Bus Drivers Memorize Luxury Car Logos to Avoid Hitting Them

Rolls Royce Phantom Chinese.

Rolls Royce Phantom Chinese.

On Sina Weibo:

都市快报: Yesterday, a poster was posted to the office wall of a certain Jinhua city public transportation company, with car logos for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce, Lincoln, over 10 brands. An employee said this is to remind drivers to drive carefully. “Hitting a luxury car costs several hundreds of thousands of yuan in compensation, and a higher quality public bus is also over 200,000 yuan, so how can we afford it! Cant afford to hit luxury cars, can only avoid them.”

Table of expensive luxury car brands with logos.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


I don’t recognize more than a few, have to learn them. Next time I’m walking on the the road, better avoid them, lest a button on my clothes rubs against their paint and they want me to pay for it. Can’t handle that. [挖鼻屎]


Originally when I saw a luxury car on the road, I would always say: Fuck, you think you’re NB just because you have a luxury car, I’m definitely not giving way to you. Now when I see a luxury car on the road, I have to say: Fuck, luxury car drivers truly are NB, better avoid them, lest I can’t afford it… As a result, luxury car drivers truly are NB, the rich can’t be offended, this is the unshakeable truth, and not something that can be changed with self-deception.


Yesterday there was a Rolls-Royce crowding me and I obediently gave way to it… [泪]


All drivers need to take more lessons.


Since what those who drive luxury cars have plenty of is money, let them go build a lane for themselves. A luxury car lane, to avoid them defrauding others! [哈哈]


Let’s buy a Riich and bus drivers with bad eyes will think its a Bentley. Would doing this be safer?


In Zhejiang, this is indeed necessary. [哈哈]


Buses should first improve their own driving, always driving so recklessly. Luxury cars you don’t dare to hit, so cheap cars you dare to hit????



Not just buses, us poor folk also need to learn these. Can’t afford to bump into them, we can only avoid!


People’s values and morality have once again been flipped upside-down. Should you hit a car or a person? Firmly choosing to hit people…[弱]


Can’t afford to provoke but can afford to avoid, won’t this result in luxury car drivers becoming even more unbridled!?


This is so necessary, luxury cars driving on city roads is totally a major public danger, so let them go to a race track instead.


I’ve studied it! My eyes are opened! I’ve learned now! I’m preparing to print out a copy and stick it inside my little car. [可怜]

What do you think?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • opinionator

    nice cars for the small dick brigade. thats aimed at the wealthy show offs with more money than sense. not jealous either, if i had that sort of money i’m sure i’d find a better use for it!

    • dilladonuts

      BROKE ASS HATER. Car brand has nothing to do with penis size, this is some dumb ass shit poor people make up to feel better about themselves. Ain’t nothing wrong with stacking chips and having nice rides. The only person this bothers is poor people from first world countries.

      • fabulous

        Actually I think everybody is bothered by penis size. People around the world, on every continent are looking at other penises and thinking “if only”. People who are happy with their own equipment are secretly worried that it will get caught in the zipper on their jeans.

        Nobody is bothered by Pringles. Nobody I know.

        Nice rides is a bit subjective. Horses and merry-go-rounds are rides and I’m not sure which rides you’re talking about here. Some people have genuine phobic reasons to be bothered by rides.

        Some people are genuinely bothered by car brands. From rivalries (Ford-Holden) to jealousy, the brand of your car may be drawing unwanted attention. This article illustrates that people with enough money and not enough brotherly love buy luxury branded cars for reasons other than aesthetics. This clearly bothers people from China as much as wherever the opinionator is from.

        • dilladonuts

          Wow you are a fucking nerd.

          • fabulous

            Can you explain which part of what I said makes me a nerd?
            I’m eager to understand what your analysis is based on.

        • JoE

          I believe it all comes from this statement, “Nobody is bothered by Pringles. Nobody I know”. There is a great debate in the UK about Pringles. Are they a crisp? Or are they a biscuit?

          That… and that he isn’t thinking, just reacting.

          Just to let you know, Pringles have been ruled as crisps’. Thus, are taxed 15%.

          • fabulous

            Joe you are a font of information.
            When my hand can’t fit into the tube to reach Pringles anymore and I have to turn the tube on its side, I question the size. Other than that I had no idea that Pringles could bother anybody.
            You have taught me something. Thanks.

            Unfortunately you are not dilladonuts, and the thoughtful response you’ve given has probably not caused him to reflect on his motivation in any way.

      • lonetrey

        wrong. That’s the opinion of a person who’s doesn’t think about how the money could go to improving the world.

        • dilladonuts

          Whens the last time you did something to improve the world? Bitch please….

      • i believe LZ was commenting on the fact that most of the super rich people who consume conspicuously in China are corrupt and have government connections. Generally these are the bookish types or the inbred types, so it is more likely that they have small dicks since if you’re rich and are swining some decent wood you don’t need to go so over the top with your car.

      • opinionator

        High end car brands have everything to do with the look at me type of guy in my view. (small dick brigade is just a figure of speech describing a stereotype, i don’t go around measuring them). They are nice cars granted but i don’t have to agree with the concept of burning your money like this when it could be used in a better way. If you had this amount of money to spend on a means of transport, would you? for some people, absolutely yes, for me, no. as i said, I’d like to think i could put that money to a better use and still get around in a comfortable car. A car is a car is a car, i can still only see a pissing contest here, and who wants to enter one of those, you only end up with piss over your shoes don’t you? Am i bothered? I couldn’t give a fook to be honest, just passing the time and giving an opinion. That’s what we do here isn’t it?

        • mr. wiener

          Asian folk in general care less about money ,than face. A fancy car is just a way of showing off. As to the small dick thing we’ll never know for sure unless they start measuring penii [penises?]according to which car you buy. One thing I can be sure of in terms of compensating for a deficiency is that many men when they hit “man-opause” do go out and by high end sports cars when they feel their sexually potency starting to wain.

    • grovesman

      I call it driving his penis…lol And yes it usually speaks to someone overcompensating in some way.

  • moop

    this article is pretty good sofa’r

  • moop

    buying a new car is one of the worst investments anyone can make.

    • notorious

      have to agree with you. the second you drive a car off the lot it’s “old” and has lost value.

    • Rod

      Buying a car is not an investment….

      • Foreign Devil

        Anything costing a significant amount of money is an investment. But there are good and bad investments. Car being bad.

      • notorious

        When you buy a car for 50k and then in the cases of people who take out loans for such cars… it’s an investment. they spend 50k + interest on a car and then the car is old and worthless within a couple of years.

        I owned a car that I paid 15k for, it was worth 5k two years later. I said I will never buy a new car again. so now i only buy preowned models. I pay in cash and when im done i buy my next car. n o loans. bad investiment.

      • Ryo

        Why does a car have to be an investment? That’s just retarded. By what you’re saying, eating anything besides bread is a bad investment! Just eat shit food everyday because it all turns to shit anyway.

        We buy what we like. And if we like it and enjoy it, it’s already a good investment. We only have a limited time on this world and I feel making myself happy with a new car is a good investment in my happiness. Plus, if you can really afford it, why the hell not?

        • notorious

          This shows your limited experience in business, Ryo. Why is a car an investment? If you can afford, and I mean paying with cash then it’s just a purchase like everything else consumers buy. But when someone is taking out a loan to purchase a car, then it becomes an investment.

          This is a western point of view, of course.

          When Americans buy a house for example, no one, not even the richest people buy their house with cash. They take out a loan from the bank called a “mortgage”, which is paid directly to the previous owner by the bank to pay for the house. The purchaser is now the new owner, but technically the bank owns it. The purchaser must then spend the next twenty to thirty years paying the bank for the loan. Over the years, the house builds “equity” which adds to its VALUE. If the house over the years, has had some modifications that increases its value, then you have made a good investment. Your neighorhood, the condition of the home, etc all contributes to the VALUE of your investment when you have it assessed.

          Once the loan is paid in full to the bank, the purchaser is now the owner of the house. But of course, in America you still owe property taxes each year. If that goes unpaid, well the government can take your house and sell it for the amount you owe in taxes.

          Now, where does this fit in as far as a car being an investment? The same concept applies. You want a $20,000 (USD) car but can’t pay for it outright. You take a loan from the bank. While a house increases in value over the years (in most cases), the value of a car depreciates. You take a 20k loan to pay for a car, but you pay interest to the bank which means you may have paid anywhere from 28k – 35k for it when your loan is paid off. Not only that, the car is old in five years, probably has mechanical issues. It is also assessed by the market which may decide its relative worth over the years.

          If you take a loan out from the bank and buy a house, you are making a good investment. You may purchase the house for 80k but in twenty years its worth 200k. You might take a loan out on a car for 20k. But in three years its only worth 7k and you still owe money on it, therefore, making it a bad investment.


          • donscarletti

            I think you missed Ryo’s point.

            He’s saying a car is a consumable/perishable good like food and should be treated as such.

            Car loans are for idiots by the way. There are plenty of good, cheap second hand cars that anyone who could get a loan could afford to buy outright. A 5 year old car is not bad, it’s quite good, unless it hasn’t had its oil changed in those 5 years or has been driven by a total lout or was made by any of the allied powers. My last car was 12 years old when I bought it and it was fantastic. Furthermore, depreciation between a 5 year old car and a 10 year old car is fairly low if you keep it well serviced. Personally, I think 3 years is the sweet spot for me, since it generally looks and runs like it is new, but for half the price, but experience may vary.

            Here’s a tip for you, if your car was made by one of the victorious powers of WWII, any country with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, you don’t want it. I’m counting Korea as on the allied side because they were subjugated by the Japanese and didn’t go willingly.

          • cc

            Nobody heard about investing in the classic car market then, where cars actually make money.

      • Rod

        Who knew saying that a car was not an investment would cause such a stir.

        Check this one out.

        Your house is not an asset.

        • moop

          i would say that most homes are not an asset, but i wouldnt say it regarding all homes

  • brazil420sh

    What brand is that next to Koenigsegg?? Never seen that one before…

    • moop

      its a Shelby 西尔贝 xi er bei.

      • moop
        • brazil420sh

          ah SSC… thanks man.

        • donscarletti

          Some guy with the same surname as Carroll Shelby decided to make a brand of over-priced cars, also called Shelby, no relation to the famous Shelby American/Carroll Shelby International company. All but two models just “replicar” copies of famous European vehicles. In Chinese this would be called 山寨, no reason to treat the American version of the practice any differently.

          Just because Henry Ford did it does not mean a man must use his own surname to name a company. If Jerod Shelby really wanted to make a car brand he could have called it whatever he wanted.

          Finally, even if Volkswagen did not reclaim the title of the world’s fastest car from these clowns (which they have), the Veyron is still an amazing vehicle in both design and engineering, which is classy and beautiful. Whereas the SSC Aero is just some cheap excuse for a bald man with a pin dick to claim a record he could never deserve.

          • notorious

            this is what i don’t understand about men… who gives a crap about 200mph speed that you’ll never be able to drive legally, or how much torque acceleration it has. i just want to get home from the grocery store with my food.

          • donscarletti

            Well, there are two considerations.

            Firstly, torque, acceleration and handling are actually useful when driving. While you do not need a high performance vehicle to be safe on the road, there are certain road legal cars that do not have the required acceleration or traction to scoot out of danger when a truck is coming. Consumers that buy severely underpowered vehicles (under 1.2 litre engine per 1 tonne GVM) and consumers that particularly buy front wheel drive vehicles with wheels that are too small to maintain grip on the front wheels are putting themselves at risk of crashing. But granted, most male consumers who are comparing cars tend to completely ignore this under-engineered bracket, once you get into man’s man range you’ve already got enough power and performance for safety.

            Secondly, it’s fun. You’ve got to have a hobby, high performance vehicles are a good interest since it promotes technology, especially hands on technology, as well as promoting quality and craftsmanship. Same reason guys like expensive mechanical watches that will never keep the time as well as quartz. While I’m the sort of guy who must be content looking to buy a 3 year old, second hand BMW 3 series with a 2.0 litre engine, it’s still nice to know that there are people out there trying to build something outrageously wasteful but still extremely impressive like the Veyron, just to show what humanity can do.

    • Rod

      Yeah, I don’t recognize half of these. Guess I’m too poor.

  • Slughead

    So what? A fancy car on the left, a cheap car on the right. Let’s smash the latter. It doesn’t make any sense. Sure it can boost rich people’s already overflown ego. There’s one big problem here in China: worship and fear money. Gutless.

    • shaniqua

      wrecking a rich guy’s property means you have to pay is gutless?


      • Slughead

        There’s a very famous saying here in China: if you’re afraid to provoke someone, stay out of his way. The bus company is literally adapting this philosophy. ‘We drive buses, we can’t afford to wreck expensive cars. So let’s just drive very carefully when they’re around.’ It sends out a message to the public: the reason why bus drivers must be careful is not because it’s their duty, but because they can’t afford some compensation. And that’s why I call this act gutless.

      • lonetrey

        at this rate, if anyone damages a rich person’s car they might as well just murder the owners. They’ll be given a life sentence in the form of paying for the car for the rest of their life anyways…

  • Chris N.

    Oh shit!!! You mean Chinese drivers will actually have to TRY to avoid hitting things now!?

    But in all seriousness. I see this as a really good thing. Thank god for those luxury cars and for Chinese law that has progressed enough for people to actually realize they are expected to pay for whatever they hit. I feel like this is a major step in improving the currently retarded traffic conditions.

  • Castro

    I guess the Porsche and Audi guys are crying in their beer right about now…

    • 404 name not found

      ^ This roflmao.. well only chicks drive Porsches in China anyway.

  • staylost

    The love of money…

  • terroir

    I call shenangigans. The mop post says this was a poster on a wall in at a bus garage, but somehow it became a jpg for convenient dissemination on the internet.

    If you look at the top of the jpg you’ll see a header with the name “Liberty Insurance”, and then you’ll see the rather unprofessional subheading “这些车你真的伤不起啊伤不起”. The repeating and the “啊” really gives it away.

    Maybe this is in fact true; that a real poster like this exists at a garage somewhere, and maybe bus drivers are indeed given such directions. However, while this jpg is fake, the reactions it illicits is surprisingly real in contrast.

    The ongoing ludicrous fallacy of China that continues unabated is that even the most outrageous lies will rise up to fit the truth. The real problem is when the lie becomes more important than what the truth could ever be, and so the truth itself becomes irrelevant.

    • donscarletti

      Using the phrase “伤不起” is also a give away that this is written by netizens over the last few months.

  • Jeff

    When I am out riding my bike in Suzhou I typically yield to cheap ass cars but when I see a BMW or Cadillac bearing down on me in my mind I am saying GO AHEAD and hit me, I need the money…

    • Ryo

      I call BS. Unless you’re really that ignorant and think a 1.5ton car “baring down” on you will only give you a scratch. You’d more then likely be seriously injured, disabled perminately, or worse, dead!

  • Brett Hunan

    Im gonna print myself some tee shirts with the emblems so buses will avoid rinning me over when I cross the street.

    Next thing you know those fucking rickshaws will be blowing through intersections with a big Benz logo on the sides like thatll save them.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Tsingtao Presents Real Men of Stupidity

    Today we salute you Mr. Unlicensed, Under-insured Motorist.

    Why take driver’s training when you can practice on the road with real cars. While others are afraid of hitting the cones,… You step it up a notch.
    (better not hit that Bentleeey).

    Who ever came up with that little piece of plastic that says ‘you can drive’? Running over pedestrians? No problem, you’re just practicing. Fender-bender? We know your just judging the distance. Can’t parallel park? Screw it. You’ve got VIP on the side-walk and you didn’t even have to call it.

    So crack open an ice-cold Tsingtao Mr. Traffic Law Breaker.
    No license or instructor can tell YOU how to drive. But then neither can anything or anyone else for that matter.

    Tsingtao Beer, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Shandong Province.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      A for effort.

      F for impact.

  • [email protected]

    Call me an ignorant laowai but I only know of being held accountable when my actions caused the accident. Does this not also apply in China? Does driver negligence as a consideration come before or after the vehicle’s value? Would have though the latter to be completely irrelevant.

    • Shanghairen

      It’s a different world here. If 2 parties do something stupid and get in a wreck, the one who loses more will claim he needs to be compensated. Everywhere in the world, bus drivers use their size to intimidate other cars. I guess it makes sense to save the bus company money to avoid hitting the super expensive makes.

  • Qwerty

    How much for crashing into a Hongqi?

  • notorious

    i refuse to get state mandated insurance. if you hit my car too bad for yours. denting mine will probably make it look better. lol

    • DRaY

      how the hell does insurance work in China if everyone is soooo afraid to hit a expensive car???… Sounds like Orkish mischief to me!!
      …. I always walk in front of the luxury cars in Shanghai… fucking ass holes need to slow the fuck down …… hahah.. they get so pissed off….

      • Ryo

        Well, it works the same. You pay for a certain coverage. Most people in the US buys 15/30 liability. Check your insurance as well. Do you think you have enough to cover a 200kin damage if you hit a 400k RR? Probably not.

        And like everywhere else, your premiums goes up if you have a record. Some companies won’t take you if it’s too many and consider you high risk, just like the US.

  • diverdude

    just watch out for my Opel !

  • Ryo

    So does that mean it’s ok to hit everything else? They should teach them to just drive better and follow ALL traffic rules so if they get into an accident, it’s never their fault.

  • jeffli

    don’t even think about breathing in the general direction of my 2010 Expo limited edition custom gold plated Schumacher and Jacky endorsed QQ!

    bloody heathens!
    I know people you know!
    my car could buy your electric bicycle at least twice!

    现代大家不容易啊! 一点面子不给啦!

  • dilladonuts

    LOL at all these broke ass fags on this site. ” Cars are lame, having money is lame, working hard to have money is lame, I would spend my money on something else. ” You guys act like a bunch of tree hugging fags. Bitch please, when’s the last time any of you did something to better the world we live in. A bunch of self righteous pretentious losers is more like it.

    Just because one buys something nice doesn’t mean they are trying to show off. Work hard, buy something you like for yourself, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    So for someone that is quite poor, do they look at you with your iPhones/branded shoes/clothes as showing off? Maybe, maybe not. Are you showing off? Prob not, you worked hard and bought something for yourself that you enjoy. Not everyone is trying to show off. Get it?

    • Alan

      Work hard, buy something you like for yourself, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

      Whole world of difference between that and gaudy displays of flaunting wealth or ostentatious tacky things.

      It is more akin to what Marx called:


      It might take 50 years, but hopefully it will be abandoned.

    • donscarletti

      In China it is very hard to get money for working hard. I’d recommend getting good connections and playing the property market if anyone’s interested.

      I heard a great scheme a few days ago where you can buy a share of a corporation that owns a new housing development. Turns out there are exactly as many shares as there are apartments and the shares have different values depending on the market value of these apartments. But you can buy as many shares as you like, while apartments are limited to 2 per owner to lower prices and make them more affordable. Isn’t that a fantastic idea? It’s innovation like this that will make China into the world leader!

      • mr. wiener

        I definitely prefer property to cars. Besides it’s hard to snort coke from the butt crack of a 17 year old model in a sports car :)

        • charles

          That’s a roundabout way to admit you like sniffing butts…

          • mr. wiener

            ..And you wouldn’t if it was well washed and perky? Ah well your loss.
            My filandaring and drug taking days are over, but pragmatism suggests you don’t try to hump someone in a sports car and that the average Chinese girls cleavage would be too small to snort drugs off.

      • moop

        63 million empty apartments in china right now…

  • Makes sense

  • charles

    What the hell is wrong with China? “Memorise these brands so you don’t hit them”

    You are not supposed to hit anything!

    • [email protected]


      Though I would also have agreed if you had only said: “What the hell is wrong with China?”

  • Donlikadachinx

    The people of China are weak minded brain washed drones. They are all dirty and they are all perverts or pedophiles. I couldn’t imagine anywhere else in the world as horribly boring as China. Chinese women have the charisma and energy of a roofie-collada drinking 3 toed sloth that just smoked a blunt and ate a fist full of zanex. Most of them are ugly, probably 85% or better and the ones that DO lookhalf way decent are shitty in the sack so they are worthless anyway. I do have to say that they make good mail order wives/hoes/slaves though ;)

    Just Robbed in Hon Kong: “Hmm… yes officer, the robber was 5’1” tall he had black hair and slanted eyes and spoke Chinese….

    Ch. Cop: “I’m sorry sir but you just described the entire male population on Hon Kong I don’t think we will be able to find him using that description…. was there anything else you noticed ?”

    Just Robbed in Hon Kong: “yes actually he had a magazine in his hand that was titled ” phuntosuksmawboiz” and he kept mumbling something about a penis pump for his amazingly tine pecker…”

    Ch. Cop: “oooooow Faaawk! is reary hopewess now you joss fawkin odd bout tirty meweon Chinese man to the seeerch!”