Cab-Calling App Uber Catching Eyes in China With Unique Activities

Cab-Calling App Uber Catching Eyes in China With Unique Activities

In China, Uber doesn’t advertise, but still manages to make headlines nearly every week. Recently, the app launched a “one-touch call a CEO” activity, where high-level management from 16 companies were riding in cars that students from Beijing’s Tsinghua University could call. Once in the car, they were able to have 15 minute interviews with the managers. In the past they have had various other “one-touch” activities, including boats, helicopters, human-powers cars and more.

Source: QDaily

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  • FYIADragoon

    It’s really a shame that Kuaidi and Didi have obviously got a government enforced monopoly. Because Uber really does deserve a try.

  • Foreign Devil

    In Canada and probably USA regular taxi cabs have government enforced monopoly. Big fines for Uber drivers here and multilple lawsuits launched by the city’s against the company. I look forward to a future of automated passenger cars that you call on your phone and the city folk share. They won’t have a driver of course.

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