Businessman Swindled in Henan

Businessman Swindled in Henan

One month ago, Mr. Xiong from Zhoukou city, Henan brought 10,000 RMB to Xinxiang city for a little business, but didn’t realize he’d be swindled by cell phone fraud, have his money removed from the agricultural bank by the fraudsters, and call the bank and the police for assistance. Because he couldn’t figure it out, the next day Mr. Xiong hung himself outside of the bank’s front door. The police are currently involved. Netizens say “in some ways the bank is an accomplice but they don’t want to take any responsibility. Isn’t there a system for identifying users now? Why will they still let the swindlers take advantage of people?”

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  • o, poor sad man!
    but what about people lost big money in chinese stock market??? the real banker is the gov, who would really give them a fk???

  • Foreign Devil

    10,000 RMB is not enough to get that hung up about. Much much more was lost in the Chinese stock market recently for a lot of people.

    • Mark Hodge

      If you have nothing else, 10,000 RMB is a lot.