Bridge Jumping Chinese Parkour Enthusiast’s Body Found

Wang Zijian, a Chinese youth in Sichuan who jumped to his death from a bridge.

Wang Zijian.

From Sina:

Body of Sichuan Parkour Enthusiast Who Went Missing After Jumping into River Found 8 Days Later

From Chengdu Commercial Daily (reported by Zhou Taiyang, Zhang Bingrao), April 6, Parkour enthusiast Wang Zijian went missing after jumping into the Tuojiang River from Tuojiang Bridge No.1 in Luhzou which is located at where the Yangtze River and Tuojiang River meet. Yesterday [April 14], on the 8th day of Wang Zijian’s disappearance, his body was found over 10 kilometers away downstream in the Yangtze River.

Yesterday [April 14] morning, over 10 kilometers on the Yangtze River downstream from where the incident occurred, on a sand dredger near the Guifei Garden of Luhzou Jiangyang District Huangyi Town, boatman Old Qiu was busy as usual. “Old Qiu, seems like something got caught by the buoy tender,” a nearby boatman from the Junfeng told Old Qiu. Then, Old Qiu asked the captain of the Qinglong No.9 to go check it with him on a skiff. When the skiff was near the buoy tender, they discovered that the steel cable of the buoy tender had hooked a dead body. The two of them called the police afterwards. The police dispatched a speedboat to salvage the body. According to a policeman at the scene, there were no evident bruises on the body, “however, because of the huge impact from the dive, his face was apparently twisted/warped.”

Because the characteristics of the dead body was similar to the height of the previously missing Wang Zijian, the police informed this situation to Wang Zijian’s family members. Yesterday [April 14] afternoon, at about 2:30pm, Wang Zijian’s mother, his uncle, and some other family members arrived at the Luzhou City morgue. The Wangs identified the deceased as indeed being Wang Zijian. Upon seeing him, mother Wang burst into tears: “Jian Jian, you can’t do this to your mother…” She passed out before she could finish. The other family members immediately rushed to bring her back to consciousness.

According to Wang Zijian’s uncle, because of his parents’ divorce, Wang Zijian has lived with his mother ever since he was small. “She suffers from depression, and before this, her son was her biggest concern. Now her boy is gone, and we don’t know if she can get through this.” It has been known that Wang Zijian’s body will be cremated today [April 15]. After Wang Zijian’s disappearance, other parkour enthusiasts in Luzhou had from time to time come to the riverside to mourn him. “Now that the child has been found, we’ll tell the other enthusiasts, so they can see Jian Jian one last time,” says Wang Zijian’s uncle.

Comments from Sina:

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手机用户 [四川成都]:

These kids know only to do things they like, but forget to do things their parents like~which is to be healthy and alive!

guest [上海]:

Disregarding one’s safety is the worst way of being unfilial!

氷的眼淚 [上海]:

How could other people save him? By having another person jump down 40 meters? By the time people made their way to the riverside, he had been already been carried away [by the current]. This is a river, not some small brook in front of your home!

4371醉 [福建福州]:

So cool you died, right?! Next time, remember not to think with your ass.

[Note: 跑酷 pao ku is the Chinese word for “parkour” and literally means “running cool”.]

手机用户 [广东深圳]:

Nowadays kids don’t know what responsibility is.

手机用户1793461937 [浙江杭州]:

This kid is so irresponsible to his mother. It wasn’t easy for his mother to raise him, yet just like this, he’s gone. “The grey haired burying the black haired”, it shouldn’t be like this!!!

手机用户 [北京]:

Although this is a case of suffering the consequences of one’s choices, I still want to say: Rest in peace.

手机用户 [山东潍坊]:

Parkour is a type of physical exercise, not for ignorantly showing off.

guest [新西兰]:

Now that you’re dead, there’s nothing “cool” left.

手机用户 [广东广州]:

You only live once, don’t treat life as a game.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


China needs this kind of fear-no-death spirit!


This Darwin Award winner… has been found.


Reading the comments, seems a lot of people are criticizing him. I want say: those who have different values have no right to speak! And people who are in pursuit of their dreams don’t ever need to be understood!!! Life itself is a bet, it may be colorful, it may be mediocre, it may be a worthy death, or it may be life-long gloom!!!


His bad judgement is a warning to other people. So everyone’s departing has something to do with his/her fate. He’s dead, and certain people are still taking pleasure in his misfortune. The real nao can are these people who show no respect to the dead. [弱][蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]


A SB’s behavior. Then there will be someone who’ll say: Live free and die proudly for your dreams.


Next time bring a condom, use it as a swim ring if necessary.


Playing with one’s life and one’s life played out! Didn’t treat parkour as a sport/exercise, only wanted to attract eyeballs. God is above. Look at your mother’s torn heart, can you rest in peace?


Wanted to play parkour in the water? Isn’t that too difficult?!


Overconfident. The price to pay is death. This young man is so really stupid.


A worthy death, good, good. To die doing what one loves is better than most people dying slowly to their last breath on a hospital bed.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • MrT

    Fish food.


      LOL, yeah in this case he literally was fish food.

      • Eurotrash

        That’s what MrT said.

  • Rick in China

    I love the comments talking about the “worthy death”. Doing a 40m faceplant into a river is worthy of only one thing, and 1 Chinese comment got it right: Darwin Awards Numba 1.

    He died doing what he loved < this type of shit is a joke, obviously he had never done it before and he just has horrible judgement..his death is like a modern-day Lei Feng in regards to stupidity.

    • slob

      “He died doing what he loved best” – Diving 40m face first into unbroken water and having your face mashed into a warped shape then writhing around in the water in pain afterwards before being carried downstream in filthy river water. Yeah, that’s the life bro.

    • Panda Banana

      loved the risk probably, and yes, there is nothing wrong in dying while looking for some sort of satisfaction, there are worst ways to die then that…

      • Indeed, one thing we can agree on. I could have been drowned in a flash food, broken my leg while exploring an abandoned asylum and not been found, or in life, you can take chances and do what most don’t. One thing is for sure this is just a temporary stop until the final destination….

        • Rick in China

          Sounds exciting – adventure is the best part of life.. I’m the explorer type also, no asylums – kilimanjaro, rwanda rain forest, inca trail type though :D

          • Thanks for the reply. I suppose urban exploration is the opposite of the places you like exploring, but as man and concrete has encroached on the natural environment, city dwellers try to explore what lies beneath, forgotten and hidden in their own city. Canada is on my bucket list:


            Toronto FTW!

          • Speedy_Cheese

            Wow, that looks terrifying to me! My sister loves visiting places like this, as well as abandoned buildings and cave diving. Would not be me! I prefer the sublime cliffs of the trails we have here in Canada, but hey, each to their own!
            Hope you enjoy your time here in Canada when you cross it off your bucket list. :)

    • All about prior judgement. Back in my youth I liked exploring storm drains/sewers. Yet I never drowned or suffered any injuries except perhaps a bit of back strain and wet legs. Due dilligence and research pays off when doing adventurous stuff imho.

  • mr.wiener

    Love the comments section above, what a bunch of beta arseholes. “Serves you right”, “should have thought about your family”.etc no doubt all nodding their heads sagely.
    I’m not saying what he did was sensible, just that if he’d succeeded they’d be the same ones lauding his achievement as proof of national manhood.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.

    • Schadenfreude, Herr Wiener.

    • Rick in China

      Well, the same could be said about most any of these type of situations. When the darwin winner that strapped jet (like airplane jet) engines to a car hoping he could break some speed records launched the vehicle at superspeed into a cliff face, most people would react with a… “you fucking idiot, serves you right” reply, whereas if he succeeded, would say “holy shit, that dude is the craziest stunt driver evar”.. no?

    • GLUXSZ .

      lol you’re an idiot

    • Panda Banana

      “schadenfreude”, or “sich an jemandens schaden erfreuen” or “freude verspuren am leid anderer” or “sich hämisch freuen” or simply “Häme”…so “schadenfreude” or “Häme” is the way to go, even i am sure that even most germans would not understand what “Häme” means. I studied in Germany and my german should pretty good, my latin too, so “malevolenits” or “malevolentia” sounds much cooler. The french say “joie mauvaise” or something like that. This are the only languages i know of who has an actual word for that, while most other languages just describe shit, this particular languages have an actual word for it. As we know chinese are the kings when it comes to describe shit…

      • linette lee

        y tu eres un imbecil y maricon. Es probable que tu tienes herpes.
        Que tanta basura puede alguien hablar? por favor, callate la boca y salir del China.

        • Panda Banana

          wow baby, let me put this together:

          i am gay, i have herpes, i talk shit, i should shut my mouth, and should get out of china?

          take some pills and come down. Again you are acting like a looser

          BTW, just out of interest:

          Why primitives always use the term “gay” when they like to insult someone? You should think about that!

          Ok you showed us that you can put together some insults in a foreign language. Apart from that, is there anything productive you can accomplish in your real life? Probably not?!

          Go feed some cage people in HK!

      • Yes, we get it, you speak German. However, the standard “schadenfreude” as used in English shall suffice.

        • Panda Banana

          If its sufficient is up to the individual to decide. You made the decision for yourself, let others decide for themselves…

          • He was looking for the German word that was added to the English vocabulary. Either way, I doubt he’ll say “hmm, yes, those French and Latin phrases are exactly what I was looking for when I asked for a German word”. As for Germandude’s question: “malicious-joy” isn’t used often because we just use “schadenfreude” in English.

      • Germandude

        Most people won’t know “Häme” cause it’s not used anymore. It’s an old term that has been substituted (completely) by the word Schadenfreude. However, “hämisch” is used. Also, commonly replaced by “boshaft”.

        Honestly, I don’t know why I am writing this, lol.

        The English synonyme for “Schadenfreude” should be “malicious-joy”. Now my question is: Is “malicious-joy” not used often?

        • Panda Banana

          yes, i too think it was an old word. Either way “haeme” or “schadenfreude” are substantives and there is no plural for them.

          “Haemisch” would be and adjective then? and “schadenfreude” would become “schadenfreudig”, right?

          I thought that “bosshaft” has more in common with “gehaessig”, rather with “schadenfreude”, which really describes the feeling of joy when witnessing other peoples misfortune, failures which result in some sort of damage,accident, loss and so on…

          • donscarletti

            Yep, nothing beats discussing German vocabulary in English to show how smart you are.

          • Panda Banana

            that was not my intention. I am just thrilled to have the chance to discuss some german with someone who IS german. Just took the opportunity, if it came across like bragging, well that depends on the angle the observer look at the whole thing….thats the burden smart people have to carry and deal with!

          • donscarletti

            Yes, you certainly came across that way.

            A smart person asking smart questions would let the the addressee do most of the talking, rather than presenting three clauses about what you already know, with a single “right?” asking for confirmation.

            If you want good and informative answers from Germandude or anyone else, you must let that person structure the answers themselves. That way, you’re catering to _their_ ego, making them more willing to help, as well as giving them an opportunity to tell you things that you don’t already know.

            I only tell you this because I did such things in the past, and shamefully still occasionally do it. It was only when I went to a screening and heard some pretentious Australian moron waste 10 minutes of Guillermo del Toro’s as well as 200 other attendees time telling GdT himself about Mexican politics/history, disguised as a question that I really realised how annoying it is.

            A question is as only as smart as its answer. If it’s answer is “yeah, you’re right”, then that’s not much of a smart question.

          • Panda Banana

            i learned something! thanks scarletti, i agree with most of your post!

          • mr.wiener

            Note how they fell into my cunningly constructed trap where I didn’t remember the pretentious German word for……….

        • Panda Banana

          yes, i too think it was an old word. Either way “haeme” or “schadenfreude” are substantives and there is no plural for them.

          “Haemisch” would be and adjective then? and “schadenfreude” would become “schadenfreudig”, right?

          I thought that “bosshaft” has more in common with “gehaessig”, rather with “schadenfreude”, which really describes the feeling of joy when witnessing other peoples misfortune, failures which result in some sort of damage,accident, loss and so on…


      True he’d be lionized if he succeeded but it’s also hard to feel sympathy for someone so incredibly stupid and irresponsible. I’m not reveling in his death but I don’t really feel sympathy. I’d say this is one story where you’d find similar reactions if it happened in other countries too. His only saving grace to me was that he didn’t put anyone else in danger with his stunt. If for example he was driving drunk and speeding and then died in a fiery crash, I’d be glad he was dead, if for no other reason that he won’t put anyone else in danger in the future.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      You can be sad or even pity the family without showing respect to the deceased. It might have caused someone great pain to see him go, but seriously the guy deserves a Darwin award for really dumb way to die.

  • This story doesn’t expand upon the previous one in any way. All we learn from the above is:

    1) He’s dead. So he presumably gave other bystanders something else to look at since the 8 days he’s been missing.
    2) His body has head trauma. Nuts to those who guessed that he suffered from a “heart attack”.
    3) They can keep harping that this is “parkour” when it obviously isn’t.

    In the absence of anything new to say, it’s blame. *shakes fist at France* (how dare you have Donnie Yen fight choreograph “Brotherhood of the Wolf”)

  • God bless him, he when out doing what he loved!

    • Panda Banana

      god has very little to do with it, there is nothing to bless, even for a god. He was born, lived and then died, no big secret there if you ask me. Gods can bless him as much as they like, he will get no second chance…rest in peace my ass, his time was up, simple as that!

      • Jehovah loves you!

        • Panda Banana

          So does baby jesus, yet i still prefer the company of a fine ass bitch, down and dirty!

          • With a big round saggy ass, or a nice peachy butt? That is the question, anything bigger than a big handful and it is trouble I reckon….

  • Panda Banana

    why they still write 40m, when the bridge was definitely less then 20 in height….

    • Rick in China

      You know – I think you’re right. It looks like it’s about equivalent to a 6-7 story building in height. It may be a little over 20, but it’s definitely not 40.. did you read this somewhere or do the math from the pictures?

      • Panda Banana

        i posted this 2 times already (funny thing, the post was down voted BTW:-)).still scratch my head about that, in case you find something offensive with the post bellow, let me know….)

        however, here is a quick copy and paste:

        “hmmmm, 40 meters, really ??? when i look at the first picture with the 4 story building in the background its obvious that the height he jumps of is equal to the rooftop of the building behind. Lets say 1 floor is around 3 meter in height, or fuck it make it even 3,50 which is not. That would make the level he jumps from LESS then 15 meter! However add another 2-5 meter from the edge to the water level, like it can be seen in the last pic looking at the other side of the river. Its still less then 20 meter!”

        thats it. I dont think it takes a genius to see that, yet, everyone is jumping on the 40m train. Kinda like the girl in the elevator and other BS…

        • Panda Banana

          so my wild guess is that they increased the actual hight cause:

          1. make it sound more interesting

          2. give his death a bit more dignity

          3. a chinese is not allowed to die when jumping of the height of 15 meters.

          4. when it really was a head fracture, then he must have hit ground, cause i very much doubt that you can fracture your head jumping of just 15m..i GUESS a heart attack, either during fall or when he hit ground.

          5. “chinese parcour enthusiast dies cause of heart failure while jumping off a 15 meter bridge”, makes for a shit story and would earn nothing else then ill laughter….so 40m just sounds more heroic.

          6. in addition you can check the picture the moment he jumps where his friend can be seen in the background at water level, pretty obvious thats not 40meter..

          Even public swimming pools have 10m towers where we as children pulled off all kind of stunts. I don’t know if 5 meters more would make any difference…if 10meter would be life threatening then i doubt that they would built such dive towers in most of the public swimming pools in western countries. cant speak for 15-20, so i guess it does make a difference?

          • Chris McKenna

            There was a big river where I used to live in Nanyang. It was really wide and seemed to be deep until they started building another bridge and closed of a dam upstream, Turns out it was only a few meters deep.

          • Panda Banana

            yeah, its obvious when looking at the last pic where you can see the other river side that the water level was low on that particular day. This makes me think he probably hit the ground…..

    • donscarletti

      Which would you rather have written on your obituary?

      • Panda Banana

        well, i am the wrong person to ask, since i don’t believe in the after life, don’t give a shit about what happens to my body after i die, or what people will think of me after my death… know why? cause i will be fucking dead!

        but you brought up and interesting point, which i addressed to a certain degree in my reply to Rick further bellow…

  • Bugs Bunny

    at least they found his body, poor boy!

  • cc

    Found bob, bob, bobbing along the river.

  • He should have bigger arms, or he is tugging off with his other hand?

  • gghfdhdfhdf

    chinasmack: “Jian Jian, you do this to your mother…”

    when she actually said ” Jian Jian, you CAN’T do this to your mother…”

    • Sorry, that is my fault. I had edit Peter’s translation and that is exactly what I intended. :(

  • Panda Banana

    He died doing parcour and most likely cause of a heart failure…that’s obvious!!!!

    Parcour seems to be a pretty dangerous activity!!!

  • Chris McKenna

    The comments on family are pretty interesting. In the past my students often told me that in China family was more important than in the west and it someways this seems true. However, I do wonder for some if family is more like an investment. If you pump enough time and money into your kid when they are young then they will support you when they are old.

  • Mudge

    Nothing to do with parkour, it was a diving activity, guy probably hit a log or something solid = death by misadventure.

  • Sanic Hegehog

    Assassin’s Creed done the wrong way.

  • bomber

    This shit is fucking sad… He should’ve looked online for information about diving from a height like that before committing to the stunt.. A young man snuffed out like that is never something to laugh about or look down upon. I agree with Simon above… China needs more guys like this who are willing to put it all on the line.

  • Oh Gosh, why jump to your death. A moment of I believe I can fly to OMG i’m dying so sad.
    please watch and like

  • rest in peace…

    – K&J Fashion)