Brazilian Guy Gives Cheating Girlfriend Box Of Cockroaches

Reveng against a cheating girlfriend?

Reveng against a cheating girlfriend?

The following video was uploaded 2 days ago and received over 800k views after the first day. At the time of publishing, there is now over 1.5m views. It has been spreading on popular Chinese social network RenRen and Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo.

From Youku:

Even if your girlfriend cheated on you, punishing them this way doesn’t seem to be very nice either

[Responding to title] Not very nice? Actually, I think it is very appropriate!!!

This video was uploaded to YouTube around the same time (probably a little earlier than Youku) and now has over 590k views:

Can’t see the above video?

A boyfriend gives his girlfriend a gift.

But the heart-shaped gift box is full of cockroaches!Surprised and scared, the girlfriend throws the box away and tries to avoid the crawling bugs that are now in the car.

Panicking, the girl tries to get out of the car.But the doors are locked and she is trapped!

Comments from Youku:


Is this a man or a woman? Sweat.

Ladyboy [male cross-dresser]? Homosexual [“comrade” is also a nickname for “homosexual”]? Or…?


Goes too far…


When women panic, they become brainless.

豪Ra: (responding to above)

Then how about we let you give it a try?

青"茶: (responding to studyboyz)

The video is the best way to determine:
Ah…ah…bo li ah…bo li a…

[In the video, the woman screams “bolinha” which sounds like “bo li” in Chinese, which means “glass” but is also slang for “boys love” or “male homosexual”. So this commenter is saying that her own words show that she is a transvestite or male cross-dresser.]


What I heard was a man’s voice.


Good~~ I admit my attention wasn’t focused on that box. 稀饭


Ladyboy, appraisal complete.


Such large weapons [凶器, xiong qi, can also be a pun for “breasts”]. 难过


Heavens, isn’t punishing someone like this too hateful?


All I see are two mountain peaks. 稀饭


You are so ferocious [凶, xiong, is a pun for “busty”.]


This video has two things that made my skin crawl when I watched it. The first were the bugs, N amount of bugs. The second were were the huge peaks, the very huge peaks.


This, from a girl’s perspective, is really hateful…goes a bit too far…


The screaming is so frightening. Like slaughtering a pig. 搞笑搞笑搞笑


The first time I looked at the insects, the second time I looked at the valley/cleavage.


Sweat, seeing those two round voluptuous [breasts], I got excited. But upon hearing her voice, I shrunk back down!


My attention indeed wasn’t on the little bugs.


This girl’s voice is so coarse/gruff. 汗汗汗


I’m here to see boobies. Who isn’t?


I watched 37-38 seconds in slow motion, actually not wearing underwear…sweat.


Looks not bad, but that voice…


This girl is going to kill the guy once she gets out. 搞笑


Just how many cameras did this guy put in?

杯子中的苍蝇: (responding to 不用看名字有多长)

Can you tell me how to do slow-motion?


[I] ejaculated, but upon hearing the voice and thinking it is a ladyboy, I’m now full of regret.


No matter what, you shouldn’t do this to a woman.


If it were me, I would definitely also put mice and snakes [in the box] 搞笑 Or ants would be very good too.


Though, I must say this guy really put a lot of effort int this. Being able to find so many cockroaches isn’t that easy, right!?


With this many bugs, I’d really be afraid of them crawling into [certain] holes. 难过难过


Watching this I’m covered with goosebumps. 汗


I want to understand…how did he catch this many…and get them all into the box?


I too am really afraid of cockroaches, much less this may of them. But if it were me, the moment I open it and see I would’ve quickly closed the box! This may be the difference between men and women when encounter this kind of thing. When encountering danger, men are more rational than women, just like when facing an oncoming car on the road, a woman will probably be scared witless standing there stupidly, whereas a man would do everything he can to avoid/dodge it!

sunhui9878: (responding to above)

Hehe, not necessarily. Under normal circumstances, when one sees something disgusting, the most direct method is to push away, whereas closing the box after a glimpse is just the best method you’ve deduced after watching the video. Though that method is good, too bad the time, place, and person is different. Otherwise, why don’t you try experiencing such a surprise and see [how you’d really react].


What a beautiful gift box~

The majority of the Chinese comments were about how manly her voice is and her possibly being a transvestite.


If a girlfriend cheated on her boyfriend, would her boyfriend giving her a box full of cockroaches as revenge be going too far?

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The girlfriend tries screaming at her boyfriend outside the car.

Note: Brazilian netizens have said this is a comedy television show so this is more like a joke than revenge against a cheating girlfriend. However, would you consider this kind of revenge?

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