C Langage Gate: Tsinghua Girl Sells Body For Homework

From Sichuan Online:

Internet post reveals Tsinghua girl seduced older schoolmate for “C language homework”

January 10th, on the Tsinghua [Qinghua] University Shui Mu BBS, the post “A Tsinghua girl slept with someone for a C language program” posted by netizen “puppyxy” has stirred up waves of anger from all directions. The post claims that his own girlfriend seduced and opened a room with an older schoolmate for a C programming language homework assignment, and as a result broke up with him. This post sparked heated debate, and has been dubbed Tsinghua University’s “C language Gate” by netizens.

puppyxy’s post was reposted on Mop, along with photographs of the girl, whose name is Hu Ling.

Comments from Mop:


Even if you [“puppyxy”] doesn’t want to, you must, because sooner or later you will break up. If there is a first time, there will be a second time. Don’t be emotional, we must build a harmonious society.


Tsinghua is Tsinghua…even the reason for selling one’s own body is different from everyone else…


Getting soy sauce.


Forgive me, I am very disappointed over this matter. I too am a university student, and have always thought the relationship between students was very pure, so I hope to find a girlfriend by the end of this period of being a student. I can’t help but share how I personally see this matter. If your girlfriend truly [did this] only for an assignment, and it had nothing to do with graduation, post-graduate exams, or something, then definitely it cannot be forgiven. Even if it was a very important assignment, there could have been other ways of handling it, and she could have discussed it with you. Why did she sacrifice herself? I cannot understand, is this the only way for a girl to consult someone else over a problem!?


My lao po [probably means “girlfriend” here] also just raised breaking up. We are in our fourth year, and have also known each other for two years now, and all of her promises are all fucking shit, and I would rather be beaten to death before forgiving my girlfriend for going to bed with someone else. Lou zhu jia you!


So publicize her photograph. As a girl, even I think this is shameful. So shameless.


My god, so cheap/lowly! I’ve heard of doing it for money but never heard of doing it for homework, cups! Lou zhu, I can only say that you loved the wrong person, investing your emotions on a person who did not deserve it.


Forget it, you already fucked her before, no loss. Don’t be too emotional.


Sigh, Tsinghua and Beijing University are truly great places, haha.


The main thing is to see what language she is learning and you will know.
you know what I mean.

Here are some replies on another Mop post. The post was titled: “Hello everyone, I am Li Zhaonan. Any C programming language questions, you can ask me.”


Hello everyone, I am Yao Ming. Any basketball-related questions, you can ask me.


Hello everyone, I am Brother Zeng. Any questions about sheep sounds, you can ask me.


Hello everyone, I am Ultraman. Any questions about fighting monsters, you can ask me.


Hello everyone, I am Edison Chen. Any questions about photography techniques, you can ask me.


Hello everyone, I am Bin Laden. Any difficult questions about terrorist attack techniques, you can ask me.


Hello everyone, I am Avatar. Any questions about emigrating to Pandora, you can ask me.


Hello everyone, I am a bed. Any questions about bed exercises, you can ask me.

o yeah


Hello everyone, I am Brother Inspiration. Any questions about inspiration/encouragement, you can ask me!


Hello everyone, I am Bicycle-Throwing God. Any questions about bicycle throwing techniqes, you can ask me.

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