G4 Nations Want UNSC Reform, Chinese Netizen Reactions

India's S.M. Krishna, Brazil's Antonio Patriota, Japan's Takeaki Matsumoto, and Germany's Guido Westerwelle at the United Nations headquarters issuing a joint statement seeking permanent seats on the UN Security Council.

India's S.M. Krishna, Brazil's Antonio Patriota, Japan's Takeaki Matsumoto, and Germany's Guido Westerwelle at the United Nations headquarters issuing a joint statement seeking permanent seats on the UN Security Council.

From NetEase:

Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan together demand to be admitted to the United Nations Security Council

Summary: On the 11th, the diplomats of the “Group of Four (G4)” of Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan issued a joint-statement at United Nations headquarters demanding concrete progress on UN Security Council reform before the close of this year’s September United Nations General Assembly. The G4 advocate an increase of UNSC permanent and non-permanent seats, with the additional permanent seats including these four countries.

From NetEase:

网易辽宁省大连市网友 [42341]:

From a world standpoint, I think India can be considered, there not being much reason to refuse, but Germany and Japan…probably not good…

网易安徽省网友 [wuguangchao2]: (responding to above)

Probably right to add Brazil, but there definitely won’t be any advantages for China with the rest.

网易加拿大网友 [七百年的守望]: (responding to 42341)

From a geopolitical and self-interest viewpoint, China absolutely must not and cannot allow India and Japan to become permanent members.

网易山东省网友 [马东盈]:

Germany and Brazil okay. India reluctantly/if necessary. Japan absolutely not.

网易北京市网友: (responding to 百年的守望)

Let England and France go oppose Germany. Let America hold back Japan. As for Brazil, I won’t comment. As for India, Europe already has two members, so between Germany and India only one can be selected. Asia already has China, and there should be more representation of our African brothers’ interests. Japan and India, you two just wait and see…fuck, I wonder if we can bring Russia into this. Delay, must delay it until the 2015 70th anniversary of the United Nations without a resolution beforehand, then another 10 years of discussing the matter, with the best plan being that this matter falls through during discussion, the second best plan being that a majority of countries do not approve it, and the worst plan being only one of the permanent members vetoing. If planning for the worst possible scenario, that they really are added, then it would be about how to limit their political rights — they must not be allowed to have equal footing with the five major permanent members…

网易山东省临沂市网友 [第二棵树]:

If every country were made permanent members, why have a permanent Security Council at all?
Resolutely veto these four countries becoming permanent members, 5 permanent Security Council members is already enough, already enough to represent the world’s various powers, and for those remaining to be added, that’s purely to come cause trouble.

网易陕西省咸阳市网友 [某人0520]:

Not a single one of them should hope to join, much less 4, are they crazy! These four countries all harbor evil intentions! Germany entering the UN Security Council would give the European Union too much power, which is not good for our country either. Brazil is a country that doesn’t have a mind of its own as a country that doesn’t have its own thoughts and will threaten and weaken our country’s position in the United Nations. India is a rabid dog so letting it become a permanent member would just be us weakening our own position, plus there are still problems and other issues in the southwest that will only cause more problems if they are allowed to join. Little Japan I don’t need to say anything. As Chinese, we must slaughter little Japan, dig up their fucking ancestral graves and whip their corpses a million times, flatten all four islands, castrate all the men, and banish all the women to be whores. They must be completely wiped out.


Support the G4!!!!!!

网易英国网友 [吢三公子]:

Brazil, Germany, even Japan can all be added, only India cannot, I dislike Indians the most, having all been enslaved and made disgusting by the British, Indian English is especially disgusting.

网易福建省福州市手机网友: (responding to wuguangchao2)

If there is to be reform, then it should be England giving up its seat, giving its seat to Brazil, and adding South Africa. Oceania traditionally is part of the Asia-Pacific, so no need to consider. This way the UN Security Council can truly represent the various continents of the world, representing its various interests.


Germany and Brazil can be considered, but as for Indians who are always competing with China and the inherently lousy Little Japan, definitely no.

12.网易江苏省无锡市网友: (responding to wuguangchao2)

The United Nations should just be gotten rid of entirely. Just how much say do we have in the United Nations anyway? The money we give the United Nations could solve so many of the people’s problems within the country, and as long as your people’s problems are solved, the world’s people will naturally respect you, and by then applying for China’s green card will be difficult, not like now where it is difficult for those in the mainland to even apply for an exit-permit. Have you ever heard of the Americans, Japanese, Germans, French, Italians, Canadians, Spanish finding it difficult to apply for exit-permits? Strength/power determines everything.

网易贵州省凯里市网友 [fop3000]:

In the middle of the night, when loneliness becomes unbearable, comforting yourself with 5 figures is enough. Another 2 or 3 isn’t necessary!

网易埃塞俄比亚网友: (responding to above)

If one hand suddenly appeared several more fingers, wouldn’t that be weird…

网易上海市网友 [东方之]: (responding to wuguangchao2)

How about with this order and time interval: Brazil, Germany, India, then Japan, and with a 50 year time interval. What does everyone think?


Don’t worry, it’s definitely wishful thinking for these four guys, Americans and the bunch will never agree! A watermelon split amongst 5 people, who would want to bring in 4 more!?

网易美国网友 [dguy喰]:

[Only those countries that] are responsible to their own people could possibly be responsible for the world’s people. [i] support the G4.


Meekly asks: What use is there in having the United Nations?


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India's S.M. Krishna, Brazil's Antonio Patriota, Japan's Takeaki Matsumoto, and Germany's Guido Westerwelle at the United Nations headquarters issuing a joint statement seeking permanent seats on the UN Security Council.

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