Brazil Riots After World Cup Loss to Germany, Chinese Reactions

Rioting and arson in Brazil by after its national team lost 1-7 to Germany in the 2014 World Cup.


From NetEase:

Riots Outside Stadium After Brazil’s Crushing Defeat, Football Fans Burn National Flags to Vent Anger

Combining reports by Folha de São Paulo and the Argentinian Infobae website, on the evening of July 8 local time, when the Brazilian national team was eliminated 1-7 by the German national team, Brazilian football fans could not hide their mood of heartbreak and dissatisfaction. After the end of the match, over 20 buses inside the two Sao Paulo public bus stops at the stadium grounds were set on fire, as well as a commercial building, and there were even football fans burning Brazilian national flags to vent their anger.


According to reports, at around 7:20pm that evening, over 20 buses were lit on fire at a Sao Paolo city public bus stop, with 19 of the public buses completely burned down, and one partially burnt.


Afterward, a warehouse in the city also had a fire, with the containers outside the warehouse having been lit on fire with gasoline. At around 10pm that night, thick smoke began to come out of another public bus stop in the city, with multiple buses burnt.

Photo is of a bus that was burnt.
Photo is of a bus that was burnt.


Small-scale riots even occurred among the upset Brazilian football fans outside the stadium, with some football fans even burning the Brazil national flag, exhibiting their disappointment with the football team.

Photo is of the Brazilian riot police taking to the streets after the match to maintain order.
Photo is of the Brazilian riot police taking to the streets after the match to maintain order.



A fire occurred at a city warehouse, where containers outside the warehouse were lit on fire with gasoline.
A fire occurred at a city warehouse, where containers outside the warehouse were lit on fire with gasoline.


Numerous foreign reporters sent to Brazil to cover the World Cup stayed in their hotels afraid to go out, not even onto their balconies, to avoid trouble with football fans.
Numerous foreign reporters sent to Brazil to cover the World Cup stayed in their hotels afraid to go out, not even onto their balconies, to avoid trouble with football fans.
Photo is of patrolling police.
Photo is of patrolling police.
Photo is of Brazilian football fans starting a fire.
Photo is of Brazilian football fans starting a fire.

From NetEase:

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网易贵州省贵阳市手机网友 ip:111.85.*.*:

Meekly asks, will the German team still be able to go back home to their country?

一生一世爱申花 [网易河北省邢台市手机网友]:

Seeing this, it seems us Chinese football fans have higher characters [better behavior], a superiority probably brought about by us often losing.

司马的不懂 [网易安徽省手机网友]:

Looks like the characters of our national team football fans are higher.

网易吉林省长春市手机网友 ip:119.48.*.*:

This shows that Brazil is not united. It is because you guys gave them too much pressure that caused this result.

核指令 [懂球帝]:

For the third time, the curtain on a world war is about to lift… damn Germany, not giving even a bit of face…

网易江苏省淮安市手机网友 ip:61.160.*.*:

For Brazil, there would be riots even if they won the World Cup, there would be riots even if they were eliminated in the semi-finals, and the only difference would be the reason for rioting.

劳资鬼火起 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Brazil [team] was too disappointing, what happened, Brazil?

1875979541 [网易广东省湛江市手机网友]:

Shit, at last, upon losing a game, the Brazilians remember their various dissatisfaction from before the competition.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:140.206.*.*:

Rise of the Nazis.

世界上最好听的名字 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]:

They made it to the Top 8 and still burn their national flag, then the Chinese team can only burn their team members.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Commander Jameson

    Wild times in Brazil, I’m sure glad I’m not over there.

    • Honibaz

      Especially if you’re German.

      • Germandude

        I don’t think there is any problem of being German in Brazil right now. The rioting was out of frustration and not targeted at fans from either country’s team at all.
        A lot of Brazilians woke up and noticed that their team is not as good as they thought (a 1:7 defeat speaks clear enough). Besides that, Brazil and Germany always respected each other, not just when it comes to football.

        And the best of it all: Most of the Brazilian fans are cheering for Germany in the final now, because:

        1st: we play against their biggest rival and neighbor Argentina and
        2nd: it always makes it easier to say: “Look, we only lost once in the world cup, against the world champion”.

        Believe me, no German worries in Brazil. Reports of German tourists in Brazil right now are 100% positive. Friendship and hospitality are greatly appreciated and respected by German fans.

        And it will peak on sunday, when Germany sends Argentina home. 3:0 for GER, mark my words.

        • Murasaki

          Brazil felt like they were entitled to the Cup. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Schadenfreude at its finest.

          • Germandude

            No Schadenfreude at all here despite making jokes about the result. I am just stunned because if somebody told me prior to the game: “You’ll score 7 times against BRA…” I would have called that person insane.

            Football means so much to Brazilians and the world cup has caused so many protests because people felt the money invested in stadiums should have been invested into education and to help balancing out the discrepancies within the Brazilian society.
            It would have been better if Germany just had defeated them in penalty shooting because the Brazilian team could have left with their head up. But this way now?

            Regarding the problem in their football system with it producing too few great players right now, compared with the past, I can only say that Germany went through this as well as you can clearly see in 1998 and 2002 (despite us being in the final there).
            Knowing the Brazilians, I am sure they’ll be back on top level sooner than many think. And that’s always bad, so one reason more for us to take this chance this time. It won’t get easier anymore.

          • Murasaki

            I was expecting Germany to win, because face it, Brazil did not have the best team going into the semi-finals. That said, I didn’t think they’d crumble so fast and so early on.

            And Germany let Brazil have 1 in the end. It could’ve easily been 9 or 10 goals, but die Mannschaft had one more game to play.

            But I agree. Brazil will be back with a vengeance after this historic beat down.

          • Germandude

            Everybody there thought Neymar will lead Brazil to victory. In Europe however, not many thought of Brazil as the team to make it. Sure, they are not bad, but honestly, not that good either at the moment. With Neymar out, fans could see that there is not much left. ALL games prior to the last one already showed the limitations of the Brazilian team.

            And funnily, Argentina is exactly the same as Brazil. If you watched their games, you will have noticed that their game relies on Messi. Messi and Messi alone. Problem is: He didn’t convince so far and now meets Germany, a team packed with players that have played against Messi regularly and that even defeated him multiple times. Think of all the Bayern Munich guys. They are not afraid of him. The rest of Argentina’s team is mediocre.

            Portugal had Ronaldo
            Italy had Pirlo
            Brazil had Neymar
            Netherlands had Robben

            What does Germany have? Die Mannschaft!!!

          • linette lee

            Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and Mexico teams are very popular here in New York.

          • linette lee

            Did you celebrate and went crazy when German won against Brazil. XD

          • Germandude

            No, I was standing in the corner, ashamed since we didn’t win through scoring in double digits…

          • linette lee

            You should be so proud of German team.

          • Germandude

            Can you spell stupid for me?

          • linette lee

            be quiet.

          • Germandude

            It was you that 1st replied to me. I told you before: Don’t do it. I hate you. You are stupid.

            Did you get the message this time?

          • linette lee

            okay, I won’t talk to you anymore because you are retarded.

            Why hate me? What did I do to you? I don’t treat you any different than I treat other people here. I come here read some shocking news and drop some comments. Occasionally I say something to you joking with you. You must be fucking drunk.

          • Germandude

            Ok, keep your word and don’t talk to me anymore and we are all good. Just because you might’ve forgotten. It’s posts like these why I don’t take you seriously on anything you write, because your talk is based on anything but experience, knowledge, or facts. Maybe you’ll understand this time.



          • mr.wiener

            I think what he means is there is nothing to be proud of in defeating a team 7-1 when it is on their home ground and they are so passionate about football. True fans of the game don’t feel that much schadenfreude, even if it is a German word.

          • linette lee

            Germandude he is acting stupid.

          • vonskippy

            Wrong. Plenty to be proud of in a 7:1 win.

            Win big – win hugely devastingly big – or go home.

          • mr.wiener

            If this is your attitude on the matter I would suggest you are not much of a soprtsman and probably not a player.

          • Murasaki

            So true, the Colombian and Mexican teams have both commented on Brazil’s shortcomings.

            I thought the Dutch were going to win today, and it’d be 2 Europeans in the finals. Messi was mediocre today. I seriously love Bayern Munich <3! How many of their players are playing in Brazil right now? 7? LOL 1 vs. 7!

            Die beste Mannschaft der Welt!
            Just be ready to get drunk on Sunday.

          • I am sorry too loud to hear you, want to drink hot water?

          • Don’t touch me I’m a princess

          • Murasaki

            Actually, let’s be low-key about this. One more game. One more game. Let’s not jinx it.

            Good night, Germandude.

          • Germandude

            I know. One more game. Cheers

          • Zappa Frank

            Italy had Balotelli, because Pirlo is something like 800 years old and not a scorer..but a playmaker..

          • Germandude

            Balotelli was a disaster. Pirlo is a genius. Italy being out actually made me happy. Not that I dislike Italy, quite the opposite, but you have the tendency to beat us in world cups which is not good.

            And regarding that other post of yours with the Linneker quote: Of course I know it, I was just kidding when I said that I never heard of it.

            Who are you cheering for in the final? GER or ARG?

          • Zappa Frank

            Balotelli did good the first match, unlucky he is a troublesome guy. He has problems to be stable and to have a good relation with others teammates, than from the second match the team was already separated… but he was the only Italian player able to make the difference, Pirlo is a playmaker, excellent, but Pirlo cannot pass trough the defense, too slow, too old and anyway is not his role.. the scorer was Balotelli and as result if he plays a good game Italy win, if he doesn’t do anything Italy lose (from my point of view it was also due to the game scheme of Prandelli with just Balotelli to attack, this was absurd… so I don’t blame Balotelli, and besides there is also to say about the pressure he has always too stand because many Italians still refuse to recognize him as Italian).
            About Argentina and Germany, this is a classic final, in my life seen it already two times. Seems Germany should win easily, but we all know football is never logic. I would support Germany for sure against most of other team (you cannot believe actually how many people in Italy were supporting Germany against France) since I naturally have a preference for Europeans teams and German beer, but Argentina is not only the most European south American country, Argentina is a bit of an Italy abroad… than I think I would not support anyone this time, but pretty sure the beer in my hand will be german…(I just drink German and Belgian beers)

          • Teacher in China

            What does Germany have? Only the best name ever in “Mertersacker”! I love saying that out loud….

        • A pale Portugal, WTF is Ghana, USA never wins anything, Algeria who the fuck is Algeria, then France (buy me a cup 98) and a broken Brazil who had no mark, only 3 men in their area and without superstar Neymar who isn’t that much either.

          No words to mark here. Get ready for serious football next sunday bro

          • Germandude

            Meanwhile, Argentina winning with 1 goal against football heavyweights such as:

            (no offense to any of the above mentioned)

            I am ready for serious football on sunday. That’s why I said 3:0 for Germany and not 8.

          • Hopes are high ’cause teams have been soft, I know the feeling. I am so glad you are ready, maybe you should wish to the octopus again.. oh wait It’s dead, I’m sorry

            See you sunday, this thread

          • Germandude

            Sure, see you on sunday. Fair game and let’s just hopes it will be as good as expectations suggests. May the better team win.

          • Boris

            I’m expecting a German win. Wanted a Netherlands v Germany or Argentina V Brazil final due to the rivalries between those nations, but really, the best teams are in teh final. I think most predicted this to be the final. Now go out there and give those Argies a lesson!

          • Germandude

            Out of religious reasons, it’s simply impossible for a German to wish that the Netherlands qualifies for a world cup final. Or a world cup for that matter.

          • Boris

            Of course. Though for a non-German/Dutch it would have been great to have seen the fireworks!

          • mr.wiener

            “bring my bicycle back you bastards”…

          • Hey congratulations dude, Germany played a hell of a game :) and Argentina 2nd after 24 years isn’t bad. All the shame was for brazil anyways

          • mr.wiener
          • Likewise ! :)

          • Germandude

            You were right on it being a tough game. I was honestly pretty surprised how hard Argentina was to play. Pretty defensive as expected but very strong on counter attacks.

            I got several heart attacks but was convinced that we win in overtime because from the 75th minute on, Argentina got very tired.

            Tough luck for you, but respect well deserved.


          • Kai

            I think it was a good game (in terms of being exciting to watch), and I too was surprised by how pressed team Germany was. Argentina threatened quite well I think. My wife was loudly panicking every time and all I could do was say variations of how I think Germany is usually a slow starter (isn’t aggressive early on) and how I think Argentina is going to get tired earlier (but the psychological impact of scoring first and being ahead may be worth it). She still wailed every time Argentina almost scored. She almost had an aneurysim after the German head shot that bounced off the goal post and was ruled offsides.

            It was a good game to watch and I’m glad I managed to stay awake to watch it. Big congratulations to Germany. It’s always nice to know the we (the US) only lost to the “world champions”. ;D

            Your joke about seeing Argentina on Sunday also played out. I shared that one with my wife. She laughed out loud as well.

          • said it above

            congrasts deutschland


            I was expecting more messi though

        • Teacher in China

          Argentina will have to play better than they did against the Netherlands, that’s for sure. Hard to not get over confident about Germany’s chances after that 7-1 thrashing, but the more rational part of me says it’s bound to be more competitive. Maybe 2-0 for Germany ;)

  • Irvin

    All this commotion for a stupid game.

  • These riots where little,they didn’t even appear in local news…Football is unexpected. Let’s see how we end with Germany this Sunday :D go Argentina!

  • Sputnik

    I saw an interview with a couple of Germans who switched to Brazilian shirts after 2-0… XD

  • moop

    i dont understand these sub-normals….but even worse are when people riot after their team wins

  • mr.wiener

    I’d be throwing any members of FIFA on the bonfires.

    • Rick in China

      Right – Fifa is the villain in this case. I think John Oliver did a great piece on Fifa..fucking terrible organisation.

      • mr.wiener

        How can you trust an organization who’s boss sounds like a urinary infection?

        • Rick in China

          They’re evil man. They make host countries _change laws_ that were originally put in place to create safer environments, because they contradict with some of their sponsors profits. They force countries to give their organisation immunity for incidents, and massive tax and profit benefits — they give the ‘appearance’ of bringing money into a country, but when they leave, they rip all that shit away as well. Terrible organisation.

      • Teacher in China

        That was fucking classic – I love that guy.

  • linette lee

    Brazilians are crazy aren’t they? Their gov’t is very corrupt. I read on the news the Brazilian gov’t sent out their police to shoot and kill homeless children to clean the street. They want to get rid of homeless children before the tourists come to their city for world cup. So sick.

    • Jesus christ

      Not as bad as the chinese government

      • linette lee

        I will have to say Brazil is just as bad as China gov’t. Maybe even worst.

    • “shoot and kill homeless children”

      you gotta be trolling

      I never thought I’d cross this line but you are terribly stupid, naive and worst of all someone who hasn’t said anything even closer to any form of truth that has ever existed.

      Yes shit happens in Brazil but no they don’t kill children. WTF is wrong with you? I mean it. you can’t prove none of the things you said.

      People have insulted you for your ignorance in the past and now it’s my turn. You are truly fucking stupid Linette, and totally out of context on everything you say.

      • linette lee

        It was on the UK and USA news you stupid. And this wasn’t the first time Brazil gov’t did this. They sent out death squad and shoot homeless children to clean the streets. Go do a little research you retard. Also why should it surprise you? Brazil has one of the highest murder rate in the world. The police are corrupt.

        • omg right ’cause UK and USA news are so righteous and truthful . you should be a moderator in not annoy people here

          I live 500km from Brazil and it is not like that. Same as when we talk about China here, you bitch and whine without ever having set foot in Shenzhen or ever talked to a Chinese local, in their own language, and even worse, you think your opinion matters.

          Yes Brazil is a little violent but it is as violent as Detroit or Philadelphia, not better nor worse. Deal with it Linette you’re stupid.

          • linette lee

            Brazil is a little violent? Are you for real. Brazil is not safe at all. How can you compare Brazil to USA when it comes to safety and gov’t corruption?

            These photos here you will never see it happened in USA.


          • Zappa Frank

            no? really? because in US there are not gangs and killed people?

          • linette lee

            When a system or gov’t is wrong then is wrong. Why you need to cover it up and defend it? You don’t need to feel ashamed covering it up. Let the world see it so they can improve. In order to correct something you must recognize the mistake.

          • Butsu

            Technically, isn’t BOPE allowed to shoot kids if they’re running drugs and such? Heck, aren’t they allowed to shoot corrupt police?

      • Kai
        • Zappa Frank

          I’ve read Brazilians articles (from very self critic source like Natalia Viana) that talk about those false information that came out during the world cup.. (I’ve only the Italian translation however..)

          • Same media who said Saddam had to do with 911, same media who said they had WMDs, same media who promotes christianity and fascism, fox news, CNN, etc.

            What does happen is people getting caught in crossfire, sometimes kids too. When police starts shooting everyone starts running, and that’s when it happens. All in all, it’s turning into a police state just like most countries, with a government who can only make false promises to it’s people.

            When we look at the media it’s like the CCTV1 at 7pm phenomenon. Our country is the best and everybody sucks but wait, must exaggerate first.

            I am sure the european and north american media doesn’t show all the european and north american men who came to brazil looking for child prostitution

            just watch this

          • Kai

            What false information came out during the World Cup are you referring to? The “police killing homeless children” picture Linette referred to? All I know about that from some skimming some English reports (like the ones I linked above) is that the source of the picture is from social media/Facebook. That makes me question what exactly happened in that picture and if the story about it is true. Maybe there are more authoritative sources that can shed some light on it.

          • Zappa Frank

            I’ve read an article some weeks ago, at the beginning of the world cup. Natalia Viana was talking about fake news that were coming out from international press about Brazil, one of them was the murder of homeless children in Fortaleza. Seems it came originally from a Danish freelancer, Keldorf Mikkel Jensen, however ONG that work with homeless children in Fortaleza confirmed it was a bullshit…that is about what Linette wrote in her first post about how government kill street children for tourism. About the pictures well, we don’t know when where how who and so on..Brazil sure is not the safest country.

      • Sleepy

        Social cleansing, especially in the ’90s, is a well documented phenomenon in several Latin american countries including Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

        • I am from Argentina, I was born in the 80s and live close to the border with Brazil. Yes come on keep telling me an isolated case is something that happens every day in a country you will never visit and you don’t know anything about.

          I don’t stand up for governments, I stand up against stupid people who draw biased conclusions over matters they couldn’t even begin to comprehend and only have little information about.

          I lived in China and it’s government covers up pretty much everything and most of the time much worse than anything that happens in Brazil. US government supports Israel bombings over Palestine and many US citizens believe it’s the right thing to do…

          So please don’t try to change a reality I’ve experienced all my life just because all you know is what the TV tells you.

          • Sleepy

            Actually I have been to south america several times. I lived in Ecuador for a year and worked in Colombia.I now live in China. I, too, never saw any social cleansing but just because it is outside my realm of experience does not mean it did not happen. I believe erradicating homeless would be a covert operation. Many sociologist and human rights organizations have documented the murders and dissapearances of the homeless in south america. I get it. You love your country but I haven’t mentioned Palestine, the US or UK (dont know what that has to do with anything).Also it might not be a good idea to make assumptions about what others may or may not know. Being presumptuous is off putting both in conversation and debate.

    • Zappa Frank

      that new about street children is a well known fake

  • I am from south America and this wasn’t a riot… just disturbs and media exaggerating as usual.

    The big one is yet to come

    • linette lee

      Burning buses and flags is not riot? LOL? I guess only shooting bomb and grenade is? hahahahhahaha,…

    • David

      “The big one is yet to come.” What does that mean?

      • Brazilian people have been protesting over governments unnecessary spending on the world cup for years now, even worse, none of the profit FIFA made in this event will go to the Brazilians. These protests happen on a daily basis, they are pacific but most of the time police shows up and starts shooting.

        These disturbs that happened after the game were just isolated cases, exaggerated by the media. And many of the pictures you see on this article are from other protests which have taken place in the past, not after the game against Germany.

        The big one is yet to come because real problems are by far more severe than losing just a football match… just common sense, governments are taking control of every aspect of our lives , in every country, worst of all, they take over the economies of the countries and that’s when your “republic” starts to disappear.

        As for linette, well, what can I say? She’s stupid and nothing she says could be any good for anyone, ever

        • David

          OK, I understand what your saying about the rioting. Brazil does definitly have bigger problems than losing a single football game. As for Linette, I like to read her comments so obviously I will disagree about that.

  • Boris

    Other than this report on ChinaSmack, I’ve not come across reports of rioting from any other sources.

    Can anyone actually verify this is an actual riot that happened?

    • No it wasn’t a riot. Just a couple of small angry groups burning things down with no reason except frustration for the game, exaggerated on the media.

      Protests have been happening for years now and they are all pacific until police shows up .

    • Kai
      • Boris

        Skimmed through it.

        “And while the wide spread rioting that was feared did not happen, there were some reports of trouble in and around the stadium after the game and in other cities across Brazil.”

        + Fromt the first site. Seems like it wasn’t on a mass scale, so more like mob doing vandalism rather than an actual riot?

        “Police did not give a figure but Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper said on its website that some 20 buses were torched in a garage where unused vehicles were stored.

        Another three buses were set ablaze in other parts of the mega-city.

        Police did not confirm whether the fires were linked to Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to Germany in the semi-final, which knocked the national team out of the World Cup it is hosting.”

        + From the second link. The fires may or may not be linked. Maybe the busses torched at the garage was for another purpose. Or it could have been part of the ‘riots’.

        • Kai

          The Chinese captions do say “small scale”.

          I think there’s also a translation and semantics factor. 骚乱 can mean “riot” but also “disturbance”, which I think for most English speakers is less serious than “riot”.

          In general, I think how the incidents are characterized (what word is used) depends quite a bit on how sympathetic the viewer is and whether they want to exaggerate or downplay it.

          Also, I think I skimmed something about that flag-burning picture being done at half-time, and not after the game.

          I think it is safe to say some hooligans in different places got up to no good, and maybe some others joined in, but otherwise it wasn’t like some massive city-wide riot. Sounds about right for football matches.

          • Boris

            “Sounds about right for football matches.” – Maybe in South America or Eastern Europe and maybe parts of Italy, but most of us have moved past the hooliganism, especially in Ol’ Blighty.

          • Kai

            Hahaha, I can only say the reputation of hooliganism following football matches persists.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Wait a moment, weren’t the majority of Brazilian riots hoaxes from trolls that turned out to be old footage of previous riots?

  • diverdude7

    I seen this coming…. hooligans found a reasonable lie to cloak their behavior.
    ‘ok,, we live in a shit-hole, with shit lives. let’s work to improve our circumstances. Oh, on second thought let’s riot and burn shit and decapitate people and post their head on a stake on the football pitch.’ Then tomorrow we can whine some more about what a shit existence we live.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Win lose, there will always be a riot in Brazil after the world cup.

  • funny you mention it
    watch this

  • Mighty曹

    It’s much better than trashing the city when the team wins a championship like we do here (yes, city buses were set on fire when we won the championship in baseball).

    • really? wow

      • Mighty曹

        Really. Imagine if we lost. The city would have gone up in flame.

  • arise

    they riot when they lose, they riot when they win… what’s new with brazil?

  • NeverMind

    Hey! let’s protest the spending of money by destroying a bunch of stuff so the government will have to spend more. Who wants to join me?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    … isn’t that what I just said?

  • FYIADragoon

    The Chinese riot over a small rock, the Brazilians riot over a rubber ball.

    • Probotector

      Both are rioting over a national loss of face.

  • Butsu

    Yes I’ve seen it, and it’s one of my favorite films. I also posed my questions because I don’t know how “true” the movie actually is. I have a Brazilian contact that I’ve taked to from time to time on the internet, he during his younger years emigrated/fled from Brazil, and he fully supports BOPE and said “people who think it’s an inhumane organization, has not seen the true horrors in the favela” or something like that.

  • BillBo

    Meh, yes there were riots there for that reason but this seems to be about the loss itself…. This really is nothing new for football fans and frankly I’d have been surprised to hear there was no rioting after that loss.

  • tym

    Problem is and always has been, is that Brazil thinks they are better than they actually are.. Esp the psycho misguided fans, I mean this is the place where fans actually killed & decapitated a referee.. (How morally wrong is that, it’s truly sick)
    Way to go GERMANY, way to put Brazil in there place!
    Nobody does it like GERMANY!!!