Bystanders Surround But Dare Not Help Up Fallen Old Man

An 80-year-old elderly man in Zhejiang, China who had fallen. Bystanders helped redirect traffic around him but dared not help him up themselves, instead calling an ambulance and police.

An 80-year-old elderly man in Zhejiang, China who had fallen. Bystanders helped redirect traffic around him but dared not help him up themselves, instead calling an ambulance and police.

From NetEase:

80-Year-Old Man Falls, Passersby Form Circle Around Him Waiting for Ambulance Not Daring to Help Him Up

It was the morning rush hour, and there were a lot of passing pedestrians and cars. Seeing an elderly man who had fallen, some people immediately walked away, but there were also many others who stopped.

However, those that stopped looked at each other with none of them daring to go forward to help the old man up.

The old man is about 80 years old, and looked rather thin and weak. After falling down, he had tried to get back up, but after lifting up his upper body with great difficulty, his lower body would not budge, so he could only lie back face-down on the ground.

At this time, there were already quite a few people who surrounded him.

One middle-aged man says he lives right on that road and, while brushing his teeth, had seen through his window the old man fall before. At that time, the old man climbed back up by himself. He never expected that after brushing his teeth and leaving home that the old man would fall again.

Ms. Sun happened to passing by on her electric moped and upon seeing the old man lying prone on the ground, immediately stopped her moped to the side.

“No one dared to go help him up. Seeing the elderly person fallen like that, I was really worried.” Ms. Sun says just recently there was news of “being falsely accused for helping up an elderly person“, and honestly, she still had a lingering fear in her heart. However, upon encountering this kind of thing, she felt she had to at least do something.

Upon asking, no one had yet called for an ambulance, so she took out her mobile phone and dialed 120 [emergency medical help hotline].

Hanging up, Ms. Sun then placed herself in front of the old person to redirect passing electric moped and bicycle traffic to avoid hitting the old man. The other city residents on the side also tacitly understood and formed a circle, protecting the old man in the center.

As everyone stood guard silently, someone ran to the corner of the street and called over a police officer. After determining the situation, the officer slowly helped up the old man who had been lay on the ground for five to six minutes.

An 80-year-old elderly man in Zhejiang, China who had fallen. Bystanders helped redirect traffic around him but dared not help him up themselves, instead calling an ambulance and police.

Here, the ambulance also arrived on the street.

One man ran over. He later said the old man had fallen on the non-motor vehicle lane and there had been a lot of people and cars, so line of sight was bad, and he was afraid the ambulance would not be able to find them.

Medical personnel made a preliminary diagnosis. It wasn’t bad, the old man merely had a scrape on his face, and his tooth was bleeding a bit. However, just in case, the medical personnel took him away in the ambulance.

It was only after watching the ambulance drive off did everyone gradually disperse. Two kind-hearted people who originally did not know each other walked off together discussing what had happened, with a sigh overheard: “I really didn’t dare go help him up…”

The old man who had fallen was taken to Jinhua Guangfu Hospital. After another examination, it was confirmed that the old had no serious injuries. However, when the hospital wanted to contact the old man’s family, they encountered a problem.

The nurse on duty says that elderly people of such advanced age usually carry an emergency contact card on themselves, but none was found on him. It wasn’t until a full hour later that the nurse find the card inside his deepest layer of clothes.

Afterward, his family rushed to the hospital and took the elderly person home.

Dr. Xu of the Guangfu Hospital emergency room says it is difficult to judge whether one should or shouldn’t help up a fallen elderly person in terms of morality. But from a medical standpoint, he doesn’t recommend city residents blindly going forward to help them up.

Dr. Xu provided more reasonable handling methods under several situations—

If the elderly person is unconscious, one should definitely not touch him, but immediately dial 120 and wait for professional medical personnel to come handle it;

If the elderly person is conscious and clear-headed, only slightly injured, for example on such parts as his hands or feet, we can go help him up.

If the elderly person is injured on his waist or head, and even if he is conscious and clear-headed, don’t rashly go move him, because this could very likely exacerbate his injuries. If he must be moved, it is best if there is a stretcher or several people working together to firmly carry his waist, head, and legs, keeping the body level.

Comments from NetEase:

事無絕對 [网易江苏省徐州市手机网友]:

A 5000 year old civilization ruined by a judge.

人民日报人民日 [网易北京市网友]:

Peng Yu, are you doing okay?

网易广东省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Let’s thank that good judge in Nanjing for causing all of this.

网易浙江省宁波市网友 ip:60.179.*.*:

120 ambulances require money. Whoever called is whoever payment is demanded from.

紫夜清风 [网易河南省周口市网友]:

Can’t afford to help [people] up. If one is successfully falsely blamed, no one would be able to handle/bear it.

网易安徽省合肥市网友 [ttt1099]: (responding to 事無絕對)

Please [give me a break], and there are so many people upvoting this??? You can say current norms in society can’t catch up with the past, and you can also say some cases were judged/ruled in error, but judge the matter as it stands. The Nanjing judge case was refuted/debunked long ago and even the original person involved Peng Yu personally admitted that he wasn’t wronged [falsely accused], and you people are still there spreading [the rumor, false information]?
However, it can be understood, you people normally don’t read the [information] refuting rumors/misinformation. Neither does refuted/debunked rumors get publicized much in the public media, otherwise how would you people still be spouting shit?
Because you people have shit in your hearts, that’s why you must make rumors true in order to justify your own unhealthy/immoral conduct, or exaggerate something that has a small probability, in order to to make your ugly selves feel right in your convictions. It isn’t just this thing, a lot of things are like this.
Understand, understand, understand.
Hehe, hehe, hehe.

网易北京市网友 [要有爱要和谐]: (responding to above)

SB wumao starting rumors. Peng Yu has never said he wasn’t wronged.

网易北京市网友 [要有爱要和谐]: (responding to above)

In the Peng Yu case, Old Lady Xu’s son is a police officer.
July 6th, during the third court session, the focus of the dispute was whether the two sides had bumped into each other. Due to city police station who processed the case the day the incident happened having accidentally lost the transcript of the questioning of Peng Yu, the police station submitted during the trial a photograph of this original transcript, taken by the plaintiff’s son with his mobile phone while his mother was in the hospital being questioned by the police, as well as documents that transcribed this. What more, Peng Yu also put forward that this photograph had been altered, but the court essentially ignored Peng Yu. In it, the main details were of Peng Yu stating that the two had ran into each other. Although the information shown in this photograph was confirmed by the police officer who had handled the transcription at the time, because it had come from the plaintiff’s son, it was called into question by Peng Yu as well as the media reporters at the trial.
1. The ruling in the first instance did not say “Peng Yu admitted to bumping into her”. That’s how it is described now.
2. The reason for the ruling in the first instance was “if it wasn’t Peng Yu who ran into her, he wouldn’t have helped her up”, using this to surmise that Peng Yu had bumped into her.
3. During the investigation for the trial of first instance, Chief *** (Xu Shoulan’s son) committed perjury, something that was omitted both in the trail of first instance and now.

要有爱要和谐 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

Actually, in this case, it is not all about looking at whether or not Peng Yu knocked her over but also looking at the entire course of events:
1: During the trail of first instance, the judge used speculation/conjecture to decide the case, meaning that without evidence proving that Peng Yu had bumped into her but with speculation/conjecture, he concluded that if you didn’t hit her, then why did you go help her up, and then ruled that Peng Yu was guilty.
2: The old lady’s son. The old lady’s son is a police officer of the police station, and then the the written testimony in this station was lost, while her son happened to be that police officer who took out his mobile phone and by himself photographed this original written testimony, and in court, the judge did not even call this into question.
3. In court, Peng Yu had approved of a person called ** to testify on his behalf, but was disregarded by the judge…

要有爱要和谐 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to 既生姚河升镇)

It’s not just the Nanjing Judge case, there’s also the most recent Sichuan false accuser Jiang Guangrong, as well as that Guangzhou person who tried to blame a student but there was a witness so they came out to apologize. To sum up, these elderly “people” pretend to be weak and frail when they have you give up seats to them, pretend to be innocent when they fall, but when they’re scrambling for seats or when they sit on your left because you didn’t give up your seat to them, or when you help them up and they accuse you of bumping into them, they are not like elderly people at all or at least not like humans at all.

网易吉林省长春市网友 ip:218.62.*.*: (responding to ttt1099)

I say, second floor [ttt1099], what are you nitpicking? What’s wrong with selective reporting? Why must rumors be refuted/debunked? From the tens of thousands of pieces of news from everywhere, is it easy finding one that so easily allows everyone to vent the dissatisfaction in their hearts? How come you don’t understand this “positive energy” venting method? This piece of news is from over there in Zhejiang, right? I think over in Zhejiang Hangzhou, there was a piece of news yesterday of an old grandpa who sells sweet potatoes who felt unwell and fell over while sitting on the side of the street. Kind-hearted people formed a circle around him to help and ultimately purchased all the sweet potatoes from the old grandpa, with the old grandpa moved to tears as a result. But, but that kind of wumao news, even if it happens a hundred times in a day, how can it let us vent all the resentment in our hearts? What use is that kind of news to us????????
Just a few pieces of news like this every day is enough to amuse us, do you understand? Fuck refuting rumors/debunking misinformation.


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