Bus Driver Struck by Road Debris Saves His Passengers First

A large piece of metal flies toward a Chinese bus, smashing through the windshield and slamming into a bus driver who heroically stops the bus and evacuates his passengers before succumbing to his injuries.

A bus driver struck by a flying piece of metal while driving sacrifices his life to stop the bus and evacuate passengers, earning him accolades around the country

The below video is one of the most popular videos this week on YouKu, receiving over 1.1 million views and 11,000 comments since being uploaded yesterday.

From YouKu:

World’s Toughest Driver Saves Busload of People

Warning, some viewers might find the content in the video below disturbing.

May 29th, a Zhejiang Changyun Express Company bus returning from Wuxi to Hangzhou was suddenly struck by a large flying chunk of metal. The piece of iron burst through the windshield, striking the driver Wu Bin, but he did not allow the bus to veer out of control and instead using astonishing perseverance and willpower to safely stop the bus and unload the passengers while he sacrificed his own precious life due to his liver having burst in numerous places.

A bus driver struck by a flying piece of metal while driving sacrifices his life to stop the bus and evacuate passengers, earning him accolades around the country

From GuanCha:

Hangzhou’s “Best Driver” Painfully Stops Bus to Save Passengers – Full Course of Events

At noon on May 29, Hangzhou Changyun Express Company driver Wu Bin was driving a bus to Hangzhou from Wuxi via the Jiangsu-Yixing expressway when suddenly a large piece of metal smashed through the front windshield into Wu Bin’s abdomen, causing laceration of the liver, ribs, and arm, multiple fractures, as well as bruising of the lungs and intestines. At this critical moment, Wu Bin endured immense pain to safely stop the vehicle, apply the hand brake, turn on the hazard lights, ensure the bus was safely parked, inform his passengers to pay attention to safety, open the door, and safely evacuate all 24 passengers. Finally, due to his serious injuries, Wu Bin sat paralyzed in his seat. Two days later, in the early morning of June 1st, Wu Bin passed away at the age of 48 years old.

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Comments from YouKu:


This truly is a sudden and unexpected disaster… [literally a disaster that flies in].


It fell from an airplane.


How come those passengers didn’t have any reaction?


Rest in peace! Really worth of praise.


Fucking piece of metal.


It seems like the cargo truck on the opposite side somehow sent a piece of iron laying on the road flying.


Fuck, even though a ruptured liver is indeed a hopeless situation [doomed to die], with so many passengers on the bus, not a single one went forward to try helping him [medically]? Even to simply ask if he’s okay would’ve been something. All only fucking knowing to flee for their own lives! Sigh!


Fuck whoever threw that piece of iron! This must be investigated, otherwise in the future everyone will just randomly throw things onto the highway! That driver is really a hero! Feeling sorry [for this driver]…


That piece of iron was probably traveling 240km/h when it smashed into Wu Bin, striking his internal organs. MBD, the short-skirted girl behind him, doesn’t even care to help him and just stumbles towards the back [of the bus].

想点根烟 (responding to above):

Actually if you think about it from her perspective, at that time she was probably scared stupid, a huge piece of iron just smashed into a person, she’s not a trained professional, what can she do? It’s not like giving mouth-to-mouth CPR to a drowned person, just calling for help I think is not bad. However, giving the driver some comfort and support at that time would’ve been even better.

What do you think? Should the passengers have done more to help the driver?

Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Rich

    SoooooooFa :D

    • le

      lel so funnay xD

    • ShanghaiBC

      When will this absolutely worthless practice of posting ‘sofa’ going to end? It’s like a bad-joke that just keeps getting told.

      • eddie9684

        sittin in his sofa with his lacerated liver, broken ribs and arms.

  • dim mak

    Duty above all, a real hero

    What’s a random piece of metal doing flying around anyway

    • pada

      Given its weight of 2 kilo, I guess it must be a piece of worn-out brake pad from a Texan redneck’s truck.

      • pada

        Sorry its 3.5 kilo.

        Here is funeral of our hero driver.

      • mr. wiener

        Lots of good old boys on the Hangzhou expressway this time of year I guess.
        Was that comment really necessary?

        • donscarletti


          If I was a Texan Good Ol’ Boy, I would be more offended by those who would have me shot with the rest of the Americunts than others blaming me for expressway debris.

          • mr. wiener

            Not offensive, just unnecessary, I’m tired of Pada’s mindless sniping.

          • Little Wolf

            Jeez scarletti, what’s the fucking problem. Have you been to the US? Did you spend the entire time inside a Walmart in Omaha?
            Were you bitten by an American as a child? How do you explain your irrational fear of yanks? Seriously….normally you seem like a stand up guy.

        • pada

          Unlike you Wiener muffeln, I take fun as very important for my life. Thats a part of reason I am here no matter how much you feel tired of me or not. I am also one who knows gratitude and will forever remember the rednecks I met in US who gave me so much laugh that I made research on them. You know you’ll never forget the guys who think fitting all the trucks in your yard is a game and stubbornly insist that the last four word of American National Anthem are: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! :)

          • moop

            you’re a troll, and you’ll always be a troll. and one without any kind of perspective worthy of respect. stop feeding the trolls

          • pada

            Moop, we will always differ, about everything and, well, about how to call you. But I strongly demand you wear bra of much smaller size from tomorrow on, while wondering why you put on shoes if you had no foot. :)

          • mr. wiener

            God, now you’re starting to remind me of Coala Banana.
            If it is fun for you to use weird arse 1950’s terminology and talk about white trash and rednecks even when it’s got nothing to do with the topic , go right ahead. Whatever wanks your crank.
            I think it detracts from any point you are trying to make however, and in this case is doing a disservice to the memory of a brave and selfless man.
            Personally I think you have become that which you thought you were studying.

          • mr. wiener

            “I strongly demand you wear a bra of much smaller size from tomorrow on while wondering why you put on shoes if you have no foot”…..!?!
            That doesn’t make sense in English or Chinese. Either it’s a bad translation of a curse in a language I’m not familiar with or this is a deliberate piss-take.
            I’m leaning towards the latter.

          • moop

            @ weiner i was just thinking that maybe that is supposed to sound clever in chinese.

    • donscarletti

      I had a hydraulic cylinder drop in front of me once when driving. I never found why it fell in front of me, but it didn’t hit me, so I was fine.

      Strange stuff happens all the time, it doesn’t matter much mostly, but when you’re going at 120km/h, everything is deadly.

  • Hongjian

    A real warrior impersonating every positive Chinese value of honour and duty ever existent, and a real scumbag impersonating every subhuman trait of cowardice and apathy listed by Lu Xun being so close to each other in this video. Unbelievable, such a vivid documentation of life and death in this country.

    In general, bus-drivers in China are nearly all very badass and honourable people. Seems to be a one of those rare professions where immaterial values of pride and duty still exist.
    And on the other hand, this bare-legged girl in her entire fucking apathy was the perfect representation of everything that is wrong with China and its society.This is why we cant have nice things.

    But some people still deliver stubbornly, by the price of their life. 敬礼!

    • mr. wiener

      She didn’t even stop texting…

    • Xiongmao

      Hong,, while I (for once) agree with most of what you said, the part about bus drivers being ‘badass and honourable’ is just plain weird. Who the fuck wants a ‘badass’ bus driver? And apart from most of them driving recklessly, retarded and like they were on a race track, what’s so honourable about them?

      • Filabusta

        I’ve seen more bus drivers get in fights than anybody else here in China. Every single person who’s having a bad day seems to take it out on the bus driver when he doesn’t see them in his side-view mirror.

    • DeVitaVackra

      I don’t think a badass who operates 14000KG machinery at 100+km/h with his guts shredded to pieces, would give diddly-shit about some cute skirt.

    • red scarf

      The bus driver is a hero no doubt.

      However, its not fair to judge the girl in this case, she was most likely scared shitless and didn’t know what to do, she seems to be calling on the phone, for help ?, or even for workers at the back, we can’t see the rest of the video so we can make the whole story out. I can’t manage basic first aid is taught in China, hell even in UK its not that often taught to the public generally.

      Its most likely she didn’t know what the hell happen and had no training to fall back on. To be honest moving or touching a “paralysed” person is not something I would want to do without medical opinion as doing so can make matters worse.

  • D. Tective

    This is nice, I hope his family is well compensated. Sad about no passengers helping him though.

    • pada

      His wife got compensated rmb 200,000 by governmental fund (见义勇为基金)but she refused all the donations pouring from all over China.

      • linette


        His wife needs to accept the donation. For her children or for herself. Her husband would want to see that.

        That piece of metal looks like it felt off from the truck carry stuff from the opposite side of the highway. You see a truck past by the bus second before the metal hit the bus. How did a huge piece of metal flying off like that? If it’s from the commercial truck why it wasn’t it secured properly?

        So sad. He is amazing. Despite of being in a lot of pain, he still managed to think about the safety of everyone and prevent the bus from crashing. He even opened the doors for the passengers. He is a selfless courageous hero.

        • Alan

          How did a huge piece of metal flying off like that? If it’s from the commercial truck why it wasn’t it secured properly?

          No health and safety laws or regulations?

          Now I await canuck-HKER-Viet boy Dim Mak with his usual spiel of asian man don’t need none of your western liberal H&S laws. Asshole.

          • Little Wolf

            I was hauling ass on my old Ninja down the 10 freeway in the desert outside Palm Springs when a shovel flew off the back of a construction truck and made a frozen rope straight to my head. I didn’t even have time to react but it lifted at the last second and flew merely inches over my head. It kind of shook me up for awhile, but when I got home I realized it was one of the best days of my life.

            Also, anybody thats ever taken a bee in the neck riding down a highway can agree it hurts like hell.

          • linette


            China really don’t enforce highway safety regulation? I see how they drive on videos too. So crazy. A world super power nation with third world mentality. So crazy.

          • Patrick

            @LW True I don’t know how many times I got hit with the tiniest spec of nothing and it hurt.

          • red scarf

            If you look at the other side of the motorway theres a lorry going full speed, odds are it after came from that or it hit something on the road and sent it flying. I was in a simaliar position once driving home on a snowy X-mas eve, a lorry hit a peddle/chunk of ice maybe about the size of my threw it up into the air and landed smack bang in the middle of the driving size, lucky top speed on the motorway that day was about 25 mph and the impact didn’t break the windscreen. How image that if both of us where travelling at like 60 mph.

        • Little Wolf

          The driver’s brain according to linette: Oh, bad luck. I’m mortally wounded but it is my duty to pull over safely to protect the lives of each and every passenger as their lives are in my hands.

          The driver’s brain according to a more likely scenario: Holy fuck! What was that? I better pull over and check it out.

          Let’s not let imaginations get carried away. You can see the video how fast it all happened. He reacted.

          Flame on me all you want. You know I’m right.

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            Hahaha…yes I agree, everything happened so quickly. There must be a mix emotion in that driver’s head. The reason why I said he cares about the passengers was because even though he was in a lot of pain, he still managed to open(So the people won’t get stuck)the doors and tell them to becareful exiting.

            For me..I am not strong like him. IF something hit me like that, I will scream and just died.. bus flipping over. I won’t be thinking about opening doors for no one cause I am dying.

            You LITTLE wolf sound like a BADass. If you get hit like that, you will still be driving while cursing out the China gov’t for lack of highway safety regular. You will get the bus exxxffing back to the station…park it..then walk yourself to the nearest hospital….hahaha……

          • Little Wolf

            Well linette, I don’t think of myself as a badass. I would have just pulled over just like this bus driver did to access the damage. But if you drive a motorcycle enough your going to get hit by flying projectiles and you just hope you don’t get wacked hard enough to make you lose control and crash. A friend of mine was killed when he hit an owl 1 night while driving home on his motorcycle. The kicker was….he had ended up in a tomato field far off the highway and wasn’t found for several days. He might have survived if people had even noticed he was missing.

            I just have a higher standard before I dub somebody a “hero”. A hero to me is someone that does a selfless act without regard for his personal safety. A guy that runs into a burning building to rescue a child. Jumps on a live grenade. Hell…it doesn’t even need danger involved. A father who tells his boss to fuck off when ordered to work overtime so he can keep his promise to watch his son’s ball game or his daughter’s piano recital is a hero in my book.

            Just this morning, I was waiting for a taxi and an overloaded 3-wheel motorcycle truck dumped several boxes and bags of meat and vegetables on the road right in front of me. I spent at least 10 minutes getting the stuff to the side of the road and helping the guy load what could be salvaged back onto his truck while a crowd of onlookers never lifted a finger, including a group of orange-uniformed street cleaners. It was awhile before I could get a taxi and was really late for work and my boss is a real prick about that.

            Where’s my fucking headlines? Fucking guy shares a few french fries and he’s a folk hero.

            OH THE HUMANITY :(

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            You have a point there. Running into burning building to safe a child is no doubt a hero. Helping other people in need is an angel as well as hero. You did good this morning.

    • shooup

      A Chinese refused money? Now THAT is news worthy.

  • Nyancat

    Definitely a hero, how unfortunate that he had to die this way, RIP

  • Mop

    How fucking scary. It came out of nowhere!

  • Rin5

    Rest in peace, and god bless you…

  • glenn

    This story is a breath of fresh air for CHINA.

  • Wow. He did his job. Amazing.

  • Notorious

    That’s sad. May God bless him and may he rest peacefully.

  • Dawei


    It is unfortunate for him that he was driving in the left lane. If he had been in the right lane, this would not have happened.

    So much of life is right place at the right time or wrong place at the wrong time.


    • mr. wiener

      …….um, thanks for the insight there Dave.
      Did you really just make that amazingly insipid comment or is this someone pretending to be Dave?

    • donscarletti

      Or alternatively if he had been in Tunguska on the morning of June 30 1908 he would have been obliterated by a huge rock falling from the sky.

      Man that’s deep.

  • Biao Ma

    scary and sad. his family must be proud of him. He actually embodies a responsibility, professionalism. He is what I call, hero.

    • hatel

      bless your heart, you really are a hero…

  • ScottLoar

    This was shown – in part – on Shanghai tv morning news some few days ago.

    Yes, the driver showed well-nigh superhuman self-control and responsibility that the passengers would not come to harm. Many years ago (a decade or more?) in Chicago a visitor from mainland China was walking with his family in a bad part of town, was threatened for money, then shot in the stomach. He continued walking several blocks with his family until safely out of that neighborhood, then collapsed. The Chicago police called him what he was, a “hero”, a man again showing well-nigh superhuman self-control and responsibility.

    He, too, died.

  • Jay K.

    Hell yeah, the passengers at least in the comfort of safety asked the driver and tried to comfort him in someway or the other. Whether you knew the driver was going to die or not, it’s the very least one could do, but knowing this country everyone is just numb, and it’s sad that I have to say such a thing.

  • Rod

    True American Hero.

    • pada

      …. As Readers’ Digest spoonfed us. :)

    • elizabeth

      It wouldn’t hurt to say True Chinese Hero just this once :)

    • Dat Ankle

      You forgot the part where this is Chinasmack.

  • radbab

    Respect! A great selfless act.

    About the metal piece – just stay away from trucks. I’ve seen people getting hit from unsecured cargo at intersections. Sometimes even the truck itself is losing parts.

  • Foreign Devil

    Um. . hello! An investigation is due here. Where does a flying chunk of shrapnel come from on an apparently empty road? I’m guessing it is military related. Chinese military have been doing lots of drills with tanks and things the pass few months in rural areas off the highways.

  • Sean

    This kind of thing happens in the U.S. too. I remember when I lived in Michigan, a spare tire rattled off of a semi and went through the windshield of an oncoming car on interstate 94, killed the driver instantly. The semi driver kept going, not even knowing a tire had come off.

    • Slavasz

      This kind of thing happens anywhere where roads are.
      Something similar happened to my father: a small gravel lodged from the car car traveling in front of his car pierced his windshield and hit him right in the center of his forehead. Luckily the energy of the impact was already greatly reduced by the windshield.
      I, personally, had two experiences. Also gravel hit the windshield of my car, but fortunately it just chipped off a piece of glass only. Long before that, when I was a kid, I was standing by the road to cross it and got hit by small gravel in the forehead. I was so lucky that it did not hit me in the eye.

  • Wu

    My family has been running large trucks all over N.A. for the last 50 years. Trucks wear out brakes, tires and a number of other parts. Things fall off and when they do they are moving at very high speeds. If they cross over into on-comming traffic it can be very very bad, even when its rubber.

    Also people dont always tie down trailer loads very well and things can blow off.

    A lot of this fall to the driver to check at the start of any trip. Some drivers dont spend enough ( or any time ) checking.

    Sadly, I am not surprised about things flying around highways at high speeds.

  • lonetrey

    Damn. What a noble deed, prioritizing the safety of other above all else.

    • Ryo

      One thing that a lot of people don’t realize that what he did was a reflex/natural reaction rather then thought. In that short amount of time, and in such pain, I don’t think anyone could think clearly. This clearly shows that this person is morally good in nature and proves that his natural reaction was to safely stop the bus without thinking: “shit, if I slam on the brakes, the bus may roll over… I should slowly stop the bus so all these people in the back will be safe.”

  • 平凡人

    This is a big problem in China, many drivers did not ensure that the goods they are carrying are properly secured / stored. Legislators did not set standards on how goods should be secured; enforecement officers are also oblivious of the dangers when goods are not properly secured. Really need to think twice about driving in China; need to drive a tank.

    My condolences to the family members of the driver.

  • Anus Presley

    A lot of bus drivers in China have no regard for safety at all. I was on a bus from Hanzhou to Taizhou once and the driver was a lunatic. Apart from trying to run other vehicles off the road when they didn’t move out of his way fast enough, at one point he grabbed a metal tea flask from his dashboard and threw out of the window at the drivers cab of a lorry traveling alongside us.
    I honestly thought I wouldn’t survive that particular journey. Maybe the driver was a fan of the movie ‘Death Race 2000’?

    • GodsHammer

      Why do you even post? This man is a HERO…and a very dutiful man as well. True to form the rest of the Sino-Rabble is helpless,useless and brainless. Some quick actions may have saved his life.
      The true question is WTF was this piece of steel flying around for? Why? WHere was it from?

      • Little Wolf

        Nobody is saying the guy wasn’t a hero…..though it was probably several seconds before the real pain kicked in so it doesn’t seem so “super-human” that he was able to stop the bus. Also, he probably would have stopped the bus whether there were passengers or not. What’s so dutiful about it? Was he supposed to just continue the trip. I’ve been held hostage inside buses with those same shit-head kind of drivers that AP is talking about. Anybody that’s ever rode in a bus here has.

        • I am saying he wasn’t a hero for the reasons you state.

      • Anus Presley

        Do you have trouble understanding basic English? I said ‘A lot of bus drivers in China have no regard for safety at all’. I didn’t say ‘All bus drivers in China have no regard for safety’.

        As for why a piece of steel flew up and hit his window, I’d say It’s not something we’d need to recruit the services of Sherlock Holmes for. It was in all probability something that had either become dislodged from a vehicle on the other side of the road, or the debris from a previous traffic accident.

  • Jahar

    Um, not to knock the guy or anything, but, would anyone do anything other than stop the bus?

    • mr. wiener

      Not a bad job considering his spleen was probably hanging out, he had a broken arm and ribs and had sustained laceration to his liver and intestines….You expected him to continue the drive all the way Hangzhou perhaps? No offense mate ,but I think he did an amazing job and was a very dedicated and selfless individual.

    • markx

      Geez Jahar. Some of you guys watch too many damn movies, don’t even appreciate real courage and strength when you see it.

    • Ryo

      I’m no bus driver but I think if you slam on the brakes on a bus going that fast, you’d probably fishtail and roll the bus. Look at the video again… after he is struck, you can clearly see him downshifting. This means he has to step on the brakes, and clutch pedal (more then once), and move his right hand to shift, and keep his left hand on the wheel to keep the bus on the road… all this while there’s a big ass hole on your chest… I dare you to do better.

    • ShanghaiBC

      @Jahar: Yes, stop the bus – sure. But then he stood up to tell all the passangers to dismount the bus safety ensuring they were off before slumping in his chair again.

      If it was me, I’d probably would have stopped the bus then just clutch my stomach area in pain and scream ‘Call 911’ (I’m a wuss like that) this guy though – a brave man worthy of all praise that has been bestowed. I hope you re-evaluate the way you look at situations.

      • Jahar

        The thing is, who has been in situations like this? these things happen, do you lose your head? or do you just react? i’ve been in crazy situations where my body just does what i need it to, faster than i can think.

        Also, you hear about people going into shock. Like people getting shot from 2 miles away. they just feel a jerk, and it takes a few minutes before they realize what happened, then the pain really kicks in.

        I’m not trying to knock the guy, but pain doesn’t necessarily make you lose your head.

        • Little Wolf

          Jahar: I’m with you on this and had wrote a similar comment at about the same time. I doubt if the guy even realized what happened, you can see how fast that metal came out of nowhere and I’ve seen that same exact view only it was shovel.

          • ShanghaiBC

            @Jahar: I understand your point, a fair point made.

            Though I guess after all the horror stories of people not behaving as they should in China, such stories where someone actually thinks of others are a rare gem (or does their duty!).

            Though it’s clear that even before getting out of his seat he was clearly in a lot of pain, so that’s where my hat goes off to him.

        • ChineseFighter

          “faster than i can think” <- sorryt but this statement only reflects on how dumb u actually are.

          • Little Wolf

            Shit…ChineseFighter. How is Jahar dumb? Did you you see how fast that metal came flying at the bus, genius? Why are you slumming it at this forum when you could be out making buttloads of cash with your super-human skills of assessing situations in milliseconds. Try to use your powers for good, not evil.

          • Jahar

            Your statement only reflects that you’ve never been in such a situation, or you don’t really comprehend the nuances of English speech.

            Also, if all you can contribute to the conversation is an insult, GTFO you unoriginal mass produced zombie.

    • Boris

      Personally I would’ve hit the gas and attempted to take as many of the fuckers out as I could. So I heartily applaud this fellow on his restraint.

    • elizabeth

      He could have let go of the wheel and foot pedals and held his chest or stomach in pain crying for help while the bus gets out of control. That would have been a natural reflex but the fact that he didn’t showed that he thought of others before self.

      RIP Mr Wu.

  • Ryo

    Oh wow.. that is fucking horrible… you can see he was in horrible pain but still manage to downshift 3 times to slow the bus down with both brakes and engine braking. It’s not surprising that shit be flying all over the place here since nothing trucks are carrying are ever properly tied down and or covered. But that is just dumb bad luck… RIP fella. I hope those passengers are ALL grateful and pay proper respects.

  • jeffli

    The bus driver was a hero.
    If there is a God then God bless him and may he rest in peace.

    I would like to see police get tough on overloaded trucks.

    Truck drivers are always causing mayhem! They usually “dose up on methyl-amphetamine” to drive long hours or don’t take care to secure the goods or waste they’re hauling.

    Maybe the filthy rich Hangzhou and Wuxi govts can send a few milliion RMB to his family, make sure his kids get to school and his wife has an income. Their main breadwinner has died.

    If they catch the guy driving the overloaded truck who didn’t secure the haulage ,
    well I would support Police brutality!

  • Canadian_Skies

    Well, it’s sad he lost his life, but I don’t get how the term “heroic” is given out at every opportunity. Shock plays a factor, which I’m sure he was in, and I’m quite certain nobody has read up on how exactly shock can affect us. I’m even certain that self preservation played a part in his efforts in stopping safely. I suppose his opening the door was somehow heroic. Where’s the rest of the video? I mean, the part that shows him ensuring the passengers got off at the expense of his own wellness as the description and newscast described? I sure hope the media didn’t spin the event up to fulfil their 3-1 positive/negative broadcast requirement. That would be the worst if it were the case. A man died.

  • Warren

    I love the Chinese. There are more good people in China than bad. I love listening to your language. Your culture and world view is so refreshingly different than mine. I only understand a few words but I find Chinese to be musical and calming. My wife and daughter speak it endlessly. I’ve found that the Chinese people particularly love children. Everywhere we went in China, everyone, strangers alike, made a big deal over my daughter. Sure, there are some bad apples who flock to the cities in search of ill-earned wealth. They make the news in China, as they do in the rest of the world. It’s refreshing to read of valor and honor for a change.

    • Little Wolf

      Warren: Contact Jack Canfield for your new job writing essays for the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” China edition.

      • Warren

        Hi Little Wolf. Thanks. I’m not a writer, just another soul like yourself :)

      • jeffli

        lil wulf? soul?
        me thinks thou art miss taken good sir.

        just look at that puddems! he’s foreign zombie through and through.

        zombies are another foreign problem, nothing to do with China, Its all you Americanites that run around eating each other every 28 days and 28 weeks. we seen the movie and read the news.

        I for one, will stand clear of north americanites – pardon me if I look fidgety when you stand next to me as I’m just trying to save face (and liver, and spleen, other body accoutrements essential for a normal life)

        • Little Wolf

          Relax Jeffli. You’re safe. I’m just a crotch-cannibal….for the ladies.

      • linette

        LITTLE wolf

        Chicken soup for the soul. I like that book. I like real life stories. Write one in chinese please. I want to read it. hahaha…

  • Jeff

    It’s sad and the man is a hero

  • Ronald

    WuBin the lord may keep you in his sweet hands and bless you forever. Brave men like him don’t deserve to die in this way when there are so many who deserve hell.
    Be blessed always.

  • Hypocrisy

    Looking at the video, the bus driver did what most seasoned drivers would do in a situation like this: try to stop safely even if you are in extreme pain. It’s a reflex action on the part of a seasoned driver. You think of Safety first and not being a “Hero”. Safety of not just your passengers but also other vehicles out there on the rod. Unfortunately, this dead Hero is now been milked for all the propaganda value. Most bus drviers are indeed “badass” and when one turned up “normal” and “responsible”, he is hailed as a Hero. That’s because there so few decent people around these days. This Bus Driver is indeed a Hero to all the passengers and people on the highway that day. He deserved to be Saluted but not made into cheap propaganda. He is lauded for saving 24 lives but what did his widow get? Measly RMB 200,000 or about 5 years salary? That’s the same amount any badass driver would get if they die on the job. That’s no Hero’s Reward !!! Assuming each of the 24 lives are worth 200,000 each, our Hero’s family should have been paid at least RMB 2 million (after a steep 60% discount). No wonder officials are calling him a Hero. He just saved them millions. Fortunately, 老百姓 still have a real human heart and willing to donate to his wife, child, parents and parents-in-law who no longer have this breadwinner. For the AH out there, stop criticising red-neck texans, foreign trash, etc. Look at ourselves first. A Hero deserves more than this.

  • bscalled

    this is so sad – a good man