Brother Inspiration: Fat Taiwan Boy With Pretty Girlfriend

Recently spreading on many Chinese BBS forums like Mop, KDS, PCPop

Included on some posts:

Hi everyone, I am 励志哥 [li zhi ge, “Brother Inspiration” or “Brother Encouragement”], and if you are still complaining that you have bad luck and can’t find a good girl, take a look at me.
If you are still complaining that God is not fair to you, take a moment to take a look at me.
Let Brother come show you what is love.
Overwhelmed? Envious? Then emulate Brother, remember Brother, Brother is not a legend, Brother is called Brother Inspiration.

Some information from a human flesh search:

Taipei City Nei-hu Vocational High School
Zhang Fu Jie
Student Number: 401116

100 photos found:

Comment from KDS:


I want to




Beauty and the Beast~~~


Why God???


This girl also looks like a piece of shit


Every time I see this photo, I realize I’m rather handsome.


The real original post [first photos posted].


True love~~ conquers all?


I’m a guy and I can’t even handle it. [She] has heavy taste. I bet his breasts are even bigger than her’s.


This girl is kind…taking care of the handicapped like this…

No excuse now. chinaSMACK personals.

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