from invaders that sought to rob, rape, murder and enslave them.

          • ScottLoar

            I’m trolling? You suppose so from the tone and detail of my posts, eh? My mistake is in reasonably trying to answer unreasonable suppositions like this, “invaders that sought to rob, rape, murder and enslave them”. The Comanche and Navajo as tribes you may recognize robbed, raped, murdered and enslaved other Indians, then progressed to doing the same to the Mexican residents of the region, and without pause did so to the Texans then the Americans until they were broken. You know nothing of American Indian culture, nothing of their history, but come out with “everyone knows that European settlers committed more violence”. This is disgusting.

          • dak

            Europeans fought amongst themselves (and enslaved each other), so why not indians? So Genghis Khan has a right to exterminate Eastern Europe and Russia because of that reason? Who were Mexicans or Texans but Europeans at that time. It is not that complicated to see the big picture. You try to rationalize every European action as “reasonable cause” and there is no other alternative. In essence you are saying the means justified the end (as oppose to the end justified the means), even though the end was mass genocide, slavery, and lost of cultural identity. I beg to differ.

          • James

            Their terrorism doesn’t change the fact Mao conquered & colonized them

          • dak

            That is because the west broke up China and the territory was lost. East Turkestan was never a recognized independent nation.

    • James

      the more ironic part is that I’m sure a good part of the victims were liberals

  • moldavidian

    Look at this: What kind of place is so bad that not even the police stop to help someone THEY hit in the road?

    • Rick in China

      Wow. That’s a pretty crazy video….. but to answer your question:

      The same place that has peasants who wander around on the road, cross without watching traffic very carefully, and don’t see / can’t hear flashing lights and police sirens wailing down the road…….

      So much disregard for their own lives.

      • moldavidian

        True but did you also see the way that police vehicle crossed the double yellow line to pass the other car? It was equally the fault of the police and they didn’t even stop. I didn’t see anyone stop. I guess in China if someone gets hit while crossing the road where there are no stripes, they deserve to get hit and maybe die, yes?

        • Rick in China

          I would argue that it was 100% NOT the police at fault. Here’s why:

          1) Legally, when an emergency vehicle is on it’s way to an emergency, lights and sirens blaring, vehicles have to pull to the side and stop to let them through. In China, nobody obeys this law. The other cars are ALL partially at fault for not obeying this rule, forcing the police to navigate the road in that fashion.
          2) The pedestrian was also in violation of the law, crossing a busy road. If you’re going to take this risk and cross the road so haphazardly, they should pay INCREDIBLY close attention to what’s going on before doing so – even though doing so violates the law.
          3) Aside from just crossing a busy road, she(?) crossed when an emergency vehicle was screaming down the road. This is a gross violation of common sense as well as the law.

          They didn’t DESERVE to die, but they were largely responsible. If I’m dosed up on some medicine from the hospital and decide to walk home myself, and wander off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic and get smoked by a car, I am responsible…..not deserving by any means, but responsible.

          It’s sad that the bystanders/vehicle filming/other cars are so careless with human life, they should have freaked out, stopped their vehicle in a way that prevented traffic from running over the lady, got out of their car and called emergency services immediately. But as with most events like this in China, they were probably afraid of being held partially responsible and took off. Like I mentioned above, they *were* partially responsible for not pulling aside and clearing the way for the emergency vehicle with its lights/sirens on.

  • Only three people died and people are crying. If this had happened in China, American would cheer and say “that’s what happened when you live communist China”.

    Hundreds of children are killed by American bombs and no one seemed to care.

    • Steeevyo

      A Chinese student was killed. Happy now?

    • That’s really “good” and “kind” of you.

    • Al in China

      Freak! Send you kids to study here! dummy!

  • anonymous678
  • crumbsnatcher

    that picture of that man with no feet should not be on here and viewed at all

  • Leon

    Boston Marathon bombs: third victim identified as Chinese student China is in mourning after the third fatal victim of the Boston Marathon bombing was named as Lu Lingzi, a 23-year-old student from Shenyang in the northeastern province of Liaoning.

  • fantastic

    The only tragedy is a Chinese citizen died, think twice before sending your children there, an easier life do not equal a better life, Americans are mostly lazy and self indulgence, and it’s okay for them to main hundreds of thousands overseas, this is just a little drop in the water of pain they have inflicted on others.

  • Smog

    Good, justice is served, and China smack should be well and truly smacked, if the operator is really Chinese, they should be exposed and thrown to the Chinese public like wolves! Any Chinese people who stumbled on this filthy website who had any sentimental value to the West in past will well and truly have their sentiments turn into disdain.

  • shayla

    y would someone do this? Who ever did this is an ac hole!

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