Bus Drivers Memorize Luxury Car Logos to Avoid Hitting Them

Rolls Royce Phantom Chinese.

Rolls Royce Phantom Chinese.

On Sina Weibo:

都市快报: Yesterday, a poster was posted to the office wall of a certain Jinhua city public transportation company, with car logos for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce, Lincoln, over 10 brands. An employee said this is to remind drivers to drive carefully. “Hitting a luxury car costs several hundreds of thousands of yuan in compensation, and a higher quality public bus is also over 200,000 yuan, so how can we afford it! Cant afford to hit luxury cars, can only avoid them.”

Table of expensive luxury car brands with logos.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


I don’t recognize more than a few, have to learn them. Next time I’m walking on the the road, better avoid them, lest a button on my clothes rubs against their paint and they want me to pay for it. Can’t handle that. [挖鼻屎]


Originally when I saw a luxury car on the road, I would always say: Fuck, you think you’re NB just because you have a luxury car, I’m definitely not giving way to you. Now when I see a luxury car on the road, I have to say: Fuck, luxury car drivers truly are NB, better avoid them, lest I can’t afford it… As a result, luxury car drivers truly are NB, the rich can’t be offended, this is the unshakeable truth, and not something that can be changed with self-deception.


Yesterday there was a Rolls-Royce crowding me and I obediently gave way to it… [泪]


All drivers need to take more lessons.


Since what those who drive luxury cars have plenty of is money, let them go build a lane for themselves. A luxury car lane, to avoid them defrauding others! [哈哈]


Let’s buy a Riich and bus drivers with bad eyes will think its a Bentley. Would doing this be safer?


In Zhejiang, this is indeed necessary. [哈哈]


Buses should first improve their own driving, always driving so recklessly. Luxury cars you don’t dare to hit, so cheap cars you dare to hit????



Not just buses, us poor folk also need to learn these. Can’t afford to bump into them, we can only avoid!


People’s values and morality have once again been flipped upside-down. Should you hit a car or a person? Firmly choosing to hit people…[弱]


Can’t afford to provoke but can afford to avoid, won’t this result in luxury car drivers becoming even more unbridled!?


This is so necessary, luxury cars driving on city roads is totally a major public danger, so let them go to a race track instead.


I’ve studied it! My eyes are opened! I’ve learned now! I’m preparing to print out a copy and stick it inside my little car. [可怜]

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