Buildings In Gap Under Road In Chongqing

Buildings In Gap Under Road In Chongqing

Buildings In Gap Under Road In Chongqing
Chongqing has “the most 牛B building”, residents use the gap under a road to build a row of apartments. If you aren’t paying particular attention, you’d perhaps miss them. The roof of the buildings is the bottom of the road, with a gap of only three meters between them, and only a one meter gap between buildings. Netizens think that although the buildings don’t affect traffic or passersby after this report the buildings will probably be destroyed, and that one can see that their economic condition isn’t excellent, so why give them a hard time?


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  • Bman

    So they built the houses under the bridge. Nobody noticed. Nobody got paperwork for electrical, water, sewage. They just commandeered the land assuming it was up for grabs.
    Somebody’s got big enough balls :)
    Because of course every city department will say, ‘not my department.’
    Kudos to them; take what you need because there’s nobody gonna help you but yourself, and the ‘houses’ are so cute!.

  • David

    O.K. I doubt poor people built these. Some ‘developer’ took the space, paid off a few city department heads spent a few thousand to put up some walls and is renting them to poor people.