Bridge Collapse Blamed On Overloaded Truck And Traffic

Bridge Collapse Blamed On Overloaded Truck And Traffic

A freeway exit ramp bridge in Guangdong suddenly happened to fracture and collapse, causing 4 vehicles on the bridge to fall which lead to one death and four injuries. Authorities currently think this accident was caused by seriously overloaded trucks and the bridge going over its maximum vehicle capacity. Chinese netizens believe that there are two causes for this tragedy, one half agrees that the truck was overloaded, one half believes the bridge had structural problems.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    This has happened HOW many times now? You’d think nobody would be buying the bullshit they’re peddling about the truck being overloaded by now. So what if its overloaded? That’s why stuctures are supposed to be built to higher tolerances than the bare minimum.

  • lacompacida

    Another once a century event involving temporary workers designing bridges.

  • Foreign Devil

    China probably has 5 times the amount of bridges USA has. . so I guess this is bound to happen from time to time. Still they should be over-engineering these things as we do in Canada.

  • 42

    Big deal, this happens everywhere in the world, even in the U.S.
    Just google it up and you will get the most recent bridge or construction failures in the United States, with one that even dates to as recent as 2013 with an oversized truck causing the bridge to collapse in washington state, well shit happens, live with it.


    • bujiebuke

      Big deal, this happens everywhere in the world, even in the U.S.

      This is a “big deal” since bridge collapses in China are from recent construction and it happens more frequently than they should.

      In the U.S. bridge collapses have been due to age and failure from the federal government to maintain the necessary upkeep. Both countries are facing similar problems but stem from different causes.

      well shit happens, live with it.

      I don’t think you’d make the same statement if the ones you cared about died in a manner that was preventable.

  • Vance

    We have had bridge collapses, but because they are older and going past their design lives, or because of resonances. I don’t think a couple of trucks even way overweight have ever triggered a bridge collapse incident.

    Also, I went over to Shanghaiist so I could look at some photos of this latest incident (Shanghaiist is comparatively good at writing articles and posting some pictures I have discovered, but the commenters seem to like to post pics of animal penises a lot. A little hard to take while browsing during lunch break.) Anyways, I noted that in this case as with most of these cases of bridge collapses and that building that collapsed in Shanghai a couple years ago, that the structure did not so much collapse as it dropped in one whole piece. Had it been truly due to weight, I think the structure would have crumbled under the weight. The posts were obviously below spec.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah Shanghaiist comment section is like the Wild West of comment boards – literally anything goes. I much prefer the commenters here :)

    • Bman

      It’s China. Assume everything isn’t up to specs. Assume most lunches have some animal penis in them… Now that’s hard to take.
      Hilarious pun definitely intended.

      • Vance

        Yeah. I was glad I was finished with mine before reading your post.