Businessman Arrested For Trading Gold Found Innocent

A worker scoops gold shots at a jewellery factory in Chiba, east of Tokyo

A worker scoops gold shots at a jewellery factory in Chiba, east of Tokyo

In 2002, a Jilin businessman was intercepted by police for carrying gold, 46kg of which was confiscated. Not long afterwards, government policies were changed, and the trade of gold became legal. 13 years later, after many trials, the man was finally found innocent, and after some twists and turns finally got his gold back from the government. Netizens believe the only reason he got his gold back so smoothly was because media reports and the attention of us netizens. Some also said this businessman should be happy, because the value of his gold has grown quite a lot over the 13 years it was confiscated.

Source: Netease

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  • i wanna buy a metal detector too, so that my father can look for gold and silver for me.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Yeah, I’m sure there is gold and silver just lying in the ground waiting for someone to find it with a metal detector. I used to have a metal detector and used to look for treasure but I usually just found pieces of metal, pipes and once in a while a coin or two. NOt really worth the effort.

      • then can you give it to me?
        here the cheapest one costs about 500, about 3m.
        in usa, sure, you can not find anything. but in china, it’s not difficult.
        my neighbour got a tiny gold person in tiny gap. also my parents found some old coins in fileds.
        and before GMT run away to taiwan, quite some army leaders inside my village, some old women were their small wives and some kids left also.once two person came, digged out a piece of gold brick under a tiny’s true, coz they asked a man from my village to dig it for them they did not take tool.
        also 5 years ago, when built new school on the hill, they digged out several boxes of gold and treasure. but dumb workers reported to gov.

        • bujiebuke

          my neighbour got a tiny gold person in “tiny gap”.

          Where was the “tiny gap” from??

          • ditch!i mean!!!

          • Bman

            tiny gaps…too many vulgar jokes…resisting…

        • KamikaziPilot

          I threw it away about 20 years ago, haha. Why don’t you buy a metal detector yourself. Then you can look for gold and keep whatever you find. Maybe you can find a huge gold nugget and then retire and show everyone on Chinasmack the huge piece of gold you found. Then I’m sure everyone would be jealous of you.

  • I wonder how much of thi he’ll get to keep after all his expenses.
    46kg of gold is approximately $2 million USD today, up around 400% since 2002