Bridge Collapse in Jiangsu, Overloaded Trucks Blamed Again

The collapsed bridge and the lorry.

The collapsed bridge and the lorry.

From NetEase:

Bridge in Jiangsu Danyang Collapses, Police Claims It Could Be Because Truck Was Overloaded

October 21st afternoon, the “Tinghe Bridge” on Zhongxin River of Jiangsu Danyang Houxiang Town suddenly collapsed. A truck full of stones fell into the river. The driver climbed out of the truck and saved another woman who also fell into the river. According to the analysis of the relevant government workers and the police, the truck was very likely overloaded.

The collapsed bridge and the lorry.

An eyewitness says she was taking an afternoon nap when suddenly a big “rumbling” sound accompanied with an earthquake-like shaking startled her. She ran out of her house and saw many people were running towards the bridge. So she ran to the bridge as well and only then discovered that the Tinghe Bridge had fallen into the river. A red cargo truck was rolled on its side in the river and two people were struggling in the water. Only later did she learn that they were driver of the truck and the woman riding an electric moped that had also fallen in.

The collapsed bridge and the lorry.

According to another eye witness, after the incident happened, the driver struggled to climb out of his truck and it was then that he discovered another woman struggling in the water who was liable to drown at any moment. He swam toward her in a hurry, grabbed this woman in danger and pulled her onto the bank with all his strength. Then he slipped away limping, probably injured as well.

The collapsed bridge and the lorry.

Many residents say they cross the bridge many times every day, and to see a seemingly strong bridge to actually be so fragile is somewhat unbelievable. According to the analysis of relevant government workers and the police, the truck was very likely overloaded.

Comments from NetEase 1 & 2:

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威远屌丝哥 [网易四川省内江市网友]:

No need to analyze, brother [referring to self] knows it was definitely caused by overloading, and has nothing to do with construction quality!

cgx11166 [网易重庆市网友]: (responding to above)

Lesson learned from Harbin—-[the excuse of being] overloaded, it can be extended nationwide.

别说我是新人 [网易黑龙江省大庆市网友]:

The attention on the bridge in Harbin had just died down and you turn up and cause trouble. Couldn’t you have held on until next spring before collapsing?

赵聊 [网易天津市网友]:

One hand alone cannot clap. I believe that if there wasn’t the woman riding the electric bike, it wouldn’t have been overloaded, so she should take 50% of the responsibility.

血色午夜 [网易广东省江门市开平市网友]:

Is there any need to analyze? It has long become a pattern.

威远屌丝哥 [网易四川省内江市网友]:

That driver had better start running, you can’t afford to pay compensation for [collpasing] the bridge!

网易上海市浦东新区网友 ip:58.33.*.*:

Harbin’s good experience [lesson]—-overloaded.

网易广东省手机网友 ip:163.177.*.*:

Looks like the quality of this truck is really good.

cgx11166 [网易重庆市网友]:

You don’t even have to say it and I already know it was [because of] overloading.

荷大壮 [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

An vehicle on a collpased road is definitely overloaded.
A boat at a bridge pillar naturally sinks.

专上空姐 [网易美国网友]:

Every time brother [referring to self] sees a post that says “click me to emmigrate to America”, I’d ding it. Now brother can be said to have succeeded, thank you all my friends on NetEase. [This commenter is posting from the United States.]

ccxn2009 [网易北京市网友]:

Those who thinks it was not because of overloading, ding! [18,037 dings (upvotes) at time of translation.]

zhouch525 [网易福建省泉州市晋江市网友]: (responding to above)

Whenever a bridge collapses in China, it is without exception caused by overloading!!

黑夜即将过去 [网易山东省烟台市网友]:

As long as a bridge collapses due to construction quality, it will henceforth always be determined to have been caused by vehicles being too heavy, and [the public] will no longer be informed of such anymore!!! By the way: wu mao dog “铁书网游” of Guangzhou is the product of mating a dog and a pig, and is an beast!

大湿0 [网易北京市网友]:

The people’s hearts are overloaded, the bridges are made of paper and glue!

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:183.14.*.*:

China’s bridges are built to be used for 50 years, but it’s good enough if they can be used for five years. Foreign bridges are built to be used for five years, but they can be used for at least 50 years. No matter how overloaded a truck is, how heavy could it be? The tires didn’t burst, but the bridge collapsed. What kind of bullshit are they talking about? Look closely at the bridge floor, can any steel reinforcing bars be seen? The composition surface is like TM paper fibers. The reason why the government officials are coming out and saying anything is because when the bridge was initially constructed, they had accepted the hong bao [“red envelopes” of money, bribes] from the labor contractor!!

网易广东省湛江市网友 ip:27.40.*.*: (responding to above)

You’re right, I don’t see any steel reinforcing bars at all, this kind of [construction] technique has certainly “caught up with Britain and surpassed the USA”!

Joan琼儿 [网易广东省深圳市福田区网友]:

I figure this will also be said to have been caused by overloading. Ever since the bridge collapsed, the news these past few days have all been about similar problems. It seems like overloaded vehicles have all suffered bad consequences in our country. Perhaps after condemning the vehicles, they’ll begin to condemn the drivers.

滑衫轮贱 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Okay then, once again it’s the driver’s fault!!!

王瑞 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

No need to mention the construction quality, it’s 100% caused by overloading. I haven’t seen any recent news about collapsing that don’t have dump trucks involved.

What do you think? Overloaded trucks or poor construction quality? Do you believe the untrustworthy authorities or the distrustful public?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Awww man! Not again!

  • Matt

    Don’t bother coming to America to expect better infrastructure.

    Most of ours was built in the 70s…

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Built in the ’70s but still standing… Chinese bridges will collapse after a few months.

  • andao

    Already saw this episode, boooring

  • Rick in China

    Bridge collapse? Can’t be shoddy construction, must be because of a truck crossing it….

    • vincent

      The company that owns the truck is going to argue the woman on the moped is responsible haha

      • Rick in China

        The poor lady will end up unable to sue/be compensated by anyone in this kinda blame game..sad day for her and her moped. Maybe if she puts on a green hat that crazy dude will buy her a new one.

        • vincent

          Then he’ll proceed to smash the moped cause of the lead acid battery, a no win situation for her, if only it was a Japanese car :P

    • xiaopengyou

      That’s one well built truck. Not only did it collapse the bridge, but
      it also crushed the support pillar(s) to oblivion. And after all this, the frame and payload box of truck didn’t bend at all. ;-)

  • dave

    Build it up with bricks and mortar,
    Bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar,
    Build it up with bricks and mortar,
    My fair lady.

    Bricks and mortar will not stay,
    Will not stay, will not stay,
    Bricks and mortar will not stay,
    My fair lady.

  • MrT

    My comment is overloaded so will disappear into the river also.

  • Cynic

    Guess who gets paid to repair the bridge?

    • MrT


      • Cynic

        the same company that built it probably

        • Fraser Stewart

          Is that before or after Hu Jintao and his bodies got their kick back?

          • ShuangXi

            Before, of course. How can it be a kickback if it comes first?

  • Slob

    Must have been the Japanese…

  • cc

    I wonder if the bridge had any weight restriction signs near it? Overloaded truck or shite construction indeed

  • moop

    “The driver climbed out of the truck and saved another woman who also fell into the river. ” uhhh, anyone else see how shallow that water is? did this woman have no legs? even a dog can paddle and this water is very calm.

    also, that bridge is a piece of shit. more tofu construction

    • vincent

      Kudos to the driver though, after being in an accident he still had the presence of mind to save someone else.

      • dave

        And the presence of mind to slip away, knowing that he’d likely be blamed for the trouble.

        • vincent

          lol exactly smart, smart guy!

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    Maybe the truck was driven by a laowai?

    • A Lu

      Most definitely a japanese truck driven by a korean temporary worker

    • vincent

      Probably seeing as how he saved a woman as well it must have been a laowai, good catch

    • linette lee

      hahaha…lol you guys are so crazy.

  • Fraser Stewart

    In Communist China, there is no corruption, that’s why all our public roads and buildings are so strong and sturdy.

    • dave

      Every time you post “in Communist China…” I expect a joke. Instead, it is always more whining. I am becoming sorely disappointed.

      • Fraser Stewart

        I try to write them as jokes. Maybe you should do a few to show me how it’s done.

        • dave

          In the West, sometimes truck breaks down on bridge. In Communist China , bridge breaks down on truck!

          • Ruffled Feathers

            That was good

          • vincent

            I lol’ed :)

          • Fraser Stewart

            Good, now all you need to do is take one of those pics, together with a pic of a broken down truck on a bridge. Write that meme underneath, and bam, new internet meme! Unfortunately my abilities with a computer aren’t good enough to do that, so Dave, over to you.

            While we’re at it, can you think of an “In Communist China..” joke related to a man shitting in the street?

          • dave

            In the West, not everyone is privy to the word on the street. In Communist China, the street is a privy!


            Also, too lazy to do the shoop right now.

          • Fraser Stewart

            In the west there are public toilets on the street, in communist China, the street is a public toilet.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            In the west, traffic regulations are the law, in Communist China, they are an inconvenience

          • Ruffled Feathers

            in Communist China, it’s better to drive with your headlights off at night and on in the daytime

          • Ruffled Feathers

            in Communist China, a dog is not man’s best friend, but man’s best meal

          • Ruffled Feathers

            in Communist China, a cold can be cured

          • Duke

            In the west poison is for killing pests. In communist China poison is for EVERYTHING.

          • dave


          • Mao Ze ShenmeDongDong

            In Communist China, man only shit on street; dog only fetch stick to remove shit from paw.

            Dang.. I’ve got nothing.

          • dave

            In the West, portable toilet was invented to let man poop on street.

            In Communist China, it wasn’t.

          • Fraser Stewart

            In the west, you have portable toilets so you can shit on the street. In communist China, you can just shit on the street directly.

          • Fraser Stewart

            In the west you use public toilet, in communist China you do toilet in public.

          • Fraser Stewart

            How about this one, I know it’s not related to this story but I want to practise.

            In the West you hack the government, in Communist China, the government hacks you.

          • Fast Orange

            *golf clap*

  • Fraser Stewart

    I wonder when the Chinese people will start getting fucking pissed about all the corruption here. Schools collapse during an earthquake, while nearby buildings are still standing. Trains crash into each other, and now bridges collapse. Seriously, do the Chinese people not want a responsible government?

    • Manfred

      Only a few (mostly living in state-owned B&B places), the others don’t dare to want that.

    • Jahar

      But damn japan for claiming those islands they claimed 40 years ago, that no one has ever used for anything, cept that one japanese guy.

    • linette lee

      I roughly estimate that only like 10% of china chinese understand that the china gov’t are corrupted and they must do a reform. Those people are usually the college graduates and they are like working class, stuck at the bottom and can’t advance because no connection.

      The other 60% are mostly peasants living in rurals. Most are uneducated and don’t know what’s going on. Don’t realize that the china gov’t is corrupted. Have no knowledge of the world outside china or gov’ts outside china. No comparison, so don’t know any better or what’s right and what’s wrong.

      Another 10% really love communism. And really believe that is what China needs. Old fashion and traditional.

      Another 20% do not want any reform at all because they are at the top with power and wealth. They live above the law and live like emperors. They are the gov’t parties and rich business men with connection. The people who control China.

      • Germandude

        linette, your statement is a guess. Not an estimate. An estimate is actually based on more than feelings and I think your percentages are well off, especially since they make not much sense.

        First: “I roughly estimate that only like 10% of china chinese understand that the china gov’t are corrupted and they must do a reform”

        I think that percentage is well over 80%. Everybody knows about corruption here. Some people accept it because they profit from it at the receiving end, some accept it because they profit from it by bribing someone and most accept it because “that’s the way it goes”, while themselves don’t have the chance to ever bribe “the right guy”. However, on a small local level they probably also bribe for smaller favors.

        Second: “The other 60% are mostly peasants living in rurals. Most are uneducated and don’t know what’s going on”

        I think that exactly these guys know quite a bit about what’s going on. They are often the people that suffer from others taking shortcuts. Or maybe losing land because some rich guy decided to build a factory on their acres and has connected to the right official.

        “Another 10% really love communism.”

        First, I think more than 10% of the people here love communism (most likely many don’t even know what it is). And again, I would assume the believe of “communism being the right cause” is most likely more spread in the rural areas.

        What I am trying to say is: Your split up in 10%-60%-10%-20% doesn’t make much sense. People can belong to several of your mentioned groups at the same time. E.g. A communism loving farmer that lives in the rural areas who knows about corruption.

      • the ace of books

        Only 10% understand there’s corruption? You’re absolutely joking, right?

        If you’re not: Dude, no. Just no. People know there’s corruption – you can’t finance jack without a little something on the side, you can’t have a social function without oiling the wheels a bit, you can’t start a construction site but the money goes half-elsewhere. People know the system is corrupt. Sometimes they deplore it, but don’t mind if it works in their favor. And very few will fight corruption when it works for them.

        And as for your 60%, I’mma have to call BS on that, too. Uneducated doesn’t mean ignorant or stupid – believe me, you can have ignorant educated folks. Country folk might not know much of the outside world, but that doesn’t mean they’re complacent or morally incapable. Really, the nerve.

        And one last BS: There’s people who can like all, or part, of the communist ideals without necessarily liking the system, nor advocating it in real life. People for whom “changing the country” means “fixing what we have,” not “tossing it out and getting a new one”.

  • A Lu

    If a heavily overloaded truck can still move from point A to point B, I wonder why a sturdy bridge will collapse under the weight of one single overloaded truck

    • [email protected]

      excellent point!

    • A Lu

      But I have to say this “obviously made up excuses that no one believes and powerless people aware of the fact they can’t really do anything about it” reminds me a lot of southern Europe, where I come from.

  • [email protected]

    Wow. One overloaded truck was all it took huh? Good think this was only a Chinese bridge, otherwise this could have been quite embarrassing

  • Peye

    Question is : What was the bridge rated for ? 5 Ton ,10 Tons , 20Tons or more ? What was the total weight of the truck or trucks when crossing the bridge.

    • Cynic

      a full 40′ container can weigh 20 tons plus the equipment another 6 tonnes.

      that bridge should have been able to support at least 6 trucks so at the bare minimum 150 tons

      trucks fully loaded with stones probably weigh more than 30 tons a piece.

      there is also the issue of how many wheels. like how the load is distributed. like high heels have a very high amount of weight per cm^2. overloaded trucks and not enough wheels can cause undue stress on certain parts of the bridge causing a fissure to form and subsequent collapse.

      • Containers? That’s a dump truck and it’s shorter than a container lorry. The shorter the truck the lighter the load needs to be otherwise the weight is concentrated on fewer axles and is not distributed, like you said. This is the worst kind of bridge, just flat concrete slabs on columns, without any girder support underneath. The forward momentum of the trucks alone can easilt get this kind to topple like dominoes. This bridge looks like it might have safely held one 20-30 tonne truck.

        • Fraser Stewart

          But dude, those things cost money!! Where am I supposed to get the money, when my giant 30 bedroom mansion needs another swimming pool?


          Hu Jintao

  • Fraser Stewart

    That’s what happens when you make bridges out of paper to save money.

  • Johhny China

    think about the chinese liberation army wants to path its way to the coastline to defeat mighty china from the mad japanese, with their tanks having to cross some bridges… they will be defeated before they even arrive at the battleground…

    • matterh

      nope CHina’s tanks weigh over 40 tons number only 1000 most Chinese armor are APC weighing less than 10 tons. they would cross even this bridge with no problem . that truck can weigh 5x more than a btr-60 APC and still move at 20 kph. curious the russian army has the largest tank force at 10000 tanks weigh over 40 tons, they would never travel in China

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Overloaded, my ass. Even if THE truck was overloaded, it should not collapse the whole freakin’ bridge. The cause of this incident (along with nearly all such happenings in the PRC) was due to extremely (and willfully) poor infrastructure, plain and simple.

  • Snazzy_Brett

    Hey, to those who have been asking and showing support, my daughter was born this afternoon!! Thanks for caring guys! I’ll be back soon!

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Congratulations Brett, may she bring you many years of joy and happiness!

    • [email protected]

      Big congratulations!!! my advice – pay close attention to her sleeping position, so she doesn’t get a flat head in the back. It happened to my daughter :S

    • vincent

      Congratulations Brett, welcome to the club :D Hope both your wife and daughter are doing well :)

    • Wonderful news, Brett. You know, “Little Wolf” is a really good name even for a girl : )

    • mr.wiener

      Congrats daddy Brett. Hope she is strong and doesn’t grow up to break her father’s heart too much :)

    • Getrealson

      congrats bro, no greater joy in the world.

    • Gontraf

      Best wishes to you and your newly extended family !

    • Jahar

      Love the 2 thumbs down. Congrats dude.

    • moop


      as for 2 thumbs down, probably beijinger in beijing and jin chin

      • Ruffled Feathers

        Seriously, why would anyone down rate this?

    • Germandude

      Congratulations sir. All the luck and health to your kid!

    • linette lee

      OH….congratulations!! hello Sandra, how are you today? Her name is Sandra I believe.

      Brett, how is your wife? she’s good?

    • jin

      congratz becoming a dad. and moop even in these posts you have to blame someone?

      • Pretty sure he meant the other “jin”. He told me on QQ that he likes you. ; )

        Brett, whenever Chinese friends have a baby, I always get a bag of quick-drying cement and a cheap plastic bowl….pour the cement powder into the bowl, add water and stir. You got about 30 seconds to a minute so you need to work fast. Make a hand print and a foot print in the cement (put a thin sheet of plastic over the bowl so the alkali in the cement won’t burn her skin) Carve her name and date and any other pertinent details. Pop it out of the bowl and spray-paint it and VOILA!, you have a lifetime keepsake. The families always dig the shit out of it. Everybody likes my gift the best and it only cost about 5 kuai worth of materials.

        Fun with arts and crafts on Chinasmack.

    • Duke


    • Kate

      If I were going to Korea before January, Id bring you a bag full of newborn clothes, I have a while dresser full of baby clothes my little girl can’t wear anymore…

    • the ace of books

      Excellent, congratulations! Have you a name for her?

  • Manfred

    Bridge collapses under truck in Harbin. What did people learn from that? Bridge collapses under truck in Jiangsu. What did people learn from that? Drunk driver kills 9 people in Jiangning (Nanjing/Jiangsu). What did people learn from that? High speed “rear-end” collision destroys Ferraris. What did people learn from that?

    Yes, all the questions have the same answer. So sit back and wait for the next heavy accident to be reported in the media. (I almost wrote “sit back and enjoy the next …” Ouch!)

  • There are serious issues with corruption, poor construction techniques and materials, and general don’t-give-a-shitness, but almost every country has gone through this stage, and many seemingly developed countries are still in it or reverting back to it.The Chinese media does a rather poor job of researching other countries’ industrial and infrastructure accident/disaster history and using that research to at least get the finger wagging to chill out a bit. I few minutes of research in any Western newspaper archives for terms such as “mine accident”, “bridge collapse”, “shoddy construction to blame”, etc. will yield plenty of stories that seem straight out of China’s current news, yet they are from US, UK, German, Japanese, and Australian papers during the heyday of their development. I’m not justifying it at all, and think the morons who let that shit happen should be in jail, I just think the media response is really weak.

    • The difference being that the development you’re talking about was historical, lessons were learned and they don’t happen very often anymore. China has had all the benefit of hindsight, but still builds poorly. I work in the construction industry in China, and the standards here compared to the majority of the developed world are appalling. They have standards, they just don’t enforce them. When the guy who’s in charge of the standards is on the payroll of the guys doing the building, this stuff happens.

  • BigJ

    Maybe it’s not curruption…maybe Chinese just suck at building bridges. I think it’s alittle bit of both:) 2 Wongs don’t make a right.

  • BigJ

    It’s hard to see but it seems the truck never had much of a load.

  • Mongchild

    I CAN actually see a bit of rebar sticking out of the concrete in that photo, if you look carefully you can see maybe 2 or 3 one inch thick rebars for the whole section. Just another day on the mainland.

    CCP is just incompetant from top to bottom, just give it a few years and the whole edifice will come toppling down. then you’ll see KMT election trucks (the ones with the 1000 watt tannoys) rolling through the streets of shanghai.

  • Getrealson

    Would love to know how old the bridge is. You can never tell by looking at buildings/infrastructure in China. Behind our complex there is a new housing block that was completed 12 months ago and it looks 30 years old already. The pipes have started to rust, there is cracks in the outer walls and the drainage blocks during heavy rain.

  • You know Who

    Why overload???? If the lorry is 1 ton and a car follows from behind, is this overload too? Always blaming others stink when he himself is digging his own ass hole.

  • Jahar

    “According to another eye witness, after the incident happened, the
    driver struggled to climb out of his truck and it was then that he
    discovered another woman struggling in the water who was liable to drown
    at any moment. He swam toward her in a hurry, grabbed this woman in
    danger and pulled her onto the bank with all his strength. Then he
    slipped away limping, probably injured as well.”

    Quality piece of objective journalism here. Might as well say,

    “The driver, after lifting the truck off of himself, or something, discovered a woman being sucked to the bottom by a kraken, probably. He then rescued her from certain death, or pruney fingers. most likely the former.”

    • Cooljackal

      That’s how they do things out here man. Look at the stuff that comes out of NK. They make it sound like excerpts of the Iliad mixed with bible verses!

  • linette lee

    …..excuse of being] overloaded, it can be extended nationwide……….

    …………I believe that if there wasn’t the woman riding the electric bike, it wouldn’t have been overloaded, so she should take 50% of the responsibility…….

    hahaha lol..the chinese netizens are getting funnier. They have a sense of humor.. lol…

  • George Washington

    One truck alone does not overload a bridge. It was not even that big of a truck. Come on good citizens of China, wake up. The poor leadership of China gives you terrible and dangerous construction quality of your roads,bridges and buildings. This will continue until you stand up and demand change.

    • matterh

      i think Chinese companies like the ones that owned the truck either accept their losses or push for accountabilitty. i understand why passenger train accidents dont get any changes if the passengers were all peasants. but ya think the big coal mines and freight costs would be complaining

  • White Guy in USA

    Even if China over night changed its ways and made the best infrastructure starting the next morning, you would still have the ticking time bomb of the already bad infrastructure waiting to collapse, derail or, meltdown into a radioactive mess.

  • tranxenne

    Truck was probably Japanese brand. Bridge just showed support for motherland (or lack of support for Japanese trucks)

  • El Puma R.

    those netizens are SO retarded. OF COURSE the bridge collapsed because of the overloading… what other reason could you find? The porblem here is how much weight can those bridges take, and for how long. Not some stupid slave driver .

  • Seppo

    Wow…fucktard seppo circlejerk comment section again. Stay classy sepposmack

    • vincent


  • Cooljackal

    I guess we (in the states) still need to see what real crumbling infrastructure looks like :)

  • Harland

    Important data missing, of course. How old was the bridge? It doesn’t look new. What weight was it graded for? How much can that sort of truck carry even if overloaded? Where the hell is it, exactly? How about a link to Baidu maps? In America you can look up all bridge data on government websites.

    • Fraser Stewart

      There was a story several years ago about trucks driving over bridges, when over the weight limit in the UK. What was happening was, drivers were using their SAT NAVs to go from A to B, and the SAT NAV was directing them over roads that had bridges they were much to heavy for.

      The interesting part is, some of these bridges were several hundred years old, i.e. built before cars and trucks were invented. Not one of them collapsed like this, however, several of them were badly damaged, and that was only after being driven over repeatedly by vehicles that were too heavy.

  • bert

    I liked this part of the story, “Then he slipped away limping”. ha ha! China!

  • Fraser Stewart

    In the west, you blame government, in communist China, government blames you.

  • 平凡人

    Do not waste tax payer’s money to analyse and find the root cause, all bridges collapsing in China are due to overloading; by default. Contractors can continue their cheap poor quality practice.

    • Fraser Stewart

      Don’t worry, that money certainly isn’t being wasted. I hear Hu Jintao’s son just bought a luxury 20 million RMB apartment in Beijing. That money’s got to come from somewhere right?

  • the ace of books

    I like not only how the netizens are taking this with humor, but also how they know exactly what the excuse and result will be. I’m a little astounded at commenters above wondering at how them folks in China don’t know about corruption — um, yes, they in fact do. They’re perfectly aware that it’s not actually overloading that caused this. Shit, one look at a Chinese construction site – pick any, there’s sure to be one within a mile of you – will tell you it’s not overloading.

    Corruption, substitution, and lack of enforcement. It’s all gotta be fixed from the inside out.

    • jeffli

      This level of corruption?……It will NEVER be fixed.
      While a society is willing to tolerate such evil acts as doping milk with melamine resulting in the death of their own children, then corruption will never be controlled in the “central kingdom”.
      control the head of the dragon and the tail will whip you.
      grab the tail and the dragon bites you!

      • lonetrey / Dan

        sounds like they need a dragonslayer.

        Even gigantic corrupt beasts can be brought down, long as you have the right people do the job.

        • donscarletti

          In the immortal words of Wikipedia, &ltcitation needed&gt.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Lets drive overloaded trucks from inner mongolia down to shenzhen and see what happens to the continent. May want to watch that one from outer space.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    I mean seriously, i could do a better job with Legos or ice cream sticks. ^^,

  • jasonbourne

    That shows how stupid the Chinese are…How can you blame the truck for being overloaded?? Bridges are meant to be built to withstand loaded heavy vehicles!!

  • jd

    everything made in china is crap ….etc…blah blah blah

  • BertoLambarda

    New report on WSJ interviewed a foreigner living close to this bridge in jiangsu and even after the collapse the local government didn’t spend much effort to secure the site: “They (the government) should at least place some red flags at the danger spots, so people be wary of the danger”. A local citizen interviened with the statement: “Haven’t you seen the red flag when you entered the country?!”

    • Germandude

      Haha, that’s a good one, I give you that.

  • Bobby

    When they open the viaduc of Millau in France, they conduct load test with 30 trucks driving head-to-butt loaded with 30 to 40 tons each.

    Nothing collapsed.

    I wonder if they ever conduct load resistance test on that bridge.

    Note that the big bridge that link Shanghai to Ningbo, 杭州湾跨海大桥, is still standing.

  • wang

    If my pants where to collapse so low, would it be reasonable to blame an overloaded underwear? In America, many youth wear collapsed pants, not to blame underwear, but to blame corruption in government. Yes, even in America.

  • Jeff

    The Chinese art of making bridges out of paper mache! In use for 5000 years and still working fine!

  • Jeff

    I weigh 120 kilos. Glad I wasn’t on the bridge that day as I am sure they would have blamed me.

  • “lolololololol”