Bridegroom Stripped, Tied Up and Pelted on Wedding Day

Bridegroom Stripped, Tied Up and Pelted on Wedding Day

Bridegroom Stripped, Tied Up and Pelted on Wedding Day

A bridegroom in Zibo was met with humiliation after a group of 20 youngsters left him tied almost naked to a traffic light post after dragging him out from his wedding motorcade. Sanitation workers had just finished cleaning the street when his car was pounced on by the mob. After being stripped to his undies and being tied up with transparent tape, the bridegroom was pelted with eggs and cake. He was cut free 5 minutes later, leaving behind a pile mess, his ruined suit and a 30 minute clean up job. Netizens disapproved of the behavior, which has become increasingly common in recent years.

Source: Netease

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  • Edward Kay

    This is common? So a group of 20 goes gallivanting daily with tape and eggs hoping to chance upon some clown in a tux?

    • CertUI

      Yeah, I also wish the original comments were posted….

      • donscarletti

        Beijing City Netizen 5111 Upvotes

        Being from Shandong, I think this is all unbearably licentious, this sort of backward tradition should have been purged from the world long ago!

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        Shandong city Netizen 5111 upvotes

        A group of stupid cunts, all demented.



        Beijing City Netizen 5110 upvotes

        Such traditions are scummy.

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        • Vance


        • bujiebuke

          Being from Shandong


        • CertUI

          Thank you! Still so much to learn about old traditions.

  • Amused

    Sounds like a Richard Denny type problem. Too scared of hurting people and/or the consequences thereof and therefore unable to simply step on the gas.
    Poor dude, at least they didn’t hurt him. But how do you know their intentions when they’re yanking you from your car?

  • Jahar

    Some details would be nice. Why? How? Why did the rest of the wedding party do nothing?

    • CertUI

      I assume it’s due to the bystander effect: when too many people witness a scene, no one dares taking action as they can see the others also don’t.

    • 42

      What display of cluelessness…..this is common practice even in the west, its a bachelor party prank, where the groom is exposed to humiliating assignments before the wedding day. Actually sometimes even on the wedding day itself, in order for the groom to be allowed to meet the bride, he and his best mans need to do some excrutiating assignments that are setup by the bridesmaids, most of the time including a hong pao (envelop with money) for the bridesmaids. It is supposed to symbolize and show how far the groom is willing to go to win the bride.

      But to be honest, chinasmack is indeed less generous on the details, even the has more coverage and explanation about this.

      • Jahar

        Are you saying I’m clueless? From what I read, the groom was attacked by strangers. This is not common in the west at all. I have no idea what you are talking about.