Bus of Schoolchildren Sing Popular Chinese Internet Meme Song

A video of bus full of schoolchildren in China singing a popular internet meme song has gone viral.

A video of bus full of schoolchildren in China singing a popular internet meme song has gone viral.

A video of a busload of Chinese primary school children singing a rendition of the popular Chinese internet theme song “Shang Bu Qi” has gone viral, accumulating over 750,000 views within a day of being uploaded on Chinese video sharing website Youku.

If you’ve not heard of “shang bu qi“, or don’t understand why people care, the premise could be likened to a busload of young American students singing Tay Zanday’s ‘Chocolate Rain‘ or perhaps ‘Never Gonna Give You Up‘ by Rick Astley.

Interestingly, the original video is no longer accessible at this time, and multiple copies have been uploaded to replace it:

Though the “shang bu qi” internet meme has been overused to death to describe things that can’t be handled, hurt, or dealt with, this particular song details a young girl’s falling out with a playboy who has a penchant for one night stands.

Lyrics: (translation does not account for original meter or rhyme):


Around you are so many beauties

But it seems you were only smitten with me

But after our love, you stopped seeing me

Always saying you’re busy, no time to spend with me

On your Weibo you have many hot girls

Turns out I was just one of them

Very sadly I ask you “Why?”

Was my infatuation not hot enough


Can’t be hurt, really can’t be hurt

I miss you miss you miss you so fiercely

I call you and there’s another pretty girl in your arms

I hate you hate you hate you so much my heart bleeds

Can’t be hurt, really can’t be hurt

I keep going back in forth in my mind until I decide to give up on you

Do you have a conscience? Your conscience carried away by a dog

I hate you hate you hate you until I’ve completely forgotten you


Pretty girl, are you lonely? Let me rap this song For you

My bed doesn’t have radiation so you don’t need to eat a lot of salt

Stop thinking, stop hesitating, I want to give you a sports car

At night we’ll bite each others’ ears, don’t be too suspicious of my love

You say to me [you] ‘can’t be hurt’ afraid I’ll dump you

Stop thinking, stop hesitating, I just want to be with you

Give me holler, love, you don’t have to say anything else

Then we’ll eat hot pot and together sing a song

Repeat Verse, Repeat Chorus

Here’s a another popular rendition of the song:

A video of a busload of schoolkids singing a popular internet song has gone viral, with netizens questioning if the material is appropriate for the kid's age.

Comments from Youku:


Little friends, when you sing this song, do you understand the meaning? This teacher teaches this kind of song? Shang bu qi~!


Teacher you’re very geili.


Truly shang bu qi….fucking Chinese education.


Actually this song was always primary school student level. So if you like this kind of song, your mental age is also around 10 years old.


Under the tyranny of the teacher, they have no choice!


I don’t know what these kids will think when they look back on this [when they’ve grown]….

A video of a busload of schoolkids singing a popular internet song has gone viral, with netizens questioning if the material is appropriate for the kid's age.

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.


    School bus sofa??

    • Alex

      yup, you got an uncomfortable sofa, on a bus made by toilet paper that will crash as soon as a 70y.o. woman touch it with her 80y.o. bicycle…

      • Rod

        Haha. This comment is better than the video.

      • JAYJAY

        I need to get some life insurance for my school sofa…

  • Rick in China

    What a stupid song.

    My bed has no radiation…. lets go eat hot pot…. romantic poetry..

    • Alan

      What a stupid song.

      My bed has no radiation…. lets go eat hot pot…. romantic poetry..

      ROFLMAO. Yeah I thought so too….cheers for that R mate, your comment brightened an otherwise, dull, rainy day here:)

    • kodi

      The thing is thats really all it takes to talk girls into one night stands in a country like no other. They guys in China really train their women from a young age. American girls have it much better. Eat hot pot, no radiation in the bed, “I want to buy you a sports car!” HAHA! Too easy, so guys can get away with saying really dumb shit to get girls….. Actually I think the girls would think that it scute of a guy says things like that to them, especially the sports car line, or just say, “I want to buy you (insert any expensive or sweet gift) then its sealed.

  • Castro


  • Perieven

    haha ~

  • Chinggis was here

    The children are simply being prepared for the China of today. It’s what education is about.

    ‘I want to give you a sports car’ ‘Then we’ll eat hot pot’


  • eattot


    last night, i was reading this post, laughed to death almost…
    foreigners also sing stupid songs for fun.

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      foreigners? Who are foreigners? Nigerians?

      • staylost

        You might be a Chinese…

        …if you are surprised by the lack of scary music when a Japanese person enters a room in real life.

        …if you’ve ever touched door open/close buttons in an elevator outside of an emergency.

        …if you’ve ever used the word “foreigner”.

        …if the word “harmony” makes you look suspiciously over your shoulder.

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          so we reached the consensus that eattot is a chinese girl who once fell for the artificial love of a ‘foreigner’ and now visits foreign websites like ChinaSMACK in order to try and distinguish herself as different from the rest of the Chinese girls trying to find something different in the cultural despotism of China? Oh I am glad we reached a consesus. eattot we will never listen to your words as anything but the words of a million chinese girls trying to spout what your trying to spout.

          Sorry but I’ve been in china too long to listen to this kind of drivel. Maybe DaShan or Anon will be willing to hear your side of the story though… they both seem pretty lonely.

          • 侯火

            That comment’s unnecessarily harsh, but oh well.

      • promo

        Are Nigerians not Foreigners to you?? You must be deluded. Anyone who ain’t from China is a foreigner.

        • staylost

          I’m hoping you’re just playing dumb…

  • eattot
  • typingfromwork

    So their teacher likes memes and trolled all of these kids’ parents.


  • AnHonestObserver

    Do the Chinese netizens actually think that their teachers taught them this song? I know kids in China have a lot of homework to do, but these kids obviously had time to go on the Internet and learn the song. And is it a big deal that these kids have no idea about some of the lyrics in this song? Not really. I’m sure there were plenty of songs we used to sing as kids and had no idea about love and relationships.

  • Jack

    i heard a man was asking them to try to sing better.
    maybe he was teaching those kids how to sing.

    what a teacher he is!!!!
    by what standard could he be called a teacher!!!!
    in a elementary school!!!

  • Derek Xu

    Poor kids. I wonder if they learn anything.