Shanghai Tongji University Now Has “British Egg Fried Rice”

"British Egg Fried Rice"

"British Egg Fried Rice" - a foreigner cooks fried rice outside Tongji University in Shanghai.

From Liba:

Tongji [University] really is becoming more and more enjoyable… After the French crepes at the south gate, a British fried rice has appeared at foot of the doctorate building at the southwest gate…and what more, it looks like it’s even a joint-venture. As I was coming home, there was a British brother hard at work stir-frying the wok… here’s a British fried rice advertisement photo… 笑掉大牙 扬眉

Comments from Liba:


Hehe, not far from where I live, I really want to go take a look.


Are the French crepes good, have you tried them yet?


British egg fried rice… real creative.


Clearly not as professional as the French crepes [stand]~


Apart from the cook being British, the equipment is all Chinese.


We’re not far from American yangrouchuan [lamb skewers/kebabs] now…


British food isn’t really tasty.

This Chinese-British joint venture will probably be an improvement.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do, they’re also using drainage oil and adding various additives!
So delicious! 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙


Laowai like publicity stunts too, hehe, probably knows this/he will become famous.

"British fried rice" in Shanghai.

From KDS:

Following French crepes, British egg fried rice has also checked in

emoticon Now the chengguan have a problem.

Comments from KDS:


[He] can open a Chinese restaurant when he goes back to his country. emoticon


法式薄饼已经被查封了”>The French crepes [stand] has already been shut down.
It’s said because foreign students studying in China do not have work visas
and cannot operate a business. emoticon


The chengguan is now facing the Eight Nation Alliance.


[This is] too niu! Where is it? I must go eat there!


Publicity stunt. Find a foreigner to go through the motions and put up a sign, who doesn’t know how to do this~


Truly an international city.


British egg fried rice? emoticon
It would be more like it if he were making fish & chips.


I’m waiting for Italian fried noodles [“chow mein”].


This peddler’s sanitary conditions aren’t that much different from those of mainland YP.


What’s the white blur behind the cook? emoticonemoticonemoticon
This is PS‘d, right? I’m sure Westerners wouldn’t use used drink bottles to hold oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. emoticonemoticon


Even Westerners are beginning to become street vendors/peddlers.


emoticon Is the oil he’s using imported British drainage oil?


Ever since the French crepes was made famous, this entire week, the chengguan have parked a car promptly at 7pm on Chifeng Road outside the Tongji University side entrance, leaving only at 11pm, not missing a single day.

The other street vendors/peddlers now hate those French people, now forced to go over to Miyun Road on the Hongkou District border, rushing back to Yangpu District at 11pm.


Evil capitalism isn’t working anymore.
They’ve come to our Heavenly Kingdom to make a living.


emoticon Soon there will be Western beggars.

A video:


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