Bride-To-Be Takes Wedding-Dress Photos With On-Duty Fiancé

Bride-To-Be Takes Wedding-Dress Photos With On-Duty Husband

Bride-To-Be Takes Wedding-Dress Photos With On-Duty Husband
A woman ended up taking her wedding-dress photos with her traffic-cop fiancé as he stood in the middle of the road on duty. With the wedding day looming, bride-to-be “Xiaoyan” originally arranged with her man Li Tao to do a photoshoot on September 23, but roadworks had increased traffic volumes at Jialing Bridge which lead to Li cancelling his time off. The same thing happened on the 25th due to the Mid-Autumn Festival traffic. Xiaoyan finally decided to just seek out Li whilst he was on duty the next day. One netizen said this showed that the police force is lacking, whilst another felt the story was fake.

Source: qq

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  • lacompacida

    Is the groom pregnant ? 4 months ?

    • Claude

      He cast a hitchcockian silhouette.

      “If you can’t do it naturally, then fake it.”
      -Alfred Hitchock

  • Boxed_Sushi

    I get that she’s upset, but what she’s doing is kind of careless. He’s on duty which means what she’s doing might distract him from working properly.

  • vonskippy

    They have these things called “Traffic Signals”, China should look into them and stop wasting manpower on a task a simple light timer can do better.