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male editors publish feature stories about football stars' girlfriends
The headline reads: "No girlfriend? Might as well look at those of football stars!"

Why do so many guys love watching the UEFA European Cup? The reason is very simple: The AFC Asian/African/American Cups are all “A-Cups”, but the Euro Cup is an “E-Cup”…

male editors publish feature stories about football stars' girlfriends
The headline reads: "No girlfriend? Might as well look at those of football stars!"

This couple’s “battle outfits” are so loud people have to avert their eyes… By the way, may one of them make it into Tsinghua University and the other into Peking University.

A gay student couple took the gaokao exam

[Note: Couples sometimes wear matching outfits or t-shirts. The t-shirts or “battle outfits” the gay student couple above are wearing respectively read 攻 gōng (“top/giver“) and 受 shòu (“bottom/taker“). “Loud” here would refer to how openly they are advertising their sexuality.]

He’s a university student, he’s a high school student. They made the promise that he would do everything he could to get into his university. After the college entrance exam, they kissed passionately outside the testing site…

A gay student couple kissing after the Gaokao exam

The class graduation photo of a certain science and engineering college.

class photo for graduation at a natural sciences and engineering college

Graduation photo: “In those years, our youth was wasted by our left hands…

graduation photo exposed male college students' over-masturbation

[Note: These words on the above banner were taken from the popular Taiwan movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, which described that when the male college students watched Japanese porn movies, they used their left hands to masturbate while using their right hands to control the mouse.]

Han Han: Could you please give me an autograph?
Ma Ying-jeou: Did you bring a pen?
Han Han: Yes.
Fang Zhouzi (suddenly jumping out): Hahahaha, Han Han, you finally admit you have a ghostwriter!

Han Han and Ma Ying-jeou

[Note: Fang Zhouzi has been accusing Han Han, a popular post-80s generation author and blogger, of using ghostwriters since February 2012. 有带笔 “bring a pen” and 有代笔 “have a ghostwriter” are homophones (yŏu dài bĭ).]

I really want to know how well these NIKE caps are selling…

Nike's green caps read "SB"

[Note: In China, the letters “SB” means–generously–“idiot”, and there exists the common Chinese phrase “wearing a green cap” that is used to describe a man whose wife is cheating on him.]

The diaosi‘s definition of romantic…

An annual eclipse resembles a ring

One must have a daughter in his lifetime. From when she’s small, you’d let her have long hair, with bangs, and have her wear little boots. In Spring, you’d take her everywhere to play, and make a flower garland to wear on her head. In Summer, you’d buy her ice pops to eat. In Fall, you’d take her for a walk along a stone path covered with fallen leaves. In Winter, you’d have snowball fights with her, until she angrily says, “I don’t wanna play with you anymore, you’re a bad man!” When she goes to school, you’ll braid her hair into pigtails, and listen to her cute little voice as she reads her textbooks…and then when she gets married, you’ll be drenched with tears…

Father and daughter cooperated on performing maritial arts for fun

Never ever let guys take care of children!

Father held his baby with his legs

Father used the stroller as the shopping cart

father read playboy with the baby

Fathers threw babies in the air

Like father, like son

Father played computuer games and put his baby in front of the computer


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