Boy Cornered by Teens and Beaten, Burned with Cigarette


Footage of a six-year-old in Zhejiang being beaten by teenagers has recently surfaced, provoking the ire of netizens. A number of teens were seen in a small room hitting and kicking the crying child who had nowhere to hide. One of the teens even slipped a burning cigarette inside the victim’s shirt while everyone else laughed. The story has so far been commented almost 90,000 times, in which netizens have overwhelmingly condemned the sociopathic behaviour of these teens.

Source: qq

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  • David M

    China needs a juvenile detention program. Don’t let them get away with a fake apology and a fine. Sentence each of them to 50 hours of community service in different kindergartens. let them know what is’t really like to deal with kids. My guess is the boy made fun of them but they should be more mature than a six year old.

    • donscarletti

      Institute a Singapore style arse whacking program more like it.

  • Amused

    I love when seeing where these fucktards try this shit in civilized countries and their families can’t believe junior is going to prison. Strangely they take torture seriously in some countries. The best is when mom and dad come and try to buy the little turd out of his/her bind and end up doing time for attempted bribery.

  • Foreign Devil

    This the the generation that will come to power in China as it becomes the world’s next superpower. . a scary thought. This generation in China is often pyschologically messed up from morally corrupt materialistic upbringing. In general.

  • James

    Fucking Pussies they all need to be tortured and then put to death

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