Burned Doctor Spurs Discussion On Health Care Issues

Burned Doctor Spurs Discussion On Health Care Issues

A doctor at Guangxi Medical University Hospital was covered in flaming gasoline by a patient, leading to severe burns and causing him to be brought to the ICU. However, many Chinese netizens are responding without sympathy and complaining about doctors that charge them a lot of money even when they aren’t seriously sick. They say that doctors that over-prescribe to make profit are becoming more and more common, but doctors that truly care about helping sick people are becoming rarer.

Source: Netease

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  • Teacher in China

    I had a pretty sketchy experience with doctors when I had to get minor surgery in Changchun last year, so I agree with the netizens that they are too geared towards making as much money as possible; but damn, show some sympathy for someone who got attacked and seriously fucked up.

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