Brother Zeng Yike Accused Of Stealing Her ‘Original’ Music


Former Happy Girls [a Chinese singing contest show like American Idol] contestant Zeng Yike (above) became famous for her off-key singing and manly appearance. Soon, silly Chinese netizens named her “Brother Zeng” and compared his her looks to Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) with many, many photoshops. Of course, there were also some people who really like her and think she is very unique.

Over the past two days, Chinese BBS forums have been busy with Chinese netizens discussing the discovery or accusation that Brother Zeng may have plagiarized the music for one of her “original” songs.

From Mop:

The truth is here.

This background music is called “Horizon”.

Zeng Yike claimed more than once that her song was original, but now? After hearing this piece of music, what is there left to say…

Whoever again says “Leo” is original music, you really can go to hell.

Here is the “Horizon” song:

Below are two videos of Zeng Yike performing her “Leo” song. The first one is more clear but begins at 0:49 of the video.

Comments from Tianya:


Doesn’t sing well, but originally said to be able to create [music], I felt Zeng was okay.
Now that her creating is plagiarized,  she is truly devoid of any redeeming qualities.


The beginning is a little similar, but the rest is completely dissimilar, and the refrain portion is even less trace of similarity.


Fuck~~~ it truly is similar~~~

If the times [of when the music was made] can be determined, then basically we can be certain it was plagiarized.


This kind of thing is very common in the music world, right?
When I studied music composition in the past, our classmates’ melodies sometimes would be surprisingly similar.
Of course, these kind of incidents were very rare.
Actually with only so many combination of notes
it is hard to avoid similarities.


Come on, this is too similar.

Brother Zeng, you are such a heartbreak…


The part that is not similar is her singing off-key/out-of-tune…hahaha^^


The lyrics can be considered original, but when I think of the sound of sheep [Zeng’s voice], I feel uncomfortable.


Thank you lou zhu, very beautiful music.

As for Zeng MM, having only seen her that one time, the moment she sang, our entire family haha laughed, I do not even remember what she sang.


Completely the same~~~

Those people who are saying there are only so many sounds as if this is very normal,
I reply with a classic saying:

There is only so much DNA, so why are you not like a pig???

[Pig DNA is most similar/closest to human DNA]


I used to think Zeng could not sing songs but could write song. Now it looks like she can just cheat people!!!

One KDS netizen asked…

Brother Zeng, having done this, can you still call yourself a man?

Another Mop netizen commented…

难道这也算抄袭 [Is this also plagiarism?!]


What do you think? Does Zeng Yike’s “Leo” sound too similar to “Horizon”? Do you think Brother Zeng copied the music?


Written by Fauna

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