British Akmal Shaikh Executed, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Executed Briton Akmal-Shaikh

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From Mop:

170 years later, Lin Zexu once again forbids England’s opium!

The highest court has authorised Akmal Shaik’s execution!

The English government’s secret entreaties are useless!

Akmal has been executed by lethal injection!

170 years ago Lin Zexu clearly saw the harm that opium was doing to Guangzhou, searched out all the opium dens, gathered together large amounts of first hand testimonies, and in the nineteenth year of the reign of Daoguang (March 1839) arrived in Guangzhou. On March 19th, Lin Zexu and other officials including Deng Yanzheng summoned thirteen rows of foreign businessmen, and let it be known to them that they were hereby ordered to hand over all of their drugs, and were to never again sell opium, even saying: “As long as there is opium, I will not return, I swear that I won’t stop until the job is finished.”

But the foreign merchants refused to hand over their wares, and after a long struggle, the merchants’ grip was loosened, and all of the opium, approximately 20,000 boxes or 2,370,000 jin, was confiscated. On the twenty second of the fourth month (June 3) it was all burnt on the beach in front of Humen in front of a crowd. In the eighteenth year of the reign of Daoguang, on the fifteenth day of the eleventh month, Lin Zexu was appointed imperial chancellor, and that year, 1839, was the most important year in the history of the banning of opium, and could be said to be Lin Zexu’s most brilliant.

Sometimes Lin Zexu once write a rhyming couplet in his office: “海纳百川有容乃大,壁立千仞无欲则刚”. This couplet’s imagery is vivid, and has a profound message. The first line sternly warns that one should listen to suggestions from all corners, and only then can something be done properly, and an unbeatable position can be assumed. The second is more tempered, when being a government official one must do away with personal wants, and only then can one be unmovable like a mountain, and stand tall. Lin Zexu promoted this kind of energy, commanded respect, and sets an example for his descendants.

And today, 170 years later, an Englishman has once again poured salt in our wounds!!!!!!!!!

Early in the morning of September 12, 2007, Akmal Shaikh of England, on a flight originating from Dushanbe, Turkmenistan, carried 4030 grams of “viper” on an international flight bound for Urumqi’s international airport, in Xinjiang. Upon going through border inspection, our customs officials discovered said “viper” in his carry-on luggage. After inspection, it was discovered to be of 84.2% purity.

Dammit, if you don’t die Akmal, whose soul will we use to honour Lin Zexu’s magnificent deeds?

China isn’t the China of hundreds of years ago!

Almost 200 years later the British government once again is acting out the same part!

But they have forgotten… China isn’t that desolate country any more!

When we banned opium in the past, our country’s power disappeared like the sun at night, when the guns were pointed at our heads, we were as nervous as dogs.

When we ban opium now, our country has the same position on drugs, but the guns of yesteryear are gone, but everyone’s whining.

Comments from Mop:


Nowadays only we can sell drugs, you foreigners want to come here to sell yours and steal our business? Do you wanna die?


Before, Lin Zexu burnt a whole heap of opium, the Brits started a war; today we’ve executed one of them, they can only whine in the background.


That was just an act perpetrated by a single person, why do you have to overstate its significance? Do you want to see the world in chaos? I support the Chinese government’s judgment, and Lin Zexu was a great hero, but there isn’t much connection between the two.


I’d like to know the specific details [of the case]. Why did the English government feel it could meddle [in the case]?


What’s the big hype about this… people are executed by firing squad every day… we shouldn’t be attaching great significance to this execution.




Drug dealers should be killed, drug users also.


History is always complicated. We’ve gone through hundreds of years of history, and we’re at the same place we were 170 years ago! Old Mao said it best: “Imperialism doesn’t die in our hearts!”

Anonymous user 538851:

Prime Minister Brown, do you think that China is stuck in the times of the Opium war? You are an example of an undeveloped life form, an alien that has undergone genetic mutation, a high school student with the development of a kindergartener, a mongoloid inborn frog head, an abandoned infant at the top of Everest, the turd blocking the toilet, a dark descendant of Africa, hermaphrodite gorilla, a hippo squashed by Noah’s ark, the erupting mouth of a new volcano, the shameless sound of a barking horn, an Eskimo’s disgrace, a superman living with cockroaches, a rotting vegetable, a person made of rubbish who smells, the etymological source of the word “spurned”.

Don’t do drugs. For mind altering experiences, try chinaSMACK personals instead.


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