Buried Under Textbooks Preparing For Entrance Exam


Every year, Chinese high school students in their last year must prepare for and take entrance examinations that determine what college or university they can be admitted to. If you do good, you can get into a better school, which can improve your future career prospects. Recently, a Chinese netizen posted some pictures of students in Henan, China preparing for their entrance examination this year. Surrounding them are the many piles of textbooks and preparation materials they must study.

From NetEase:

Here are some some pictures I took when I went to my alma mater Henan Taikang #1 High School to take care of some things. See how us Henan people not only have other than high grain yields, but also high textbook production. Oh well, what can you do, Henan’s college entrance examination quota is too small, and the competitive pressure is too big, so everyone has thirty to forty books. However, no matter how many books, the quota is still only so small, so even though everyone has grown up and studied together, everyone can only compete with each other.

I truly feel bad for these younger school brothers and school sisters, myself having been liberated [from all this].






There are only a few that are actually useful.


Same, it was the same when I went to high school.


Same, everyone is the same. However, I want to ask, just how many of the books are actually useful? Plus the college mathematics that everyone learned, was it useful?


This can become a library.


The pressure to learn is too much!

Sigh! I cannot bear to remember those times…


That can be considered less than before. When I was in the last year of high school, I had a pile on my desk, my drawer was crammed full, and on the floor I had a box full of practice materials…


Lou zhu” is too easily surprised. In the past when we were in high school, there were even more books than this, yet we got through all the same.


This is a lot? Go find any Hebei high school and see.


It was like this for all of us, not the least bit unusual.  My own experience is still fresh in my mind.


To this day, I have a hard time forgetting the feeling of preparing for the college entrance examination. I really yearn for those days, because even though they were difficult, they were still very pleasant. Brothers, “jia you!”


To be honest, I already had more [books] than this in middle school. It is even more terrifying now in high school. So, seeing this does not really seem strange at all~~~


I only had six to seven books when I was in my last year of high school, nothing else!

All the same, I did fine on my college entrance examination.

Learning is not about having a lot of books, but about your ability to concentrate and digest while attending class!


This is only what is put on the desk, there are more in the drawers. I’m also in my last year [of high school].


This is considered not bad.

Thinking back to when I was in high school, I had even more books on my desk, and everyone had a box underneath their desks to hold books! Just thinking about it still makes me a little scared!

When graduating, just selling all the books made me several tens of kuai!


Everyone who has been through high schools knows that the books are put on the desks to block the teacher’s line of sight while so you can read novels and comic books.


You think this is bad? I had more books when I was going to school. About exam practice, we would clear our desks in the morning, and then the teacher spent all day giving practice questions (usually exams, teacher-made), spreading them onto the table one by one. When school ended (10:30-11:00 at night), there could be up to 20 something exams on the desk, I am not exaggerating. Moreover, every day was like this, except Saturdays and Sundays. At the time, we were training our [exam-taking] speed. Each class was 45 minutes and we had to do at least two exams during and score above 80%. It was a brutal method of teaching, a flooding/overwhelming tactic.


This is a lot? Any and all of Jiangsu’s high schools are like this, especially in the last year. Back in our day, we had far more books thank this. We also had many at home too. Those days, so miserable. The pressure was so much that it forced some people to go jump off buildings…nonetheless we finally got through the nightmare.


The most disgusting side of China’s education system…


Brother, it was the same for us all.


It has been over 2 years since I have graduated, but I still have nightmares. Life during the last year of high school was taking tests everyday!

There are many pages with hundreds of replies to this topic. Most are similar to the above. As long as there are entrance examinations and students who must prepare for them, every year there will be similar topics and comments on many BBS.

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